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Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2018 Associate | 1Z0-934

Sample Questions

1. Which 2 options cannot be performed from monitoring dashboard?

a. Activity Stream Download
b. Artifacts Download
c. Download Incidents Log
d. Download Lookup
e. Download Diagnostic Logs

2. When a connection is in edit mode, if the browser crashes, the connection becomes
locked and it cannot be edited anymore. Which 2 users can unlock the connection?
a. A user with a Designer role
b. The same user who has edited the connection at the time of crash.
c. Any user
d. A user with the Administrator role

3. Which 3 are valid OIC Roles?

a. ServiceDeployer
b. ServiceImplementor
c. ServiceUser
d. ServiceAdminitrator

4. Which mapper function can be used to get the lookup value in Mapping Builder?
a. GetLookupValue
b. FindLookupValue
c. LookupValue
d. SearchLookupValue

5. Which 3 statements are correct regarding the difference between SOAP service and
REST service?
a. REST is invoked with HTTP verbs.
b. SOAP is a request for a function and REST is a request for a resource.
c. REST is used on UI development and SOAP is used in Integration.
d. REST is more secured than SOAP
e. SOAP is slower than REST
6. Which 3 are types of certificates that can be imported from settings?
a. Identity Certificate
b. Domain SSL Certificate
c. Trust Certificate
d. Communication Certificate
e. Message Protection Certificate.

7. What are the 4 required steps to create a connection?

a. Configure Connection Properties
b. Import SSL Certificate
c. Test Connection
d. Select an Adapter
e. Configure Lookup
f. Configure Connection Security

8. Which two are valid integration styles available in OIC?

a. Message Driven
b. Basic
c. Notification
d. Orchestration
e. Transformation

9. Which two are not key advantages of using OIC?

a. Auto-Association of Oracle SaaS Applications
b. Prebuilt Integrations
c. Choice of IDE for development
d. Recommendations
e. Direct Integration between on-premises applications

10. Which 2 statements about lookups are correct?

a. Lookup maps values between applications
b. You cannot clone the existing lookup
c. Lookups are deployed when the integration is activated.
d. Changes made to lookups already used in active integrations take effect
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