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4. What are the risk of autonomous vehicle?

These are the risks involving in autonomous vehicle:

a. Dependent data:
Current industry in Autonomous Vehicle is mostly depending on the data provided. Hence
might cause unforeseen risk such as incorrect data, data overload, might may lead to the
system interpret invalid data.
Depending on data also might cause data to be corrupted and unreadable, cause the system
to crash on operation. As result most Autonomous Vehicle might only can be called as
Semi-Autonomous Vehicle as human can take over when system fails.
b. Analyze of data:
Even if the data provided is accurate, we also have risks on the performance of analyzing
the data. Company needs to have specialized dedicated hardware fast enough to parse data
and makes quick decisions. This might cause problem on highly congested area due to the
number of objects to be processed, creates latency for the car. As result the machine will
be return much slower than human reflexes.