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Subproject 2

HIV Mitigation in East West Corridor
Post construction project to reduce HIV risk and vulnerability associated with the East West Economic Corridor
Strengthen local and community response to HIV Strengthen cross-border collaboration for HIV prevention

Implementing over 2 years (2009-2011) Target groups are ethnic minority people in two provinces: Bru/Van Kieu group Location: 2 districts in Savannakhet and 2 district in Quang Tri province

Partnership Arrangement
Focal points: Savannakhet PCCA – Dr. Ketsaphone N. Focal points: Quang Tri PAC – Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu

Cross-border biannually meetings
CHAS Savannakhet PCCA WVA SP2 Team VAAC Quang Tri PAC Darkong district health center

Phine district health office

Sepone District health office

Huong Hoa district health center

* Commune level * Hamlet/village level * Hamlet/village level

Subproject 2: Post construction HIV prevention on the East West Corridor

Component 1 Advocacy and Capacity building Component 3 Strengthening Access to Medical services

Component Information, 2 Education and Bahavior Change Communication Component 4 Monitoring and Evaluation

Component 1: Advocacy and capacity building
A progressive series of technical training activities to strengthen skills of District and local health workers in syndromic treatment of STIs and HIV prevention programs (4 training in Laos and 7 training in Vietnam) Four skills development training events and capacity building program building on the traditional strengths of Bru/Van Kieu culture Other capacity building activities such as dissemination workshops/meetings, basic research skills, monitoring and evaluation, materials development for Bru people. Steering committee meetings: 2 cross-border steering committees (biannually meetings), 4 in country steering committee and a crossborder Bru/Van Kieu volunteers meeting

Component 2: Education and Behavior Change Communication
Network of 26 Bru/Van Kieu volunteers Collected cultural stories Skills training courses and on-the-job training. Develop 1st CD/DVD drama in Van kieu language – in progress.

Component 3: Strengthening Access to STI service
Conducted 2 STI syndrome checks-up in 4 districts Included STI related messages in radio scripts for drama sound files and DVD

Component 4: Monitoring and Evaluation
Baseline survey report: submitted to ADB by Dec 2010. Ethnography study report: submitted to ADB this month. DMF and PPMS PPMS training for local partners in two provinces