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Authorities Functioning with BMRDA and the area in sq.

Area in
Authorities functioning within Bangalore Metropolitan Region [BMR]
Sl. No. Sq. Km.
1 Bangalore Development Authority [BDA] 1219.50

2 Bangalore – Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Area Planning Authority 426.24


Map and bye-laws -

3 Ramanagar-Channapatna Urban Development Authority[RCIDA] 63.06

4 Anekal Planning Authority [APA] 402.30

Know the Map of Anekal and the byelaws:

5 Nelamangala Planning Authority [NPA] 735.00

Map of Nelamangala :

6 Magadi Planning Authority [MPA] 501.52

Map and bye laws of MPA:

7 Hosakote Planning Authority [HPA] 535.00

Map and Bye laws of HPA :

8 Kanakapura Planning Authority [KPA] 412.78

Map and Bye laws of KPA:

9 Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority [BIAAPA] 792.00

Map and Bye laws of BIAAPA:

10 Area Planning Zone-1 [APZ-1 ] (Excluding RDUDA & BMICAPA) 462.60
11 All Interstitial Zones in Bangalore Metropolitan Region [Iz’s BMR] 2455.00
Total 8005.00