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Fedena School

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Class X (Session: 2015-2016)


(Issued by School as per the directives of Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi)

Student Profile

Admission No. : P101 Section : A

Roll No. : 09

Registration No. :

Name : Glen Stephens

Date of Birth : 12 September 1987

Mother's Name : Susan Stephens

Father’s Name / : James Stephens

Guardian’s Name
Residential Address :

Telephone No. : 8147799889

Attendance Term 1 Term 2

Total attendance of the student 90 100

Total Working days 105 102

Health Status

Height 190 Weight 55

Blood Group B+ Vision (L) +2.25 (R)

Dental Hygiene
Part – 1 Academic Performance : Scholastic Areas
(Refer Scheme of Studies on last page for details)

Term 1 Term 2 Overall

no FA SA Grade
FA1 FA2 SA1 Total FA3 FA4 SA2 Total Overall
Total Total Point

1 Language I A2 A1 A2 E2 B2 E2 E2 A2 E2 A2 C1 8.0

2 Language II B2 D E2 A2 E1 D E1 C2 C1 C2 D 8.0

3 Mathematics C1 C2 C1 B2 E1 A1 C2 B1 A1 E1 C1 7.0

4 Science A1 D B2 A2 E1 A1 E2 C2 E2 B1 E1 6.0

5 Social Science E1 A2 B1 C1 E1 C2 B2 C2 C2 E2 C1 2.0

6 Home Science E2 B1 C1 C1 A2 C2 C1 C1 D C2 B2 2.0

Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) : 9.00

Part-2: Scholastic Area

(Refer Scheme of Studies on last page for details)


Observation Descriptive Indicators Grade

Part-3: Scholastic Activity

(Refer Scheme of Studies on last page for details)

Suggestive Activities

Observation Descriptive Indicators Grade

Literary and Creative Skills Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Recitation C

Science Club, Projects, Math Club, Science Quiz, Science Exhibition,

Scientific Skills B
Olympiads etc.

Health and physical Activities

Observation Descriptive Indicators Grade

Sports/Indigenous Sport C


Self Awareness

My Goals :

My Strengths :
My Interests and Hobbies :

Responsibilities Discharged/Exceptional Achievements :

Parent Class Teacher Principal

Place: (with School Seal)

Scheme of Studies
Part-1 : Academic Performance : Scholastic Areas : Part-3 : Co-Scholastic Activities :

1. (a) Scheme of Studies - A Candidate is required to study : 3.(A) Suggestive activities (Any two to be assessed)
Language I : English or Hindi,
1. Literary and Creative Skills :
Language II (any language other than Language I), Mathematics,
Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Recitation, Essay Writing,
Science and Social Science.
Poster-Making, Slogan writing etc.
Additional Subject (Optional) : Any Language other than language
I/II, Commerce, Painting, Music, Home Science and Foundation of 2. Scientific Skills :
Information Technology. Science Club, Projects, Math Club, Science Quiz, Science Exhibition,
Olympiads etc.
(b) Candidate with Learning Disabilities may offer :
English or Hindi and any four out of - Mathematics, Science, Social 3. Information and Communication :
Science, other one/two language(s), Commerce, Painting, Music, Home PowerPoint Presentation, Website and Cover Page Designing,
Science and Foundation of Information Technology. Communication, Animation, Technology (ICT) Programming, E-Books
2. Each academic year has been divided into two terms :
First Term : FA1(10%)+FA2(10%)+SA1(30%)=50% 4. Organizational and Leadership Skills(Clubs) :
Second Term : FA3(10%)+FA4(10%)+SA2(30%)=50% Eco Club, Health and Wellness Club, Disaster Management Leadership
Skills Club, AEP and Other Clubs.
FA-Formative Assessment : School based internal assessment.
SA-Summative Assessment : Question papers and making scheme 3.(B) Health and physical Activities (Any two to be assessed) :
supplied by the Board and assessment
1. Sports/Indigenous Sport 2. NCC/NSS
carried out by the School.
3. (a) To qualify in a subject, a candidate must obtain minimum of Grade D. (Kho-Kho etc.)
3. Scouting and Guiding 4. Swimming
(b) Those candidates who have obtained Grade E1 or E2 in the subject(s)
5. Gymnastics 6. Yoga
shall have to improve their performance within one month from the
declaration of result to qualify in the subject(s). 7. First Aid 8. Gardening / Shramdaan
9. Martial Arts
4. In respect of candidates offering an additional subject, the following norms
shall apply :
Grading System
A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in the
Scholastic Areas (Grading on 9 point scale)
event of a candidate not qualifying in the same, provided, after
replacement the candidate has English or Hindi as one of the languages. Mark Range Grade Grade Point
91 - 100 A1 10.0
5. A candidate must obtain minimum of Grade D in all the subjects excluding
91 - 90 A1 10.0
the additional subject as per Scheme of Studies for admission in Class X.
81 - 90 A2 9.0
Part-2 : Co-Scholastic Areas : 81 - 80 A2 9.0
71 - 80 B1 8.0
2. (A) Life Skills : 71 - 70 B1 8.0
61 - 70 B2 7.0
Thinking Skills : Self Awareness, Problem Solving,
61 - 60 B2 7.0
Decision Making, Critical and Creative
Thinking 51 - 60 C1 6.0
Social Skills : Interpersonal Relationships, Effective 51 - 50 C1 6.0
Communication and Empathy 41 - 50 C2 5.0
Emotional Skills : Managing Emotions and Dealing with 41 - 40 C2 5.0
Stress 33 - 40 D 4.0
(B) Work Education : 33 - 32 D 4.0
Cookery Skills,Preparation of Stationery Items, Tying and Dyeing, 21 - 32 E1 3.0
Screen Printing, Recycling of Paper, Hand Embroidery, Running a Book 21 - 20 E1 3.0
Bank, Repair and Maintenance of Domestic Electrical Gadgets, 0 - 20 E2 2.0
Computer Operation and Maintenance, Photography etc. 0 - -1 E2 2.0
(C) Visual and Performing Arts :
Co-scholastic Areas /Activities (Grading on 5 point scale)
Music (Vocal, Instrumental), Dance, Drama, Painting, Craft, Sculpture,
Puppetry, Folk Art Forms etc. Grade set 1

(D) Attitude and Values towards : Grade Grade Point Range Grade Point
Teachers, School-mates, School Programmes and Environment and A 4.1-5.0 5
Values Systems B 3.1-4.0 4
C 2.1-3.0 3
D 1.1-2.0 2
E 0.1-1.0 1