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CLASS 252-50 CDE HAM Il ROTOR SYSTEM Owners Manual THE HAM II IS RATED FOR ANTENNAS WITH UP TO 7.5 SQUARE FEET OF WIND SURFACE AREA. OWNERS MANUAL (nthe flloving seats, you wil find Infor. Foreword mation obtained from the Engineering Staff where the Ham Retry ae bull the Servin Engineering G's, Sne'fom anoteus who hove Hom Rotor intled. No atom TGs been made to deta every poste ination or suggest ery maitenence procedure thet may Be neesary fo EO tanw sear f operation Pleas fe! he to communist with ut of any te thot we may borat estore. Wie (CORNELL-DUDILIER. ELECTRONICS Divison of Feder! Pecic lctae Company CDN Retr Department 118 E, Joven Soot Fequay-Vorin, North Coraline 27526 General The Hom Il Rotor System is designed to oc- rmodats emateur gntennes with @. maximars of 7.5 square teat of wind oreo, The Ham It provides o full 360° vrenge of rototion ond o meter scale read out for accurate pesition Indication ‘The Hom Il Rotator is built olong the general lines af the orgl- nel COE Bell type rotors. The woight of the upper mest ond the fntenna is carried directly in line with the lower supoorting most. The motor, racial ond thrust Beerings, electrically op> Croted wedge brake, gear train, and indicating sensor are built Into the elongated bell shaped cost clumiaum heusing. ‘The Ham I wedge brake system fs eperated independent of the clockwise ond countercloclaize directional controls. However, the divectiona! controls will mot function ntl the broke Is released. Procnstallation "1 ecmmanad het opting operational check be made on the Check system prior to o¢tual iastellotion, Check each item of the sytem for phties! domage due 10 shipping, The Ham tl syem cows of © contol unit, o bell ‘otetor unt, lewer most sport, 9 hardware package and 0 Sevie menual any of these em ore rising oF damaged, Tetum the cornplete system to. your daoler or the factory for Teplacemant, Sales veceist must ceeompany auch ¢ return. ‘Miter the shyical check of the ecuprent set-up the contr “inv and the Bell otator for on electrical check, We recommend the following precede: 1 Measure cut the maxinum 8vire control ele required fer your paver inslltion See spe tee) sip the nla tian frm all wien, separate the individual wires back about 2-3 inches, and tightiy twit the stronded ends. Soldering these onde inprover menage. 2. Wik the contol unit_ond the rotor on the werk table, connect the ecb etwaon the two units Make sure wires 1.2.3, 4,5, 6 7, 8 8 on the conal unt or 101, 2,3, 415, 6,7, & 8 onthe rotor, respectively CAUTION; No loose strands of wire should touth odiocent terminals or ther metal ports of the unit 3. Wih"the rotator sitting in the upright postion and cone rected 19 the contol unit, by the eight (@) wire cable, plug ‘he sont! unit power cod into @ convenience 115 VAC 50/ 80 He well sucker ‘Tur the power awit on, The meter should be ilunincted. 5. Depress the broke rlacse (center lever then rlecse It AN lie cleck should be heord in the rettor, This Is the Page Two - HAM Ii ‘olinsid operating the wedge brake. 46, Cepress the broke releate, hold, ond slmuttancously depress the clockwise ditetion ewiteh (ight). The rotctor should turn clockwise (ooking from top). This is SW.N:ES. Rev lease the direction switch; rotator will coast down ond stop. Now release the broke, The rotator is row lacked Into position. CAUTION: tt is best to release the direction switch, ond broke switch prior to end of rototion extreme clackiwse ot ‘counterclockwise postion) in order mot to damage the stop ‘arm and/or the 9e0" ‘The rotator it nw steoped and the broke Is engaged. To turn the rototor counterelackwise, release the brake, held and simu! taneously depress the counterclockwise switch (left) The retotor ‘will turn counterclockwise, This is SENW-S, After rotator has ‘ooped, volease the broke. Priot to actual installation, check the cclibrotion to femiliorize ‘yourself with this procedure, It ig bert dane while the system 15 Stil sot up for the Presintalltion cheek, Tn Service The Hom I! broke rcteate feature ie specifi cally designed to decrease the effects of Operation torsonal forex coud by rep deocelea- tion and instont stopping of Targe antennas ond beams, With practice, smooth ond. precise stops con be mede without over {resting the rotator, tower, ontenna or supporting mechanisms. By relecsing the direction contol switch slightly before the point of intended anterna positon, Heting the unit c2cst to © full step, then teleosing the breke, no snap ection stops ore required. This feature of the Hem I, whan properly used, snoule profang the life of your rotor system ob the majer stresses are reotly decreased, Service ComellDublier maintains o modem well staffed repair department for all CDE antenna rotor. 1 service it requleed, the unit should be packed securely end sent prepald to: Comell-Dulier Electronics Rotor Service Department 118 East Janes Street Fuquay-Voring, N.C. 27526 For unite that are im worranty, no chorge wit] be made for repcir. 1 the unit out of warranty, the following Hat rote chorges oppir: ‘Control box nly $23.00 Rotator only... cee 25.00 Complete unit $36.09 ‘A check or money order forthe omcint indicated above shoal te Included The flot rote cherge includes rabullding the unt cond replocing of defective ports. Moter orators are shigped fesm the factory stooped. in the full counter elockwen Calibration (South } position. To calibrate the meter, have the rotate full counter elelewice position, on-off eitch “ott ond use the reno center screw #0 line the needle Goth lft hand "5" lint With the onc site ia he “oe Poston, push in she celibcte brs, The clibeote knob is a fash 10 colirate type. (Some models: Punk, hale in, calibre felease. Other models, ash, selgose, caleroe, push og3in te Gisangone calibre circuit) Lecare the needs on the night hard 'S" imi, This meter colbeaton can be performed omy Hine t is dosied to chock the accurcey. When power i of, the needle will fal 10 the left hond’'S°. When power is on. the needle ill indicate the setenna postion, The tener regulated meter Theply will minmize reading. varigions ue to fine veltoge Fivtuotens Rotor The Hem I rotor engineered 1 hoe fon Tlstvely heovy antennas including mult Installation od orroys hevieg tops atthe extvore of tho cloments, Lona and trouble free pertormence of the ‘stem depends on making the installation to properly hendle the stresses involved CAUTION: THE ROTATOR IS DESIGNED FOR VERTICAL OPERATION WITH THE BELL SHAPED HOUS ING INTHE UP POSITION. Weter and ether contamination will get into the mator unit Hf mounted horizontal or upside down. Balanced —»redscos only down-thrust on the rotor. With a" 98 boll beorings opercting in accurately Weight — echined voces, the rotor ie copctle. of handling as much es 2 thousand pounds downward pressure in Tine with the xis of rotation Unbalanced «estes 2 bending moment of force which Weight oncentrated nthe most at the pint where is clamped to the top of the ratar. This moment tends to stroin the mast of that point and lke to bind the ball bearings by creating excettive downward pressure fon one side and upward pressure on the ether, Such unbalonce placer odsitcnal stresses on the “wotor and aeer tein, Unbal- fenced weight becomes ertieal os the cstonee fram the antenna oom #9 the elamaing pint of the rotor is increased Wind Pressure 220inst the boom ond elements Usually penduces © bending foree on the mest which causes the seme stresses os unbeloneed Weight To sirengthen the instolation to withstand unbalanced weight tnd wine! proceure, tho ton mast should be of short ar possible In muttiple arrays the heaviest sections should be closest to the rotstor, In order to distribute the binding stress and prevent fracture of the most, the HAM rator includes two long, heavy, specially designed steel clomping plotes. These ore orooved #0 {rio the mort sscurely. It is recommended that the most be reine forced in the oreo where it is clompad by driving @ hordwacd dowel of proper tze into the end of the mos StartStop Torsion Tericrol or twisting forces must te gren sowie oniectons when using the Hom voter with large antennas ond beoms, The acesleration of the antenna array is gradual es the motor picks Lp the laod. Howevor, i the broke releose switch is rot used properly, stopping will be instantaneous, therefore, subecting the ontenna, rotator. and suppart system 19 undue strain. Te clleviate instantoneous stops, always release the directional switeh, CW er CCW, prior to the intended antenna iretion, let the unit eoott down to @ stop, then release the broke When the broke wedge i engaged inte the groove of the cuter cast ing, the #99 ond bottom of the matts are locked rsisly together, Ie is absolutely esrentil thot all mechanical assemblies making Lp the antenna orray be solidly clamped <0 that no slipping cccurs under heavy step‘stert“wind lead conditions, ‘Torsional ‘Average hich, wel bil towers, Guylng of Tower oo ememes ote cle to abun the hes twisting aan ot the moment of sloping. Whe the antenna i lage or heavy orth Toner tll of ght meght Eermnution, 9 torsion bar or sway brace os shown it Fa. 2.0m the next poge) shouldbe rigy tached reer Ihe Yop of the tower Such an arongerent allows he duble guy mes fo sb the shock oF stoping, which would thereat enly fe wit the tower ne bow Mocierdial, WEGHGSENN 2 Wiidbdtdneded Description or,27! pre eed sci os AA bos is east on the under side ord in the center of the cavity cf the upper mast support, which engoges the serrated edge of the potentiemeter arm which is mounted on the fap of the inner rmechonism ‘Moximum support and low frictional loss between the toteting Upper most support and the inner mechanism is ossured by the tse of two groupe oF 42 steel balls cach ticing in the beor roces between the two esiemblies, ond held in special nylon Mechanical stops olong with sfoctricol limit switehes ore built into the ror mechoism to provide ccarte od comolete 360 ‘The broke assembly is released by © 24 volt AC solenoid, the plunger ef which is mechanicelly attached to the wedge. When the wedge is positioned for braking, @ ¢am lotch locks the wedge im the teeth of the lower heusing To release the broke, the solenoid is enenpized. This unlocks the lotch gutomaticaly and Fetrocts the wedge from the gear eth in the housing Circuit Two trostrmare or mounted in the com ion Ml unit. The power tronstormer supplies Description vroroinoisiy 30 VAC for resire the broke ond operating the mater when conta! levers ore depressed Overhecting of the teansformer from prolonged operation oF possible short circuit is prevented by a thermol cut-out switch in the primary winding ‘The motor is a two-phase device with the first winding being supplied AC direct from the tronsformer while the aseand hos a 120-140 MED. copecitor in serie in crder 10 shift the phose fond provide ferword rotational torgue, Te reverse, the eopecitor is switched in serge with the first winding, while the second te directly supplied from the transformer ‘The solenoid which release: the brake operates from the some Iransformer that supplies power to the motor The meter transformer is energized os the on-off control is Stitched to the "on" postion. This illuminates the meter dial Page Three