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Alex Barutis

Adult Emergency Care

Person is…

Unconscious Conscious

Verify person is Interview

unresponsive person
“Are you ok?” using
for a better
feel of the
No Response situation

Check for signs

of life for 5 Check each part of the
seconds body. Look for signs of
injury. If head neck or
spinal injury, do not ask
to move due to
possible pain or
No Signs of discomfort
Signs of Life

Leave in Provide care for any conditions found. Call 911 if

Begin CPR comfortable necessary. If no signs of pain or discomfort are apparent,
(30 position and have them rest in a comfortable position and watch their
Compressions conditions.
wait for help
/2 Breaths)
to arrive
Alex Barutis If First breath
doesn’t go in.

Second Breath Second Breath

doesn’t go in goes in

30 30
Compressions Compressions
2 Breaths

Check for object

Remove No object
found object seen

30 30
Compressions Compressions
2 Breaths 2 Breaths

Stop if:
Obvious signs of life
EMS personnel take over Let AED
Turn on Remove Place on
Unsafe scene analyze
AED and clothes, if pads and
AED is ready and deliver
follow wet, dry plug in
prompts chest a shock if