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TG Combi 362/420 kV combined current

and voltage transformer
Compact solution for enhanced safety
and reliability
TG Combi 362/420 kV is suitable
for revenue metering and
protection, in applications such
as independent wind and solar
installations, and high energy
using industries.

Features Benefits
• Low partial discharge levels • Reduced footprint − two functions in one
• Explosion proof IPC Class II capable design • High accuracy in extended range
equipped with rupture disk • Increased substation safety
• Temperature compensated gauge with two level • Cost-efficient savings in transportation, erection
gas alarm and commissioning
• Rugged corrosion resistant housing and polymer • Safety margin for normal wind loads, stress from
insulator conductors and seismic forces
• Multiple-turn primaries for lower primary currents • Robust design for minimum maintenance and lower
leakage rates than IEEE/IEC standards


Rated frequency [Hz] 50 - 60
Highest voltage for equipment [kVr.m.s.] 362 420
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage [kVr.m.s.] 575 630
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage [kVpeak] 1300 1425
VT - Rated overvoltage factor 120% continuous 190% - 30s
Metering Cores 0.2 (200 VA)
Protection Cores 3P (200 VA)
Thermal burden 1500 VA
CT - Rated primary current A up to 4000
Rated overcurrent factor 120% continuous
Rated short-time thermal current and duration kA - s 50 (2) 63 (1)
Rated dynamic current kA 164
Metering Cores N/A 0.2s (40 VA)
Protection Cores N/A 5P (40 VA)
Insulator: Material N/A composite - grey
[-30;+40] (SF6 only)
Min - Max operating temperature (shade conditions) [°C]
[-60;+40] (SF6 +N2)
A - Overall height mm 4450 5450
B - Primary terminal height mm 3150 4165
C - Lowest live part mm 2760 3780
D - Highest grounded part mm 480 480
E - Overall depth mm 1265 1265
F - Mounting holes interax mm 470 470
G - Mounting holes interax mm 470 470
H - Mounting holes diameter mm 24 24
Strike minimum mm 2200 3320
Creepage minimum mm 9050 13020
Weight (without gas) kg 1350 1400
SF6 weight at rated pressure (100%SF6) kg 25 30

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