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3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

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A Damned Priest Warns About Hell

The priests do not know what it means to be damned. They do not
know what Hell is!


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3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

A Damned Priest Warns

About Hell

"Mother of God, Co-

Redemptrix of the
world, pray for us"
Give a joy to the su ering
Souls of the Purgatory. Pray
this simple prayer frequently
and with faith. The blessed
Souls, in return for your
spiritual charity, will pray God
for you and your loved ones
to reach eternal life.

French clergy during the 17th and 18th centuries

(Additional info the end of the exorcism) —Since 1975,

shortly after that possession was established by a famous
exorcist (Father Ernest Fischer), in addition to a number
of human and angelic demons (damned and demons),
VERDI GARANDIEU was also forced to manifest himself.
He would have exercised his priestly ministry in the MORE TEACHINGS AND
seventeenth century in a village in the Pyrenees of the MESSAGES

diocese of Tarbes. What we know of his life is known to

Freemasonry and the
us by the revelations that he had to make during an
protestantization of the
exorcism, April 5, 1978.A few days before, the possessed Catholic Church
was plagued by increasing inner anxieties, so that it
became urgent to bring relief with an exorcism to this Jesus: Get rid of TVs,
reparative soul suffering for almost three decades. She computers, phones not to
was chosen on April 5 because in that year (1978) the look at Antichrist’s eyes
Church celebrated the Annunciation on that date since
March 25 was on Holy Saturday.Experience has shown January 2017: Your new (USA)
that the feasts of the Blessed Virgin are particularly president will be tested on
auspicious days in the fight against the assaults of the many fronts

demons and torments. That day, the priest devil had to

confess in his despair that the abandonment of the Mother of God: Pray for 
Russia: faced by an 2/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Breviary caused him to lose the strength to fight against unforeseen provocation, it
responds harshly
the temptations of the flesh and that, not being able get
out of sin, he had let himself go completely.Living in a
state of habitual mortal sin, he fulfilled his religious Italy offends Me, it shakes.
It will be invaded
duties only superficially; he neglected his catechisms, his
preaching conformed to his relaxed life, and he persisted
in the state of lukewarmness up to his death.But then, in
his own words, God "Cast him out of His mouth" (Rev
3:16), and throughout eternity he suffers special torments
as a priest, because priestly Ordination imprints on the
soul an indelible character that can never be erased.



Exorcist: In the name of the Mother of the Church, in the

name of all the Popes and especially the Holy Father,
Pope Paul VI, and all the priest exorcists, speak the truth
and only the truth, as to what the Mother of God wants to
tell us today through you, Verdi Garandieu!

Garandieu: (labored breathing) Well! is the will of the

Highest and of the Trinity that this booklet of Verdi be
published. Now it is already published in German. But as
we said, it must be translated also into the other
languages in which the first book "WARNINGS" comes out
or it was published, without delay ... VERDI IS
blessing of Heaven, be it on the booklet be it on the
publisher, as well as ON all the contributors to this work,
including the printing. That's it! You could now receive
criticisms in this regard, you could be criticized even to
blood and to be completely torn and trampled on. BUT
MANY SOULS, even if you would not see it. It is also very
useful for souls who do not convert immediately, because

Verdi, or rather his statements, penetrate the soul. They 3/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

enter there, even if the reader does not want it, or would
not want to realize it. They disturb. They penetrate
deeply and in a certain sense torment, even when the
person does everything to defend himself, assuming he
does not throw it in the first trash can before reading it.
But the presentation is such that even those who at first
would not have anything to do with it, end up all the
same sticking their nose into it, at the appropriate time ...

Exorcist: In the name of all the bishops and priests!

Garandieu: You must say: and of the Church! Because it

is first for the Church and for the priests. SHE (pointing
upwards) obligates us today to say, since she incites us to
do so, that there is still something to be said, that here
there is the power of the bishop, even if you might not see
with your own eyes any fruit and if you gathered only
negative things, it has all the same for Heaven an
incredible value, an incomparable wealth, more than you
can predict and suppose. THEY (points upwards) have a
desired and planned time that this VERDI might be able to
dwell in the possessed for several years, because it was
always in their plan that it might be published this
booklet. Certainly, it is also published in the book
"WARNINGS" (French edition), but this book apart is a
good edition because it costs less, it reads fluently and
you have to read less pages. And yet it has all of its merits
when you read it. It's stupid but ... Ah! I do not want to
say it!

Exorcist: Continue to speak! What is stupid? Continue to

speak in the name of the Highest, Mother of the Church!

Garandieu: It's stupid but it was not published ten or

twenty years ago. At that time a similar booklet would
have inflamed more than today. But even today it must
have the mission to produce its fruits in hearts, to
transform them and to shake them. For this ... I do not
want to speak!  4/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: Continue to tell the truth, in the name of the

Church, the Mother of the Church!

Garandieu: Because of this it must be published precisely

in the same languages as the other book "WARNINGS"
that you publish now or has already been published.

Exorcist: Continue to speak in the name of the Highest!

Garandieu: It would be better with the Imprimatur, but

you did not obtained it.

Exorcist: Say the truth and nothing but the truth! Does
the Mother of God want that it might be said clearly to the
bishop where he goes, where the priests go who now say
that we have defamed with this booklet, and we have in
fact rendered such a disservice to the Church, that it
might be said to him that they fight against us? Must we
tell the truth, tell them where they go? Do I have to write
to every bishop to tell them of this destruction in the
Church today?

Garandieu: You would have done well to write this

sentence: "All those who are of the light and of the Holy
Spirit will recognize the truth."

Exorcist: It will be inserted in the next reprint. We still

left unfinished many things that maybe are not good. But
we thank the Mother of God for this indication. Say the
truth and only the truth! Does the Mother of God still
want to tell us more on this topic?

Garandieu: It is terrible to see that even your bishops

have taken such bad ways. THEY (points upwards) are
saddened and distressed to see that your bishops
successively do, we say, back off, more and more, and
they do not have the courage (cries out), they do not have
a drop of courage, they no longer have the truth,
absolutely nothing.

Exorcist: Is it the will of God, say the truth and only the 
truth, that the bishops might be warned still another 5/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

time, very strongly? It is the will of the Mother of God?

Garandieu: In spite of this it is better that you send the

whole booklet to each one and that you warn them again,
in the name of Christ and of the Cross, to make an about
face. Tell them that we are in a very grave danger and
that soon they will see what is going on...

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our

protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O
Prince of the Heavenly Host - by the Divine Power of God
- cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam
throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Confessions of a Priest Damned to Hell

A damned priest (Verdi Garandieu)

warns about hell

By order of the Blessed Virgin during the exorcism done

on the day of the Annunciation

Many priests performed an exorcism on the Swiss

possessed continually tormented by demons. The
testimonies of twelve priests, including three doctors in
theology and canon law, expressed the conviction that the
demons, at the time of exorcisms, are forced to warn
humanity in the name of the Mother of God.

Those who deny the existence of the devil and the

possibility of possession, put themselves in contradiction
with the formal doctrine of the Church and dispute
irrefutable facts.

EXORCISM OF April 5, 1978

Confessions of the Damned Priest Verdi

Garandieu 6/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: Father Ernest Fischer, retired missionary,

Gossau (Saint-Gall, Switzerland)
Demon: Verdi-Garandieu, a human demon

Message To Priests - Exhortations To Return To The Life Of The



priest of the diocese of Tarbes, France in the seventeenth
century, addresses this pathetic message, through the
possessed woman, to his brothers in the Priesthood, to
beseech them - by order of the Most Holy Trinity and the
Virgin Mary - to go back onto the narrow road of the
Gospel, and so prevent themselves in their turn, from
suffering in eternal Hell the horrible fate which befell
him because of his infidelities to grace. At the end of the
exorcism of Leo XIII used, in this instance, by Fr. Fischer,
numerous invocations were pronounced, including that
of Saint Vincent Ferrier, the great Spanish Dominican
missionary of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; he
traveled throughout Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France,
where he died at Vannes in 1419. He was a formidable
opponent of the devil, from whom he wrestled many
souls, through his life of love and penance and his
stirring sermons. In short: Saint Vincent Ferrier, a model
to imitate; Abbot Verdi-Garandieu, an example not to

The demon is going to speak for nearly two and a half

hours on end. We reproduce here the text of his
adjurations, by order of Heaven, to the priests of our time.

Exorcist: You must speak for the glory of God and for the
salvation of souls, St. Vincent Ferrier orders you, this
great hunter of souls, who ripped away from you many

Garandieu: Not from me, not from me but from the Old
One (= Lucifer) (mocking laughter), not from me, not ... 7/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: He tore them away from hell. He ripped the

souls from hell with his zeal.

Garandieu: I am just one among many (laughter); I am a

wretch among many. What foolishness (loudly), what a
stupid thing I did! I led a life as fast as lightning! (Then
while uttering woeful cries, he exclaims, making the
possessed woman jump to her feet): Why did I let myself
go that way, why? Why was I not a priest according to the
will of God, HIM UP THERE (pointing upward)? Why did I
not correspond with His grace? Why (crying with a loud
voice) did I embraced the Priesthood, this very heavy
responsibility, since I was not equal to it if I was not
prepared to take the trouble to lift myself up to the
heights of this great ideal? (crying ...)?

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, in the name

of Jesus Christ, all for the glory of God alone!

Garandieu: I sinned by giving bad example. I gave bad

example as even today, thousands, tens of thousands of
priests give a bad example. I did not (labored breathing)
give a good religious education.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the

truth, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Damned for his lukewarmness.

Garandieu: I spent my time looking at the women's

dresses, rather than in observing the commandments of
God. I was condemned because I was too lukewarm. THE
ONE UP THERE (indicating upward) literally said to me, "I
will vomit you out of my mouth because you are neither
cold nor hot" (Rev 3:16).

Exorcist: Speak, Verdi Garandieu, for the glory of God,

about what you must say about your life!

(While he was speaking, we heard his cries through the

possessed woman.)  8/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Garandieu: My life was ... In my youth I was still good

(almost crying). I (crying bitterly) still corresponded with
grace at that time (tears of desperation). In my youth I
still corresponded to grace, but then I became lukewarm.
I went forward more and more along the wide way (Mt
7:13-14). I abandoned the path of virtue, and I no longer
corresponded with grace. And so I fell lower and lower.
Perhaps, in the beginning, I again confessed. I still wanted
to change myself, more than once I wanted to go back
and fight my defects (with a loud voice), but ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth in the name of Jesus Christ for

the glory of God, only the truth!

Garandieu: … but I did not succeed any longer, because I

prayed too little… I prayed very little and to little did I
correspond with grace. I was, as you say, lukewarm.
Lukewarm is already cold; between this tepidity and
coldness, there is only the distance of an onionskin. One
should be hot, hot, ardent; in this way it would not
happen to priests what happen to me. But now you have
thousands, tens of thousands, more than a million priests
who are like me, lukewarm and not ... not (cries).

Exorcist: Say the truth!

Garandieu: ... and they no longer correspond to grace, it

is what will happen to them if they do not convert, if they
do not entirely welcome in them the fire of the Holy Spirit
and if they do not let Him act, it will not be better than
what happened to me, Verdi. I am very unhappy in hell. I
wish I had never lived. Especially I would like, if I had to
live, to be able to go back and be able to do better. How I
would like to do better! How I would like to remain on my
knees day and night, praying to HIM UP THERE
(indicating upward) and ask for forgiveness; I would call
to my aid all the angels and all the saints in order to not
follow again the road to perdition. But (with a loud voice),
I, I (groans) I CAN NO LONGER GO BACK ... I CAN NO 9/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

LONGER GO BACK (shouting with a shocking voice) I AM


Jesus Christ gave us the example of temperance

The priests do not know what it means to be damned.

They (with despair) do not know what Hell is! At the
present time, nearly everyone on earth takes the line of
least resistance. They believe they must live happily, they
must enjoy as much as one can enjoy in life. They believe,
however, that today one can no longer change the
humanization and modernism, and that you have to go
with the times. Bishops, cardinals and abbots give an
example that is no better than that given by their
subordinates. Do they live according to the simplicity that
Christ used to practice in His meals and the kind of food
He ate? As the Gospel says, Jesus Christ did indeed
participate in banquets, to which He was invited by
various people, but at these meals, He did not eat very
much. But He did so only because ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Verdi, say
the truth and only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: He did this, so to speak, for charity toward

the neighbor, He did not eat very much. He always ate
quite frugally, and we will not talk about the times when
He was not attending the feasts. CHRIST SUFFERED
Holy Family and the Apostles suffered greatly from
hunger and fasting, otherwise they would not have
received the graces that were granted to them.

Of course Christ had in Him all the fullness of grace, He

no longer had need of grace, and in particular would not
have been necessary to implore grace with prayer. He
was the Grace and the Light in Person. But He had to give
the example to the apostles and to all of humanity, in
particular (with a loud voice) to the priests, bishops,
superiors, cardinals and the Pope.  10/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

He gave the example in the most complete degree, the

best and the most perfect, but what good did it do?

Now the priests eat at the tables more richly served with
"dessert", wine and all the condiments. Sometimes they
go on a spree to the point of hurting their health, and they
even believe that it is quite normal when one is a bishop
or one has a high place.

The cooks who make food for these bishops and religious
authorities, and also for certain priests, believe with the
utmost good faith, that you should bring to the table this
and that. "He is a great lord; he is dressed with high
dignity, we ought to be ashamed if we do not serve them
this and that." But they forget that it is not the imitation
of Christ.

It would be better for these cooks to indicate to the

bishops, priests, superiors or cardinals that Christ gave
the example of poverty, of poverty and virtue. HE UP
THERE (pointing upwards) wants us to practice the
imitation of Christ (with a loud voice) and what is being
done at the present time is completely contrary to the
imitation of Jesus Christ.

Many live in refinement, luxury, and abundance, to the

point of excess, to the point even of sinfulness. Sin does
not begin only when it really begins. Sin begins already
when it is no longer taught renunciation and when it is
no longer practiced. Sin already begins when the person
could practice asceticism, but he does not.

Certainly, it does not start here complete sin, in its true

sense. But the road that leads there already begins when
you stop practicing renunciation, when we do not want to
sacrifice and when we follow the path of least resistance.
So the way that leads to the first sin, be it venial sin or
that one arrives even to mortal sin, is no longer far away,
because we down here (pointing downward) we have an
immense power and we always do what we can. We are 
instructed so well, even we, human demons, we are 11/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

instructed and guided so well that we always take the

person in this way or in a better way. But when someone
has never really...

Exorcist: Speak the truth in the name of Jesus Christ and

only the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth!

The stages of the fall

Garandieu: ... when someone has never really well,

perfectly followed the way of Christ with His poverty and
His virtues, the way of prayer, of the Cross, of
renunciation, of sacrifice, of virtue, when he omits only
one of these things or neglects it completely, then we try
to take him from that point. If it is just a fiber of his
cloths, it is though already a fiber and over time we can
poison all of his clothes (groans). I do not want to talk

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, for the glory

of God, about your life, about how the life of the priest
should be! Say the truth for the glory of God!

Garandieu: My priesthood, I ... Perhaps, I thought I had a

vocation, and I wanted ... Of course, I meant to become a
good priest, but a priest, must never forget, a priest is in
more danger of being seduced than a lay person by us
down here (from hell). Perhaps also the laity have this
danger, especially the privileged souls or those who hold
an important position. But a priest has a very high
consecration. And because he has a very high
consecration, and with it can harm us down here
(pointing downward) in the most devastating way, we
rage more against priests than against other men. This is
what happened (crying), this is what happen also to me. I
thought ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, only the truth in the

name of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God, only the truth
about your life! 12/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Abandonment of prayer

Garandieu: ... I thought, now I am a priest. I have

reached my goal. At first I exercised my ministry still
pretty well, but then, then, at a certain point I found it too
monotonous. I began to neglect the prayer of the
Breviary. At first I no longer prayed the whole prayer.
Then gradually I began to no longer recite the prayer
anymore, when it was a busy day or when it seemed to be
a busy day. Right at the beginning, I put it off and then all
of a sudden, I ended up ... I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, in the name of Jesus

Christ for the glory of God! Speak the truth about your life
in order to warn the priests! Say the truth, only the truth!

Garandieu: ... and then, all of a sudden, I came to think,

"Ah! these tedious prayers of the Breviary! These prayers
are long and take an incredible amount of time", I
thought. But it would have been better not to think so,
because this suspension of the prayer of the Breviary was
fatal for me.

When I stopped reciting it, I fell gradually into sin. But

when I fell into sin, the sin of impurity, obviously I
stopped saying my Mass with recollection, already I was
not in a state of grace. The Bible, and everything that is in
it, was for me a reproach, the Ten Commandments and
the New Testament were to me a call to order, because I
no longer lived them in their truest sense. Since all of this
was for me a call to order, I no longer wanted to teach the
children as one should and in depth; in fact how could I
inculcate in them the good while I myself no longer lived
it, and for this I must say ... I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the

Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar speak the truth and
only the truth about the life and conduct of the priest!

Garandieu: ... for this I must say that as for me, it

happens for most of the modernists and humanists, and 13/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

whatever names they bear today. How can they want to

preach to children and lay people something that they
themselves are no longer living? How can they want to
give back to the world what they themselves no longer
have, that which is no longer in the most intimate part of
themselves? They would have to lie (groans). I do not
want ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth and nothing but the truth in the
name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Most Holy
Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, of the
Blessed Sacrament of the altar, only the truth for the
glory of God and for the guidance of the priests!

Garandieu: Their hearts have become disreputable

places, in many, many more than you think. And, when
they have not yet become disreputable places, they are in
any case already worm-eaten. But like an apple in which
already lives a worm, it can remain over time a whole
apple, juicy, intact and spread its best perfume!

Only a priest who lives himself the virtues and of them

gives example to others. If the current priests, as it should
be, still gave the example of virtue to young people and to
the world, you would have a world a thousand times
better than what you have. How can I spread the good if I
do not have it in me? How will I speak about the Holy
Spirit, if I myself am content to not listen to Him, because
I already left the way that ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth and nothing but the truth in the
name of Jesus Christ, Verdi Garandieu!

Indifference towards the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Garandieu: ... because I had already left the way that the
Holy Spirit has indicated to me and prescribed for me! It
is terribly tragic, much more than you people might be
able to think about it. It is all the more tragic because a
priest (crying) that no longer gives a good example and is

about to leave the path of virtue draws with him a mass 14/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

of people or at least a good number, and this also begins

at the Mass. From beginning to end a priest does not
celebrate the Holy Mass with depth and compassion if his
priestly conduct is not in conformity. He will arrive even,
in each case it happened to me ... (almost crying).

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth

in the name of Jesus Christ and the Most Blessed Virgin ...!

Garandieu: ... he will come to the point of feeling

repugnance for the Mass, to the point of preferring that it
does not exist. And yet, because he is a priest, he says it,
he must celebrate it before the people. Perhaps, in my
case, the Sacred Host was still consecrated, and still is
with thousands and thousands of priests who still believe,
because God is merciful, because the faithful come with
piety in the heart, and cannot know what is in the hearts
of the priests, but, but (with an exhorting voice) woe, woe

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Verdi

Garandieu, in the name of Jesus Christ, only the truth!

Adaptation of the Doctrine to an easy life

Garandieu: Woe ... (with a serious voice), woe to the

priests who do not say what they should say, who no
longer live what they should live and teach the faithful to
follow false paths. It would be better ... it would be better
that each of them should say publicly from the pulpit
before all the faithful: "Forgive me, I have sinned! I am no
longer on the path of virtue! Pray for me so that I can
once again resume and teach you the proper way to live
in the sense most alive".

This is what would be better for them to say. It would be

an act of humility and we would no longer have this
power over them, even if some of the people despise
them. They would have in spite of everything, finally, in
the deepest part of themselves, a high regard for this 15/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

priest. It would be, however, a better way than the way of

hypocrisy and perfidy (barely uttering the words).

Does it make sense to stand, in front, to celebrate the

Mass facing the people and say, "God will forgive (labored
breathing), go to Him. He understands you, go to the
Father. He is the Father of Light; if you are in darkness,
He will understand and will welcome you again in grace
and love."

All these priests forget that certain things are necessary

because this Father of Light might take again in His arms
these priests or these faithful who have fallen. Of course,
He takes them again, but repentance is necessary and not
only is repentance necessary, because reparation is also
part of repentance and of confession. If I want to improve
myself, I must first eradicate these pathways that lead to
sin and I are fatal to me.

I must first begin in the most intimate part of myself, and

only then can I be a model for others, in all the required
depth. You could say in a few words, to preach in the light
of the Holy Spirit what I must preach, what I am
commissioned to preach and that it would be before THE
ONE UP THERE ... (pointing upwards) ... (labored

One speaks only of love of neighbor, but no longer does

one speak of the love of God

One talks too much about the love of neighbor and one
forgets that the love of neighbor derives only from the
perfect love of God. Why speak always of love of
neighbor, of reconciliation and mutual understanding if
you forget the most important commandment in this
regard? The first is the greatest commandment, "You shall
love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all
your soul and with all your strength" ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth and nothing but the truth in the

name of Jesus Christ! 16/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Garandieu: (groans) ... and only then comes "and thy

neighbor as thyself." If these priests, each one of them,
made peace with THE ONE UP THERE (pointing upwards),
what else would one have to do, if they wanted to love
Him; the love of neighbor would come by itself and would
ensue from this. It is, it is a ... I do not want to speak!

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu in the name ...

for the glory of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, of the
Most Holy Trinity, of the Father, of the Son and of the
Holy Spirit, nothing but the truth and only the truth!

Garandieu: ... it is a sham, completely successful, of the

FREEMASONRY to always say: love of neighbor, to live in
love, make peace one with the other, forgive and support
each other. And where do they arrive? Where do you end
up with this support and this reconciliation? Look at the
quotation of the suicides! If these men might see where
the principle commandment really is!

Of course, it is said in the first and greatest

commandment: "And thy neighbor as thyself," but that
comes later: "You shall love the Lord your God." You can
not truly call that love what these priests live for years,
these priests who have never yet lived as bad as they do
now. One must only start here. One must practice again
the principle commandment and the first few sentences
totally, without limitation.

And then this "your neighbor as yourself" will be

included by itself. All the commandments in general are
included in this main commandment. If it were observed,
one would not have to talk always about charity, of love
of neighbor, of attempts at reconciliation and whatever
else. All this would be included in the single vision of an
herb or a green branch, but nothing like this happens.
They only discuss and they always talk about
ecclesiastical assemblies and conferences of bishops.

Even at the top, in Rome, they do nothing but talk, debate, 

discuss, examine, to adopt and still to babble, to suppress 17/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

yet something and let it go again, so finally there has been

suppressed and allowed to pass so many things which
cannot possibly last anymore, before HIM UP THERE
(pointing upwards). Because HE UP THERE is not just
Mercy, but He is also infinite Justice as mercy. This, I saw,
I (crying), I, Verdi, Verdi. I had to experience this myself.
If I had only ...

Exorcist: Garandieu, speak the truth, only the truth in

the name of Jesus Christ and the Most Blessed Virgin

The true love of neighbor is to snatch souls from hell with


Garandieu: ... if only I lived better! If I had practiced

virtue! If only I had prayed more! If only I had done
penance! If only I had tried to love Him, HIM UP THERE!
if only I had said, "I will follow You on the cross. Give me
crosses for my sheep, as much as I can bear them, so that
I might follow You." All this, I forgot to say. All this I forgot
to say when I stopped wanting to say it! And even most of
the priests of today forget to mention the imitation of
Christ, of the Way of the Cross, and to say that you must
do penance and atone for others so that they do not
perish. This is not said. They should shout from the top of
the pulpit: "You lay people, do penance, sacrifice yourself
for others when you see that they are sinking into the
mud of sin." It would be the greatest love of neighbor.
Any other love of neighbor such as: bringing food,
providing clothing, looking for houses ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Garandieu!

Say the truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: ... all this falls into ruin. Of course it is

necessary for sustaining life, but normally it is God Who
gives it, especially in our time, and in Europe, where most
of the people have enough to eat, and where wages and
living standards are so high that all get along in one way 
or the other. One should not boast as being the most 18/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

important thing that we must help each other and

support and assist each other, visit each other and come
to mutually help each other. Of course we must help
those in need, but you emphasize this too much. One
should shout from the pulpit: "Lay people, sacrifice
yourselves for such and such a soul, because he or she is
in danger of sin. Pray for her, light blessed candles. Make
the sign of the cross on this soul."

THE LAITY CAN DO THIS TOO. They do not have the high
power of the blessing of the priest, but to make a sign of
the cross on others, any lay person can do this. It is better
that they do this with a crucifix or a rosary and throw
holy water from a distance on these souls. It is not an
exaggeration. Any layman can do it. And this also brings
certain blessings. He should not say: "I am powerful, I can
bless" and whatever else. You can do it in silence, but it
brings in any case blessings, and we down here (in hell)
we must retreat. You should preach (with a strong voice)
... I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Trinity,

of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Verdi
Garandieu, speak the truth and only the truth for the
glory of God!


"You people, who want to call yourselves sons of God, you
who come in our church, take things seriously, take them
seriously, do penance and sacrifice yourself for others.
Your neighbor is in danger. Pray for one another, in order
not to perish, to endure to the end and follow the path of
virtue. Dear lay people, pray as much as possible for the
priests and church figures, so that the Devil can not win
them or assail them, and that they might be able to lead
you along the straight and narrow path, because also you,
priests, I am no longer, I am no longer on the earth right
now, but the priesthood has remained with me. And for
this I have to suffer terribly (labored breathing) ... 19/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: Speak, Garandieu, say the truth and only the

truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

It is necessary to pray and to sacrifice yourselves for


Garandieu: ... because you too, priests, you need prayers.

For every priest in the pulpit, where you have to preach,
and Judas was already forced to say it: it would be better
to preach from the pulpit ....

The priests should not be ashamed to tell the laity: "Pray,

pray also for me, so that I might lead you on the right
path. Pray regularly for us priests, because we are
attacked from hell more than you think. Pray so that we
might persevere to the hour of our death, and pray for
yourself, one for another, so that you might follow the
path of virtue unto death, and not just for a few weeks or
a few years or just a momentary thing." It is a terrible
malice of fate, I have to say, Verdi Garandieu ...

Exorcist: Say the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth in

the name of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Cross ...

Garandieu: ... that there are many priests and many lay
people who follow the path of virtue and some were good
priests and good laity until, you could say in a sense, they
might have advanced and reached the point of which
Jesus speaks about regarding the wheat: a sower went out
to sow his seed.

Grains fell among thorns and were choked, and the grains
sprouted. It was believed that they sprouted well. You
could say the same thing about those who have followed
up to that point the path of virtue, but when the
temptations come, and when all the clergy of the Church
trumpet them: now you have to follow such and such and
another way, now the other way is valid... , and not the
way of God. But they do not tell you the way of God, but it
is in a sense the same thing in the sight of Heaven,

because it is the path always followed that is no longer 20/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

valid today. Then they fall into doubt. At the time of

temptation they fall ... and the sun came, and burns them
and they dried up. This is true today for thousands and
tens of thousands of priests and lay people who can not
resist. They were not able to practice great virtues before
and therefore they fall and are not strong when it comes
to truly practicing the virtue of fortitude.

Pray in order to obtain perseverance

For this today you should pray a lot, and for

perseverance, to hold strong until the end. Now it would
be really topical that every priest shout from the pulpit at
least two or three times a month, "Persevere, follow the
way to the end, follow the way of the Cross! Look, do you
think that Christ had the more beautiful part than you

He should also cry out: "You who are poor and possess
little in life, bear it with patience, because your reward
will be in heaven." Yet it is not unlike how many Saints
practiced it, for example a holy Curate of Ars who prayed
and fasted to the extreme. You should tell these lay people
who are living in poverty:
"Give thanks to the Lord and praise Him, because He has
made to you a gift of poverty in imitation of Christ, as also
the apostles had to practice it. Thank the Lord, because if
you are in poverty you have much less time for idleness.
Because you have to work harder in taking care of
providing for yourselves the daily bread." To them there
remains much less time to for idleness. Idleness is always
the mother of all vices.

The poverty of large families is a great blessing

To those who are in need, who have many children, and

they have to work a lot, since they do not have time to
devote to luxury, to excesses or pleasures, one should say:
"Praise the Lord three times a day, on your knees, and
thank Him for having given to you, with your children, 
work, and to have offered your children so that you raise 21/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

them and of them you make the next citizens of heaven,

because for each of your children you will gain more
grace." Instead of this, they say, sometimes they also say,
and even priests, that ... I do not want to talk!

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ, say the truth, only

the truth, Verdi Garandieu, for the glory of God, about the

Garandieu: ... Instead of that, when a woman or a man

come to say to them "it is not good for us; we had a third
or fourth child or just a second, it depends. We have
housing problems. We have this problem here or another
... " Then the priest, instead of saying to them: "Hold on,
live in this old apartment and in these rooms with the
grace of God (crying); pray every day and thank Him for
what you have! "Instead of what (crying) ... I do not want
to talk!

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus Christ continue, Verdi

Garandieu, say the truth and only the truth for the glory
of God!

The pill leads to abortion

Garandieu: ... Instead of that these priests really become

seducers and give these poor, but in reality these people
are not poor, they are not so much in misery, they are not
so terribly miserable ...

When I say "poor" I mean that they are because they have
fallen into sin, because the priest gives them bad advice
to not behave precisely according to the commandments
of God in this particular case; in this case, they have to
take the pill or what there is in this field. He advises them
this or that, or this or that other medicine, and this
medicine obviously ... the majority of doctors prescribe
without batting an eyelid.

Men do not notice that they are sinking into misfortune,

because from the pill and from the condoms to abortion it  22/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

is not far off, and abortion is already a murder (cries); it

is a mortal sin. Perhaps these priests forget it or maybe
some know it, but in this time of modernism and mass
defection they no longer want to admit that it is still valid
today what it has always been, for thousands and
thousands of years.

It is clear that humanity has increased and that is no

longer what it once was when God punished immediately
ONAN with death (Gen 38:9-10), but He will still punish
each one of them, who, alas, I must say, take
contraceptives and He will recall them to order, because
this is no longer the order of things, and abortion even
less. It is not in the plan of God, in His plan of salvation.
And I have to ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, and only the

truth, for the glory of God and in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: ... and I must say, I, Verdi, that I was a priest,

that the priests, and not only priests but also the bishops,
cardinals, it is evident, they should shout to their people
from the height of the pulpit, yes, shout: "Endure your
suffering with patience, because life on earth is not made
to be lived in debauchery and luxury, to eat and drink,
but to walk after the LORD and to practice the imitation
of Christ."

Because there where there is still renunciation and

sacrifice, this is what they should say, there is also grace,
and where there are no longer neither renunciation or
sacrifice, or prayer, grace also disappears. There where
there is no longer grace, we watch, and if we can
penetrate only through a crack, if we can only pass a
horn, even so we have already penetrated into these lay
people or clergy, and this then continues. If there is open
a crack, it soon widens, then the whole door is opened
and not only this. It is not only the whole door to be
opened. Finally, the whole house is to collapse as is
happening now in your churches. Yes ...  23/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, only the truth, only the

Garandieu: ... You should start over. You should do

missions ... You should especially ... And Judas was forced
to say it: from the height of the pulpit, not from the front
on the floor ... not from here where you will soon be at a
lower level. Because there are churches where you go
down, you go down the steps to the altar instead of going
up the steps ... What do you think, when you have to go
down and you have almost ... not in all the churches, but
there are, one has to almost look down at the priest; how
much dispersion in the laity! Do you not think it would be
better to raise the eyes? The pulpit already in a sense
symbolizes heaven and there are steps to go up there ...

It is necessary to give missions to the people again, and to

preach to them again. Above all one should… Judas was
forced to say it: from the pulpit on high, not in front on
the floor… not from here where one will soon be at an
inferior level. Because there are churches where one
must descend, one goes down the steps toward the altar
instead of going up to the altar… What do you think,
when one must go down almost… not in all the churches,
but there are a good number, one has to almost look
down toward the priest, how much distraction then
among the lay people! Do you not believe that it would be
better to lift up you eyes? The pulpit symbolizes already,
in a certain sense, Heaven and there are the steps to go
up to it…

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi, and nothing but the

truth in the name of Jesus!

The priest must give the example of virtue

Garandieu: ... But now everything descends. Now it is not

necessary to lift up ones eyes. Now you look straight
ahead or downwards, toward us (hell) that we pull you
toward the bottom and we try to draw you down. You 
should do again the missions and the allurement of a 24/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

good priest who works on the people should be so great, it

would be so great, if he still follows the life of virtue, that
entire masses of people would be drawn in.

How do you think that this happened with a Holy Cure of

Ars? His parish was very depraved and in a very pitiful
state. How many things did this Cure accomplish alone!
How did he achieved this? Did he do this by chance by
going on (drinking) sprees, or in front of the television or
with trips or with interesting conferences (just barely
pronounced) and words?

No. He did it in the silence of his room or in front of the

Tabernacle of the Church, that which I, Verdi, should
have done; instead of that I neglected my parish and I did
none other than drag it with me into misfortune. There
should be thousands of Cure of Ars now in your world,
but there are none, you should at least imitate him as
much as possible. I must also say this, because I, Verdi,
fell into this fault: you must avoid women (crying) and
say every day all of the Breviary, because otherwise you
can not avoid them.

In fact, when a priest, and a priest who must fight very

much against his nature, says his breviary every day and
tries to do his best, HE UP THERE (indicating upwards)
will truly give you the grace to not succumb to
temptation. If in spite of everything he succumbs, but if
he continues to say his breviary every day, HE UP THERE
will not be so severe to not pull him out of there, with the
grace of the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Angels, of the Trinity,
of the Most Blessed Virgin that you must not ever forget
in life, so that he may exercise his ministry in spite of
everything according to their will, to THOSE UP THERE
(indicating upwards), as it should be exercised.

As I have already had to say, you should first of all say to

all those who are in poverty and who are tried in
suffering: "Endure your suffering with a spirit of
atonement, then you will have many graces and many  25/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

merits. God will be always near and He will guide you!",

and, "The one who He loves most, He disciplines." (Heb
12:6; Prov 3:12)

They should say it from on high from the pulpit. It would

be better that many were not helped with this or that,
that there might not be one association or another, and
that you do not give them money. This has already caused
the ruin of many, and even the clergy. If someone is really
in misery and dies of hunger, the good God must
intervene and He will certainly intervene (if it is
necessary for the salvation of his soul) so that he receives
help in some way or another.

Otherwise, however, and this is the work of

FREEMASONRY for the fall of the Church, otherwise there
is no need to preach always the love of neighbor,
reconciliation, and whatever else (the words are
pronounced with difficulty), to hell…, to hell…, to hell
with it, because it is your ruin. It is for the ruin of many,
because when they see that their own priests do not
follow the path of virtue, they run toward pleasure, even
bishops have gotten to this point today, that they occupy
themselves less and less for souls, they pray, they practice
virtue and renouncement less and less, and so there is no
longer the example that shows the lay people how they
should live.

Moreover when the priest also announces that God is

merciful, Who forgives and loves men as they are, and so
it seems to the lay people that they are living according to
the straight path and to be in spite of everything in God's
grace, while many are in mortal sin, how can the grace of
the Holy Spirit still work, if the straight path is no longer
preached or lived by the priest in it’s totality? Ah!
(groans) I must be the one to say it!

Exorcist: Speak, Verdi Garandieu, about what you still

have to say about the priesthood, only this, only the truth,
only the truth!  26/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Garandieu: One should be shouting from the rooftops

and from all the pulpits that Heaven demands the way of
the Cross, and that true charity towards our neighbor is
there where there is virtue. I mean that true charity
toward the neighbor is in the imitation of the Cross and
the imitation of the Cross is included in the atonement for
others. It is the greatest and truest love of neighbor and
can be practiced only when you practice the first and
greatest commandment, that of love of God, and as
perfectly and as completely as possible, or at least as
much as you can. Where is therefore the love of God in
the priests today, if they no longer have respect, if they
celebrate the Mass facing the people more than toward
THAT ONE UP THERE? (pointing upwards).

Exorcist: The truth and only the truth, Verdi!

The souls fall like snowflakes into hell today because the
example of the priest is lacking for them.

Garandieu: They should preach and say the Mass only to

honor and praise solely THAT ONE UP THERE (pointing
upwards). The rest would be given to them in addition.
They preach a lot, too much on the everyday life and the
little things of no importance, which they should not be
doing, but they forget the first and greatest thing: the
imitation of Christ, in which, as I mentioned, there is also
expiation and renunciation, and first and foremost
expiation for others. Then there would not be thousands
of souls that perish, as now they perish in mass and fall to
us in hell like snowflakes, they fall into hell as the MOST
HIGH UP THERE (pointing upwards) has already made to
be said by way of some privileged souls.

Exorcist: Verdi Garandieu, speak the truth, only the

truth, as to what the Mother of God has to say to us about
the priesthood!

Garandieu: If the priests and the higher ecclesial

members do not open their eyes, thousands of churches 
will no longer be churches and already they are no longer 27/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

churches. For thousands of souls, the sermons made by

their priests are already now more occasions to fall and
to the loss of virtue than the ascent towards Heaven and
the Good ... This is common place because the priest
himself no longer practices the main commandment,
because the priest himself is worm-eaten from within and
no longer has the conduct that he should have. I do not
want to talk.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, and only the

truth, only the truth, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: If the priests, bishops and superiors had led a

proper life, now you would not have this chaos in Rome.
God would not have permitted that more than one pope
might have the right to govern you. That was possible to
infiltrate ... and he came from FREEMASONRY. This is the
cause. They are the cause. But if thousands and
thousands of believers led by their priests, with sermons
and good Masses, had prayed and made the Stations of
the Cross in reparation, nights of atonement, but at least
hours of prayer and worship at night, especially on
Sundays, Rome would not be what it is. Rome would at
least still be Rome. I, Verdi Garandieu, am forced to say it.

Exorcist: Verdi Garandieu, speak the truth, only the

truth, as to what the Mother of God orders still more to
say, only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ!

The daily recitation of the Breviary saves the priests

Garandieu: I have to say that women today constitute the

misfortune of thousands of priests. This would not
happen if they still prayed as they should pray, if they
took in their hands every day their Breviary and if they
believed what our Church fathers taught us once and
which they certainly did not invent. What they said once
was proven and found to be true in life that which is
better, and must be maintained. If it had been
maintained, it still was, you would not have this mess,  28/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

because thousands of priests, more than a million ... live,

do not live, do not live, do not live, ...

Exorcist: The truth and only the truth!

Garandieu: ... in grace, I must say. Thousands do not live

in grace, because they no longer say their breviary ... As I
did and I stopped doing it. If I had prayed (cries of
despair, crying, screaming), if I had prayed, I would have
stayed on the path of virtue. My angel would have come
to help me, but I no longer prayed even to him, I
neglected and let everything go. I also neglected the youth
that were then entrusted to me for many years, as do the
priests today. I can well say that I did not neglect the
youth at that time as do many priests today. I did not
neglect them too much.

Without expiatory souls many priests would go to hell

That may serve as a warning, you who still live on earth.

It is useful as a dire warning to the priests of the present
day reminding them that they are in no way taking the
right path, that they have not taken it, because among
them there were still, recently or relatively recently, like
me, good priests or at least still in a certain way good
priests, and now are already on the broad way, on the
road that leads to perdition. If you do not receive a
particular grace from the pushing of a lay person or an
expiatory soul, to which they had preached, to atone and
pray for them, they will be lost.

This situation is terribly, frightfully tragic. I can do

nothing. I must say these things exactly as they are; these
things happened to myself. Can do nothing. God is not a
rose water character that changes every time all the laws
according to the desire of people today. He does not put
sugar on the tongue each time when they have sugar
cravings. He remains always the same. From the
beginning He was the same. From eternity to now He has
been the same and He will remain the same forever.  29/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

It is terribly tragic. That cannot be changed, despite the

great desire of people today, and especially of the clergy,
to change it. It is terribly tragic that it can not be changed,
that man himself must change himself, immediately,
without delay and begin inside of himself, in the most
intimate part of himself. Did Christ not say: "If your eye
causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it from you
(crying)"? (Mt 18:9).

Exorcist: In the name of Jesus speak the truth and only

the truth!

Garandieu: They were not empty words. It is completely,

totally true. This has constituted the misfortune of many
priests. The eyes ... they see too many things and inhale
too many things that they should not see or receive. It
begins with television and continues until ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Verdi


Garandieu: ... to the women, who unfortunately now

have the right to even stand in the choir. This applies to
everything that can serve for temptation. It is particularly
valid today. Judas (the human demon) was forced to say it:
at one time the women wore a veil, especially during the
Mass, and now they do not wear it anymore. But they
should wear it again and if they do not, the altar should
not be facing the people, because I, Verdi Garandieu, was
still celebrating Mass facing the altar and not toward the
people. But even so I succumbed to temptation. How
much more the priests of the present day, which ... whose

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Garandieu, only the truth in

the name of Jesus Christ!

If your hand is a stumbling block for you, cut it off!

Garandieu: ... whose eye are at the mercy of everything,

which takes in everything that should not be received.  30/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Christ said: “If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off
and throw it away; because it is better to enter into
eternal life with one hand or even without both than to
be thrown into the horrible fire that never ends (with
desperation) with two hands, with your two eyes and
with your two feet” (Mt 5:30).

Exorcist: Speak the truth and nothing but the truth in the
name of Jesus Christ!

Garandieu: I must say it. The priests of the present day

believe, therefore, that the Gospel no longer exists today;
that the Gospel can be interpreted and changed as they
like! They believe, therefore, that Christ spoke only for
His time and for His apostles, and those who lived at that
time. At that time they still wore long dresses. Do you not
believe that He spoke much more for the present time,
which is in such great danger of being lost, where
everything is made insipid by technology and the way of
life of the present time, where everything falls prey to
such terrible temptations and where there is no one to
put an end to all this? It is like a terrible fire, you might
say, like bombs that frightfully explode and spread all
around them seas of fire, a fire that can no longer be put
out by a little water, still poured by the good priests, and
by the rivers of grace which they spread.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the truth

in the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God, nothing
but the truth in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

Garandieu: The devil himself would have to appear so

that they might believe. HE UP THERE (indicating
upwards) allows certain things, but they all receive the
grace, to everyone is granted certain hours of grace, but if
you do not want ... each person has his own free will. You
should read more, in the name of God, the Bible and the
Gospel. That which should still be said: in the present
time there has been given many revelations that can be
considered to come from up there (gesturing upwards).  31/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

But they are not taken into consideration at all, and even
the Gospel is deformed and interpreted as one considers
to be better, and so Heaven cannot ... then ... (labored

Exorcist: Verdi, only the truth, only the truth! Continue to

speak in the name of Jesus Christ, say the truth and only
the truth!

Garandieu: ... and so Heaven cannot even help us. He

has done all that He can do and has sent down His mercy
on mankind. But if humanity does not take into account a
priori these graces of mercy and these attempts of mercy,
that God in His great clemency wishes to offer you, how
can you ... how ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, say the truth

in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Holy Cross!
Speak the truth and only the truth about the priesthood!

God wants the yes to the Cross, also in difficult marriages

Garandieu: ... How then can grace still operate if you do

not read any more the books of the Saints, for example a
Cure of Ars, of an Anna Catherine Emmerich? Also Padre
Pio led a good life. They all resemble each other to the
letter to the extent that they were consumed in the
expiation for others as true holocausts for HIM UP THERE
(indicating upwards). Their sufferings and their
atonement were accepted. It would also be accepted from
every person if people were ready to make atonement.
Often God is only waiting for a person to tell Him: "I want
to ... You can send me sufferings, if You think it is
appropriate. I want to endure this for such and such a
person, just give me the grace for this purpose." But it is,
alas, a sad fact that when God (pointing upwards) wants
to test and sends sufferings, man wants to reject them
with every fiber of his being. He resists them and does all
in his power to not suffer, and if he ... I do not want to
talk.  32/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: Speak, Verdi Garandieu, say the truth regarding

the priesthood, for the glory of God and the salvation of
souls, only the truth, only the truth!

Garandieu: Obviously, the priests, first and foremost,

should give an example and preach it; it would be the
first condition. When man flounders about in his
sufferings of which I just talked about, these suffering
that God has imposed on him, and he wants to reject
them with all his strength, then it is no longer perfect
suffering according to the first and greatest
commandment, suffering according to the will of the
Father. One should say: "Not my will, but Yours," as Christ
in the Garden of Olives. One should unite his will to the
will of God, then it would have a great value.

But when you cannot do otherwise than bear the

suffering, and only with reluctance and an extreme ...
Certainly there are sufferings that can cause a terrible
fear and loathing, but even then we must unite ourselves
to God's will as much as possible. But, when I speak of
resistance, I am thinking of these men that with every
means possible they want to escape this suffering. That
also applies to couples who no longer tolerate their
spouse and want to get out by any means possible. They
must endure the suffering and so could make a great

Thousands of men could suffer for other thousands of

men and obtain in this way that they might not be lost. It
seems that this is completely forgotten in your Catholic
Church. Very rarely does one preach on this fact. It is a
great thing, a predominate thing, because it is the
imitation of Christ. When Christ said: " ... and your
neighbor as yourself", He thus did not mean so much the
good of the body in the first place, although it is part of it,
but in the first place the spirit, the soul, so that this is
saved (with despair and crying). 33/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the

truth, only the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, in the
name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the name of St.
Vincent Ferrier, only the truth, for the glory of God and
for the priests!

Even today, Christ would be rejected as a public agitator

Garandieu: If Christ would return to this earth and

preach the same thing, there would also be today
thousands and thousands of people who would consider
Him an agitator and a madman, as now thousands and
thousands of people consider good priests, the true
privileged souls, the men who still have good intentions,
like madmen, lost on false roads, or came up through the
ranks. Instead of ascending upwards, one descends
toward the bottom because it is easier. Many priests, as I
already said, do not preach anymore in depth, they no
longer go to the bottom of things, only because it would
be a reproach to themselves, since they would then have
to start with themselves, which they do not want to and
they believe they would not be able to that.

If they themselves were to follow the path of virtue, they

could perfectly delve into the things in their sermons, but
what I myself do not live and do not want, I think that
neither the others can do it nor want it. I can not, as a
priest, demand more from my lay people that which I
myself do not live and do not do. It is terribly tragic what
is happening today in your Catholic churches. This
extends from the priests up to the cardinals in Rome. If
they were still living as Christ and the apostles gave the
example, they would show to the faithful a very different
way, a way very different, much deeper, clearer,
narrower, a way that leads to Heaven. This is the cause. It
is the most tragic thing, because they themselves do not
do penance and do not want to convert, as already John
the Baptist preached it, and as Jesus Himself once said to
the people and to the apostles in his repeated speeches,

then ... (labored breathing). 34/66
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Exorcist: Speak the truth, only the truth, Garandieu, in

the name of Jesus Christ, only the truth!

Garandieu: (labored breathing).

Exorcist: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit, Verdi Garandieu, speak the truth and only the
truth about the priesthood, as far as it is in the will of

Illuminate the priests with tact

Garandieu: The majority of priests who fight in our days

against what is deep and true and good, they do it
because they themselves do not live it anymore, because
their hearts have already become disreputable or
because they already follow the broad way of the masses.
One should have the courage (in a quiet voice) ... I do not
want to talk.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, only for the glory of God, in the
name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Blessed Virgin
Mary, of the Immaculate, the truth about the priesthood!

Garandieu: ... For many it would be good to have the

courage, when they demolish one thing or the other and
utter criticisms, to throw the things right in their face, not
in a way that might be offensive, but in a way that might
edify them, showing them that you only want to help
them. You should still learn psychology.

Exorcist: Speak the truth, only the truth!

Garandieu: That is, the current psychology is no longer

good, of course, because it precipitates many down into
perdition, but when I talk about psychology, I mean a
healthy psychology where you do not say directly: "You
are bad. You are horrible, for this reason you do not
want." But you should say it with words. You should be
able to say: “By not living anymore in the deepest part of
themselves, they do not preach it anymore, they do not 
dare to preach it? Grace has already abandoned them? We 35/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

know that the demons are now terribly unleashed on earth.

Perhaps they need prayers ... do they themselves pray?
They must return to the true depth not falsified in order to
be able to lead similarly also their flock."

For men who could stand it and are themselves of a

strong and tough nature you could use even more
energetic means. Men are all different, as Padre Pio
already said. He received men in different ways. But in
any case you should have the courage to talk to them on
those points, because most of them ... there are few who
act out of ignorance, but most of them would preach
differently and would lead their flock differently, if they
themselves were willing to live better and to follow the
path of renunciation. It is a great truth that, although I
am now lost and in hell, I do not have the right to remain
silent, because THEY (with a sorrowful voice) UP THERE
(pointing upwards) order it, and because it happened to
myself what... (the words are not coming forth).

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu!

Thousands of priests follow the easy way of perdition

Garandieu: ... that which (with despair crying and

screaming) I never thought would happen to me. How I
would live differently if I could go back! How I would
drag myself on my knees, day and night, how I would
pray to THEM UP THERE (pointing upwards) for my flock!
Nothing would be too much for me, even if I were
martyred for this reason, martyred more than once, even
if I were to die a martyr! I would do it (crying of
desperation) ... I would freely do it if I still could! I would
gladly accept, agreeing to sacrifice if HE UP THERE might
want it, if it was His will. I would aspire above all to the
first virtue: "You shall love the Lord your God with all
your heart." I would seek how to love Him. What can I do
for Him? What does He expect from me now, at this hour?
What would He say about this? What behavior would He
recommend to me? There is a proverb that says: When in  36/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

doubt, choose the more difficult. Do the priests and the

laity live according to this proverb? It is just a simple
proverb that was not said by God Himself, but it says the
truth. It must also be widely used in the Kingdom UP
THERE (pointing upwards), because thousands of priests
... I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: Verdi Garandieu, speak the truth, only the truth

for the glory of God, nothing but the truth in the name of
Jesus Christ, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the only truth
and only the truth about the priesthood!

Garandieu: ... thousands of priests follow the path of

perdition because they do not choose that which is
difficult, because they follow the path of least resistance
and because they choose that which seems to them to be
best and most suitable for themselves. But not always
what seems to be better suited for the layman and for the
priest is also good in His eyes, before HIM UP THERE! You
must continually examine yourselves. Already Saint Paul
said: "Test and keep what is good." (1Thess 5:21). It also
applies in matters of faith and states of the soul. It must,
you must ...

Exorcist: The truth and only the truth, Verdi Garandieu!

The priest must not familiarize too much with people

Garandieu: ... one must, as already said before me by

Judas, Beelzebub and other demons, one must pray very
much to the Holy Spirit, insistently, but that it not be a
superficial prayer. You should examine your own heart
and you will recognize the way that God wants for each
person and what HE (pointing upwards) has established
for each person.Every man has his path established and
his mission established, in particular every priest that
holds high functions, especially in the eyes of THAT ONE
UP THERE. He should already be covered with dignity in
the eyes of men. He should not try to come close to people
and to become familiar with them, but he must follow the  37/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

path that is better for him, the way that he must follow,
because otherwise it will ruin himself.

The faithful no longer have respect if he tries to show

himself familiar with them and wants to do everything
with them. There must reign a certain, and even a great
distance between the layman and the priest. God wants it.
He has always wanted it and established it in this way,
because the priest represents great divine powers and
walks in the footsteps of Christ. If he represents these
powers, he must show to the lay people the High Priest,
the better, the most perfectly as possible and must above
all ... He could never preach enough about respect, he
could never show enough that which is God's majesty and
to what point it is tragic not to bow constantly before this

It is necessary to plant in the hearts of the children respect

for the Blessed Sacrament

You must already inculcate in younger children, even two

or three years old. You must bring them before the Most
Blessed Sacrament with great respect. You must go with
them in church. When you go there, you have to tell them
to pray at each genuflection, at least: "Be praised and
adored at all times the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar."

They must then invoke all the Angels and praise with
them the majesty of God (pointing upwards), the
sublimity of heaven and the greatness of the Trinity.
What does this Church therefore represent if it can no
longer praise this Trinity! What does this Church
therefore represent which does not place God far, far,
very far above man and does not constantly remind the
greatness and holiness of the Trinity, that does not
remind that all depends on one thing: to please God, Who
will triumph UP THERE (pointing upwards) into a great
power and a great magnificence.

If the priests no longer do so today in the church, at least 

the parents of these children should do so continuously. 38/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

You will never be able to remind them enough to the

point that it is necessary to praise and bless God, even
when things do not go well and when it seems that HE
(pointing upwards) might not love you. Precisely in
suffering, in fact, when the consequences of this suffering
or the glory and the triumph which is derived from it ...
you should thank God and adore Him on your knees for
this suffering that He sent, because suffering purifies and
leads the soul on the path of virtue.

When you want to avoid all suffering and remove all the
stones from the path, even the path of virtue very quickly
disappears. Look at the priests of the past and some rare
priests of the present day, look at how they live, often in
the most modest means, but at the same time carry with
them the peace of God that surpasses by far, very far, all
the rest, all the magnificence of this world. Christ said:
"For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world
and forfeits his soul” (Mt 16:26).

The true love of neighbor begins from the soul

And so I, Verdi, I must say that your present time is truly

lacking light; your current Church that preaches to the
people to practice charity towards others, when in fact
there is no charity toward the neighbor. The true love of
neighbor begins in the soul, not in the body. Is it not
better for men to die of tuberculosis, the plague, by war
or of any disease and must bear great, very great pain,
but gain the glory of God, and do not lose their soul?

Instead, the men who live in great luxury, are too much
the slaves of the world and keep their eyes too much on
the worldly goods are in great, great danger of losing
their soul. I must say, how much the FREEMASONRY has
concocted here; it is completely to the detriment of your
Church and people. In truth it is not the love of neighbor.
It is hypocrisy and rot. It is the ruin of souls (labored
breathing ). 39/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the


Garandieu: If they knew to what perdition is brought to

their subordinates with this so-called charity towards the
neighbor, they would refrain from such talk, they would
speak in a completely different way. Of course we must
help others, to serve them, to help them with money
when they are in need, but it is not everything and it is
not the essential thing. The essential thing is to always
remain true to yourself and to not sell your soul. Love of
neighbor is to bring back the other person on the right
track and on a better way, to know how to lead the person
on this good path and lead him UP THERE (pointing
upwards). This is the way, it is a very sad fact, that
thousands of priests, bishops and cardinals today are
tending toward ... I do not want to talk.

Exorcist: Speak the truth and only the truth, Verdi

Garandieu, in the name of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Cross!

Garandieu: ... they tend to preach the love of neighbor

with the pretext of "Love of neighbor" and to preach it so
that it appears to originate from the Church and from
God, but in reality it is the beginning of the fall and loss of
virtue, because it is never true love of neighbor that does
not help others to achieve the salvation of their souls

Exorcist: Verdi Garandieu, speak the truth, only the

truth, as far as the Mother of God has commanded you to
say about the priesthood!

It is necessary to be severe for love of neighbor because hell


Garandieu: The love of neighbor is also when sometimes

you have to hurt another, when it is assumed that you
will do harm to those who you need to talk to. He will
realize, sooner or later, that what seemed to him a

whiplash was, in fact, the remedy. Priests should use a lot 40/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

more from the pulpit the whip and the firm words,
because there is really justice and eternity (in a loud
voice) and hell exists.

But many no longer do this because they themselves do

not believe in hell, or even in Heaven in all of its depth
and its truth. If they still believed, how could they divert
thousands of men who they should instead lead towards
UP THERE? (indicating upwards). What are these priests?
I myself can certainly not boast, but I never did what
many priests do today; I have never spoken with such
cowardice! They ruin themselves with their own hands.
For many, I must say, even though many do not believe,
for many, down here (in hell) there is prepared already
(screams, cries of immense despair) the place to which
they are going towards ...

Exorcist: Speak the truth, Verdi Garandieu, only the

truth, as far as the Mother of God …

Garandieu: (interrupting him) ... this applies equally to

the bishops, to the cardinals and to the lay people. If they
saw, if they saw only a hundredth of this terrible chaos
toward which they are going, they would say a thousand
times "mea culpa", they would grab themselves and by
themselves would uproot the worm that gnaws at their
corroded souls.

They would not cease to eradicate this worm before it

might deposit more eggs. They would tear all the bacillus
one after the other with tongs of fire if they saw what it
produces in them over time. They would practice again,
above all, first the love of God, the first commandment,
and then the true love of neighbor, where it is said: " ...
your neighbor as yourself." The true love of neighbor,
which does not say, "Give to the other everything that he
needs, and he will be fine." One cannot "have", when
another lives in poverty. He must live better and so on.
etc.. 41/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

But so often in this way you do not bring any help to him.
Often one does nothing more than pave the road that
leads to destruction (cries of despair and tears). I, Verdi
Garandieu, today I had to say it. I did not want to talk.

This is why I have long refused to say my name, but THEY

UP THERE (pointing upwards) ordered me to speak,
because it is what happened to myself, because I myself
did not exercise my priesthood as I should have exercise
it. And finally I have to say: The sixth commandment and
luxury today constitute the misfortune of many priests (in
a desperate voice, crying).

If they might see how terribly tragic! They would do

everything ... would sacrifice themselves to the last fiber,
they would change their mind and would do everything
possible. They would begin again everything, they would
aspire to a new beginning in the perfection and they
would implore all the angels, the power of all the holy
angels so that they might obtain from them their
ETERNALLY! I have to say IT! I have finished speaking, I
have finished speaking!


Final note

The unfortunate victim is possessed of a lucid possession

that, in contrast to sleepwalking, greatly aggravates her
sufferings. The lucid possessed must live consciously all
the vicissitudes of exorcism. For the entire duration of the
exorcism against the damned priest Verdi Garandieu, the
possessed identifies herself with him, and suffers the
infernal torments and its horrible despair. Two hours
after the end of the exorcism, there continued to flow

rivers of her tears, and for fifteen days the possessed was 42/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

traumatized by this terrible ordeal. These facts,

incredibly tragic, should push people today to think of the
horror of hell, so that they might use all means to escape
hell and reach Heaven.

Fight against hell. Conjuring of the evil


On 15 November 1972, Pope Paul VI addressed the

faithful present at the General Audience this touching
appeal: "What are the greatest needs of the Church today?
Do not be surprised how simplistic or even superstitious
and unreal is our answer: one of the greatest needs is the
defense from that evil which we call the Devil." The Holy
Father then spoke specifically of the existence of the
devil, of his action, of the means to defend oneself from it.
What power might we have against the evil one! It would
be enough to use what is called Exorcism.

Quick and effective formula of exorcism

Flee, cursed spirits, in the name of the Holy Trinity,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Do not look, do not listen, do
not bother, do not harm, do not hinder, loosen your ties!
The Lord our God, your Master, commands you: Go away
and do not come back anymore, in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. So be it. In the name
of Jesus that everything that comes from the cursed
enemy might go far away!


The possessed

That is roughly the curriculum vitae of the possessed

(already published in the book "WARNINGS FROM THE
mother of a family is a reparatory soul that since 27 years
old, or rather from her fourteenth year, was tormented 
by terrible crisis of fear and periods of total insomnia. 43/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

She was treated during eight sessions in the clinic, with

all the modern means of medicine and psychiatry.

When, after a rigorous treatment of sleep, discharged as

an unexplained case, a well-known exorcist, fortuitously
met, determined that it was an irrefutable case of
possession. After an exorcism which was attended by
several priests, in Fontanelle - Montichiari (Brescia),
angelic demons (fallen angels) and also human demons
(damned men) had to make, by order of the Holy Virgin,
cautionary disclosures addressed to the Church.

On April 26, 1978, after having invited several bishops

and representatives of psychiatry and medicine to assist,
an exorcism was preformed with the participation of six
priests. There was also in attendance Dr. M. G. Mouret,
psychiatrist, head of the psychiatric clinic in Limoux (
France), a man of great experience in this kind of

After observing an exorcism lasting for three hours and

having spoken with the patient before and after the
exorcism, Dr. Mouret testified in writing that in the
present case it was neither schizophrenia nor hysteria,
but the taking of possession of the person by an outside
power: the phenomenon that the Catholic Church defines
with the name of possession.

"I, the undersigned, Dr. MICHEL MOURET, top clinician of

the Psychiatric Hospital of Limoux (Aude), after having
examined Mrs. R.B. in Switzerland, and having assisted
today, April 26, 1978, an exorcism done on her, in the
presence of four priests, lasting three hours and a half, I
declare that, for the kind of manifestations presented by
the subject, it is neither a delusional psychosis, nor a
hysterical personality (two diagnoses to be excluded in
the present case), but of psychic phenomena that the
Church usually defines as possession, at least temporary.
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site


always tested up to the limit of her strength. Despite
everything, she strives to fulfill her duties appropriately
as the wife of a household. The unbearable torments of
demons, disturbing her sleep at night, the fact of always
feeling interpolated from these cursed spirits, all of this
was for her a continuous martyrdom. Her only
consolation were the priests who, defying 1'attuale
current, had pity on her state, procured the sacraments
and gave relief by pronouncing upon her the exorcism.


Are There Human Demons?

Are there damned souls that may manifest themselves

from hell? Anyone who is damned is damned for eternity,
and no longer has any hope of being saved (CCC 1035). It
is a fact affirmed many times in the lives of the saints that
not only the souls in Purgatory, but also of the damned,
thus human demons, had to, by permission of God,
manifest themselves from the bottom of their terrible
torments. The book of G. Pasquali: "Has No One Returned
From The Afterlife?" ("Nessuno e tornato dall’Aldilà?"; Ed.
Hacker, Grobenzell) reports numerous manifestations of
the damned. Privileged souls and saints have been
approached by demons, such as the holy Cure of Ars,
GERONIMO (+ 1716). In the life of the latter, who was one
of the most powerful personalities of his century, it is
noted the following fact. A public sinner, called
Catherine, had often made fun of the sermons of the saint
in Naples, where he exercised his ministry, joking about
his threats of punishment, as well as the belief in hell.

One day she was looking out her window, holding her
lute. Losing her balance, she fell to the street, killed on
the spot. The corpse was picked up and placed on a
stretcher. As in a flash it spread throughout the city the  45/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

news of the accident. It came to the ears of the saint, who

was preaching. Immediately he stopped and said to those
around him: "Let's go see." Surrounded by a large crowd
of people, he went to the place where the dead woman
was laid on the stretcher and took her by the hand and
begin to pray and to conjure her. On the third
exhortation, while asking: "Catherine, where are you
now?", the dead woman rose up and answered in a
trembling voice of despair: "In hell." Then she slumped
down and resumed her former position. That happened
on April 4, 1704.

After the death of the saint, the archbishop of Naples

asked the surviving eyewitnesses to testify under oath.
There were about 250. This investigation appears in the
dossier of the beatification.


("Padre Pio stigmatizzato da 50 anni") Karl Wagner, from
Vienna, talks about possessed people who were led to the
priest. From the mouth of a possessed, the devil cried out,
"I am the grandmother! Due to my bad life and the bad
life of my niece, I was able to take possession of her."
Another devil spoke by the mouth of the same possessed:
"I have been damned for almost a thousand years. How I
have therefore suffered! If I could come back to earth, I
would do everything to have pure hands as you, Father."

There are many similar cases, of the deceased who came

to give very detailed news of their status. The learned
Benedictine Father Calmet gathered them together into
one entire book almost 125 years ago ("Apparition of the
Spirits" (“Apparizioni di spiriti”), Regensburg 1855). Most
of the cases cited are such that a serene and objective
person could not question them. (see Jos Staudinger:
"THE AFTERLIFE" (“L’ALDILÀ”), Benziger 1941).


Exorcism is not Spiritism 46/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site


Dt 18,9 and following). So unfortunately it has become
common to condemn exorcisms, using isolated sentences
of the Bible, taken out of context, even that which God
allows for the good of souls. With this procedure,
however, one would condemn the missionary saint
Francis of Geronimo that publicly implored a dead girl,
even though he obtained in this way massive

SPIRITUALISM, confined in confidential circles, practices

witchcraft, implores the dead and makes the tables speak
for pure curiosity and for the taste of the sensational, and
obtains from the infernal world, through the so-called
black magic, miracles and healings, which is forbidden by
the Bible (Job 31:26-28; Deut 17:2-5; 2Kings 23:4; CCC
2116); exorcism, instead, one connects on a totally
different ground. Christ Himself ordered exorcism to the
apostles and the disciples when he told them expressly:
"Heal the sick, cast out demons ... " (Lk 9:1; Mt 10:1; Mc

One would go far beyond the limits of this work if one

wanted to look at the different species of possession, of
written promises to the devil, of curses, of obsession, of
possession of reparation, etc. According to the unanimous
opinion of all the exorcists who have dealt with this case,
we are dealing here with a case of POSSESSION ATONING
for the fulfillment of a higher mission addressed to our
time. One recognizes the reflection of St. Augustine: "As
an artist, and a great artist, GOD MAKES USE ALSO OF

"Speaking with the devil is therefore possible. But is it

useful?", asks VAN DAM in his explanations of "DEMONS
AND POSSESSED” ("Demoni e Ossessi"). And basing
himself on the rich experience of the exorcists, he replies
in the affirmative: "Yes, because this explains many

aspects of the case of possession of which one is dealing. 47/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Moreover, usually only in this way it is possible to cast

out the devil. The conversation, however, must be in the
first place an interrogation, and last only as long as is
necessary.” The Ritual forbids curious and unnecessary
questions, and gives precise orders on how the exorcism
must take place.

In exorcism above all operates the power over the devil,

which the priestly ordination confers on the priest. Often,
only the stole and the imposition of the hands of the
priest already causes violent reactions by the demons.
The same thing occurs with the use of holy water, relics
and blessed objects.

In the journal of the Missionaries of the Holy Family,

there was written, in the fifties, the following fact: In June
1949 a group of doctors arrived from Bologna to Sarsina
(Forlì, Italy) to attend an exorcism. THEY WERE ALL
began the exorcism. The surprising answers of the
patient, in many different languages, with technical
knowledge in many different fields, astonished the
doctors. After the expulsion of the devil, they were all
converted and frankly agreed that these phenomena
were inexplicable by natural reason.


and that claims to the contrary are just superstition and
stupidity. Having become a bishop, he found himself in
1950 in Sarsina and witnessed an exorcism. After the
exorcism he publicly retracted his previous position and
declared: “The devil exists! I would not have imagined
what power and in this world, even today, if I had not
seen it with my own eyes."


Why is the possessed not yet free? 48/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Experience shows that demons are not easily driven out

from their place of residence, but they come out only
when they can no longer resist the power of the exorcist.
For this reason it happens one must repeat several times
the exorcisms, sometimes for years. One carries out a real
fight with the demons; in a certain sense they defend
themselves with their hands and feet, with all the means
at their disposal, until they are forced to yield to the
power of God.

After the possession was formally established, the

exorcism, usually with the participation of several priests,
was preformed several times on the person possessed,
without the demons ever going away.

They always repeated that they would have to leave only

when it would be obtained the Imprimatur for the book

But despite numerous questions, the competent

ecclesiastical Offices have never wanted nor attended an
exorcism nor occupied themselves with the case. The
possessed was only sent back to the psychiatrist; while it
is well known that, after having tried unsuccessfully for
years to bring relief to the unhappy person with all
means, it was necessary to discharge her as an
"unexplained case."

As I have already mentioned, Dr. G. Mouret, head of the

psychiatric clinic in Limoux ( France), after witnessing
the exorcism of 26 April 1978, testified in writing that he
concluded categorically that one is dealing with
possession by an outside power.

"Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the
soul; but rather fear him who can destroy both soul and
body in hell" (Mt 10:28).


Christ warns about hell 49/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Against a certain modern spirit, which does not want to

admit the existence of an eternal hell, Jesus forewarned
in a peremptory manner:

“… many will come from the east and west and sit at
table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of
heaven, while the sons of the kingdom will be thrown
into the outer darkness; there men will weep and gnash
their teeth." (Mt 8:11-12). “So it will be at the close of the
age. The angels will come out and separate the evil from
the righteous, and throw them into the furnace of fire;
there men will weep and gnash their teeth” (Mt 13:49-50).
“And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off
and throw it away; it is better for you to enter life
maimed or lame than with two hands or two feet to be
thrown into the eternal fire” (Mt 18:8).
“You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape
being sentenced to hell? Therefore I send you prophets
and wise men and scribes, some of whom you will kill
and crucify, and some you will scourge in your
synagogues and persecute from town to town” (Mt 23:33-
“Then he will say to those at his left hand, 'Depart from
me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the
devil and his angels” (Mt 25:41).


SILENCE TODAY, why are men's sins forgiven and one
eliminates any mention of hell on the pretext that Christ
would have brought a message of joy and not of threat? Is
it not the greatest sign of love to proclaim to the people
the whole truth, so that they might be preserved from


Do the Demons tell the truth?

Satan “speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar

and the father of lies” (Jn 8:44), affirms the Scriptures. 50/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

This is why one must not believe what he says. Anyone

who practices spiritism is the victim of the devil of lies. It
is a very different matter when God forces the demon to
speak through the mouth of the possessed in order to
warn men, as shown by many cases of possession. The
well-known "Sermon of the devil" ("Sermone del diavolo")
that a farmer of Lucerna (Italy), the servant of God,
Nicholas Wolf, of Rippertschwand, obtained conjuring a
possessed person: it is also the homily most pertinent for
the spiritual needs of this period in time.

In the case, quoted above, of the possessions in China, a

demon had to confess: "The devil would never do on their
own initiative such exhortations (to conversion). It is
rather the Holy Virgin who forces him." (Benedict Stolz :
"The power of Mary over the demons" ("La potenza di
Maria sui demoni")).

Already in antiquity, Tertullian said, "The demons,

implored with the exorcism, do not dare to deceive a
Christian" (cf. Van Dam).

In our case, the demons had to confess, during the

exorcism done on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of
Mount Carmel, July 15, 1978: "At the time of Christ's life, it
was not necessary that the rest of us demons might speak
by the mouth of the possessed. At that time Christ spoke
to proclaim the Gospel. But since it is now THE END OF
TIME, of which Christ said: "many false prophets will
arise" (Mt 24:24), He uses all appropriate means for the
good of your souls."

In a way even more categorical, the demons must

emphasize this truth with the following words: "For now,
it is the end of time and many demons roam around who
would send you to perdition, and false privileged souls
appear as angels of light, YOU (Mary) uses us demons and
have the power to do so, to make known, from our point
of view, the tragic horror of hell. For this SHE has again 51/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

used for this last means to save you, wretched as you



The Fury of Hell, Before the Revelations

That It Is Forced To Make

In their terrible fury before the confessions that the

Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity forced them to do, the
demons threatened to try everything in order to destroy
publication. Superhuman efforts were done for this
purpose, while thousands and thousands of propaganda
leaflets were distributed by people who spread similar
publications, however, and which, moreover, were
distinguished for their loyalty to the Church.

One could not bring a single objective argument against

refuses to listen to the visionaries and authentic
privileged souls, and to allow oneself to be impressed by
the numerous Marian apparitions, God tries, as the last
means of His mercy, to save our souls with the terrible
confessions of demons. Alas, even this grace is opposed
by a global condemnation.

As the past experience attests, the attacks against myself,

as editor of this writing (the Italian editor), are not
lacking; God, in fact, let the cursed spirits, forced to make
these confessions, the freedom to "sift men as one sifts
wheat" (Lk 22:31).

So I (the Italian translator) thank those who accept and

spread this message as an instrument of salvation and of
sanctification, and I forgive those who feel they cannot
accept it but fight it with every means. I must not judge,
because all judgment belongs only to God. For the
purpose of publishing the Mercy of God, which will be 52/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

made know in due time, His Justice, I would like to

entrust this work to the reader.




such a great grace that Heaven grants us, and turns into
profit the advice of St. Paul: "Test everything, hold fast
what is good" (1Thess 5:21), or at least ponder the words
of Gamaliel"... because if this work is of men, it will fall by
itself, but if it is of God, you will not be able destroy it; you
might even be found opposing God" (Acts 5:38-39).

During the second exorcism the Swiss possessed, in

August 1975, done at the place of the apparition
"Fontanelle" - Montichiari (Italy), the Blessed Virgin, the
Mystical Rose of MONTICHIARI, by mouth of the
possessed, proclaimed that the devil, although "a liar and
the father of lies " (John 8:44) says only that which
Heaven and She herself want, and that the demons no
longer have the right to lie in the exorcisms.

EXORCISM of August 29, 1979: The devil Beelzebub

declared, by compulsion of the exorcism, that God never
allows that in such serious topics (such as those examined
in these exorcisms), and dealing with souls who only
want the good, that the demons might be allowed to
deceive them.


3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

The nuclear energy A new technology The great nations

will be a scourge to is soon to come out will make serious
humanity in your world mistakes


Message of God the Father: "My son, Listen and

write. I recommend (translation) that this message be
communicated to everyone and everywhere that you
have preached in United States and in Canada.
Remember the night when Padre Pio brought you
into Heaven to see the Holy Family. It was a teaching
for you and for the people who have heard you. It
was also a sign to recall the night when my Beloved
Son Jesus was born into the world. Remember how
my Evangelist Matthew wrote by the divine
inspiration of the Holy Spirit how the star stopped
over the place where My Baby Son Jesus was born. It
was a sign for the Wise men. Today, it is a sign for
you and for all Christians and for all the nations. The
Holy Family is a sign for every family, and we should
model ourselves after them. I recommend
(translation) that every family, who receives this
message, should have a representation of the Holy
Family in their home. It can be an Icon or a statue of
the Holy Family, or a permanent Manger in a center
place in the home. The representation must be
blessed and consecrated by a priest. As the star,
followed by the Wise men, stopped over the Manger,
the chastisement from the sky will not hit the
Christians families devoted and protected by the Holy
Family. The fire from the sky is a chastisement for the
horrible crime of abortion and the culture of death,
the sexual perversion, and the cupidity (lust)
regarding the identity of man and woman. My
children seek their perverted sins more than Eternal
life. The increasing blasphemies and persecution of
my just people offend Me. The Arm of my Justice will
come now. They do not hear my Divine Mercy. I must 
now let many plagues happen in order to save the 54/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

most people that I can from the slavery of Satan.

Send this message to everyone. I have given Saint
Joseph, My representative on earth, as a protector of
the Holy Family, the authority to protect the Church
which is the body of Christ. He will be the protector
during the trials of this time. The Immaculate Heart
of My daughter Mary and the Sacred Heart of my
Beloved Son Jesus, with the Chaste and Pure Heart of
Saint Joseph, will be the shield of your home, your
family, and your Refuge during the events to come.
My Words are my blessing over all of you. Whoever
will act according to my Will, will be safe. The
powerful love of the Holy Family will be manifested
to all." —Tuesday, October 30, 2018 (Fr. Michel Rodrigue

I AM your Father, These words are Mine!"



The First Nine Fridays of The 5 First Saturdays to

the Month to the Sacred The Immaculate Heart
Heart of Jesus of Mary
Go to Mass on the rst I promise to assist at the
Friday of the month, have a hour of death, with the
Confession (needed if your soul is in mortal graces necessary for
sin), receive the Holy Eucharist, for nine salvation, all who on the First Saturday of ve
consecutive months without skipping one rst consecutive months confess their sins, receive
Friday (or you have to start over). Holy Communion, recite ve decades of the
Rosary, and keep me company for fteen

The 15 Prayers of St. The 12 year Prayers of

Bridget of Sweden for St. Bridget of Sweden
One Year
The Magni cent Promises:
The person who prays the 15 "The soul who prays them
Prayers every day for one will su er no Purgatory. The
year, without skipping one day, will know the soul who prays the 12 Year
day of his death 15 days before and will have Prayer will be made conscious of his death
the grace of the salvation of his soul and one month in advance and more..."

Just consider these bene ts:  55/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

No sudden, violent, by air, land, sea accident, by drug, by war, by natural disasters Death.
You will be 100% prepared and at peace. The Grace of God, in Person and through the
Sacraments, will assist you at the very last instant of your life on Earth. Read the
Magni cent Promises. Take advantage of these Opportunities of Sure Salvation that
death cannot destroy. You are destined to Heaven. Nothing on Earth deserves your
ambition: SAVE YOUR SOUL.


Just pray if you are in doubt or you do not understand what happened to Pope
Benedict and the role of Pope Francis (he is pope even if you may not see him as such)
and the confusion in the Catholic Church and in the world. The enemies of the Church:
the children of darkness are smarter than the children of Light, they want to destroy
what Jesus created. Do not help them by criticizing the actual Pope and the
Consecrated ones, be careful about what you read in the news or on Internet. Pray,
Pray, Pray, with sincere heart for discernment to understand the hidden side of the
unfolding events in these end times. Ask God and the Blessed Mother to help you
know the truth and to be at peace. Pay attention to the words of the Consecration,
during Mass. The one (it can be a Pope, a Cardinal, a Bishop, a Priest), who changes
those words has embraced heresy and Jesus is not present on the altar. Leave that
church and look for a traditional Priest. Do not let satan and his demons fool you. The
next pope will serve the antichrist.

3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

In 1950, 87% believed in the Real Presence. Today, that number has plummeted to a mere
34%. The abusive and hurried manner in which the practice of Communion in the hand
was imposed after Vatican II lead to a widespread lack of reverence for the Eucharist and
caused great pain for many in the Church. It disoriented many people, who with real
justi cation — especially in light of the recent and overwhelming loss of faith in the
Eucharist as the real presence — feared that the very heart of Catholic belief had been
compromised. (Read More)

"No more Communion in the hand, no more lay to

distribute Communion because this sacrilege is causing
the loss of many souls!"

"Children of My Heart, the Peace of the Lord be with you all. My

little ones, many blasphemies are being committed with the
Holy Eucharist. My Son is reviled in His Divinity through the
impure and unworthy hands of My lay children. As mother of
the son of God and Mother of humanity, I ask My beloved
children, to put an end to this abomination! No more of
extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, no more of
Communions in the hand! The Body and Blood of my Son, are outraged by many
lay people who give themselves tasks that belong only to priests and other 57/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

consecrated Ministers such as: the Pope, the Cardinals and Bishops. No hand that
has not been consecrated through the ministerial Priesthood, can touch My Son...

Little children, it is impressive the amount of Eucharistic violations that are

committed by those defined in this way: Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.
Many of my lay children with the complacency of the Priest, exercise the Ministry
of the Eucharist in many churches; their pride is common in many of them and it
is reaching the point where many of the decisions that are taken by the priest, are
being delegated to the laity. What a suffering I feel in My Heart, in seeing that
many of My lay children desecrate sacred objects, taking from the Tabernacles,
with their unworthy hands, the Cup where the consecrated hosts are present. I say
to you: Only the consecrated hands of My beloved ones can touch the Chalice with
the Consecrated Hosts, and only their hands may distribute Communion!

I beseech you beloved Children (the Priest): do not delegate anymore this sacred
Ministry to My lay sons; do not make them guilty of sinning. Leave your
conveniences and fulfill the Ministerial Priesthood that has been conferred on
you! I ask my beloved ones: what are you going to respond tomorrow to My
Father, for all the abuses and the outrages that many of you are committing with
the Divinity of His Son? Heaven is crying with Me, in seeing how outraged and
disfigured Jesus is in the Blessed Sacrament in many of His Houses.

My opponent enjoys any desecration that My Son receives. Many Consecrated

Hosts get lost to end up into satanic churches for the celebration of black
masses. My opponent has infiltrated in many of my Son's Houses, many
extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist that betray Him by stealing
consecrated hosts which are used to perform satanic cults. Thousands of
Consecrated Hosts are sold and depending on the Minister of the Church who
consecrated Them, in order to determine their price. A Consecrated Host by
the Pope, by a Cardinal or by a Bishop, is sold at a high price and with these,
they make a satanic special rite to cause damage to the Eucharistic Body of
my Son, represented in His Church.

Satanists are destroying religious and priestly communities, with these Hosts
Consecrated by the high rank Ministers of the Church. My beloved ones, I ask
you to stop this outrage to the Divinity of My Son that is being carried out by my
lay children. Every insult and desecration that My Son receives is a sword piercing
My Heart. Many of my favorites lie in hell who in life have allowed these abuses to
the Divinity of My Son, and with them many lay people, extraordinary ministers,
whose spiritual pride did not allow them to repair and to ask for forgiveness from
God for such a vile abuse. As Mother of the consecrated souls in my dedication as

Mystic Rose, I ask you with all My Heart, My beloved children, to stop as soon as 58/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

possible this abuse and outrage that is being committed against my Son's Divinity,
because tomorrow you do not have to lament from it. Little children, no more
Communion in the hand, no more lay to distribute the Communion, because this
sacrilege is causing the loss of many souls! Your Mother, Maria the Mystic Rose."

Appeals of Mary the Mystical Rose to Her beloved children and to God’s people —
January 27 2016


“The church is God's house. It is forbidden for men to enter

here with bare arms and wearing shorts. It is forbidden for
women to enter wearing trousers, bare headed, with short,
low-necked or sleeveless dresses —St. Father Pio.”

Dress Properly the Day of your Wedding

Dress Properly in God's House 59/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Give Honor to God in His House

Wash Your Soul


Go to have a Confession, cleanse your soul. Save your soul! No need to

live with the big rock of your sins tormenting you all your life. It is easy:
see a Catholic priest. Give yourself a new beginning before it is too late.

"If you knew, how you shine

after having properly
approached the Sacrament
of Confession.

As He (Jesus) is in the
Confessional and where He
listens to every word, sees in
every corner of your heart
and He is longing to bestow
the Graces inherent to His

forgiveness. 60/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

My children, while My Son is

truly present hidden behind
the person of the Priest
Confessor, equally real is the
Grace of Absolution and of
Forgiveness from the
Lord."— Maria, Mother of Jesus


"Parents, be very attentive of your children as my

adversary wants to destroy families. Be very careful with
what your children see, read, listen and play. I tell you this
because the instruments of Evil, are using technology to
slowly poisoning young souls through games, music,
movies, videos, TV shows and literature loaded with subliminal
messages that are driving many to spiritual and even physical death"

"Parents, correct the ways if your family, have much dialogue with
your children, make time to listen to them as many homes are being
lost due to lack of love, dialogue, understanding and most specially for
not inviting God. Take God back into your homes, pray my Holy
Rosary, as the family that prays together stays together."

Do not Put Tattoo Marks on Yourselves

"My children, to tattoo your bodies is a

pagan practice that goes against God's
Holy Word which reads: Do not lacerate
your bodies for the dead, and do not
tattoo yourselves (Leviticus 19,28).
Remember that your bodies are a

temple of the Holy Spirit and you should 61/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

not defile, destroy or burn it. I remind

you that all those body markings come
from my adversary and are evil
instruments that only seek to defile
God's creation and take you away from
the path of salvation." —Mary Mother of

NO game where one requests information from the

afterlife is good
"My children, playing ghosts, charlie –
charlie, or scissors and spiral notepad
are the same as playing ouija. It is same
as opening your soul's doors so that my
adversary and his demons can enter
and possess you. NO game where one
requests information from the afterlife
is good. Don't think that by invoking the
souls of your departed loved ones it will
be them who will come responding to
your call. I tell you that by doing this
what you are opening are the doors of
Hell. You know very well that my
adversary is astute and disguises as an
Angel of light to mislead you in order to
take your soul. Many children and
young adults are being trapped by my
adversary by playing games where they
request information and assistance
form occult sources. My little children,
when playing those apparently innocent
games what you are really doing is
opening your soul to my adversary so
that he may possess you." —Mary
Mother of Jesus 62/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Parents, pay much attention to the video games your

children play
"My little children, when playing those
apparently innocent games what you
are really doing is opening your soul to
my adversary so that he may possess
you. Parents, pay much attention to the
video games that your children play as
many of them are filled with occult
rituals and actions with the sole purpose
of opening the minds of your children
and youth to violence, trespassing, sex,
drugs, homosexuality, prostitution and
murder." —Mary Mother of Jesus

Control the cartoons that your children watch

"[Parents] control the cartoons that your
children watch as many are loaded with
subliminal messages of violence, sex
and all other sins of the flesh that will
lead your children to lose their moral
and spiritual values, and the saddest of
all: the distancing from God and family.
Awaken from your passiveness parents!
Don't continue to be so permissive with
your children. Remember that you are
living in times of darkness and must be
attentive with all that your children see,
play read and listen. This so that
tomorrow you won’t regret their
misbehavior, and worse losing their
souls!." —Mary Mother of Jesus 63/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

Act of Consecration Act of Consecration

to the Most Sacred Heart of to the Immaculate Heart of
Jesus Mary

ALL KNEEL AND PRAY TOGETHER. 0 Virgin Mary, most powerful Mother of
O Sacred Heart of Jesus Mercy,
who made known to St. Margaret Mary Queen of Heaven and earth,
Your great desire to reign over Christian in accordance with your wish made known
families at Fatima,
we are gathered here today I consecrate myself today to your
to proclaim Your complete dominion over Immaculate Heart.
our family. To you I entrust all that I have, all that I
From now on we promise to lead a am.
Christlike life: Reign over me, dearest Mother,
we will strive to develop in our home that I may be yours in prosperity,
all the virtues which bring with them the in adversity, in joy and in sorrow,
peace that You promised in health and in sickness, in life and in
and we will not compromise with the spirit death.
of secularism
Most compassionate Heart of Mary,
which You have so strongly denounced.
Queen of Virgins, watch over my mind and
You will rule over our minds through our heart
deep and living faith. and preserve me from the deluge of
You will be King of our hearts by our impurity
generous love for You; which you lamented so sorrowfully at
and we will cultivate this love Fatima.  64/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

by the frequent reception of You in Holy I want to be pure like you.

Communion. I want to atone for the many crimes
committed against Jesus and you.
Divine Heart of Jesus,
I want to call down upon this country
preside over our family gatherings;
and the whole world the peace of God in
bless all our family undertakings, both
justice and charity.
spiritual and temporal.
Sanctify our joys and comfort us in our Mindful of this consecration,
sorrows. I now promise to strive to imitate you
If any member of our family should have by the practice of the Christian virtues
the misfortune to offend You seriously, without regard for human respect.
please remind him, O Sacred Heart of I resolve to receive Holy Communion
Jesus, on the first Saturday of every month when
of Your infinite love and mercy for the possible,
penitent sinner. and to offer daily five decades of the
And when the hour of separation comes,
with all my sacrifices in the spirit of
when death brings its sorrows into our
penance and reparation. Amen.
whether we go or whether we stay, I, . . ., a faithless sinner, renew and ratify
we humbly accept Your divine will. today in thy Heart,
At the same time we will console and O Immaculate Mother, the vows of my
comfort ourselves with the thought Baptism;
that the time will come when our whole I renounce forever Satan, his pomps and
family works;
will be united lovingly with You in heaven and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ,
forever. the Incarnate Wisdom, to carry my cross
There we shall sing a hymn of praise after Him all the days of my life,
to the infinite mercy and love of Your and to be more faithful to Him than I have
Sacred Heart. ever been before.

We ask the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Queen of the Most Holy Rosary,
our glorious protector, in the presence of all the heavenly court,
St. Joseph, to offer You this family I choose thee this day for my Mother and
consecration of ours. Mistress.
May the memory of this consecration be I deliver and consecrate to thee, and to thy
with us always. Immaculate Heart,
as thy child and slave of love, my body and
We will say one
Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be
my goods, both interior and exterior,
for the intentions of the Holy Father
and even the value of all my good actions, 
and for absent members, living and dead.
past, present and future; 65/66
3/20/2019 A Damned Priest Warns About Hell | Jesus Maria site

leaving to thee the entire and full right of

disposing of me,
and all that belongs to me,
without exception, according to thy good
for the greater glory of God, in time and in
eternity. Amen.

Catholics be prepared. Go to Confession, receive the Holy Eucharist; pray the

Holy Rosary daily to keep the faith. Seek the LORD, time is running out.
Mankind is entering the Great Tribulation: cataclysms, plagues, WW3, One
World Order, antichrist, to devastate our planet. Non-Catholics: follow The 10

Mother Mary, "Refuge of Holy Love" Mother Mary, "Protectress of the

pray for us Faith" protect my faith
"I will refuse no one their chance to "Today, I ask clergy and religious to rely
petition My Heart under this title. None upon the Protectress of the Faith to
will be left unaided. My special attention safeguard the treasure of their vocations
rests upon those devoted to Me as Refuge of which are so greatly under attack."
Holy Love."

Save your soul - Salva tu alma - Salva la tua anima - Pray EN ES IT

the Rosary daily! 66/66