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A day out

Writing task: Write a blog post

Write a blog post about a day out that you had with friends. It can be a typical day Useful language
out or a special day out. Write around 150 words. Useful phrases
• One (day / Saturday) last
Use the Useful language and the notes you made in the Engage task to help you
prepare. • At first...
Tip  A blog post is usually neutral in style. Plan what you want to say and think about the • After that / Then...
language you want to use. Make some notes before you start. Use a mindmap or draw • (Two) hours later...
pictures to help you be creative. Then, write your text. • While I was (walking), ...
Follow this structure: • Finally...
• Paragraph 1: Give some information about when, where, and who. • The next day...
• Fortunately /
• Paragraph 2: Say what you did and what happened.
• Paragraph 3: Say how the day ended and how you felt.
• although / but
Check it!  Read your blog post and check it’s organized clearly and makes sense. Then • because / so
read it again and check for grammar, vocabulary and spelling errors.
Useful vocabulary
• to decide to do
I was on vacation when we went with some friends to a river to bathe and then some something
girls came in to bathe but they did not know how to swim they told us, because nobody • to chat to / argue with
had ever taught them, so I decided to teach a girl so she could learn fast, and my someone
friends were with other girls, but suddenly a tragedy happened, when they were • to go out for the evening
swimming the tide started to rise and a girl was drowning for what I was and rescue her • to go surfing /
quickly. then we went out to bathe because the tide had already risen so we told him to swimming / sailing
go to patapo together, as we went by motorcycle we took them there, but the girl who • to go for a walk
had drowned was very worried and scared about what had happened, so that this fright • to have a good time
happens to him we are to go another day together to the river and thus to be able to • to have a problem
teach him to swim so that he does not fly to happen the same. • to spend a lot of money
• to spend time (on the
beach / in a restaurant)
• wonderful / fantastic /
funny / terrible / awful
• feel tired / happy /
disappointed / good /
excited / angry

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