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Test 4 PAPER 2 LISTENING Part 1 1A 206 8A 46 5A 60 76 Part 2 8C 9A 108 1B 120 138 Part 3 (Recognisable spelling accepted in numbers 15 and 17) 14. (the) north(-)west/North(-)West 15 post 16 (short) stories 17 waitress 18 (‘)City Life’) 19 24/twenty(-)four Part 4 208 21A 228 23 A 24a 25 A Test 4 transcript This is the Cambridge Preliminary English Test number 4. There are four parts to the test. You will hear each part twice. For each part ofthe test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers. Write your answers on the question paper. You will have six minutes at the end of the test to copy your answers on to the answer sheet. The recording will now be stopped. Please ask any questions now because you must not speak during the test. [pause] PART 1 —_Nowopen your question paper and look at Part 1. There are seven questions in this part. For each question there are three pictures and a short recording. Choose the correct picture and put a tick in the box below it, Before we start, here is an example. What's the time? Woman: Have you got the time? Man: Yes, i's twenty past three. [pause] The first picture is correct so there is a tick in box A. 145 Key 146 Look at the three pictures for question 1 now. [pause] Now we are ready to start. Listen carefully. You will hear each recording twice. One. Where are the woman's glasses? Woman: | can never find my glasses! Man: — Where did you have them last? Woman: | either had them when I was working, or | left them in the lounge when | was watching television. Man: They're not in either of those places, you know — you're wearing them! [pause] Now listen again. [The recording is repeated ] [pause] Two. What damage was done to the car? Woman: |'m really annoyed. Someone's damaged my car again. Man: Don't tell me someone's scratched the paint again! Woman: No, not scratches this time. Someone's put paint all over the side. [pause] Now listen again, [The recording is repeated.] [pause] Three. What did she bring? Man: Did you remember to bring some toothpaste? Woman: | think so. Wait a minute, I'll look ... soap, towel, toothbrush. Er ... no, sorry, | forgot [pause] Now listen again. [The recordir [pause] Four. What did Sally buy? Woman: | see you've been shopping, Sally. What have you got in the bag? Sally: Well, | went into town to buy a new skirt, but I've come back with T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Woman: | thought you wanted some new shoes too. Sally: Yes, | did. But | couldn't find any | liked. [pause] ‘Now listen again. [The recording is repeated] [pause] Test 4 Five. Where are the man and his grandma? Man: Hello, Grandma, can | carry your case? Grandma: Oh, that's nice of you. Thank you for coming to meet me. Travelling always makes me so nervous! Man: Don't worry, we'll be in the car soon, and it won't take long to get home, Grandma: Good, I'l be glad to get away from this noisy station. pause] Now listen again. [The recording is repeated] [pause] ‘Six. What would John like to be? Teacher: What do you want to be when you leave school, John? You always wanted to be a professional footballer, didn't you? Boy: Well, I did. | thought about being a doctor, too, but I don't think | could Pass all the exams. Teacher: What about being an engineer like your brother? Boy: It's a nice idea — but | think I'd like to do what my dad does. He teaches maths. [pause] Now listen again. [The recording is repeated.] [pause] Seven. Which pianist are the two people talking about? Woman: | thought the most interesting pianist in the whole competition was Gavin Willow. Man: Was he the tall one with fong hair? Woman: Well he was tal, but he had shor, dark hair and a beard. Man: Ah, yes, / know. [pause] Now listen again. [The recording is repeated.] [pause] That is the end of Part 1. [pause] 147