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Why the Kilkenny Teen Disco controversy happened

Facebook users revolted earlier this week when a Kilkenny Teen Disco posted a

refined version of their dress code. Girls cannot wear dresses with a ‘plunging neck

line’ and were told to ‘keep it Neat and Discreet ladies.’

This phrase can be without a doubt considered body shameful but a strict dress code

for 15 – 17 year old children can deemed reasonable for all the wrong reasons.

You should have the right to wear whatever you like but you should expect some sort

of dress code for a hosted event. So yes there are limitations to how much you want to

express yourself through clothing but when an organisation like a Teen Disco uses

this language then a line between body shaming and a dress code has been crossed.

Provocative clothing among teenage girls isn’t a new phenomenon, and control over

what women shuld wear has been around for centuries. People should be able to wear

what they like and the expression of one’s self through clothing should be celebrated

but under the circumstances of SOME, not all teenage boys and girls, the rationatlity

of this is blurred by new found emotions.

The number 1 priority of a parent is to ensure the safety and happiness of their child.

A parent would think to let their child do what makes them happy. But some factors

may not be taken into account like the fact a 15 – 17 year old child won’t have the

same life experience or sexual education as an adult.

At 15 – 17 a child’s brain is still developing, learning about sexual relationships and

exploring their sexuality. With that they are also learning the risks that come with it

and how sexual interaction varies from person to person. In an ideal world people

could dress the way they want but showing skin at a teen disco is gonna result in a

child who doesn’t fully know the boundaries of consent to make a move at some


A parent shouldn’t completely wrap their child in too much bubble wrap either. A

child needs to understand the consequences that may come with their clothing choices

and mistakes need to be made to learn and grow.

A nightclub using unnecessary body shameful language is a result of a society that is

failing to secondary school children in sex education. This results in organisations like

kids discos imposing dress codes to deter children from inappropriate sexual

exploration at a disco.

The Department of Education released their Actions Plan on the 6th of Feburary

stating they intend to ‘Improve services and resources to promote wellbeing in our

school communities to support success in school and life’ and do this through

publishing ‘the 2015 life skills survey, providing information on how primary and

post-primary schools cater for the wellbeing of their students.’ This includes sexual

education in schools ‘for sustainable development, will inform future priorities and

policies on wellbeing.’
The improvement of sex educational services in our schools is the direction we need

to go in to stop controversial events like the Kilkenny Teen Disco’s dress treatment of

teenagers and it’s direction we need to move in to develop a better sexual educated