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Listening Workshop ~ Inferring Meaning arch «* KONRAD /Name___ Nice MNaxiarc fe eee LORENZ [saa TTS omer es fi om Date and time LOA tcach a . _____[nstructors signature [OVC & 1% Pee | Listening Between The Lines objective | TO detect implicit informati 7 ‘Si in arene implicit information to understand the speaker’ intention and contest ofan oral text by using inference. Good listeners always try to understand the main ideas and specific information of what they listen. However, sometimes it ‘may be necessary to go beyond what is said; paying attention to how things are said, and understanding why things are said ‘oF not said — will also help you, mainly when you cannot understand all the important words. ~ Activity 1. Imagine you find the following scene. What do you think the situation is? What kind of conversation do you think they are having, and what are their reactions to the situation? In everyday situations or in class, you will often need to understand information that has not been given to you explicitly or directly, in those cases, inference ~ or the use of background ideas based on evidence and reasoning instead of dicect information — will help you get a better interpretation of the situation, even if you don't understand 100% of what you hear. There are different ways to infer the meaning of what others say. You can pay careful attention to: + the possible situation and the role ofeach speaker, itit's conversation, + the speaker's tone and stress of voice: + the body language of the speaker li you can see it + the type of language used by the speaker (positivenegative adjectives negative sentences, questions ec) INFERRING MAIN IDEAS Inferring what the question will be about will help you focus onthe information you actuelly need and d ‘or the options you don't need. Also, you can infer the meaning of new words throughout the ¢ rot necessary to know the meaning of that new word to get to the right answer. @ Activity 2. Listen to the following five conversations. What do, think of a possible question for each one of them? You will hear Topic of conversation Sally’s day / offer Conversation ——— Conversation 2 Conversation. 3 Conversation 4 ‘Conversation 5 ESoe_h_V5h_lmlmCt—S# aversations again. Based on the information you heard, select the correct A @ Activity 3, You will listen tothe five co picture for each conversation. | Conversation 4 Conversation § ‘Some types of questions will not ask you about textual information from the recording, but will ask you about attitudes, opinions and intentions of the speakers. In those cases, you may need to pay careful attention to the language they use and their tone of voice, 7 @ Activity 4, Look at the six sentences for this part. You will hear @ conversation between @ boy, William, and a girl, Sophie, in a music shop. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. 1. Sophie's mother works in the town where they live conect 2. Sophie enjoys shopping in Birmingham 3. ila feels confident about fining his way around Birmingham, 4. Sophie thnks the band 521 has improved 5. Wiliam persuades Sophie to buy a different CD from him, 6 Sophieis disappointed to have he binhdy present eal. Well done! @ Now. you identify the meaning of words andl the: British Council - Learn English Teens - i + Business English - hit 8.2015 fr eet rng hilo Eee + $8C.2002 erence aod mening Sle Avslabl a COBRA aeons (2000 KET Practice Tes Osfors New Yosh oe usher Themen 8203) PT Paine Tens Pas eo ong