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M: Hello, Karlos.

K: Hi Milagros. How are you?

M: I’m very exciting because I have watched the final episode of The Big Bang Theory.

K: Really? What is it?

M: It is an American sitcom. Don’t you know about it? It is very popular.

K: No, I’m sorry. I haven’t watched it. I only have watched The Simpsons.

M: The Big Bang Theory is similar to The Simpsons because it is very funny and it has many
characters as a bit madman.

K: So, have you watched The Simpsons?

M: Yes, of course.

K: I think that is very amazing. Have you watched when they went to Machu Picchu?

M: Yes, and I enjoyed it. I think it is my favourite episode because it includes a Latin county.

K : I think that The Simpsons have a lot of episodes interesting and funny, they are never

M: It you enjoy watching The Simpsons, you are going to enjoy watching The Big Bang