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Option: 2 Worakamon Napavorakul 5961040 1206

Part: A

Destiny of life

In the Crucible, Arthur Miller uses the social classes to show that people are more influenced by

the external forces. The story begins when someone accused other people for being the witch and

the reason that they were doing that is to escape from the dead. Consequently, everyone in the town

attempted to use this event to get revenge the person who they hate. Since, the town is extremely

unbending and religious. Most of the people in the town forcefully sticks to the Christian rules. This

lead them to being depressed and scared of the surrounding things.

It is a fact that social classes massively influence in every societies. There are many events ,which

can lead people feel inferior from other people. This still can cause the discrimination in the society

which can lead to the separation between the two classes. The negative affects that would

consequently happens are divergence of social status, which can fetch the society to be severance

and choatic. In the Crucible, there is a critical moment that apparently shows the negativities of

being a lower class in society. Tituba, Reverend Parris’s black slave from Barbados, is the first

person who is accused of being a witch. Her unfortunates might comes from the fact that she comes

from Barbados and she is the slave of Reverend Parris’s. These two particular points majorly fetch

her to be powerless and uncertain in the town of Salem. Consequently, these attribute are the

symbol of weakness. Some people in the town might be able to exploit her. This environment and

atmosphere of Salem can likely transform her identity to be selfish and jealous. Here is the

statement that Tituba states when she attempts to fight back.

Tituba, in a fury: He say Mr. Parris must be kill! Mr. Parris no goodly man, Mr. Parris mean

man and no gentle man, and he bid me rise out of my bed and cut your throat! (They gasp.)

But I tell him "No! I don't hate that man. I don't want kill that man." But he say, "You work
Option: 2 Worakamon Napavorakul 5961040 1206

for me, Tituba, and I make you free! I give you pretty dress to wear, and put you way high

up in the air, and you gone fly back to Barbados!" And I say, "You lie, Devil, you lie!" And

then he come one stormy night to me, and he say, "Look! I have white people belong to me."

And I look—and there was Goody Good. ( Tituba, 47 )

This quote represents that Tituba attempted to save her life by lying to everyone regarding the

witchcraft. She twisted the story and makes it up. She was saying that devil came to her and made a

deal with her to kill Mr. Parris. As a return, the devil would give her the way back to Babados but

she denied it. This can show that she realizes that her authority is not powerful enough to argue

back and have the position on the stage of conversion. Still, this can be said that she is influenced

by the difference of social classes. If she is somebody’s else who is famous in the town, she would

have some chances to fight back but she isn’t so she needs to find the way to save her life.

Moreover, it is inevitable for her to be like everyone in the town because being someone outside of

the town can create the feeling of nonconformity and minor when she needed to speak in the public.
Option: 2 Worakamon Napavorakul 5961040 1206
Part: B

Unexpected life

To be more realistic and relate on a daily basis, I experienced living in a fashion of both the middle

class and high. As an indirect consequence of shifting between classes, I had enlightened the fact

that the diversity in the social environment among classes alter the spectrum of notion toward the

existence of reality.

Initially, the middle class is the social position in which I used to belong to. Employing almost half

of my breath as a middle-class person constructs a vast number of my perspective and identity.

During the time that I studied in the Thai program, I used to be a very shy person in my class. The

way how the student behaves in the class is quite different from the international one in the Thai

program. In the Thai program, the student mainly focuses more on lecturing and taking notes while

less on analyzing and critical thinking as well as self-learning which I think is really important for

working in real life. I remember that once when I was in grade six, I raised my hand up to share my

opinion that contrast to my teacher’s idea. The result I got back is that the teacher denied my idea

and said that mine is wrong and stupid causing my self-esteem significant lower. After that

situation, I became a very shy person who rarely shares my idea and very scare of asking teachers a

question for years. However, my family decided to send me to an international school, MUIDS

obviously. In fact, they had to pay me to move to MUIDS because I want to stay with my friends

At the very first day after moving to MUIDS, I was surprised by a lot of international cultures. The

culture in MUIDS is extremely different from the place I moved away. Here in MUIDS, almost all

of the student share their own idea bravely and respect other perspectives like I never see anywhere

else before and the most interesting part of all is that sometimes teachers do really admit that they

were wrong. This kind of culture slightly shapes my identity over the months. By the end of grade

ten, I became more and more confident in order to insist on my point of view, share my thought, and
Option: 2 Worakamon Napavorakul 5961040 1206
respects to others. Moreover, in terms of friends that I close with, in my previous school, most of

my friends focus on which career is more stabilized in the future, while here in MUIDS most of the

student I know focus more on what they really want to be in the future. There is nothing wrong

about my previous school friends’ perspective on their future career. The difference is that they

come from a different social class. Most of my previous school friends come from the middle class

so that they and their family want to be stable in the future by getting a stable job, while my

MUIDS friends come from the high class in which they live is already stable so that they seek more

about what they want and make them happy in the future.