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INSTRUCTION MANUAL AIR EJECTOR CONDENSER 1575-6, SONG JUNG DONG, KANGSEA-KU, BUSAN, KOREA TEL : +8251970-1114 FAX: + 8251970-1131 Web Site: INSTRUCTION Dongtiwa Entec FOR OPERATION & MAINTENANCE DATA REV.NO. : 0 PAGE =: 2 OF 6 e CONTENTS . OPERATING PROCEDURES . MAINTENANCE CHECK . CAUTION . INSTALLING HEAT EXCHANGER DONG - HWA ENTEC PAGE NO 45 | INSTRUCTION DATA oR REV.NO. : 0 OPERATION & MAINTENANCE | Pack: 3086 DongHwa Entec 1. Operating procedure: 1) Operation a. Cooling water flow rate should be adjusted on the base of design condition. b. Open outlet valve for cooling water line completely and let the cooling water flow into the condenser by gradually opening the inlet valve for cooling water. . Air inside the water box should be completely removed by opening the air vent valve on the cooling water outlet side. 4. Open inlet valve for steam into the shell, ¢. Drain out to steam line completely. £ Let the steam flow into the condenser by opening steam line valve gradually and carry out warming-up operation for about 30minutes. g. Make sure that the pressure in the condenser is maintained at the proper level for proper operation. h, Air vent of shell should be fully opened under the normal operating condition. 2) Shutdown operation SYSTEM DUGRAM FIG: 1 Flow diagram for Ejector Condenser DONG - HWA ENTEC REV