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COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ‘THE JOHN A. WILSON BUILDING 1350 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004 April a5, 2029 Kevin Donahue, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice 3350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20004 Quincy Booth, Director Department of Corrections 2000 auth Street NW. Washington, D.C. 20009 Deputy Mayor Donahue and Director Booth We are writing out of deep concern for the Department of Corrections’ (0C) current practices in regard to employees, or candidates for employment, who are participants in the District of Columbia's, or another state's, medical marijuana program. We ask that you immediately bring the DOC into compliance with Department of Human Resources DPM instruction No. 4-34, and reverse any adverse personnel actions toward employees or candidates for employment which were based solely on their status as a patient enrolled in a medical marijuana program and a positive THC test. After making these individuals whole, we ask that the DOC reexamine its current policies regarding employees who participate in a medical marijuana program, analyze whether DPM instruction No. 4-34 would be appropriate for the DOC, and, if not, develop a new policy that does not adversely affect such individuals. Its clear from a number of instances over the past several months that the current policy of the DOC is preventing the agency from retaining or hiring the most qualified individvals, while also harming medical patients. In response to Councilmember David Grosso’s November 2028 letter, Director Booth cited the DOC policy and practice on marijuana use as per Initiative 72, while failing to respond to his inquiry regarding the medical marijuana program. The merits of testing for marijuana use more broadly are worthy of debate, as the current urine sample-based testing technology does not indicate impairment but solely usage within a timeframe as along as weeks. All of us joined Councilmember Trayon White recently in introducing legislation to address that issue. However, our concern today is not about recreational use of marijuana but rather medical use, a topic that the District of Columbia government experts in human resources have considered. The result of that consideration is DPM instruction No. 4-34, and the DOC should follow that expert advice, or have a very compelling reason for deviating from it. We look forward to you taking prompt action to ensure that outdated policies do not continue to harm DOC in its quest to hire the best and brightest, nor harm D.C. residents who are in need of treatment for conditions from cancer to chronic pain. Please respond with an update and plan of action by 5 p.m. on Monday April 29, 2029. If you have any questions please contact Councilmember Grosso, or his Senior Legislative Advisor, Darby Hickey, at (202) 724-8061 or Sincerely, ya David Grosso fes Allen' D.C. Council, At-Large D.C. Council, Ward 6 Chairperson, Committee on Education Chairperson, Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety Brune Nrdleee C. White, Jr Brianne K. Nadeau D.C. Council, At-Large D.C. Council, Ward a Chairperson, Committee on Facilities Chairperson, Committee on Human Services Vincent C. Gray Trayon D.C. Council, Ward 7 D.C. Council, Ward 8 Chairperson, Committee on Health Chairperson, Committee on Recreation and Youth Affairs