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Citroen Xsara wiring diagrams Diagram 1 Key to symbols Bub =—@— Item na. a sath Se Punpimoter I — pee ee es swe iecaton inca @ ruse! Gaugoimetar =f oem ink Dios Resistor Wee spice oreokered wot Comectng Sctonoid wes b Sctuctor | Light emitting coc i + Wine ientfar and colour (range) note: colours may not resemble ‘Stal vahila due fo variations in praducton! — cc05 (oR) — eee nga trot arrow denotes current High beam cue warning Hight a te Denctes altative wiring variation (brackets) Screened cable Dashad autine denotes part of allager iter, containing in this case an electronic oF sold stata device, C2. connactor pin icontfcation 2VE 2 pingreen ‘connecter. Key to circuits Diagram 1 Information for wiring diagrams Diagram 2 Starting charging and engine cooing fan Diagram 3 Engine cooling an and airconditioning Diagram 4 Airconditioning Diagram § Pre-heating. coolant leve/seat belt warning lights Diagram 6 Waring igs and gauges Diagram 7 Lights on warning and kay reminder, ntvir lighting Diagram 8 — Exterior lighting Diagram 9 Exterior ighting continued and hom Diagram 10 Heater blower, heated rear window and mirrere, Cigar lighter, cock and external tamp. sensor Diagram 17 Clock, sunroof, eadligh leveling and audio systom Diagram 12 Washiwipe Diagram 13 Electric wincows and powered seat Diagram 14 Cental locking, electic mirers and ABS Diagram 15 SagemSL80fuslinjection syste Diagram 16 Bosch MPS.2 Motrarc ual injection system Diagram 17. MMAP fue injection system Diagram 1G HO Diesel engine managermont system (part 1) Diagram 19 HO Diesel engine management system (part 2) Earth locations Et Near battery Engine fuse box Fuse Rating Circult protected E2 LHfrontarcar £3 Lifrontofear Es Lifrontafcar ES LHfronotcar Ei frontinner wing ET Rivfrontinner wing EB Front LH foatwall Ep Front LH footwall, E10 Front RH footwell Ett Front RH footw E12. Centreconsole E13. Centraconsole Fi 208 Headlight washer ser Fo Spare Fo SOA Fan Fe Spare FS 30A Fan FO 208 Frortfogightrelay @ = Spare Fa Spare FD 158 Fusl pump FIO 104 Thrct¥ehousing heater resistor FY 15A Oxygen sensor F12 10A —LHmain beam head ight FQ 10A RH man beam head ight Fi4 10A LH dipped boam headlight F15 108 FH Gppai beam headlight E18 RHresrofcar E19. FHrearofcar E20 FHrearofcar E21 Near courtesy light E22 On gearbox E23 Gnevlinderhoad Passenger fuse box Fuse Rating Crcut protected Fi 108, F2 5A. Bgaagarg 3 5A F100, Ba Fi2, 208 F1a 208, Fig = Fis 20 Fis D0 ae Fie 10, FiO 5A Fo - Fei 208 F22 158, Fes 208 F25 108 F20 158, F277 30k P22 154 F20 208 FI) 158 Radio, CD player [AIT sloctoriumnation, ai conditoning, vehiclespesd sensor Coolant level waming light, instrument cluster canval protection uni, heater blower, clagnostic socket [Anilock brakes LH fort sidofght, RHreartailight Spare ‘Auto tare. information relay Horn ‘Shunt (SH) placed here on vehicle dtvery Delvary postion of shurt (eplaces F8thowation BH font scelght, LH mar talllght, number plata ights Fear elacrc windows Spa Instrument pana, stop Fgtts, reversing ght, ongne management double function relay Spare Spare Engine cooling fan, contal protection unit Cigar Ichtoc anooss oy socket ‘Spare Fear fog lights lamination hecstat Spare Heaterbiower airconditioning Powered seat \Wash/wipe and heated roar window switch, front wiper motar,rain aensor Airconditioning, nstument cluster, central protection unit, siagnostio socket, digital elock/external tamp. gauge, ‘analogue clock, radio Hazard waning ight Electric font windows abet sunmaot oar window inhititer switch, drectonindcatos, nstument ‘glove boxight, Tear vireow and mirror Vanity ight reading Ight, aeterier temp. gauge fent window litand sunvoot relay, rear wiper motor rain sansey, rear window