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San Pedro College

12 C. Guzman St., Davao City, Philippines

A Business Plan for


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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in

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May 2019
Chapter I


The Company

“Guzzle” is a startup bootstrap business venture that is geared towards meeting the

desires and cravings of our target market as well as providing quality product and service that

will consistently exceed costumer expectation. The term “Guzzle” collectively means to drink

and/or eat something greedily or immoderately; this definition very much suites our product

for once you have tasted Guzzle’s mango tapioca you will immediately love it and find yourself

unable to stop drinking.

Guzzle is a partnership started by Mr. Miguel Baltazar, Mr. Joseph Dominic Ones, Ms.

Portiah Blanca, Mr. Joshua Okayama and Ms. Jashmine Nur Ainah Alawaddin. The business will

be situated inside San Pedro College, 12 C. Guzman St., Davao City, Philippines; choosing this

location is believed by the partners to be beneficial in reaching its target market.


With the values of costumer commitment, quality in service, dedication and integrity,

the business envisions itself to become the top beverage brand in the City of Davao, Davao

Region and nearby areas through providing a wide array of high quality products and services

that will aid in building a strong costumer relationship. Backed by good and strongly founded

costumer relations foundation, the business aspires to further developed and enter into the

pastry market.

“Sharing the Love of Mango Tapioca”

With the spirit of teamwork and dedicated and skilled staff, the company will provide a

good quality mango tapioca dessert that will meet the thirst, hunger, desires and cravings for

the drink and will constantly exceed expectations of our beloved customers and to bring

happiness and utmost satisfaction in each sip and bite.

Company Logo

1.a Business Model Canvass

- Guzzle -
Value Costumer Costumer
Key Partners Key Activities Relationship Segments

 Purchasing  Promotional  SPC SHS

 Jan2x Fruit  Cooking “Happiness in updates on Student

Stall  Packaging each Sip” social media  SPC College

 Mr.Aeron  Selling  10% discount Students

We wish to bring
John Ting on time of  SPC Faculty
happiness and
 GMarket buying and Staff
satisfaction in
every drink that
we serve and

Key Resources Channels

 Cooking
Equipment  Direct
 Raw Marketing
Materials  Social media
 Manpower

Cost Structures Revenue Streams

 Raw materials  Volume or Quantity

 Use of equipment of products sold

Guzzle key partners include “Jan2x Fruit Stall” for the mangoes, Mr. Aeron Ting for the

bottles and GMarket for majority of the raw materials. The key activities of the business will

include purchasing of raw materials, cooking, packaging and the actual selling phase.

“Happiness in each sip” is the value proposition; we bring happiness and satisfaction in every

drink that we serve and offer. With much of our clients engaged in social media, promotional

updates on social media will be utilized as well as 10% discounts for the same person’s third

time of purchase. The company’s main costumer segment is the SPC (San Pedro College) Senior

High School and College students and Faculty and Staff. The Cost structures in mainly

compromised of raw materials and use of equipment. The revenue streams mainly come from

the volume or quantity of products being sold.

1.b The Target Market

The target market of the Guzzle would be mainly the SPC (San Pedro College) Senior

High School and College students and Faculty and Staff. With a combined 8,764 friends on

Facebook, 2,335 followers Instagram and 1,762 followers on Twitter of the partners, attention

to this target market would be caught through social media posts as well as with the help of

others friends and bandwagon concept.

1.c The Proposed Product

Guzzle’s flagship and initially the only product that it will offer is the famous Mango

Tapioca drink; this will satisfy the target market’s thirst, hunger, desires and cravings for a good

beverage that is affordable and of high quality.

2.a The Product Value

Safe Product. Our clients can find peace of mind knowing that we are wholeheartedly

devoted to cleanliness and strict food handling policies that implement in the area.

Price. Our product is budget friendly and everyone can have a chance to taste our

delicious mango tapioca.

Quality. All of our wholesome ingredients are carefully sourced from the most trusted

suppliers to ensure that the health and satisfaction of our customers are consistently met.

Consistency. Our delicious mango tapioca product offerings are true to what our

customers expect and enjoy each and every time.

Satisfaction. With our mission to bring about utmost satisfaction to their customers, the

staff of the business work diligently to give the best possible product.

2.b The Product Description

Mango tapioca is a very refreshing mango dessert drink that usually served during

summer season to combat the heat in the person is experiencing. This delicious and healthy

cold Filipino dessert drink will consist of mango flesh which is turned into cubes and some are

pureed, chewy sago (tapioca pearls), condensed milk and cream. This will be packaged into a

transparent reusable plastic bottle container which will give the effect to the costumers of

wanting to buy the product by seeing what is inside.

Chapter II


I. Macro-Environment (PESTLE)


 Taxes marked on the ingredients take a portion that is given to the government

as funds for future projects.

 Ingredients required to produce the product are DOH approved thus to ensure

the safety of the people.

 Nutritional content are displayed on the ingredients to give insight as to what

the customers are getting.


 The inflation rate on sugar-based products has increased the price for the

ingredients but not to an alarming level that could hinder the business.

 The purchasing capability of the target market to buy in the products is

significantly high


 Age groups around 19 to 24 have the highest percentage of purchasing products

such as Tapioca drink.

 Females dominate in this surveys as the top consumers of Tapioca Juice

 However Males have a close percentage as well compared to Females.

 Tapioca Juice has been part of what seems to be a trend of purchasing products

like milk tea when it comes to millennial.


 Process of mixing which requires a blender or liquidiser to proceed with the

process. It has been observed that products are more efficiently produced using

this machine

 With the use of refrigerator, the product will be able to attain the right

temperature of coldness

Legal Factors

 Laws have been approved to ensure the safety of the products by ensuring the

ingredients are approved by the DOH or any reliable organization.

 Laws have been imposed of cases where in the business has violated customer

rights and other laws.


 Due to the “No to single use plastics” policy implemented by the SPC community,

tumblers that can be refilled for multiple uses have been used to contain the

contents of Tapioca Juice.

 Ingredients are composed of non-toxic nutrients as approved by the DOH

II. Macro-Environment SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses

 Location. The business is situated that is  Reputation. The business has just been

easily accessible to the target market. established so the reputation has not been

 Service. The sellers of the product are strongly founded.

trained and conditioned to treat the  Experience. The partners are still new to

costumer with utmost respect the field of business.

 Competitive Pricing  Few product variants. Only offers one

 Product is part of millennial trend product.

 Minimal financial investment

Opportunities Threats

 Selling time. The product will be most sold  Increased competition from different

after PE classes in the gym. vendors who are offering a more wide

 Target market growth. With the number of variety of product.

students expected to increase, the revenue  Competitors stronghold on the target

stream would increase. market

 Packaging interest. Costumer would likely

buy the product because the reusable

III. Micro-environment

a. Company

Guzzle offers the best mango tapioca drink, through offering only one product partially

the company aims at quality of goods they produce. The product is healthy for the consumers

because there no preservatives added and the ingredients used are of high quality. The

product that is offered is freshly made for the satisfaction of the customer.

b. Costumer

The business will be established on San Pedro College, with this the company sees the

opportunity in the big population of students that will sure to love the product. The business

main target will be the San Pedro College Senior High School Students and College Students as

well as the faculty and staff. Since it is a trend for millennial, it’s useful packaging and most

especially the quality of the product offered, the product is foreseen to successful.

c. Competition

We will be selling only inside the school; the expected competitors are the cafeteria,

satellite canteen and other students that are also selling the same product. Competition

outside of the school could be considered such as 7/11 and among others
d. Channel

Guzzle will use the social media as their promotion and also by endorsing it to the

students and workers of the school personally. There will be a direct marketing for to products

to its target market.

e. Complementors

The company has a supplier for the bottle that will be used as the container for the

drinks and also the supplier for the dairy products, mango and tapioca. The company together

with the complementors assures the target market of safe and high quality product. The

company also ensure that it is partnering with the right people and organizations

f. Communities

The company will be selling the product in the school premises, together with the

proposed selling time of after PE classes or around 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the company believes

that it would capture most of the students attention. Since it will be at San Pedro College, there

are limited business that are selling this product though there are businesses that may be also

in the beverage category; the company see them as competitor for target market shares . The

strength for the product to be sold because we will also deliver it to their classrooms and it will

be less hassle on their part.

Chapter III


a. Competition.

Competitors Address Price Advantage

DOOR 7A, ATT ● Complete Service

Chews & COMPLEX, F. Torres Php 90.00 to ● Air-Conditioned
Brews St. corner J Camus Php 289.00 ● Multiple Foods
Ext. Davao City 8000 Offered

Guerero Street,
● Compete Service
Corner Ponce Php 99.00 to
Cheat Time Restaurant ● Air-Conditioned
Street, Davao City Php 150.00
● Good Ambiance

● Complete
12 C. Guzman St., accommodation
Davao City, Php 20.00 to ● Clean space
SPC Cafe Cafeteria
Philippines Php 30.00 ● Air-conditioned
● Array of food

● Accessible
12 C. Guzman St.,
SD Satellite Php 20.00 to ● Fast service
Davao City, Food Store
Canteen Php 45.00 ● Wide food

● Open 24 hours
12 C. Guzman St., ● Cliqq Rewards
Convenience Php 10.00 to
7/11 Davao City, card
Store Php 200.00
Philippines ● Complete
b. Product

The company will be selling a Mango tapioca - a very refreshing mango dessert drink

that usually served during summer season to combat the heat in the person is experiencing.

This delicious and healthy cold Filipino dessert drink will consist of mango flesh which is turned

into cubes and some are pureed, chewy sago (tapioca pearls), condensed milk and cream. This

will be packaged into a transparent 200 mL reusable plastic bottle container.

c. Price

Guzzle provides high quality mango tapioca at a very affordable price. The company

ensures that the pricing of the product competes with the before mentioned competitors.

The following computations shows the how much cost it requires to create a batch of

mango tapioca. With a 200ml bottle, one (1) batch would create 10 bottles.

Ingredients Qty. Price

Sago 1 pack Php 40.00

Manga ½ kilo Php 100.00

Evaporated Milk 1 can Php. 25.00

Cream 1 pack Php. 45.00

Cooking and Storage Cost Php. 10.00

TOTAL Php 580.00

The following computations show the cost of production for every bottle of mango



Mango Tapioca Php 58.00

Bottle Php 14.00


SELLING PRICE Php 95.00 ( Php. 23.00 profit)

A bottle of mango tapioca would cost Php 72.00 and would be sold at Php 95.00; with a

Php 23.00 profit. This means that if a batch of mango tapioca would produce 10 bottles there

would be Php 230.00 of profit for each batch. Throughout the duration of the activity, Guzzle

would like to sell 50 pcs. of mango tapioca. If it takes Php 2,900.00 (Php 580.00 for 1 batch) for

5 batches to make, this would sell for Php 4,750.00 with Php 1,150.00 prpfit.

d. Place

The business ensures that it is in close proximity with its target market. Thus, this will be

located in the premises of San Pedro College, 12 C. Guzman St., Davao City, Philippines. Selling

at school grounds is advantageous as it provides many possible consumers. There is a mass

concentration of possible consumers in a small area that can be covered by the limited

manpower we have.
e. Promotion

Our planned promotion is through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) as it

can reach the most people with least amount of effort. As well as pushing our product with

word of mouth through friends and customers that may be convinced to freely advertise us to

their friends. With a combined 8,764 friends on Facebook, 2,335 followers Instagram and 1,762

followers on Twitter of the partners, attention to the target market would be caught through

social media posts that with the help of others friends will be shared and little by little be