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Math sucks.

Here’s a way out.

The Ohio State Department of English trains students for success. Our students enter the world
reading critically, writing effectively and arguing convincingly skills that employers find lacking in
their STEM counterparts. Through diverse, thought-evoking courses, you’ll develop the
competence to prosper in your career and yes, even if you don’t want to teach middle school.

What we offer
Lit., Film and Pop Critically engage with literature and film as far back
as The Epic of Gilgamesh up to The Avengers. Learn
Culture Studies the theories and techniques of literary criticism that
reveal and inform the social, historical, political and
intellectual significance of a work.

Writing, Rhetoric Compose writing and media of all genres, focusing

especially on technical and professional pieces.
and Literacy You’ll become familiar with the history and modern
use of rhetorical strategies to express yourself,
persuade and inform others in the real world.

Creative Writing Craft thrilling short stories, pen poignant poetry or

even write a novel. This concentration grants you
the tools to entice readers. With the guidance of
renowned, published staff, you’ll learn to analyze
creative genres while producing your own.

Folklore Studies Travel back in time to study the cultures and stories
that still underpin society today. You’ll holistically
approach your studies by combining history,
linguistics and psychology to unearth the deep
connection between stories and humanity.
English Pre- Prepare for a career in teaching. This track leads to
Ohio licensure for grades seven through 12. You’ll
Education gain practical experience with over 100 hours of
field work. You’ll also approach literature from an
educational standpoint.

Where to go
No matter which concentration they choose, English students enter various fields and you might
never expect some. Here are a few paths our students have pursued:

▪ Artificial intelligence ▪ Medical school

▪ Video game design ▪ Television, radio and film writing
▪ Public relations and politics ▪ Publishing
▪ Law school ▪ News reporting
▪ Social media management ▪ Education

The English department also offers courses for the kinds of professional writing required by all
career fields. Even if you don’t pursue a degree in our department, keep an eye out for English
3304--Business & Professional Writing, English 3305--Technical Writing and English 4150--Cultures
of Professional Writing.

You don’t have to declare a major; we offer a professional writing minor that supplements any field
of study. The minor also includes an internship and you won’t just run coffee. We partner with
over 150 local businesses, non-profits and government agencies to train students for work that
matters. Our partners include the Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Columbus Museum of Art,
OSU Athletics Communication, OSU Wexner Medical Center Communications and Marketing,
Disability Rights Ohio and WCBE.

What to do
Schedule appointment Browse scholarships
Schedule an appointment with an advisor at the The Department of English offers 14
English front desk in 421 Denney Hall or by scholarships for English majors. Check out the
calling 614-292-6065. list here.