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Description of class Meša Selimović primary school Subject: English language; VII/ 9 28 students 13 years old 2010/2011.

school year Class time: 45’ Teacher: Amila Islamović,prof.

Teaching unit Future tenses, Nouns & Prepositions
Type of lesson Practising

Sources Student’s Book Project 3 , Workbook, Teacher’s Book, Blue Skies 3

Aims and goals To practice future simple tense with will (affirmative, questions and negative forms)
Short term To use will for offer or to do something, for decision and what we think about the future
To revise countable and uncountable nouns
Long term To revise quantities
To encourage students to talk
To develop their skills
To establish student’s will
To involve all students to participate in class

Methods Communicative
Ask and Answer
Task based method

Class management Individual work SSS

Frontal work
Teaching aids, a)natural ,b)pictures, posters,handouts, blackboard, coloured chalk, c) text (Student's Book,
materials and Workbook,encyclopedia,dictionary) d) overhead projector-OHP e) tape recorder-kasetofon / CD
equipment f)filmoprojekcija g) audio-visual -audiovizuelna, i)zadaćnica j)pair sheets k) OHT- overhead
transparencies l) notebook & pen/pencil m)magnets

Procedure Introductory part, main part & final part.

Additional plan Students do some exercises from Project Grammar.

Aims and objectives Class organization procedure and Teaching Possible Possible Timing
activities aids problems solutions

To make revision of future Teacher greets her students and invites a SB Some students Teacher
tenses volunteer to tell them what she/ he know might have helps them
about future tenses. What are the ways to problems with to use
express future action? The answers should conversation. some 10’
be: They cannot expressions
We can express the future tenses with say what they and words.
The present continuous tense for future want to say.
With the future simple tense
With am, is, are + going to + verb in
She writes this on the board and asks
students to copy into their notebook.
Main part
To practice future simple Then teacher gives students some exercise Notebook Some students Teacher
tense with will/ going to to do them during lesson. She invites Pen might have underlines
student by student to come and work Board difficulties all-
To use will for offer or to do exercises on the board. It is the way they Chalk with correct important
something, for decision and can check their answers. She asks them if using of things and
what we think about the they get any questions, they can ask her. future she repeats
future In those exercises they practice using of tenses. . them
To encourage students to will, going to and am, is, are + verb + ing. couple
work When students have finished with the first times if it 20'
exercise, they start with second, third and is
To develop their skills others. necessary.
Other exercises contain countable and
To improve student’s uncountable nouns, quantities and
reading and vocabulary prepositions.

To check their knowledge When they have finished all exercises Handout Some students Teacher
about the future tenses make for revision teacher divides them into might have has already
four groups and gives each group 5 problems done
To motivate students to do sentences with verbs in brackets that they because they everything
the best of themselves put in correct future tenses. have not to help 15’
Teacher asks students to practice at home practiced them
To reward their knowledge for the next lesson when she plans test. tenses at

Write 6 sentences in the future tense (2 with will, 2 with going to and 2 with the present continuous tense.