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Authentic Assessment Tools

Assessment 1: ​SC.3.L.15.1
Students will be able to ​Classify animals into major groups (mammals, birds, reptiles,
amphibians, fish, arthropods, vertebrates and invertebrates, those having live births and those
which lay eggs) according to their physical characteristics and behaviors.

To assess students on this objective I would use warm up and exit slips. When I present the
learning goals and objective of this lesson I will ask students to provide me with their current
knowledge of the topic on the front of a sheet of paper, this will be the “warm up” for the day.
Once we have gone through the lesson and its activities before we switch for the next part of the
day students will provide me with an “exit slips” in which they will use the back side of their
warm up to write three things they have learned along with one thing they found interesting.
Assessment Tool 1:

Criteria Ratings/Comments Points

Pre-Lesson Knowledge __/10 full marks __/10pts

(warm up)

Post Lesson Knowledge __/10 full marks __/10pts

(exit slip)

Three points of information __/15 full marks __/15pts

learned (exit slip)

One point of information __/15 full marks __/15pts

found interesting (exit slip)
Total Points: ____/50
*​In comments I would include what the student is missing from their assessment, for example if
a student on put two points of information they had learned they would receive 10/15 full marks.
Assessment 2: ​SC.4.P.8.2
Identify properties and common uses of water in each of its states.
Students will be able to exhibit a cooperative learning model.

To assess students on this objective I would use a Kahoot quiz so that students can feel as if
they’re having fun while I am assessing their knowledge. I will use this kahoot:​ or one that I create on
my own to assess students knowledge on water and its properites and uses in each of its states.
Assessment Tool 2:

Criteria Ratings/Comments Points

Using an appropriate name __/2 full marks __/2pts

for using Kahoot quiz

18 kahoot quiz questions __/18 full marks __/18pts

Total Points: ___/20
*For comments on this assessment I would write in the rubric which question was missed by
looking back at the results of the kahoot.