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Upaya Meningkatkan Perolehan Kosakata dalam Pemahaman Membaca

Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan VSS pada Siswa SMP (Windarti dan C.
Asri Budiningsi)

Lecturer : Anna Riana Suryanti Tambunan, SS., M.Hum

Angelin Siringo – Ringo (2173111004)
Evita Turnip (2173311021)
Pika Ekseliani Damanik (2173111031)
Putri Arhillah (2173311056)
Putri Uli Arta (2172111019)


I. Identity of Article
1) Title : Upaya Meningkatkan Perolehan Kosakata dalam Pemahaman
Membaca Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan VSS pada Siswa
2) Author : Windarti dan C. Asri Budiningsi
3) Journal : Jurnal Inovasi Teknologi Pendidikan
4) Date of Article : April 2016
5) Volume : Volume 3, No.1
6) ISSN : 2407-0963
7) Pages : 107-115
II. Summary of Article
This article discusses research that aims to improve vocabulary acquisition in English
reading comprehension using Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS) on the seventh
grade students of SMP Negeri 3 Kalasan. Vocabulary is a basic thing that needs to be
mastered by students in learning, without sufficient vocabulary mastery students will have
difficulty communicating. Vocabulary is very necessary to be taught to students to support
English language skills.
Less optimal mastery of vocabulary, students will have difficulty understanding
English reading and understanding the meaning contained in it, making it difficult to answer
questions given by the teacher. As well as speaking, students will be hampered in
conversation even though students have listened well to what other students have said.

The VSS strategy is a strategy that is in accordance with the 2013 curriculum, namely
student centered learning. The VSS strategy is an alternative learning strategy that invites
students to be active in the learning process. In this strategy, students are given the trust to
look for difficult vocabulary meanings that they consider important and interesting to learn
based on the topics the teacher has given at the end of the previous lesson.

The steps for implementing VSS used by the teacher are in accordance with the steps
that have been implemented by Rudell and Shearer (Yopp, Yopp & Bishop, 2009, p. 139),
namely, the teacher introduces the VSS strategy to students so students know and can
distinguish VSS strategies from another strategy. Then the teacher asks students to look for
two vocabulary related to the lessons they think are important to learn through reading
material from various sources such as newspapers, magazines, television, and class
discussions. From the vocabulary findings, students present to their classmates. In the
nomination process, students present each word of the findings, the source of the words
obtained, determine the meaning of the words obtained, and why according to students the
word is important to learn. After listening to the results of the vocabulary students have
presented, the students polled the vocabulary that was important for them to learn.

Based on the results of the research in the article that the vocabulary learning strategy
using VSS strategies can increase student motivation in the acquisition of vocabulary.
Students are given the confidence to choose their own vocabulary so students are more
independent in learning vocabulary.
III. Comment
In our opinion, this article has the advantage that systematics of writing has been
arranged well and clearly starting from the research title, author's name, abstract,
introduction, research method, results of research and discussion, conclusions and
suggestions, and literature. Abstracts are able to describe clearly the research methodology,
implementation of research and the results obtained. include keywords, the number of words
in this abstract is enough to provide what recommendations are given for future research.
References have used the latest literature from books and journals that have been published,
and the presentation of expert opinions. Overall, this article is quite good and has met the
writing standards. Moreover, the authors provide conclusions and detailed explanations to
readers to be able to find out the efforts to increase the acquisition of vocabulary in
understanding English using the Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS).

The weaknesses in this article are located in the library section. Some references are
not up to date such as the Journal by Haggard, M. (1982), and the book Kemmis, S. &
Taggart, R.M. (1988). The compilation of bibliography in this article is not arranged

Windarti dan C. Asri Budiningsih. 2016. Upaya Meningkatkan Perolehan Kosakata dalam
Pemahaman Membaca Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan VSS Pada Siswa SMP. Jurnal Inovasi
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