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DETROIT DIESEL MBE 4000 Service Information NUMBER: 07 EPA04 MBE 4000-5 S.M. REF.:, 1.18.2 and 1.4 ENGINE: MBE 4000 DATE: October 2007 SUBJECT: REVISED CONNECTING ROD TORQUE PUBLICATION: 6SE412 MBE Engineering has revised the specification for the connecting rod bolt torque for all EPAO4 MBE 4000 engines. The connecting rod bolt torque specifications listed in 6SE412 are 100-115 Nom (74-85 lb-ft) with an additional 90-100 degree rotation. The revised connecting rod bolt torque specification is 108 Nm (80 Ib-ft) with an additional 90 degree rotation. Listed in Table 1 are the updates for Sections 1.18.2,, and LA. Section Change Connecting red bolt torque vales for Teble 1-27 have been updated Connecting rod bolt torque values for Table 1-31 have been updated 14843 1182 Connecting rod bolt torque values for Table 1-80 A have been updated. Table 1 Connecting Rod Bolt Torque Change ee CONNECTING ROD RADIAL PLAY MEASUREMENT Measure the connecting rod radial play as follows 1. Remove the piston. Refer to section 1.18.1 2. Using a chamois cloth, clean the bearing bores in both the connecting rod and the bearing cap. 3. Install the two matched halves of the bearing shell, as marked on removal, into the connecting rod and into the bearing cap. Be sure the locking lugs on the bearing shells fit into the grooves in the rod and cap. See Figure 1-104 1997 1. Connecting Rod 9, Bearing Cap 2, Bearing Shell (2 halves) 4, Connesting Red Bot Figure 1-104 Bearing Shell Replacement 4, Install the bearing cap on the connecting rod, pressing it on by hand. Be sure that the marks on the cap and rod match. 5. Lubricate the threads and the contact surface of the head of each stretch bolt with a light coating of engine oil. 6. Install the stretch bolts in the connecting rod, and tighten them alternately. Tighten each one in tum to the first stage and then go on to the next stage, listed in Table 1-27, Max. Shaft Length: mm (in.) Tightening Stage Torque Value: Nem (Ibe) 685 270) Stage 1 108 (60) 685 270) Stage 2 adelional 60 degree rotation Table 1-27 Connecting Rod Stretch Bolts Tightening Stages Using a micrometer, measure the bearing journal on the crankshaft in both the vertical and horizontal plane and note the measurements. See Figure 1-105 to locate the measuring points and listed in Table 1-28 are the current repair stage specifications SL Ve D= MEASURE IN BOTH THE VERTICALAND HORIZONTAL PLANE. 4999, Ne \ Figure 1-105 Measuring the Bearing Journal Repair Stage: mm (in.) Diameter: mm (in.) ‘Standard {93.980-94 000 (3.7000-3.7007) Undersize - 0.4 (0.004) 93,880-93, 900 (3.6960-3.6968) Undersize - 0.25 (0.010), 93.730-93 760 (3 6801-3.6808) Undersize - 0.50 (0.020), '93.480-93 500 (3.6803-3.6611) Undersize - 0.76 (0.030) 93.230-93 260 (8 6705-36712) Undersize - 1.00 (0.040) 92,980-93,000 (3.6606-3.6614) Table 1-28 Bearing Journal Specifications [a] Measure the bearing journal in the vertical plane and note the reading [b] Measure the bearing journal in the horizontal plane and note the reading