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180DC Post Forms

General Instructions
1. This questions on this form are only a framework for your application. Feel free to include any
other factors/ topics to enrich your application.
2. The deadline for submission of this application is 21-04-2018. No applications will be accepted
post the deadline.
3. This post application is for a Team Lead position for the academic year 2018-19.

General Information
Name: Devanshi Jaiswal
Course: Bcom H
Section: D
Phone Number: 8909318409

Q1. Please list in detail your contributions to 180DC in the time you have been associated
with the same.
In VoS project I did full research on all the drives of VoS. Prepared report on all the prospective
CSRs for VoS and suggested the changes to be made in all the social media accounts and
Currently working under the supply chain management wing, prepared report on the vendor
identification and vendor scaling by comparing various factors. Helped in formulation of set
of questionnaires.
Q2. Suggest in detail a framework for solving the client’s problem that you would like to
employ next year. (Include, but not limit to: What steps will you follow, what will be your
timeline etc)
For solving the clients problem we’ll firstly do the complete SWOT analysis of the client.
After full research we’ll divide the whole project into segments and divide the task among
the members according to their interest and potential.
After completion of tasks and before presentation we’ll present our report to the whole team
for any changes.
After final presentation of report to the client, we’ll take the feedbacks from client to improve
in current and future projects.
Q3. What new things would you like to introduce at 180DC in your tenure as Team Lead?
Explain your vision for the same?
As a team lead, I would like to introduce various departments/wings in 180DC, SRCC.
Keeping social media accounts active and introduction of journal which will include final
report of every project. It will help us in increasing the client base.

Q4. Suggest a strategy to contact and convert clients for the next year. (Include method,
names of clients etc.)
We can connect with start-ups like Zostel,, MeetUniv, Coho, etc. who can be
our prospective clients on social networking sites like LinkedIn, facebook etc, after doing full
research about their company.
Q5. Other Commitments
Director-Project Scribe

Your Space to differentiate yourselves