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12 Real Business Use Cases of Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

1. Food Supply – Walmart: Tracking food safety and supply chain

2. Commercial Property – ANZ and Westpac: Retail lease guarantees
3. Shipping – AB InBev, Accenture, APL and Kuehne + Nagel: Eliminate printed shipping documents
4. Humanitarian Aid – UN World Food Programme: Refugee relief
5. Microlending – Twiga Foods: Small Business Microloans in Africa
6. Education – Accredible: Digital educational certificates
7. International Documents – North and South Korea: Recording the Peace Declaration
8. Supply Chain – DNV GL MyStory: Track provenance of wine from grape to bottle
9. Visual Arts – Cryptokitties: Digital collectibles assets
10. Trade Finance – HSBC: Improve efficiencies and reduce time
11. Music – Spotify: Validate and register transaction without a need for a central authority
12. Music – Musicoin: Streaming catalog of music from independent musicians