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*1 Clutch Start Switch Assembly

*2 Lock Nut
*a Pedal Height

a. Turn back the floor carpet to expose the asphalt sheet under the pedal.

b. Check that the pedal height is correct using a vernier caliper.

Pedal height from floor panel (Excluding asphalt sheet):
167.9 mm (6.610 in.) 

Pedal height from floor carpet (Reference):
150.0 mm (5.910 in.) 

c. Adjust the pedal height.

i. Loosen the lock nut of the clutch start switch assembly and adjust the pedal height by turning the clutch start switch

ii. Tighten the lock nut.

11.8 N*m (120 kgf*cm, 9 ft.*lbf) 12/11/2018
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*a Pedal Free Play

a. Lightly push the pedal by hand and check that the pedal free play is correct.
15 to 25 mm (0.591 to 0.984 in.) 


*1 Nut
*2 Grommet

Adjust the pedal free play.

i. Pull the clutch outer cable towards the front of the vehicle. Stop pulling the cable when the clutch release bearing hub
touches the clutch cover diaphragm spring.

ii. Turn the adjusting nut until the clearance between the nut and the grommet is between 3 to 6 mm (0.118 to 0.236

iii. Align the protruding part of the grommet with the closest recess of the adjusting nut and set them in that position.

iv. Check that clutch pedal free play is within the specified range.

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*a Full Stroke end Position

From Pedal Stroke end Position to Release
*c Release Point
*d Pedal Stroke

a. While the engine is idling, ensure the parking brake is engaged with the brake pedal depressed. Under this condition,
move the shift lever into first gear and gradually release the clutch pedal. Inspect the pedal stroke distance from the full
stroke end position to the point immediately before the clutch is engaged (release point).
25 mm (0.984 in.) or more 
(From pedal stroke end position to release point) 

Pedal stroke (Reference):
150 mm (5.905 in.) 

If the distance is not as specified, perform the following operations.

· Check the pedal height
· Check the pedal free play
· Check the clutch release cable
· Check the clutch cover and the clutch disc

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