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By TRUE JARREL the best, mostly because it’s

harder to have a serious rela-

Moapa Valley Progress tionship in high school!”
Slaughter acknowledged,
With Valentine’s Day right “People’s relationships might
around the corner, love is in the succeed! I’m not saying they
air! Romantic relationships are can’t...but it shouldn’t take up
already a complex subject matter, your whole life!”
but they get even more so when Cassidy Jones has a
they’re someone’s first dip into slightly different opinion.
romance. High school relation-
ships are a bit of a debatable top- “I really think it just de-
ic, the real question being this: pends on the people,” said
what level of investment should Jones, a senior. “I don’t think
there be in these budding relation- you should date someone just
ships? because you’re bored, because
that’s really unfair for anyone
According to the most recent involved. But as long as eve-
Crow’s Nest poll (see graph), the ryone’s on the same page, I
majority of MVHS students, or think the kind of relationship
47%, say that dating should be doesn’t really matter.”
kept casual.
Jones explained that she
“People should probably just could see a future with some
stick to casual-dating,” said Payne
of the guys she’s dated but
Morrow, a junior. “I think people Jones ultimately summed up casual daters, the 25% who like to
that she doesn’t want to be
should be willing to live a little the whole idea of dating in high steady-date, the 15% who just  Gabrielle Shiozawa, Editor
unrealistic about the matter, ei-
more [instead of] just sticking to school with this explanation: “I want to go to school dances, or  True Jarrel, Illustrator
one person the whole time they’re think if you really like someone, the 13% who don’t want to date at
in high school.” “I think you shouldn’t bet on and it’s a mutual feeling, you all...Good luck!
it lasting forever, but you can should just do whatever you think
Sophomore Patricia Slaughter dream!” elaborated Jones. “And, And Happy Valentine’s Day!
is best for you!”
agreed with Morrow, adding, “I if it works, it works!”
think that casual dating would be Whether you are among the


alumni, faculty, and other mem-
bers of the Moapa Valley commu- 5.“Bromances are a powerful
nity. Try to guess who said each thing. Nothing can come between
Moapa Valley Progress one! Which one is your favorite? a man and his boy.”
1.“I feel so bad for my 6.“I can’t get married, I’m in By MAX SHAMBAUGH
One of my favorite pastimes crush...but I don’t think I’m my pajamas!”
is writing down funny, out-of- THAT creepy.” 7.“Roses are red, violets are Moapa Valley Progress
context quotes from people 2.“It’s not time for back- blue, it don’t always be like that,
around our valley. Real life, it packs; it’s time for love!” but sometimes it do.” Sadie Hawkins, aka Reverse,
turns out, is the greatest source of
3.“I love him so much. I want 8.“I love pizza, but it’s is the one school dance a year
comedy! when female students are ex-
him to be my mom.” worldly.”
I hope you enjoy these anon- pected to ask the boys to dance.
4.“Dating is hard! I just want 9.“Go away! Nobody loves This fun activity has been a staple
ymous quotes about love. They
to be a nun. How easy is it to be- you.” at MVHS and other schools for
come from MVHS students,
many years. But where did this
tradition begin?
Al Capp, an American car-
toonist, published a comic strip
called “Li’l Abner” from 1934 to
1977. One edition in 1937 fea-
tured the following story:
A man named Hekzebiah
Hawkins was so worried that his
daughter would never be married
that he declared a holiday for her,
By GRACIE LEAVITT unique twist on modern dating. retro with a drive-in movie. Clas- Sadie Hawkins Day. On this day,
sic dates like these are becoming unmarried women were permitted
Senior Sierra Staheli and the
more prevalent than ever in our to chase after bachelors in their
Moapa Valley Progress friends in her Reverse group re-
generation. fictional town of Dogpatch. The
marked that they designed their
With Reverse this week, cou- plan of action for the special oc- Kaitlee Rowley, Ashlynn cartoon shows Mr. Hawkins lin-
ples at MVHS are ecstatic not casion a month in advance! Stahe- McClure, Courtney Zerkle, and ing up the men of the town; at the
only for the amazing dance itself li and her group will be going to their respective dates will also be firing of a gun, they were to take
but also for the course of events Las Vegas to participate in an engaging in timeless enjoyment. off.
planned around it. Many girls are escape room and ax-throwing Their plan includes homemade The comic strip was meant as
seizing the opportunity to create a prior to the dance! pizza and bowling. a joke and was never meant to
fun-filled day with their chosen Rebecca Rebman and her Some other groups prefer a become a reality. It sparked so
suitor. group will be going out for pizza; more modern approach. Some much enthusiasm, however, that
Each group activity gives a they will also be going will take a tour of Hershey’s colleges and high schools across
Chocolate World on America began holding their own
the Strip, while others versions of “The Sadie Hawkins
will take a trip to Day Dance.”
Gravady, a trampo- It isn’t such a relevant con-
line park in Las Ve- cept anymore, but it has become a
gas. time-honored tradition. Many
The options are ulti- schools have different ways of
mately limitless kicking off their own Sadie Haw-
when it comes kins, or Reverse, dances. For ex-
to activities ample, there is a tradition where
before and after high schoolers line up on either
the dance. There side of a gym and reenact the
is no end to original Sadie Hawkins race.
MVHS stu- MVHS teacher Jeff Keel
dents’ creativi- comments that Reverse “gives
ty! This year’s females the opportunity to ask
endeavors are as someone that they might like or
quirky as our would not normally talk to.”
dance itself, and
these experienc- No matter how you celebrate,
es will be surely it is a fun event to be a part of.
remembered for So get ready! Get set! Find
years to come. yourself a man!