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Points of Alpha Male.

An alpha male is a natural leader, confident, self-assured, and plan in his mind, rational, sole purpose for being as classy himself
better and to inspire those around him and make others better Lead from Front: Sense of purpose and a sense of responsibility
Super Confident, Self assured, strong mentally
He is the best , willing to prove it. Highly intelligent, displaying unwavering faith and confidence in themselves. He Is Comfortable
with Who He Is: An Alpha male displays and oozes confidence. He is the most important person for himself and even if you point
out flaws in him, as long as he believes in himself, you wouldn’t make him even bat an eye. He knows that he wants and is very
passionate about it. Alpha male is ambitious with very high goals and rest assured he is no mood to settle for mediocrity, his
passion burns with an unparalleled and unmatched fire. There is no failure, only lessons, he learns from it and assured not to
repeat the same mistake again.

Composure comes Naturally - “Some men are forged in the fire; it is the privilege of lesser men to light that fire.” Who in the
hardest times will come out fighting. No matter what adversity you put him in, will never show even during the toughest time.
Alpha male won’t make a decision in haste or anger, will look @ 360 ' before taking a decision and other consequences. Alpha Male
is not just self- driven but much disciplined, made up his mind about something, will persevere and keep himself motivated
Self Directed, knows that to do, Disciplined to carry out the tasks in hand and reach Higher goals no matter what, who takes their
decision on their own, Self Decision Maker, after Analyzing all the possible consequences.
A Natural Leader, who stands up and be counted, there is only one man to take up responsibility, lead from the Front. He’s a
Problem Solver: When chips are down, complications and there is no solution in sight, will be the messiah like man who just exudes
self-confidence and faith Will find a way out, Outside the Box Thinking & provide solutions.

Always Smartly Dressed: dresses the best way possible aesthetically pleasing sense as always. Wants the best for himself in life. It is
the sign of someone who won’t settle for less. Life is all about constant growth. Living a life of purpose. Successful man in history
knew this. That life is learning process. Humble yourself and learn! An Alpha Male Always Poses a Challenge for Women: Doesn’t
run after women, alpha male exudes confidence and has ultimate faith in himself when it comes to women.

Going to play it very, very cool. He’ll be selective in what women he allows into his life. Women will want him, but rather than
making him run after them, women will need to find ways to get his attention instead. Alpha males can be arrogant but they are
leaders for a reason. Keep their words, true, Listen to the opinion, Lead and show the way. Respect others such as advisors or
people who are more experienced and take everything into perspective, takes decision collectively.

An Alpha Male is Not Afraid to Face His Mistakes: An alpha male is a man of his word. Being man also means to accept when a
mistake is made, accept it, rectify it and move on An Alpha Male has Nothing to Prove: Prime characteristics of alpha male, knows
his worth, he knows what he is capable of and he has supreme confidence in himself. Self assured, nothing anyone says would
make him ever doubt himself. You can doubt him all you want, whether you’re a father who didn’t have faith in his son, or a
competitor willing to put him down, he won’t take you seriously. He knows what he’s got in himself and nothing anyone says will
make him ever doubt himself.

Alpha Males are Observant, Smart, and Analytical: a very keen mind. Always on the lookout for little details that will help succeed
personally or find a solution. Very observant like that and notice even the smallest details. Able understand body language & facial
expressions very well which would allow him to get by without saying too much, yet enough to assert himself. He will assess
situations and find the most rational and logical solution.
Dominant: Manage the situation. He may listen to your opinions, but ultimately he will always step up and lead. It’s in his blood.

Chapter 3: Body language and Physical Presence:

Sure-footed, self confident and sometimes even shamelessly proud, but with good reason. You will never see an alpha male rush
into anything. No matter what the problem, whatever the urgency, the alpha male remains calm and collected when talking, total
control of what they saying, keep their audience paying complete attention and being captivated by their speech. Lasting
Impression, commands respect and importance.
Takes the time, walk slowly and does not rush , relaxed and complete control while walking
Alpha Males are Very Good Communicators, While talking he says more in fewer words, alpha males always command
concentration and are helpful simply because they communicate so well. Nonverbally, alpha males can say a lot just by facial
expressions or through eyes, which are a very good skill to employ during awkward conversations, are positive as well. If they find
you attractive, they won’t beat around the bush;just be straightforward and flirt with you yet they will never be aggressive, nor will
they force themselves on you, all about class for them. Will be very expressive of their love, for their spouse or girlfriend and aren’t
afraid to show their sexuality. They will often express themselves via body language
and allow the girl to read their thoughts via their subconscious mind.
Commanding attention, being funny (sense of humour) who will lighten up & lift everyone around, allows the alpha male to stamp
his mark easily on those around him It takes a lot to impress an alpha male, you call an alpha male, do not expect him to turn to
you immediately. Alpha males tend to take their time to turn their head towards you and focus. For an alpha male’s attention, it
doesn’t matter who you are because you have to prove yourself worthy to them.

Alpha males will take good care of their woman and their family. They will make anyone in their presence feel safe and secure,
most women love this, and go crazy for how they make you feel secure. when it comes to taking a punch or giving one, staring right
back into someone’s eyes, they are the masters of strength. Behind all that strength is the faith they have in themselves.

Alpha will always try to hang out around those like himself. He will understand that the only way to grow is to learn from others and
learn from those who are better than him at one thing or another, he surrounds himself with esteemed company who keep him on
his toes and hungry for more. Alpha Males are Physically Fit: Eat well, take care of themselves really well to focus on their
Ambitions , well built & masculine.

Every problem has a solution. Always-optimistic upbeat even during the toughest times

Chapter 4: How to Become an Alpha Male Pg 16, Become a best version of yourself.
Maintain Good Body Posture:Stand or sit erect with chest out, head up, get sucked in and relax your body. With little changes in
posture, can show confidence, control, pride and determination.
Step Up and Be Courageous: Always willing to tacke problems and see them resolved without any complaints, emotional
disturbance and drama. Learn to take charge, display courage, find solutions for others, and become a go guy.
Be Persistent; Persevere: Focus on the goals ever, dont give up on them. Work harder, apply pressure on yourself. Dont be a whiner,
be a Winner. Keep working, how many times u fail, pick yourself, accomplish the goal.

Assert Yourself: Be clear about what you want. Whatever you want or need or are willing to provide, be clear, confident and direct.
Show Aggression: Don’t wait for someone else to start the action. Sometimes thinking clearly and waiting is better, but choose
your moments carefully and when the time is right, strike hard. Alpha males are winners. Winning isn’t achieved without taking
risks. Nice Figure, Stay Fit, it also will fit your clothes better and look much smarter. Being an alpha male you need to start quickly
and increase your endurance. No matter what happens, stay confident.

Assume Your Position: When there is a meeting next time or amongst friends, assume you are important. Fake it till it’s real. Make
the others believe you’re all that important and make pay attention to your every word as if it were binding.

Body Language: Body Language matters a lot, the way you carry yourself, speaks volumes a lot, fix your posture, pay attention to
the way you speak, stance, look @ the Eye right when you speak, EYE Contact is everything, to make them understand you fear
none. Give signals that you fear none, Strong, use hand gesture to communicate, dominant and strong.

Look for situation, where you can show it, always feel proud of yourself. Always be proud of yourself, in a meeting, walk into with a
pride, make yourself confident mentally in a meeting.

Learn different facets of Body Language. Learn Very specific cues are there, leaders use , read them & follow, Sit Like an Alpha
Male: Sit with a steeple (hand gesture)see Google, the higher the steeple, more confidence you are ..

Stand Like an Alpha Male: You may stand with your hands behind, chest out, which shows bravery and coverage, People Eye and

Listen to Others: Listen actively and attentively, people will, and respond. The more you listen to them without passing any
judgmental comments, people will confide more, may even tell you things they never tell anybody. This is because they trust you
like they trust no one else—a key trait of the alpha male.

Watch Others: Observe silently, learn from them and practice. Alternatively, watch other others, wait for them to make a mistake
and pounce aggressively and stake your claim. Watch how alpha men talk, how they stand, and how they act.

Be Fashionable and Dress Well: Follow what is good around you, should smell terrific, be pleasant, be Smart, relatively tight fitting
dress, displaying the strong build. Stand out in your attire and poise. Dressing should be appropriate for the occasion. If your body
language is strong, you should pull of anything that you wear.
Be yourself, be casual, compliment others, be straight forward, make them feel secure and free to be with you. Think well before
you speak, dont be hasty, should be subtle, when the time comes, let know the intentions. Confidence & Slow talk is the key. Have
complete faith on yourself. Sky is yours.

The 13 Components of Physical Fitness include:

Body Composition
Power. ...
Cardiovascular Endurance
Muscular Endurance
Muscular Strength
Hand & Eye co ordination
Reaction Time
Core Strengthening

There are five components of physical fitness you need to consider mainly:
Muscular Strength. This is the "power" that helps you to lift and carry heavy objects. ...
Muscular Endurance. ...
Cardiovascular Endurance. ...
Flexibility. ...
Body Fat Composition.
The six skill related components of fitness: agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed.
Understanding the fitness Components on a deeper level. ...
Agility. ...
Balance. ...
Power. ...
Reaction Time. ...
Coordination. ...
Hand & Eye co ordination

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