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Image Courtesy: The Financial Express

-Minute Series
For Prelims 2019

Air Defence
Mirage 2000
India tested a short range Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile 

Developed by DRDO, it can engage multiples targets from a range of 5 km to 30 km 

It will replace ‘Akash’ missile defence system 

Different from normal air defence system as this is an all-weather, all-terrain missile with electronic counter measures
against jamming by aircraft radars

It is equipped with a 360 degree rotatable, electronic-mechanically operated, turret-based launch unit

It can be mounted on a truck and is stored in a canister 

It is also capable of tracking

Uses sold-fuel propellant 

The mobile air defence system has the ability to destroy targets like fighter jets, missiles of short range and cruise missiles

The uniqueness of the QRSAM is that the weapon system can be deployed in harsh environments, is easily transportable
and can carry nuclear or biological payloads

In addition it is equipped with night vision devices and a sophisticated navigation system that makes its ‘kill capability’ very
Akash Missile Defense System
Indigenously designed medium-range surface-to-air missile defence

It can fly at supersonic speeds, ranging from Mach 2.8 to 3.5 and
engage aerial targets up to a range of 30 km and at altitudes up to

It is multi-target, multi-directional, all weather air-defence system

Shortcomings: Neither does it have requisite 360 degree coverage,

nor the 3-4 second reaction time th Army wants. It has a large
radar ground signature with several vehicles required for its missile
launchers, multi-function radars etc.