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Standards for Students

This guide is to help you, as parents and students, to understand the International Society for
Technology in Education’s standards set for students and how students should be using technology to
enhance their educational experiences to become effective members of the 21st century.

Empowered Learner
As an empowered learner, students set their own learning
goals and reflect on the learning process to improve
outcomes regarding learning. Students also use technology
to demonstrate their learning after seeking feedback.

Digital Citizen
Safe. Legal. Ethical. This are attributes that students
model, while recognizing they are in a digital world that is
interconnected. They protect their digital identity by
knowing things on the internet are permanent and not
sharing personal information. They are responsible and
positive when interacting online.

Knowledge Constructor
Students construct effective ways to research strategies in
accumulating information and intellectually implementing
their creativity with technology. In doing so, students can
accurately evaluate information and its relevance.
Innovative Designer
Students’ ability to create unique design processes and
use digital tools for calculated risks are qualities of
innovated designers. They can use technologies to
develop prototypes, test them out, and solve authentic

Computational Thinker
A computational thinker is one who formulates
problems, but also uses technology to collect
data, analyze it, and create solutions.

Creative Communicator
Students are creative communicators when they use
appropriate platforms to achieve the objectives of their
creation. They communicate in an effective, clear way to
express their creative selves. Students can present their
creativity in an acceptable way to their intended audiences.

Global Collaborator
The standard for a global collaborator is to
broaden their prospective and use technology to
connect to the world around them, locally and
globally. This allows students to explore issues,
investigate solutions, and learn about cultures
and ethnicities of different varieties.