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Who I Am, And What I Want To Do For Michael Jackson...
pubblicata da JusticeFor MichaelJackson il giorno venerdì 13 agosto 2010 alle ore 1
For those who don't know me, I am a political TV host and producer, uncovering c
onspiracies and corruption in the USA and abroad. I am a fan of Justice for all,
not a fan of Michael Jackson, but I now do appreciate him more because of all t
he info pouring in from fans. Most impressed me is his PERSONAL charity work to
the poor and hospitalized children.
I was at his 2005 trial everyday, except when sheriffs kicked me out for 2 days
for shaking Jackie Jackson's hand in the courtroom, during a break. I have witne
ssed how crooked and rotten Tom Sneddon and his FELONIOUS FAKED EVIDENCES were.
I have stated since 2005, in April, that Sneddon should be on trial for faked ev
idence. I do think that Tom Sneddon once was a good prosecutor but he soured an
d what he did to Michael Jackson was beyond forgiveness.
I want to do a TV Documentary on the Trial, that will prove to EVERYONE that Tom
Sneddon framed Michael Jackson, and I want to put this documentary in on Santa
Barbara and National TV, and then UK, Germany Japan,... everywhere! But for this
, I need all MJ fans to unite and help me!
I will create a website and on the "Pledge Day", I want all of you to tell me ho
w much money you'd be willing to donate to make this project a reality, without
hurting your budget. If 500,000 to one million of you give from $10 to $20 on av
erage in a single day, we'll have what we need, and no one feels financial pain.
If the Pledges add up to $10 million, we will set up a "Money Bomb Day" when al
l of you will donate what you promised. The money will be moved into the LLC (Li
mited Liability Company,set up to produce this documentary on TV).
None of the money will come to me directly, but go to the LLC which will pay all
the bills for production and produce via a Certified Public Accountant. Every m
onth, a summary report on INCOME to the LLC and the money spent will be "Publish
ed" to the volunteer BOARD of the LLC. These will be 2 people in Each State or N
ation which have a serious interest in insuring that the documentary is complete
d as per script. Part of the website will be for FANS and Public to ask a Board
member a question.
Once the documentary is done, and put on TV everywhere, it is my hope that the G
rand Jury of WE THE PEOPLE start, and INDICTMENT is made. Once made, Michael Jac
kson's name is Officially cleared because it will be known that Sneddon committe
d Crimes. Whether or not a Criminal trial Jury convicts Sneddon will be up to a
new jury, but the evidence is tremendous, and a special Prosecutor will have to
be summoned.
Not easy to do. Never been done?! True. But there has never been a Michael Jacks
on, with millions of, I hope, dedicated to Truth Fans. In the END, the Fans can
make it happen.
Michael Jackson deserves justice not just because he was Michael Jackson, but be
cause EVERY HUMAN BEING deserves a fair treatment in and out of Court. If Michae
l Jackson can't get Justice, and he did NOT get Justice [justice is conviction o
f Tom sneddon]... then no one can get justice.
Right now, I need all of you to like this page and/or subscribe to my youtube ch
that when I put up a video about the "Pledge Day", you all see it and can help m
e bring out the Truth about Michael Jackson.
William WAGENER, still standing for Truth at Santa Maria, the heart of the Inqui
sition against Michael