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What is the purpose of the film? What is the film message?

The purpose of the film is to give information on what have evolved on the

gender in the world, where before this we only known to two gender that is man and

woman but now have exist third gender. In this film, it shows how society start to

accept the third gender and how their perception towards third gender. This film also

have shows how gender are differ where in India, they have third gender called

hydrous, which acted and dress like women but biologically they are actually men.

Some of them also cut off their genitals and want to live as woman freely. In India

also, they have mass wedding where the hydrous will marry the aravane which is their

god. This film have shows different beliefs where people beliefs that the world need

to accept that there is more than 2 gender that exist in this world. In Indonesia also,

they stated that there are actually 5 genders that exist. In Albanian society, they

change the gender because of the beliefs that women also always follow and the level

is low than man, thus this makes the woman take oath and dress like a man. The

beliefs of people affected how they think about gender. The messages of this film is to

shows that in this world people have different beliefs, and these beliefs give them

hope, power, and sense of belonging where by gender they get all of these. This film

also give messages that different place have different view on why they want to

change gender, and includes other gender besides the man and woman.
How does film affect cultural awareness? What insights about your tolerance do

you learn as a result of viewing this film.

This film affect the cultural awareness as it shows different view and perception

towards what gender is. The differences of the gender in different region shows that

third gender is quite abnormal and these individuals does not fit to the culture

dominant sex categories. In this film, it shows different culture have accepted

diversity of gender, and this affect the cultural awareness as people try to cooperate to

change by the reason and even take it for granted. For example, the change of gender

in Albanian society is because of they want to have the power and dignity as a man, as

the woman level in the society is low and they need to follow the man. The woman

also need to stay at home, and not involved in outdoor activity. This film also affect

the cultural awareness as this film shows different beliefs that includes. As in

Indonesia, the “bissu” is the gender priest is believe to have gender of both man and

woman, and close to spiritual power. The insights on tolerance after viewing the film

is, we need to accept each and every individual because they have no choices but to

change their gender. This is because, they find themself when they change their

biological gender. The find the meaning and purpose, when they feel what the wanted

to feel when they change the gender as they will change the social roles and how

people interact with them. Tolerance which involves is we need to accept third gender

do exist but, need to understand the the limitation in own culture.