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The Contributions of the Early Asian

Hanoi, the capital of Angkor Wat is a

Puerto Princesa is a coastal Vietnam, is known for temple complex in
city on Palawan Island in its centuries-old Cambodia and the
the western Philippines. It's architecture and a largest religious
a base for boat trips through rich culture with monument in the
the massive limestone Southeast Asian, world, on a site
caves and underground Chinese and French measuring 162.6
river of the biodiverse influences. hectares.
Puerto Princesa
Subterranean River Angkor Thom,
Da Nang is a
National Park. located in present-
coastal city in
day Cambodia,
central Vietnam
was the last and
The Chocolate Hills are known for its
most enduring
a geological formation in sandy beaches
capital city of the
the Bohol province of and history as a
Khmer empire.
the Philippines. French colonial
he Cham Islands
The Bayon is a
constitute a group of 8
richly decorated
small islands of Quảng
Khmer temple at
The Banaue Rice Nam, which form a part
Angkor in
Terraces are terraces of the Cu Lao Cham
that were carved into Marine Park, a world
the mountains of Biosphere Reserve
Ifugao in the recognized by
Philippines by the UNESCO, in the South
ancestors of the East Asia Sea in
indigenous people. Vietnam.

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