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 Lalo: Hello Leo, how are you?

 Leo: I’m fine, and you?

 Lalo: I’m fine too, do you remember the last investigation class?
 Leo: Of course, what about that.
 Lalo: I saw our project and that reminds me when the teacher said that he is capable of
doing all our work easily, and that situation got me upset.
 Leo: You have reason, we are able to do all of these activities because we have studied a
 Lalo: Of course, if we don’t study that topics we can´t do it. The teacher could have done
the same activities without study but is unlikely.
 Leo: but he couldn’t have done the calculations correctly.
 Lalo: Turning to another issue, I may have made the transfer’s program with a mistake.
 Leo: There is no problem, I must have designed incorrectly the transfer.
 Reyna: Yes, that class is so boring, I can’t be here early because I am working, and I told the
teacher, And I have done all my tasks, but He is good at wasting time talking with the teams
and not check my project, I think that I must have expressed incorrectly mi situation.