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TAHUN 2019

A. SOURCE TO CONSULT ........................................ ..................................... ............ .......... 4
l. PROJECT BACKGROUND ... ... ...... .......... .. ... ...................... ..... .. ... ........... .. .... .. ... ....... ...... .. 4
1.1 PROJECT PURPOSE .............. .... .. .. .... ..................... ... ........... ..... .......... ..... ..... ...... ... ..... ... 5
1.2 PROJECT JUSTIFICATION ............................................................................... .... ... ...... 7
l .3 MASTERPLAN POINT OF VIEW ................ ........ .... ............................. ....... .... ............... 8
2. DESIGN STANDARD & REFERENCE ................................... ....... ........ ................. .......... 10
2.1 RULES AND REGULATION BASES/ REFERENCE ... ......................... ......... .. .. ... ......... 10
2.2 SERVICE USER'S NAME AND ORGANISATION .. ... ........... ....... .. ..... .............. .. ..... ... 15
2.3 SOURCE OF FUNDS .............. ... ..... ..................... .. .. ................... .................... ........ .... 15
3. GENERAL OVERVIEW ................................................. .................................................... 15
3.1 EXISTING CONDITION ... ................. ... .. .. .. ......... .. ..... ...... .............. .... ........ .... ... .. .... .... 15
3.2 THE EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION ............. ....... ...... ... ............ ......... ................ ..... ... ... 17
4. SCOPE OF WORK ........................................................................................................... 18
4.1 LANDSIDE FACILITIES .. ................................................................... ... .... ..... ... ............. 18
4.2 AIRSIDE FACILITIES ....... ... ........................ .... .... ..... ................. ... ............................ .. .... 18
4.3 SUPPORTING FACILITIES ............... .... ....... .. .. ............ .. .................. ... .. .............. .... ...... 19
4.4 ACCESSIBILITY ....................... .. ... ... .. .. ... ............ .................................. .. .. ...... ... .. ..... ..... 19
4.5 LANDSCAPE ......... ......................... ...................... .................................... ..... .. ......... ..... 20
4.6 TECHNOLOGY AND FACILITIES EXPECTATION .................................................... 20
4.7 OPERATIONAL & SAFETY EXPECTATION .......................................... ...................... 20
4.8 MAINTENANCE EXPECTATION ........ .................. ........ ............. ...................... ........... 21
4.9 COMMERCIAL EXPECTATION ................................................. ....................... ...... ..... 22
4.10 AIRPORT SERVICES EXPECTATION ..................... ..................... ............................. 22
B. TASK AND STAGES OF SERVICE DELIVERY .............................................. ..... .... ... ....... 23
l. EXPLORATION WORKS, SURVEY OF THE DESIGN AREA .. ... .................................... 23
1.1 TOPOGRAPHY & SOIL TEST ............................. .... .............. .. .. .. ......................... ........ 23
1.2 TRAFFIC SURVEY ............................ .. ..... ............................................. ....... ........ ...... .. .. 33
AIRLINES SURVEY ....................... ..... ........................ .... .... .. ..................... ........... .......... 34
PA SE GER PROFILING & BEHAVIOR ....... .......................... ..... ............................... 34
1.5 FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION .............. .. .................................................................. 35

1.6 AIRPORT BENCHMARKING .................. .. ................................................................... 35

2. STAGE I (CONCEPTUAL DESIGN) .............................................................. .................. 37

3. STAGE II SCHEMATIC DESIGN & DESIGN DEVELOPMENT ..................................... 38

3.1 DESIGN CONCEPT ......... ......................... ................................................................... 39

3.2 ARCHITECTURE CONCEPT ....................................................................................... 41

3.3 INTERIOR CONCEPT .................................................................................................. 42

3.4 LANDSCAPE CONCEPT ................ ................................................ ............................. 42

3.5 ACCESIBILITY & PARKING AREA CONCEPT .................. .. ....................................... 42

3.6 STRUCTURE CONCEPT .............................................................................................. 43

3.7 DUCTING UTILITY CONCEPT.. ............................ ..................................................... 44

3.8 MECHANICAL CONCEPT .......................................................................................... 44

3.9 ELECTRICAL CONCEPT ................................................................................. ............. 48

3.10 ELECTRONICAL CONCEPT .................... ........ ............................................ ........... 57

3.11 AIRISIDE CONCEPT ..... .... ........ .................................... ........................................... 64

3.12 LANDSIDE CONCEPT ....................................... ........................................... ........... 64

3.13 ENVIRONMENT CONCEPT ................ .. ................................................................. 65

3.14 OPERATIONAL CONCEPT.. .............................................................. ..................... 66

3.15 COMMERCIAL CONCEPT .......................................................................... ........... 66

3.16 OPERATION & MAINTENANCE FACILITY ...................................... ..................... 67

3.17 AIRPORT SERVICE CONCEPT.. .............................................................................. 68

4. STAGE 4 DETAILED ENGINERING DESIGN WORK .......... .. .. ............ ......................... 68

4.1 ARCHITECTURE DETAIL SPECIFICATION ............ .. .. .... ............................................ 68

4.2 INTERIOR DETAIL SPESIFICATION ................................................................ ............ 69

4.3 LANDSCAPE DETAIL SPESIFICATION ................................ ....................................... 69

4.4 COMMERCIAL DETAIL SPESIFICATION ................................................................... 70

4.5 ACCESIBILITY & PARKING AREA DETAIL SPESIFICATION ..................................... 70

4.6 STRUCTURE ANALYSIS & DESIGN ............................................................................ 71

4.7 DRAINAGE ANALYSIS & DESIGN ............................................................................. 71

4.8 PAVEMENT & GEOMETRIC CALCULATION DESIGN ...................................... ...... 72

4.9 GEOTECHNIC ASPECT .............................................................................................. 73

4.10 GEODETIC ............................................................................................................... 73

4.11 EMEE DETAIL DESIGN ............................................................................................ 74

4.12 0 TION & MAINTENANCE FACILITY ......................................................... 116

C. REQUIREMENTS OF EXPERTS CONSULTANTS .... ............... .. ... ............ .... .. ........... 118

l. MANAGEMENT PLANNING EXPERT FOR TERMINAL 4 .... .......... ...... .. .. .. ................. 118

2. TOOLS NEEDED .... ......... .......... ........ .... ..... ........ ... ..................................... .... .... ........ .. . 129

3. OUTPUT DESIGN ..................... ............. ................. .......................... ....... .. .............. .. .... 129


5. JOB IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD .. .. .. .............. .... ...... ...... .......... ... .. .. .... ...... ........ ...... ... 140

6. PERSONAL ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE .. .. ............ ...... .... ...... ........................ .. .......... ... 141

7. PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION ........ ........ .............. ............................. ................ 141

8. UNDERSTANDING OF TERM OF REFERENCE .............. .. .. .. ................ ........ ...... .. .... .. 141

9. RESPONSE TO TERM OF REFERENCE ...... .. .. ........ .. ... .... .. ........ ..... ........ ............ ...... .... 141

l 0. CLOSING ...... .... ..................... ... .... ....... .. .... ... .. .. ..... ............ .... .. ......... ...... ... ................ 142
Bandar udara merupakan prasarana angkutan Airport is an air transport infrastructure to
udara untuk melayani pergerakan arus support the flow of passengers and goods in
penumpang dan barang secara lancar, aman the smooth, safe and quick way. In the effort to
dan cepat. Dalam upaya penyediaan provide the air transport infrastructure (airport),
prasarana angkutan udara (bandar udara) it is necessary for PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero)
tersebut, PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero) sebagai as an airport manager to pay attention to the
pengelola Bandara perlu memperhatikan technical requirements issued by ICAO and the
persyaratan teknis yang dikeluarkan oleh Directorate General of Civil Aviation in airside
ICAO dan Direktorat Jenderal Perhubungan facilities planning, designing/engineering and
Udara dalam perencanaan, perancangan/ construction/ installation.
rekayasa dan pembangunan/instalasi fasilitas Along the changes and globalisation, aviation
sisi udara bandar udara. has become more affordable that resulted in
Seiring dengan perubahan dan globalisasi, the rapid growth of the number of passengers .
dunia penerbangan menjadi lebih terjangkau. Such growth also increases the number of air
Hal ini menjadikan pertumbuhan penumpang transportation modes which cause the
melaju pesat. Peningkatan pertumbuhan infrastructure capacity and utilization of airside
penumpang 1uga berpengaruh kepada facilities at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
kenaikan jumlah moda transportasi udara increase. Therefore, it is necessary to develop
yang mengakibatkan kapasitas infrastruktur the landside and airside as well as other
dan tingkat penggunaan fasilitas sisi udara di supporting facilities.
Bandara lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta akan The existing terminal at Soekarno-Hatta Airport
meningkat sehingga perlu adanya is overcapacity, so a new Terminal is needed . It
pengembangan pembangunan sisi darat dan is started with a planning for Terminal 4 that
sisi udara serta fasilitas penunjang lainnya. serves as an attempt of PT Angkasa Pura II
Dengan kondisi kapasitas terminal eksisting di (Persero) in responding the increased number
Bandara Soekarno-Hatta yang overcapacity, of passenger movement growth which is
diperlukan suatu terminal baru yaitu Terminal extremely high at Soekarno-Hatta International
4 yang dimulai dengan tahapan pelaksanaan Airport. Basic Design Planning for Terminal 4
Perencanaan Terminal 4 Bandara International has been carried out by PT. LAPI 1TB, and to
Soekarno-Hatta (Bandara lnternasional integrate the changes in the concept of the
Soekarno-Hatta) untuk upaya PT Angkasa Pura existing terminal, it is necessary to re-evaluate
II (Persero) dalam menghadapi pertumbuhan Terminal 4 Basic Design and fully review the
pergerakan penumpang yang sangat tinggi di existing terminals and its infrastructure thereby
Bandara lnternasional Soekarno Hatta. the output provides an optimal design.
Perencanaan Basic design Terminal 4 Bandara Planning for Terminal 4 of Soekarno-Hatta
Soekarno-Hatta telah dilaksanakan oleh PT. International Airport is expectedly designed to
LAPI 1TB, dan untuk mengintegrasikan have a capacity of 40 million passengers per
terhadap perubahan konsep terminal eksisting annum and at least 40 contact parking stands.
di Bandara lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
maka perlu dilakukan re-evaluasi Basic Design
Terminal 4 dan mengkaji secara penuh
terhadap terminal dan infrastruktur eksisting
sehingga perencanaan 1m menghasilkan
desain yang optimal.
Perencanaan Terminal 4 Bandara lnternasional
Soekarno Hatta diharapkan dapat didesain
dengan kapasitas mencapai 40 juta
penu ang per tahun dan kapasitas apron
setidaknya memiliki memiliki 40 contact
parking stand .


1 .1 . 1 MAKSUD 1.1.1 INTENTS
a. Maksud dari pekerjaan a . The project "Planning for Soekarno-
"Perencanaan Terminal 4 Bandara Hatta International Airport Terminal
lnternasional Soekarno - Hatta" 4" intends to obtain a Sandora
adalah untuk memperoleh lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
dokumen Perencanaan Terminal 4 Terminal 4 Planning document for
Sandora lnternasional Soekarno- both landside and airside facilities
Hatta baik untuk fasilitas sisi darat, as well as the complete and
fasilitas sisi udara berikut fasilitas integrated supporting facilities
pendukung secara lengkap don along with its stages of construction
terintegrasi, beserta rencana to the final design .
pembagian tahapan pelaksanaan b. Creating a service concept at
konstruksi. Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional
b. Menciptakan konsep pelayanan Soekarno-Hatta that is able to
terhadap para pengguna jasa compete with other airports
bandara di Terminal 4 Bandara regionally and internationally;
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta yang c. Creating service standardization
mampu bersaing dengan bandara that applies in Terminal 4 Sandora
terkemuka secara regional maupun lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta in
internasional; accordance with regulations and
c. Menciptakan standardisasi international standard / global
pelayanan yang berlaku di standard;
Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional d . Increase customer satisfaction
Soekarno-Hatta yang sesua1 through programs to provide world-
dengan regulasi don bertaraf class service facilities that are in
internasional; accordance with the needs of
d. Meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan service users with international
melalui program-program airport service standards for each
penyediaan fasilitas pelayanan branch office and provide added
berkelas dunia yang sesuai dengan value to service levels and company
kebutuhan pengguna jasa dengan revenues ;
standar pelayanan bandara
internasional serta memberikan
nilai tambah terhadap tingkat
pelayanan don pendapatan
perusahaan .


a . Menghadirkan desain bangunan a . Providing the design for the
Terminal Penumpang don Apron Passenger Terminal and Apron
Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional
Soekarno-Hatta beserta Soekarno-Hatta buildings as well as
infrastruktur don fasilitas its supporting facilities with a
pendukungnya yang memiliki passenger capacity of at least 40
kapasitas penumpang setidaknya Million Annual per Year and can
40 Juta Per Tahun don dapat accommodate a minimum of 40
mengakomodir setidaknya 40 contact parking stands in
contact parking stand sesuai accordance with the aligned,
dengan standar don pedoman integrated, effective and efficient
yang selaras, terintegrasi, efektif standards and concepts of the
don efisien dengan konsep terminal existing terminals (Terminal 1,
Eksisting (Terminal 1, terminal 2 Terminal 2 and Terminal 3) at
don Terminal 3) di Bandara Soekarno-Hatta International
lnternasional Soekarno Hatta; Airport;
b. Melakukan re-evaluasi terhadap b. Reevaluating the previous Basic
basic design sebelumnya yang Design made by PT. LAPI 1TB by
telah dibuat oleh PT. LAPI 1TB reviewing the Existing Terminal and
dengan mengkaji terhadap infrastructure 1n Bandara
terminal don infrastruktur eksisting lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta whose
di Bandara lnternasional Soekarno- output will be in the form of a plan
Hatta dengan output berupa document consisting of Basic Design
dokumen perencanaan yang terdiri resulting from re-evaluation, Design
dari basic design hasil re-evaluasi, Development and Detail
design development don dokumen Engineering Design (DED)
Detail Engineering Design (OED) documents that can be used as a
yang dapat digunakan sebagai tender document for Apron and
dokumen lelang pembangunan Terminal 4 development at
Apron don Terminal 4 Bandara Soekarno-Hatta International
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta; Airport;
c. Perencanaan bandara harus efektif, c. Airport planning should be effective,
efisien, memiliki tingkat layanan efficient, provides a good Level of
yang baik bagi pengguna jasa Service for airport services users,
bandara, yang memenuhi aturan that complies with international and
don regulasi nasional don national rules and regulations
internasional tentang bandara; regarding airports;
d. Tata kelola ruangan terminal harus d. Terminal spatial planning should be
bersifat menarik, menyediakan attractive, provides an optimal,
desain alur operasional bandara modern design of airport
yang optimal, modern don operational flow and prioritise
mengedepankan kenyamanan, convenience, security and safety.
keamanan don keselamatan . Untuk The commercial area should be
area komersial harus direncanakan planned by prioritising the
dengan mengutamakan convenience and the airport service
kenyamanan don pelayanan should be in accordance with
pengguna jasa bandar udara aligned, effective, efficient and
sesurn dengan pedoman yang modern guidelines for increasing
selaras, efektif, efisien don modern company revenue.
untuk meningkatkan pendapatan e. Providing more detailed design
perusahaan. concept documents related to the
e. Menyediakan dokumen konsep uniqueness of Bandara
desain yang lebih detail terkait lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
keunikan Terminal 4 Bandara Terminal 4, building and
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta, baik operational concepts;
konsep bangunan maupun konsep f. Designing Electronic, Mechanical
operasional; and Electrical facilities that can be
f. Mendesa in fasilitas elektronika, effectively and efficiently integrated
mekanikal don elektrikal yang with the existing system at
dapat terintegrasi dengan sistem Soekarno-Hatta Airport;
eksisting secara efektif don efisien g. Providing phasing for Apron and
di Bandara lnternasional Soekarno- Terminal 4 Construction if needed
Hatta; while continuing to integrate it with
g. Menyediakan pentahapan the existing and development
pembangunan Apron don Terminal infrastructure at Soekarno-Hatta
4, apabila diperlukan, dengan International Airport.
tetap terintegrasi dengan h. Get the best concepts, methods,
infrastruktur eksisting maupun strategies and programs in Terminal
dengan lnfrastruktur 4 that are in line wi th customer
pengembangan di Bandara expectations and airport positioning
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta . and in line with existing regulations;
h. Mendapatkan konsep, metode, 1. The standardization of the service
strategi don program terbaik dalam process to provide guidel ines for
pelayanan bandara di Terminal 4 implementation in the field;
yang sesua1 dengan harapan
pelanggan don airport positioning
serta selaras dengan regulasi yang
1. Adanya standardisasi proses
pelayanan untuk memberikan
pedoman pelaksanaan di
lapangan .


Kapasitas terminal eksisting di Bandara The capacity of Existing Terminal at
Soekarno-Hatta yang meliputi Terminal Soekarno-Hatta Airport which includes
1, Terminal 2 don Terminal 3 adalah 43 Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 is
juta penumpang/tahun . Berdasarkan 43 Million passengers per annum. The
data jumlah pergerakan pesawat don data on the number of aircraft and
penumpang di Bandara lnternasional passenger movements at Soekarno-Hatta
Soekarno-Hatta untuk kondisi eksisting Airport based on the existing and forecast
don forecast untuk beberapa tahun ke in the next few years shows that the
depan sehingga dapat dilihat bahwa terminal has been overcapacity and a
kapasitas terminal di Bandara new terminal is needed to accommodate
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta sudah passenger movements in the future . The
melebihi batas kapasitas don diperlukan following is the data related to the
terminal baru guna mengakomodir passenger and aircraft movements based
terhadap pergerakan penumpang di on the existing condition and forecast in
masa datang . Berikut disampaikan data the next few years .
terkait pergerakan penumpang don
pesawat untuk kondisi eksisting don
forecast untuk beberapa tahun ke depan .

\n1-1,:, Ji ~ 1~

Garn bar l . Perkiraan Pergerakan Pesawat Terbang CGK Figure l . Ai rcraft Movement Forecast (CGK)

l ' t. f :): .... -~

Gambar 2. Perkiraan Penumpang CGK Figure 2. Passenger Forecast (CGK)


Sebagaimana yang tercantum di dalam As stated in the Review document of the
dokumen Review Rencana lnduk Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Airport Master Plan, the
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta bahwa Terminal 4 will be at the location of the
untuk lokasi Terminal 4 berada di lokasi Soewarna Warehousing Complex to the
Komplek Pergudangan Soewarna hingga Existing Cargo Area. The land area for
ke area Terminal Karge eksisting. Luas the construction of Terminal 4 along with
lahan pembangunan Terminal 4 untuk airside and landside facilities as well as
fasil itas sisi udara, sisi darat don fasilitas the supporting facilities is ± 110 Ha . The
penunjang sebesar ± 110 Ha . Kebutuhan land is expected to have a passenger
lahan Terminal 4 tersebut diharapkan capacity of up to 40 Million Annual per
memiliki kapasitas penumpang sampai Year and an apron capacity of 40 contact
dengan 40 juta penumpang/ tahun don parking stands. The Terminal 4 layout at
kapasitas apron memil iki jumlah 40 the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Master Plan
contact parking stand. Berikut 1n1 Review as below.
disampaikan layout Terminal 4 dalam
review Rencana lnduk Bandara
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta .


Figure 3 . Terminal 4 in the Master Plan Review of Bandera

Ta bl e l Area, Term1na
. Is·1ze, Apron s·1ze, suooort1ng FT '
ac1 1t1es

No Facilities Area (m 2 ) Capaci1y (pox/ year)

1 Terminal 1 112 . 106 9 million

2 Terminal 2 178.185 9 million

3 Terminal 3 388 .666 25 million

4 Apron Tl 312.522

5 Apron T2 564.000

6 Apron T3 285 .902

7 Cargo Terminal 48.838

+- 6u
__ ~:_+ '. ~
tt t iffff"l~'-f'fl

. - - ---·-
-- ... - -------· - -----

Figure 4. Terminal 4 Layout in the Previous Basic D esign

Dasar/acuan peraturan perundang- The rules and regulation
undangan yang wajib dipergunakan bases/references that should be used in
dalam menyusun Desain Pengembangan developing the Design for Passenger
Gedung Terminal Penumpang don Terminal and Apron Building refers to :
Apron mengacu pada:

2 . 1. l Masterplan Bandara lnternasional 2. 1. l Soekarno-Hatta Airport Masterplan

Soekarno Hatta 2 .1.1 . l Ministerial Decree No. 48/2008
2 .1 .1.1 KM 48 Tahun 2008 tentang concerning Soekarno-Hatta
Rencana lnduk Bandara International Airport Masterplan;
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta; 2 .1.1.2 Review on the Soekarno-Hatta
2.1 . 1.2 Review Rencana lnduk Bandara International Airport Masterplan
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta and its appendixs;
beserta lampirannya .

2.1 .2 Undang-Undang 2 .1 .2 Law

2.1 .2 . l Undang-undang Nomor l Tahun 2.1.2. l Law No .1/2009 concerning
2009 tentang Penerbangan; Aviation;
2.1 .2 .2 Undang-undang Nomor 2 Tahun 2.1 .2.2 Law No.2/2017 concerning
2017 tentang Jaso Konstruksi. Construction Service .

2.1 .3 Peraturan Pemerintah 2 .1.3 Government Regulations

2 . 1.3. l Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 19 2.1.3. l Government Regulation
Tahun 2000 tentang No . 19/2000 concerning
Penyelenggaraan Jaso Konstruksi; Construction Service
2.1 .3 .2 Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 3 Implementation;
Tahun 2001 tentang Keamanan 2 .1.3.2 Government Regulation No.3/2001
don Keselamatan Penerbangan concerning Aviation Security and
(Lembaran Negara Tahun 2001 Safety (State Gazette No. 9 /200 l ,
Nomor 9, Tambahan Lembaran Supplement to the State Gazette No.
Negara Nomor 4075); 4075);
2.1 .3.3 Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 70 2 .1 .3.3 Government Regulation
Tahun 2001 tentang No . 70/200 l concerning Airport
Kebandarudaraan (Lembaran (State Gazette No.128/2001,
Negara Tahun 2001 Nomor 128, Supplement to the State Gazette No .
Tambahan Lembaran Negara 4146);
Nomor 4146); 2 .1.3 .4 Government Regulation
2. 1.3.4 Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 40 No.40/2012 concerning Airport
Tahun 2012 tentang Pembangunan Development and Environmental
Bandara Udara don Pelestarian Conservation.
Lingkungan Hidup.

2. 1.4 Keputusan Menteri don Keputusan

Direktur Jenderal Perhubungan Udara
2.1.4.l Keputusan Menteri Lingkungan 2.1.4 Ministerial Decree and Decree of the
Hidup don Kehutanan Republik Director General of Civil Aviation
Indonesia Direktorat Jenderal 2 .1.4.1 Decree of the Minister of
Planologi Kehutanan don Tata Environment and Forestry of the
Lingkungan Direktorat Republic of Indonesia Directorate
Pencegahan Dampak Lingkungan General of Forestry Planning and
Usaha don Kegiatan Perihal lzin Environmental Management
Lingkungan Perencanaan Terminal Directorate of Environmental Impact
4 Bandara lnternasional Soekarno Prevention of Businesses and
- Hatta kepada PT. Angkasa Pura II Activities concerning Environmental
(Persero); Permit for Planning of Terminal 4 Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Soekarno-Hatta International
Nomor KM 11 Tahun 2010 tentang Airport to PT. Angkasa Pura II
Tatanan Kebandarudaraan (Persero);
Nasional; 2. 1.4.2 Minister of Transportation
2 .1.4.3 Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Regulation No. KM 11/2010
Nomor KM 24 Tahun 2009 tentang concerning National Airport Order;
Peraturan Keselamatan 2. 1.4.3 Minister of Transportation
Penerbangan Sipil Bagian 139 Regulation No. KM 24/2009
(Civil Aviation Safety Regulations concerning Civil Aviation Safety
Part 139) Tentang Bandar Udara Regulations Section 139 (Civil
(Aerodrome); Aviation Safety Regulations Part
2.1 .4.4 Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan 139) concerning Airports
Nomor KM 9 Tahun 2010 tentang (Aerodrome);
Program Keamanan Penerbangan 2 .1.4.4 Regulation of Minister of
Nasional; Transportation No. KM 9/2010 Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan concerning National Aviation
Nomor PM 69 Tahun 2013, Security Program;
tentang Tatanan Kebandarudaraan 2 . 1.4 .5 Regulation of Minister of
Nasional; Transportation No. 16/2013,
2.1 .4 .6 Keputusan Menteri Perhubungan National Airport Order;
Nomor 48 Tahun 2002, tentang 2 . 1.4.6 Decree of the Minister of
Penyelenggaraan Bandar Udara Transportation No. 48/2002
Umum; concerning Implementation of
2 .1.4.7 Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Public Airports;
Republik Indonesia nomor PM 178 Regulation of the Minister of
tahun 2015 tentang Standar Transportation of the Republic of
Pelayanan Pengguna Jaso Bandar Indonesia No. PM 178/2015
Udara; concerning Airport Service User Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Standards;
Republik Indonesia nomor PM 80 2 . 1.4 .8 Regulation of the Minister of
tahun 2017 tentang Program Transportation of the Republic of
Keamanan Penerbangan Nasional; Indonesia No. PM 80/2017
2. 1.4.9 Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan concerning the National Aviation
Republik Indonesia nomor PM 77 Security Program;
tahun 2015 tentang Standarisasi 2. 1.4.9 Regulation of the Minister of
Dan Sertifikasi Fasilitas Bandar Transportation of the Republic of
Udara; Indonesia No. 77 /2015 concerning Peraturan Menteri Pekerjaan Umum Airport Facility Standards and
Nomor: 26/PRT/M/2008 Tanggal Certification;
30 Desember 2008 Tentang 2 .1.4. 10 Regulation of Minister of Public
Persyaratan Teknis Sistem Proteksi Works No. 26/PRT/M/2008 dated

f Z'i \
Kebakaran Pada Bangunan 30 December 2008 concerning
Gedung Dan Lingkungan ; Technical Requirements for Fire
2 .1.4.11 Keputusan Direktur Jenderal Protection Systems in Buildings and
Perhubungan Udara Nomor Environment;
SKEP/ 161 /IX/03 tentang Petunjuk 2 .1 .4.11 Decree of the Director General of
Pelaksanaan Civil Aviation Number
Perencanaan/Perancangan SKEP/ 161 / IX/ 03 concerning
Landasan Pacu, Taxiway, Apron Guidelines for Implementation of of
pada Bandar Udara; Runways, Taxiways, Apron
2 .1.4.12 Peraturan Direktur Jenderal Planning/ Design at Airports;
Perhubungan Udara Nomor : KP 2.1.4 .12 Director General of Civil Aviation
262 Tahun 2017 tentang Standar Regulation Number: KP 262 of
Teknis don Operasi Peraturan 2017 concerning Technical and
Keselamatan Penerbangan Sipil Operational Standards of Civil
Bagian 139 (Manual of Standard Aviation Safety Regulations Part 139
CASR-Part 139) Volume I Sandora (Manual of Standard CASR-Part
Udara (Aerodrome); 139) Volume I Airport (Aerodrome) ;
2 .1 .4.13 Peraturan Direktur Jenderal Director General of Civil Aviation
Perhubungan Udara Nomor: KP Regulation Number: KP 576 of
576 tahun 2015 tentang Petunjuk 2015 concerning Technical
Teknis Bagian 8900-2 . 11 Prosedur Guidelines Part 8900-2 . 11
Sertifikasi, Perpanjangan, Certifica tion Procedures, Extensions ,
Perubahan Untuk Organisasi Changes for Maintenance Company
Perusahaan Perawatan Pesawatan Organisations Domestic Air Service.
Udara Dalam Negeri Director General of Civil Aviation
2 .1.4.14 Peraturan Direktur Jenderal Regulation Number:
Perhubungan Udara Nomor: Skep/ 77 /Vl/2005 concerning
Skep/ 77 /Vl/2005 Tentang Technical Requirements for Airport
Persyaratan Teknis Pengoperasian Technical Facilities Operation ;
Fasilitas Teknik Bandar Udara; 2 .1 .4 .15 Director General of Civil Aviation
2 .1.4.15 Peraturan Direktur Jenderal Regulation Number: KP 635/2015
Perhubungan Udara Nomor: KP Concerning Standards for
635 TAHUN 2015 Tentang Standar Supporting Aircraft Land Service
Peralatan Penunjang Pelayanan Equipment (Ground Support
Dorat Pesawat Udara (Ground Equipment/ GSE) and Airside
Support Equipment/GSE) don Operational Vehicles ;
Kendaraan Operasional Yang 2 .1.4.16 Regulation of Director General of
Beroperasi di Sisi Udara ; Civil Aviation No . KP 2/ 2013 Peraturan Direktur Jenderal concerning Criteria for Airport
Perhubungan Udara Nomor: KP 2 Equipment and Utilities Placement;
Tahun 2013 Tentang Kriteria 2 .1.4.17 Regulation of the Director General
Penempatan Peralatan don Utilitas of Civil Aviation No. 138/ 2018
Bandar Udara ; concerning Aviation Security Facility
2 .1.4.17 Peraturan Direktur Jenderal Certification ;
Perhubungan Udara nomor KP 138 Standards and Specifications issued
tahun 2018 tentang Sertifikasi by the Directorate General of Civil
Fasilitas Keamanan Penerbangan; Aviation, the relevant Indonesian
2 .1 .4 .18 Standar don Spesifikasi yang Ministry of Transportation ;
dikeluarkan oleh Direktorat
Jenderal Perhubungan Udara,
Departemen Perhubungan RI yang

2.1.5 Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) .

2 .1.5 Indonesian National Standard (SNI).
2.1.6 Standar lndustri Indonesia (SIi) .
2.1 .6 Indonesian Industry Standard (SIi).
2 . l .7 Peraturan Umum lnstalasi Listrik tahun
2011 atau yang terbaru; 2. l . 7 General Regulation of Electrical
Installation in 2011 or the latest;
2 . l .8 Persyaratan Pengoperasian Fasilitas
Listrik & Elektronika; 2.1.8 Operating Requirements for Electricity
& Electronics Facilities;
2.1.9 Peraturan Umum lnstalasi Listrik tahun
2002 atau yang terbaru 2 .1.9 General Regulation of Electrical
Installation in 2002 or the latest
2. l. l O Persyaratan Pengoperasian Fasilitas
Listrik & Elektronika; 2. l . l O Operating Requirements for Electricity
& Electronics Facilities;
2. l .11 Standar & Spesifikasi Teknis dari
peralatan terpasang . 2. l .11 Standard & Technical Specifications of
installed equipment.
2.1.12 Peraturan don Standard Nasional yang
relevan 2.1.12 Relevant National Regulations and

2. l .13 Standar lnternasional 2. l .13 International Standard

2. l .13. l Airport Development Reference
2.1.13 . l Airport Development Reference
Manual 4th Release, Effective
Manual 4th Release, Effective
October 2016, l 0th Edtion;
October 2016, 10th Edtion; ICAOAnnexNo. 10,14,16,17,18 ICAOAnnexNo. 10,14,16,17,18
2.1.13 .3 FM AC l 50/5320-6F : Airport
2.1 .13 .3 FM AC l 50/ 5320-6F: Airport
Pavement Design and Evaluation,
Pavement Design and Evaluation,
2.1 .13.4 ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual
2.1.13 .4 ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual
part 4 - Visual Aids, Fourth Edition -
part 4 - Visual Aids, Fourth Edition -
2.1.13 .5 ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual
2.1.13 .5 ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual
Second Edition, 2017 Part 5 -
Second Edition, 2017 Part 5 -
Electrical Sistems;
Electrical Systems; ICAO Aerodrome Reference
2.1. 13 .6 ICAO Aerodrome Reference Manual
Manual part 4 - Visual Aid;
part 4 - Visual Aid;
2. l . 13 . 7 ICAO Aerodrome Reference
2.1.13 . 7 ICAO Aerodrome Reference Manual
Manual Part 5 - Electrical System;
Part 5 - Electrical System;
2.1.13 .8 ICAO Airport Services Manual Part
2. l .13.8 ICAO Airport Services Manual Pa rt
9 - Airport Maintenance Practice;
9 - Airport Maintenance Practice;
2.1 .13.9 FM Advisory Circulars FM Advisory Circulars
AC. l 50/5340 -30H Design and
AC. l 50/ 5340-30H Design and
Installation Details for Airport Visual
Installation Details for Airport Visual
Aids ;
14 FM Advisory Circulars 2.1.13 .10 FM Advisory Circulars
AC.150/5300- 13A Airport Design; AC.150/ 5300- 13A Airport Design; FM Advisory Circulars AC. FM Advisory Circulars AC.
150/5380-7B - Airport Pavement 150/5380-7B - Airport Pavement
Management Program (PMP); Management Program (PMP);
2 .1.13 .12 FM Advisory Circulars 2 .1.13 .12 FM Advisory Circulars
AC.150/5360/13 Planning & AC.150/5360/13 Planning &
Design Guidliness for Airport Design Guideline for Airport
Terminal Facilities; Terminal Facilities;
2 .1.13.13 FM Advisory Circulars 2.1.13 .13 FM Advisory Circulars
AC.150/5320/5D Airport Drainage AC.150/5320/5D Airport Drainage
System; System;
2.1.13 .14 American Standard Testing Material American Standard Testing Material
2.1 .13.15 American Association of State 2.1.13 .15 American Association of State
Highway and Transportation Highway and Transportation
Officials (MSHTO); Officials (MSHTO);
2.1.13 .16 International Electrotecnhnical 2.1.13 .16 International Electrotechnical
Commission (IEC); Commission (IEC);
2 .1. 13 .17 Institute of Electrical and Electronics 2 .1.13 .17 Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers (IEEE) Engineers (IEEE)
2.1.13 .18 American National Standards 2. 1. 13 . 18 American National Standards
Institute (ANSI); Institute (ANSI) ;
2 .1.13 .19 Restriction of Hazardous 2 .1.13 .19 Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Substrances Directive (ROHS); Directive (ROHS) ;
2.1 .13.20 SKYTRAX Standards . 2 .1.13 .20 SKYTRAX Standards.
2.1.13 .21 Dan standard lainnya yang relevan 2 .1.13.21 And other standards relevant to the
dengan jenis pekerjaan. type of work.

2.1.14 Standar, Peraturan don Dokumen PT 2 .1 .14 Standards, Regulations and Documents
Angkasa Pura II (Pesero) of PT Angkasa Pura II (Pesero)
2 .1.14.1 Peraturan Direksi PT Angkasa Pura 2 .1. 14 .1 Regulation of the Directors of PT
II (Persero) Nomor: Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Number:
PD.06 .02/10/2017/0103 tanggal PD.06 .02/ 0/2017/0103 dated
03 Oktober 2017 tentang October 3, 2017 concerning the
Perubahan Kedua atas Peraturan Second Amendment to the
Direksi PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Regulation of the Directors of PT
Nomor : PD.06.02/09/2016/0052 Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Number:
tanggal O1 September 2016 PD .06.02 / 09/2016/0052 dated
tentang Perubahan Kesatu atas 01 September 2016 concerning
Peraturan Direksi PT Angkasa Pura First Amendment to the Regulation
II (Persero) Nomor: of the Directors of PT Angkasa Pura
PD.06.02/12/2015/0055 tanggal II (Persero) Number:
01 Desember 2015 tentang PD.06.02/12/2015/0055 dated 01
Pedoman Pengadaan Barang December 2015 concerning
dan/atau Jaso di Lingkungan PT Guidelines for Goods and/ or
Angkasa Pura II (Persero); Services Procurement in the PT Peraturan Direksi PT Angkasa Pura Angkasa Pura II (Persero);
II (Persero) Nomor: Regulation of the Board of Directors
PD.12 .10/11/2016/0065 tentang of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)
Standard Fasil itas Signage Terminal Number: PD .12 .10/ 11/2016/ 0065
di Bandar Udora PT Angkasa Pura concerning Standard Facility of
II (Persero) ; Terminal Signage at PT Angkasa
2 .1.14.3 Peraturan Direksi PT Angkasa Pura Pura II Airport (Persero);
II (Persero) Nomor: 2 .1 .14 .3 Regulation of the Di rectors of PT
PD.ll .01 / 04/2017/ 0028 tentang Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Number:
lmplementasi Smart Airport; PD .11 .01 / 04/ 2017/ 0028
2 .1.14.4 Dokumen Basic Design Tahap II concerning Smart Airport
Sandora lnternasional Soekarno Implementation;
Hatta; Kajian Renea no 2 .1 .14 .4 Document of Phase II Basic Design
Pengembangan Sandora for Soekarno Hatta International
lnternasional Soekarno Hatta tahap Airport; Study on Soekarno Hatta
II terkait rencana pembangunan International Airport Development
Terminal 4; Plan Phase II related to the Terminal
2 .1.14 .5 OED East Cross Taxiway; 4 development plan; Pekerjaan Pembuatan Struktur 2.1. 14 .5 DED East Cross Taxi way ;
Automated People Mover System; 2.1 .14 .6 The Work of Making Automated
2 .1.14.7 Pekerjaan Skematik APMS tahap II People Mover System Structure;
Sandora lnternasional Soekarno 2.1 .14.7 Schematic Work of Phase II APMS
Hatta; for Soekarno-Hatta International
2 .1.14.8 Peningkatan kapasitas Jaringan Air Airport;
Bersih Dan Limbah Sandora 2 .1.14 .8 Capacity Development for the
Soekarno Hatta ; Soekarno-Hatta Airport Clean
2 .1.14.9 Peningkatan Kapasitas don Water and Waste Network;
Joringan Listrik Sandora Soekarno- Capacity Building and Electricity
Hatta; Network of Soekarno-Hatta Airport;
2 .1.14 .10 Pembangunan Sub Gardu lnduk 2 .1.14. l O Construction of Sandora
Sandora lnternasional Soekarno- lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
Hatta don Penarikan Kabel Power Substation and Power Cable
Menuju Gardu Hubung Sandora Withdrawal to Sandora
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta. lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
Connecting Substation ;


Pengguna Sarong/ Jaso adalah PT The User of Goods/ Services is PT
Angkasa Pura II. Angkasa Pura II.


Sumber dona yang akan digunakan The source of funds that will be used as
sebagai pembiayaan pekerjaan 1n1 financing for this project comes from PT.
berasal dari PT. Angkasa Pura II Angkasa Pura II (Persero) .
(Persero) .


Sandora lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is an
merupakan bandara yang memiliki 3 airport that has 3 passenger terminals
terminal penumpang dengan total with a total capacity of 43 million
kopasitas 43 juta penumpang per tahun passengers per annum and according to
don direncanakan akan dilakukan the plan, revitalisation will be carried out
revitalisasi untuk Terminal don for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 with the
Terminal 2 dengan konsep terminal concept of LCCT (low Cost Carrier
menjadi LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) and the capacity for Terminal 1
Terminal) don kapasitasnya untuk and Terminal 2 respectively will be 18
Terminal don Terminal 2 masing- million and 19 million passengers per
masing menjadi 18 juta don 19 juta annum. To support the operation of this
pen um pang per tahun . Untuk airport there are 2 Runways with aircraft
menunIang operasional bandara in1 movement capacity reaching 80+ 1
terdapat 2 runway yang mempunyai movement per hour. The construction of
kapasitas pergerakan pesawat mencapai Runway 3 is currently carried out at 500m
80+ 1 pergerakan per jam . Pada soot ini north of Runway 2 (07l / 25R) and there
tengah dilakukan pembangunan Runway is a Parallel Taxiway between Runway 2
3 yang berada 500 m sebelah utara and Runway 3.
Runway 2 (07l/25R) don terdapat
parallel taxiway diantara Runway 2 don
Runway 3.

Figure 5 . Layout of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

lokasi rencana dari bangunan Terminal 4 The plan location for the Terminal 4
don Apron berada di lokasi Area Soewarna building and apron is located at the
don Area Kargo Eksisting Sandora location of the Soewarna warehousing
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta. Soot ini, Area area and the Soekarno-Hatta Airport
Soewarna digunakan sebagai lapangan golf, existing cargo area.
kawasan pergudangan, area komersial don At present, the Soewarna Area is used as
area perkantoran. Lohan tersebut merupakan a golf course, warehousing area,
Johan PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) yang commercial area and office area . The
disewa selama jangka waktu tertentu dengan land is owned by PT Angkasa Pura II
persyaratan pemanfaatan Johan sesuai yang (Persero) which is leased with a certain
tertulis di dalam kontrak perjanjian. Batas period of time with land use requirements
waktu perjanjian pemanfaatan Johan akan as stated in the contract agreement. The
habis masa sewanya don akan berakhir deadline for the land use agreement will
secara parsial, dimana masa sewa area expire and end partially in which the Golf
a a an lapangan golf akan berakhir Course area will have it first, followed by

~ \
\ ttt
terlebih dahulu don selanjutnya diikuti area the warehouse and commercial area.
pergudangan, area komersial don area In addition, the Terminal 4 building and
perkantoran. apron will be located in the Sandora
Disamping itu, rencana bangunan Terminal lnternasional Soekarno -Hatta existing
4 don Apron akan berada di kawasan Area cargo area, while the cargo facility will
Kargo Eksisiting Sandora lnternasional move to the cargo village area where the
Soekarno-Hatta, dimana fasilitas kargo akan apron construction has been completed
pindah ke area Cargo Village yang soot ini and the construction of the Cargo
konstruksi apronnya telah selesai don akan Terminal building area will be performed
segera dilaksanakan pembangunan kawasan immediately.
don bangunan Terminal Cargo Village . In carrying out this planning work, the
Dalam pelaksanaan pekerjaan perencanaan Soewarna Area and the Cargo Area are
ini, lokasi Area Soewarna don Area Kargo still in operational activities, therefore, the
Eksisiting Sandora lnternasional Soekarno- primary and secondary data collection
Hatta masih beroperasi, sehingga dalam activities should be permitted by local
proses pelaksanaan pengumpulan data land users and managed as well as
primer harus mendapat izin dari pengguna possible in order to obtain optimal data.
lahan setempat don untuk dikelola sebaik
mungkin sehingga didapat data yang


Data hasil investigasi tanah Data from previous land investigations
sebelumnya dapat digunakan sebagai can be used as comparative data for
data pembanding untuk pekerjaan the work planning of the Terminal 4
perencanaan Terminal 4 Sandora Soekarno Hatta International Airport.
lnternasional Soekarno Hatta ini . Data The data can be used as secondary
tersebut dapat digunakan sebagai data that can support this planning
data sekunder yang dapat menunjang design process.
proses desain perencanaan ini.
3.2.2 PROYEK LAIN YANG SEDANG The ongoing work in the planning
SERJALAN process for the Soekarno-Hatta
Pekerjaan yang sedang berjalan soot International Airport Terminal 4,
proses pekerjaan perencanaan includes:
Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional a . East Cross Taxiway Construction
Soekarno-Hatta berlangsung antara b. DED for Automated People Mover
lain : System (APMS) Infrastructure Phase
a . Pekerjaan Pembangunan East Cross II
Taxiway c. Commercial Accessibility Work for
b. Pekerjaan DED lnfrastruktur lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
Automated People Mover System Airport.
(APMS) Ta hap II
c. Pekerjaan Aksesibilitas Komersial
Sandora lnternasional Soekarno-
Lingkup pekerjaan perencanaan ini melakukan The scope of this planning work is to design the
desain untuk fasilitas: facility:
a . Bangunan terminal yang memiliki a . Terminal buildings that have a
kapasitas minimal 40 juta minimum capacity of 40 million
penumpang per tahun yang memiliki passengers per annum and the
konsep seamless iourney dengan seamless journey
concept by
mempertimbangkan Level of Service considering the Level of Service that
yang tetap optimal sesua1 standar remains optimal according to the
ADRM 10th edition; ADRM 1Qth edition standard;
b. Gedung parkir dengan kapasitas b . Parking building with the capacity to
yang mampu melayani untuk kondisi serve in peak hours by observing the
pada peak hour dengan
soot inflow and outflow of passing
memperhatikan inflow don outflow vehicles;
kendaraan yang melintas; c. APMS (Automatic People Mover
c. Bangunan Shelter APMS (Automatic System) Shelter building which is
People Mover System) yang integrated with Terminal 4 buildings
terintegrasi dengan Bangunan and other supporting buildings;
Terminal 4 don Bangunan Penunjang d. Other mandatory landside facilities to
Lainnya; serve operational activities of other
d. Fasilitas s1s1 darat lainnya yang Terminal 4 buildings integrated with
bersifat mandatory untuk melayani existing buildings.
kegiatan operasional bangunan e. The concept of a landside drainage
Terminal 4 lainnya terintegrasi system integrated with the existing
dengan bangunan eksisting; drainage system.
e. Konsep sistem drainase s1s1 darat
yang terintegrasi dengan sistem
drainase eksisting.


a. Desain geometrik don struktur a . Designing geometric and pavement
perkerasan Apron Terminal 4 yang structure of Terminal 4 Apron with a
memiliki minimal 40 contact parking minimum capacity of 40 contact
stands; parking stands;
b . Marko don rambu harus dapat b . Marking and signs must be clearly
terlihat dengan jelas don sesuai visible and in accordance with
dengan standar yang berlaku; applicable standards;
c. Pergerakan pesawat don kendaraan c. Inflow and outflow circulation of the
di area sisi udara diharapkan dapat aircraft and vehicles movement at the
berjalan secara lancar dengan airside is expected to run smoothly
sirkulasi inflow don outflow yang and clearly.
jelas. d. Mechanical and electrical facilities
d. Fasilitas mekanikal don elektrikal must be available that support the
harus tersedia don dapat menunjang operation of aircraft movements at
operasional pesawat di area sisi the airside;
udara; e. Service road & GSE Road that can
e. Service road & GSE road yang dapat accommodate both airside and
mengakomidir baik kendaran sisi inspection vehicles by paying
udara maupun kendaran inspeksi attention to the circulation of aircraft
dengan memperhatikan sirkulasi movements at the airside;
pergerakan pesawat di sisi udara; f. Addition of mandatory and integrated
f. Penambahan peralatan elektronika electronic equipment with existing
yang mandatory don terintegrasi facilities;
dengan fasilitas eksisting; g . Land provision for flight navigation
g . Penyediaan lahan untuk peralatan equipment;
navigasi penerbangan; h. Sub-Tower if needed;
h. Sub-Tower jika diperlukan; 1. The concept of an airside drainage
1. Konsep sistem drainase sisi udara system integrated with the existing
yang terintegrasi dengan sistem drainage system .
drainase eksisting . I• Other airside facilities that mandatory
I· Fasilitas sisi udara lainnya yang to serve other Terminal 4 apron
bersifat mandatory untuk melayani operational activities.
kegiatan operasional Apron Terminal
4 lainnya.


a. Perkantoran yang menunjang a . Offices that support Terminal 4
operasional Terminal 4; operations;
b. Area komersial yang meningkatkan b . Commercial area that increases
pendapatan bagi PT Angkasa Pura II revenue for PT Angkasa Pura II
(Persero) yang tidak menganggu (Persero) which does not interfere with
sirkulasi penumpang; passenger circulation;
C. Bangunan workshop don area kantor C. Workshop and co working space are
kerja yang digunakan sebagai area used as consultant work areas and
kerja konsultan don tempat where coordination, consolidation
koordinasi, konsolidasi serta and monitoring of the Terminal 4
monitoring proses desain Terminal 4. design process.
d . Fasilitas penunjang lainnya yang d. Other necessary supporting facilities.
diperlukan .


a . Mereview terhadap jalur Skytrain a. Reviewing the Skytrain accessibility to
menuju Terminal 4 sehingga Terminal 4 to be integrated with
terintegrasi dengan bangunan Terminal 4 buildings;
Terminal 4; b. Smooth access to public and private
b. Akses kendaraan umum don vehicles that in & out to the airport
kendaraan pribadi baik dari don and to the terminals and other
keluar bandara serta antar terminal facilities by taking into account the
don fasilitas lainnya yang lancar passenger's circulation at Terminal 4;
dengan mempertimbangkan sirkulasi c. Flyover and road infrastructures that
penumpang di Terminal 4; support passenger circulation;
c. lnfrastruktur flyover don infrastruktur d . Accessibility from the APMS shelter to
jalan yang menunjang sirkulasi the integrated Terminal building;
kendaraan umum maupu kendaraan e. Other necessary accessibility facilities .
d . Aksesibilitas dari shelter APMS
menuju ke bangunan Terminal 4
yang terintegrasi;
Fasilitas aksesibilitas lainnya yang


a . Lansekap area di bangunan Terminal a . The landscape area in the Terminal 4
4 dengan tema yang sesuai dengan building is thematic according to the
konsep bangunan terminal dan concept of the terminal building and
mudah dalam pelaksanaan easy maintained ;
perawatan; b . Landscapes in each development
b. Lansekap pada setiap area area both on landside and airside are
pengembangan baik di s1s1 darat in accordance with the concept of
maupun di sisi udara sesuai dengan terminal building and easily
konsep bangunan terminal serta maintained;
mudah dalam perawatan; c. Landscape in the development area
c. Lansekap pada area pengembangan for supporting facilities.
fasilitas penunjang.


a. Semua Peralatan elektronika, EXPECTATION
keamanan don keselamatan serta a. All electronic, security and safety
perangkat IT yang mendukung equipment and IT devices that
terciptanya smart connected, secure support smart connectivity, secure
digital grid dan high availability; digital grids and high availability;
b. Penerapan teknologi terkini untuk b . Application of the latest technology to
mendukung kehandalan dan otomasi support the reliability and automation
seluruh fasilitas operasional of all airport operational facilities;
bandara; c. All systems must be integrated with all
c. Semua sistem harus terintegrasi existing technologies that have been
dengan semua teknologi eksisting implemented within PT Angkasa Pura
yang telah diimplementasikan di II (Persero);
lingkungan PT Angkasa Pura II


a. Mempertimbangkan pandangan a . Considering the views of ATC (Air
petugas ATC (Air traffic Controller) traffic Controller) officers regarding
terharap pergerakan pesawat di aircraft movements at the Terminal 4
apron Terminal 4 tidak terhalang apron to avoid any blocking by
oleh bangunan Terminal 4; Terminal 4 building;
b. Batas ketinggian bangunan Terminal b . The height limit for Terminal 4
4 sesuai dengan KKOP (Kawasan buildings is in accordance with the
Keselamatan Operasi Penerbangan) Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS)
dan mendapat rekomendasi dari and obtains a recommendation from
Direktur Jenderal Perhubungan the Director General of Civil Aviation;
Udara; c. The materials used in the construction
c. Material yang digunakan dalam of Terminal 4 cause no glare to the
pembangunan Terminal 4 tidak eyes of the pilot who uses the airport;
menyebabkan kesilauan pada mata d. Terminal 4 building cause no
penerbang yang le pas interference with flight navigation
landas dan mendarat di Bandara signals and landing aids as well as
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta; communication between airports and q..
d. Bangunan Terminal 4 tidak aircraft;
menimbulkan gangguan terhadap e. The facilities in the apron give no
isyarat-isyarat navigasi penerbangan obstacle that can damage aircraft
don a lat bantu pendaratan tires such as hydrant pit fuel, clean
penerbangan serta komunikasi antar water drain and other GSS facilities;
bandar udara don pesawat udara; f. Considering to optimise the use of
e. Fasilitas yang ado di apron, seperti evacuation routes during an
seperti fuel hydrant pit, saluran air emergency;
bersih don fasilitas GSS lainnya, g. Considering to the
direncanakan sehingga tidak position/placement of emergency
menjadi hazzard yang dapat stairs to avoid difficulties during an
merusak ban pesawat; emergency;
f. Mempertimbangkan jalur evakuasi h. Considering to determine
yang optimal soot terjadi keadaan point/assembly point meetings in the
darurat; event of an emergency;
g . Mempertimbangkan 1. Characteristics of the material used
posisi/penempatan tangga darurat for the emergency exit line is in
agar tidak menyulitkan soot terjadi accordance with the applicable
keadaan darurat; standards;
h. Mempertimbangkan don I· The material used in the construction
menentukan lokasi titik kumpul atau of Terminal 4 is environmentally
meeting point/assembly point soot friendly;
terjadi keadoan darurat; k. Involving OHS experts during the
I. Karakteristik material yang construction in accordance with the
digunakan untuk jalur evakuasi field of work such as OHS experts for
sesua1 dengan stander ketentuan construction work, OHS experts for
yang berlaku; electrical work and General OSH
,. Bohan material yang digunakan experts;
dalam pembangunan Terminal 4 I. The implementing company has a
adalah bahan yang ramah certificate of HSE or OHSAS 1800 l
lingkungan; and has taken the Construction Safety
k. Melibatkan ahli K3 soot Management System training .
pembangunan sesuai dengan bidang
pekerjaan seperti ahli K3 konstruksi,
ahli K3 listrik don ahli K3 Umum;
I. Perusahan pelaksona memiliki
sertifikat SMK3 atau OHSAS 1800 l
don telah mengikuti pelatihan
Construction Safety Management


Diharapkan desain yang dihasilkan It is expected that the resulting design
memperhotikan kriteria antara lain : consists of the following criterias, among
a . Easy to maintanance others:
Unsur-unsur arsitektur don utilitas a . Ease of maintenance
yang mudah dalam perawatan , Architecture and utilities elements are
terkonsep don terstruktur . easily maintained, configured and
b. low Cost Maintenance structured.
Sarona don utilitas yang memiliki b . Low Cost Maintenance
biaya pemeliharaan rendah. Low-cost maintenance for facilities
c. Providing Facilities or Equipment for and utilities.
maintenance c. Providing Facilities or Equipment for
Tersedianya unsur-unsur arsitektur maintenance
don utilitas yang memiliki sarana The availability of architectural and
atau peralatan dalam melakukan utility elements that have the means
pemeliharaan . or equipment to carry out


a. Menciptakan konsep komersial di a. Creating a commercial concept at
area Terminal 4 Bandera Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta yang competitive among leading regional
dapat bersaing dengan bandara and international airports;
terkemuka secara regional maupun b . Increasing customer satisfaction
internasional; through the provision of world-class
b. Meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan commercial facilities based on users'
melalui penyediaan fasilitas wishes and the airport concept;
komersial berkelas dunia yang sesuai c. Increasing revenue in the Non-
dengan keinginan pengguna jasa Aeronautical sector while still paying
don konsep bandara; attention to the security, safety,
c. Meningkatkan pendapatan di sektor capability and users' expectations;
non-aeronautika dengan tetap
memperhatikan keamanan don
keselamatan maupun kemampuan
don harapan pengguna jasa;


(AIRPORT SERVICES) a. Conduct research on customer needs
a . Melakukan riset atas customer needs and customer expectation at
don customer expectation di Bandera Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta sesuai in accordance with the Airport Size
dengan Airport Size (source by ACI); (source by ACI);
b. Mengadakan don memfasilitasi b . Hold and facilitate Airport
Airport Benchmarking ke bandara Benchmarking to world-class
internasional kelas dunia don international airports and companies
perusahaan dengan tingkat layanan with world-class service levels as a
kelas dunia sebagai pembanding; comparison;
c. Merumuskan perencanaan strategi c. Formulate Terminal 4 CGK service
pelayanan Terminal 4 Bandera strategy planning, which includes:
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta, yang
1) Formulate airport segmentation
based on the Airport
1) Merumuskan segmentasi bandar Segmentation;
udara berdasarkan sudut 2) Formulate the concept of service
pandang pelayanan (Airport according to passenger journey
Segmentation); (Service Design);
2) Merumuskan konsep pelayanan 3) Establish core service programs
sesuai passenger iourney (Service and provide added value for the
Design); company (Service Porto Folio);
Menetapkan program pelayanan 4) Formulate programs and stages of ~.,

inti don memberikan nilai tambah implementation that need to be
bagi perusahaan (Service Porto implemented internally or together
Folio); with stakeholders (Service
4) Merumuskan program don Roadmap);
tahapan implementasi baik yang 5) Formulate a service evaluation
perlu dilaksanakan secara monitoring system.
internal atau bersama dengan
stakeholder (Service Roadmap);
5) Merumuskan sistem monitoring
evaluasi pelayanan.

Figure 6. Topography Measurement Area

PENYELIDIKAN TANAH Topographic surveys are carried out in
Survey topografi don penyelidikan tanah each area of the construction plan
dilakukan pada masing-masing area include the following:
rencana pembangunan antara lain
meliputi hal-hal sebagai berikut:
1 .1 .1 Pengukuran Topografi 1.1.1 Topographic Measurement
Pengukuran Topografi dimaksudkan The intent of the topographic
untuk memetakan keadaan don situasi measurement is to map the airport
bandar udara dengan ketelitian yang condition and circumstance with
dapat dipertanggungjawabkan accountable accuracy, in accordance
dengan luas ±1.500.000 m 2 . with the scope of the study, including:
Cakupan studi yang dilaksanakan a. Site Orientation
meliputi: Site orientation is intended to get to
a. Orientasi Lapangan know the condition of the survey
Orientasi lapangan dimaksudkan area, gather various information
untuk pengenalan lebih jauh about the condition of the surveyed ~
ang kondisi areal survey, site and the changes encountered at C,..
mengumpulkan berbagai informasi the site as input for improving the
tentang keadaan lapangan yang work plan map .
akan di survey beserta perubahan- b. Permanent Benchmark Instalment
perubahan yang ditemui di For terminal and apron
lapangan sebagai masukan dalam measurement purposes, the
penyempurnaan peta rencana minimum number of Benchmarks
kerja . (BM) to be installed is 5 pairs . BM is
b. Pemasangan Patak Tetap (Bench made in pairs and each pair is
Mark) visible to each other. The BM
Jumlah patok Bench Mark (BM) location is planned in advance on
yang akan dipasang minimum the base map and approved by the
adalah 5 pasang untuk keperluan competent authority. Any additional
pengukuran terminal don apron, number of benchmarks is done by
BM dibuat berpasangan don taking account of the area to be
masing - masing pasangan soling mapped. The position and number
terlihat satu soma lain. Lokasi BM of additional benchmarks must be
direncanakan terlebih dahulu approved by the work supervisor.
diatas peta dasar don mendapat Benchmark size is (1 .00 x 0.30 x
persetujuan dari otoritas yang 0.30) m3, made from a concrete
berwenang. Penambahan jumlah mixture with an iron frame place on
patok bench mark dilakukan the centre part. Benchmark Is
dengan pertimbangan luas area planted at 0.75 m depth to let
yang akan dipetakan, posisi don another part stay on the soil surface
jumlah penambahan patok bench with the size of 0 .25 m . BM is
mark harus mendapat persetujuan planted in a safe and searchable
dari pengawas pekerjaan. place in accordance with the place
Bench Mark berukuran (l ,00 x 0,30 mentioned in the preparation stage .
x 0,30) m3 dibuat dari campuran c. GPS Geodetic Observation
beton, diberi kerangka besi di The purpose of the GPS survey on
tengah-tengahnya. Benchmark this work is to acquire a geometric
ditanam 0,75 m sehingga bagian control point of measurement. In
yang berada di atas permukaan addition, GPS measurements are
tanah 0,25 m. BM ditanam di also intended to obtain accurate
tempat yang aman don mudah universal (UTM & Geographic)
dicari don dipasang sesuai dengan coordinates.
tempat yang telah direncanakan Geodetic GPS Is a set of
pada tahap persiapan. observations made using the static
c. Pengamatan GPS Geodetic differential method in the form of a
Tujuan survei GPS pada pekerjaan ring for measuring subsequent
ini adalah untuk mendapatkan titik benchmarks. The following are
kontrol geometris pengukuran. some points we need to pay
Selain itu pengukuran GPS juga attention at:
ditujukan untuk mendapatkan l) Geodetic GPS observation Is
koordinat universal (UTM & carried out using at least 3-
Geografis) yang teliti. frequency dual-frequency
Semua bench mark selanjutnya Geodetic GPS units that have
akan dilakukan pengamatan GPS been verified by competent
Geodetic, pengamatan dilakukan authorised institutions or
dengan metode static differensial vendors;
dalam bentuk jarring. Beberapa hal
2) Prior to observations
yang perlu diperhatian adalah: measurements, the observation
1) Pengamatan GPS Geodetic network must be made first and
dilakukan minimal approved by the work
menggunakan 3-unit GPS supervisor;
Geodetic dual frequensi yang 3) Geodetic GPS observation
sudah di verifikasi oleh lembaga duration is at least 1 hour with
atau vendor resmi yang per 5 seconds epoch time;
berkompeten; 4) The GPS uses a reference point
2) Sebelum melakukan belonging to PT. Angkasa Pura
pengamatan atau pengukuran II. If the point Is lost or
terlebih dahulu dibuatkan jaring damaged, it uses the nearest
pengamatan & sudah BIG reference point.
mendapatkan persetujuan dari d. Horizontal Basic Framework/
pengawas pekerjaan; Polygon Measurement
3) Pengamatan GPS Geodetic The Polygon method is used in basic
dilakukan dengan durasi framework measurement, which
minimal 1 jam pengamatan dan aims to increase the binding point
interval epoch setiap 5 detik; of the detailed situation. The
4) Titik referensi GPS measurement involves a loop
menggunakan titik referensi method or a perfect bound method,
milik PT. Angkasa Pura II, where the initial and final
apabila titik tersebut hilang atau measurements are linked to BM
rusak titik referensi GPS GPS.
menggunakan titik referensi Polygon Measurement consists of :
milik Badon lnformasi 1) Polygon Main Angle
Geospasial yang terdekat. The main Polygon Line forms a
d. Pengukuran Kerangka Dasar closed loop network that covers
Horisontal/Poligon all survey areas, the beginning
Pengukuran kerangka dasar and end of the measurement
dilakukan dengan metoda poligon, are bound to BM GPS .
yang bertujuan memperbanyak titik • Measurement uses the Total
ikat pengukuran detail situasi . Station equipment with the
Metode pengukuran menggunakan calibrated 2 "angle
metode loop atau metode terikat accuracy;
sempurna, dimana awal dan akhir • Measurement of distance &
pengukuran terikat dengan BM angle is done with 2 series
GPS. of readings B - B - LB - LB;
Pengukuran Poligon terdiri dari: • Polygon benchmark made
1) Poligon utama of wood 4/6 length 50 cm,
Jalur Poligon utama with tacks on it as a
membentuk jaringan loop sentring point, painted and
yang tertutup yang mengcover numbered or coded.
seluruh area survey, awal dan Benchmark is planted with
akhir pengukuran terikat a depth of 30 cm;
dengan BM GPS . • Linear accuracy required is
• Pengukuran menggunakan at least 1: 10.0000 &
peralatan Total Station wrong angle cover is not
dengan akurasi sudut 2" more than 10 -./ n, where n
ang sudah dikalibrasi; number of polygon

• Pengukuran jarak & sudut points B.
dilakukan dengan 2 seri 2) Branch/Secondary Polygon
pembacaan B - B - LB -
• Total Station equipment
with the calibrated 5 "angle
• Patok polygon terbuat dari
accuracy used 1n the
kayu 4/6 panjang 50 cm,
measurement of branch
dengan paku payung
diatasnya sebagai titik
• Measurement of distance &
sentring, dicat don diberi
angle is done with 2 series
nomor atau kode. Patok
of readings B - B - LB - LB;
ditanam dengan
• Polygon stakes made of
kedalaman 30 cm;
wood 4/6 length 50 cm,
• Ketelitian linier yang
with tacks on it as a
disyaratkan minimal 1:
sentring point being
10.0000 & salah penutup
painted and numbered or
sudut tidak lebih dari 10 ✓
coded . Stakes are planted
n, dimana n = jumlah titik
with a depth of 30 cm;
poligon .
• Linear accuracy is required
2) Poligon Cabang/Sekunder at least 1: 5,000 & wrong
• Pengukuran poligon angle cover must be not
cabang menggunakan more than 30 v n, where n
peralatan Total Station = number of polygon
dengan akurasi sudut 5" points .
yang sudah dikalibrasi; e. Vertical Basic Framework
• Pengukuran jarak & sudut Measurement
dilakukan 2 seri
dengan The elevation with a high level of
pembacaan B - B - LB - accuracy needs the waterpass
LB; measurement. Some points that
• Patok polygon terbuat dari must be considered in a waterpass
kayu 4/6 panjang 50 cm, measurement are:
dengan paku payung 1) Waterpass measurement uses
diatasnya sebagai titik automatic type or certified
sentring, dicat don diberi digital levelling . Before the tool
nomor atau kode . Patok is used, reticle correction is first
ditanam dengan measured;
kedalaman 30 cm;
2) Measurement method uses
• Ketelitian linier yang
loop or return method with 2
disyaratkan minimal 1: readings in each slag (double
5.000 & salah penutup
stand) ;
sudut tidak lebih dari 30 ✓
3) To reduce light refraction, the
n, dimana n = jumlah titik
distance between signs is not
more than 80 m;
e. Pengukuran Kerangka Dasar
vertikal 4) To eliminate reticle correction,
Untuk mendapatkan elevasi the measuring instrument is
dengan tingkat akurasi yang tinggi placed in the middle of the
perlu dilakukan pengukuran sipat signs, in order to have a similar
datar, beberapa hal yang harus distance between the tool and
diperhatian dalam pengukuran the rear sign, and the front

s1po atar adalah: sign, wh ich is ± 40 m;

l) Pengukuran sipat datar 5) To eliminate zero error signs,
menggunakan waterpass tipe the number of slag in one loop
otomatis atau menggunakan or in one section must be even;
digital levelling yang sudah di 6) The waterpass and polygon
sertifi kasi . Sebelum alat measurement uses the same
digunakan terlebih dahulu line. The signs must as far as
dilakukan pengukuran koreksi possible stand on the
garis bidik; benchmark polygon. If this is
2) Metode pengukuran not possible, the sign must
menggunakan metode loop stand on the starport;
atau pergi - pulang dengan 2 7) The maximum height difference
kali pembacaan setiap slagh of the cover is l 0 mm v'D (D =
(double stand); number of distances in
3) Untuk mengurangi refraksi kilometer);
cahaya, jarak antar rambu 8) Altitude reference point uses
tidak lebih dari 80 m ; BM owned by PT. Angkasa
4) Untuk mengeliminir koreksi Pura . If it does not exist, use the
garis bidik, alat ukur ditempat nearest TTG reference point
ditengah-tengah antar rambu, belonging to BIG or use
sehingga jarak alat dengan another reference point with the
rambu belakang don rambu approval of the work
depan soma ±40 m; supervisor.

5) Untuk mengeliminir kesalahan

nol rambu, jumlah slagh
dalam satu loop atau dalam
satu seksi harus genap;
6) Jalur pengukuran waterpass
menggunakan jalur yang soma
dengan jalur pengukuran
poligon, ram bu sedapat
mungkin berdiri diatas patok
poligon, apabila hal tersebut
tidak memungkinkan rambu
harus berdiri di atas starport;
7) Salah penutup beda tinggi
maksimum l 0 mm ✓ o (D =
jumlah jarak dalam kilometer);
8) Titik referensi ketinggian
menggunakan BM milik PT.
Angkasa Pura, apabila titik
terse but tidak ado
menggunakan titik referensi
TTG milik Badon lnformasi
Geospasial yang terdekat atau
menggunakan titik referensi
lain atas persetujuan pengawas
pekerjaan .
1.1.2 Penyelidikan Tanah 1. 1.2 Soil Investigation
Penyelidikan tanah dilakukan pada Soil investigation is carried out at the
area pekerjaan pembuatan Apron don construction work site of Terminal 4
Terminal 4 Bandara lnternasional and its Apron at Soekarno-Hatta
Soekarno-Hatta . Tujuan penyelidikan International Airport. The purpose of
ini untuk memberikan informasi atau this investigation is to provide
gambaran secara menyeluruh information or a comprehensive picture
mengenai: of:
l) Susunan lapisan tanah pada lokasi l) The composition of the soil layer at
pekerjaan; the location of the work;
2) Parameter tanah yang akan 2) The soil parameters to be used for
digunakan untuk analisa geoteknik; geotechnical analysis;
3) Metoda perbaikan tanah yang 3) Method of land improvement
diperlukan; needed;
4) Jaringan utilitas eksisting didalam 4) The existing utility network in the
tanah yang berada di area ground in the work area.
pekerjaan . The soil investigation includes sample-
Pekerjaan penyelidikan tanah yang taking at the site and the laboratory
dilakukan meliputi pengambilan test to obtain data on soil
sampel di lapangan don pengujian di conditions/characteristics, particularly
laboratorium untuk mendapatkan data in the area of the airport facility
kondisi/karakteristik tanah terutama development plan . Based on the results
pada areal rencana pembangunan of soil investigations and laboratory
fasilitas bandar udara. Berdasarkan tests, the Consultant must make a
hasil penyelidikan tanah don uII geotechnical analysis and recommend
laboratorium, Konsultan harus the foundation for the appropriate
membuat analisis geoteknik don pavement layer in accordance with the
rekomendasi pondasi untuk lapisan results of the soil investigation . The
perkerasan yang tepat sesuai dengan field work includes:
hasil penyelidikan tanah tersebut. a. Land Boring
Pekerjaan di lapangan, meliputi: l) Machine Boring
a. Pengeboran Tanah
This work is done with several
l) Bor Mesin variations of depth, from 20-
Pekerjaan dilakukan meter depths to 40-meter
dengan beberapa variasi depths or by reaching hard soil
kedalaman, yaitu kedalaman layers defined based on the
20 meter don kedalaman 40 results of SPT readings> 50 .
meter atau sampai lapisan SPT is carried out every 2.0
tanah keras yang didefinisikan meters. If the measurement of 5
dari hasil pembacaan SPT (five) consecutive SPT reaches >
>50. SPT dilakukan setiap 2 50, the drilling will be stopped
meter. Jika pengukuran even if it has not reached 20
berturut-turut 5 (limo) SPT telah meters or if the SPT never
mencapai >50, maka reaches > 50, drilling ,s
pengeboran akan dihentikan stopped at a depth of 20
meskipun belum mencapai 20 meters from the ground. When
meter atau 40 meter. Apabila boring, the undisturbed
SPT tidak pernah mencapa, samples-taking is done using a
>50, pengeboran dihentikan sample tube at each ground •
pada kedalaman 20 meter replacement or every 5-meter lf-
atau 40 m dari permukaan drilling and boring results are
tanah. Pada soot boring, stored in the core box.
dilakukan pula pengambilan Deep boring involves machines
undisturbed sample (sampel at 130 points with a depth of
tidak terganggu) dengan 20 meters and 75 points with a
menggunakan tabung sampel depth of 40 meters with the
pada setiap perubahan lapisan location of the terminal and
tanah atau setiap 5 meter apron construction plans.
pemboran don hasil boring Determination of the location of
disimpan dalam core box. the point needs to be
Bor dalam dilakukan coordinated with the Task Giver
menggunakan mesin sebanyak before starting the work.
130 titik dengan kedalaman 2) Hand Boring
20 meter don 75 titik dengan
Boring consists of 30 points
kedalaman 40 meter dengan
with a depth of 5 m .
lokasi rencana pembangunan
terminal don apron. Penentuan b. Standard Penetration Test ( SPT ) /

lokasi titik agar dapat Field Vane Shear Test

dikoordinasikan dengan 1) Depth up to 20 m

Pemberi Tugas sebelum Shear Test interval 2 m for soft
memulai pelaksanaan soil (starting from the surface to
pekerjaan. a depth of 20 m) as many as
2) Bor Tongan 1300 pieces .

Pengeboran terdiri dari 30 titik 2) Depth up to 40 m

dengan kedalaman 5 m . Shear Test interval 2 m for soft
b . Standard Penetration Test ( SPT ) / soil (starting from the surface to
Field Vane Shear Test a depth of 40 m) as many as
1500 pieces .
1) Kedalaman Hingga 20 m
Shear Test Interval 2 m untuk
tanah lunak (mulai dari
permukaan sampai kedalaman
20 m) sebanyak 1300 buah.
2) Kedalaman Hingga 40 m
Shear Test Interval 2 m untuk
tanah lunak (mulai dari
permukaan sampai kedalaman
40 m) sebanyak 1500 buah.
c. Sondir kapasitas 2 .5 ton c. Cone Penetration with the Capacity
Sondir masing-masing dilakukan of 2.5 ton
sampai kedalaman 20 meter atau Each Cone Penetration is carried
sampai ditemukan tanah keras out to a depth of 20 meters or until
yang dinyatakan dalam tegangan hard soil Is found which Is
konus qc >200 kg/cm 2
. Sondir expressed in the conuscular stress>
dilakukan sebanyak 150 titik 200 kg/cm2. Cone penetration at
dengan lokasi rencana 150 points according to location in
pembangunan Apron don Terminal the Apron and taxiway expansion
4 Bandara lnternasional Soekarno- plans. The location of the point is
Hatta. Penentuan lokasi titik agar determined by coordinating with the
Task Giver before starting the work. ~
dapat dikoordinasikan dengan
Pemberi Tugas sebelum memulai
pelaksanaan pekerjaan.
d. Core Drill (Pengambilan Sampel d. Core Drill (Core Sampling)
Inti) This test aims to determine the
Pengujian 1rn bertujuan untuk technical nature of the pavement
mengetahui sifat teknis lapisan layer. Core sampling was carried
perkerasan. Pengambilan sampel out as many as 30 points at the
inti dilakukan sebanyak 30 titik di location of the construction of the
lokasi rencana pembangunan Terminal and Apron . The location of
Terminal 4 dan Apron . Penentuan the point should be determined by
lokasi titik agar dapat coordinating with the Task Giver
dikoordinasikan dengan Pemberi before starting the work .
Tugas sebelum memulai
pelaksanaan pekerjaan .
e. Geolistrik e. Geoelectric
Geolistrik adalah metode Geoelectric is a method of
penyelidikan keadaan bawah investigating subsurface conditions
permukaan dengan menggunakan using the electric properties of
sifat-sifat kelistrikan batuan. rocks. This method is carried out to
Metode 1rn dilakukan untuk determine the condition of the land
mengetahui kondisi tanah pada on the golf course that is still
lahan golf yang masih operated so that a method that
dioperasikan sehingga digunakan does not make damage the land.
metode yang tidak merusak lahan The output obtained is in the form
yang dimaksud. of a layer of soil (sand or clay) with
Output yang didapatkan berupa the thickness obtained. But this
susunan lapisan tanah (pasir atau survey cannot provide the nature of
lempung) dengan ketebalan yang the soil needed to determine the
didapat. Namun survey ini tidak type of foundation used or soil
dapat memberikan sifat sifat tanah improvement, such as shear
yang diperlukan untuk menentukan strength, compressibility etc . In the
jenis Pondasi yang digunakan geotechnical field, geoelectric
ataupun perbaikan tanah, seperti surveys are generally carried out at
kuat geser, kompresibilitas, dan the initial stage and then used to
lain-lain . Dalam bidang geoteknik, determine what drill points should
survey geolistrik umumnya be carried out.
dilakukan pada tahap awal untuk The geoelectric results must be
kemudian digunakan untuk combined with the results of 2 or 3
menentukan berapa titik bor yang deep drill points (but the more the
harus dilakukan. better, depending on the drill point) .
Hasil geolistrik harus digabung The output from this merger can
dengan hasil 2 atau 3 titik bor determine the nature of the soil
dalam (namun makin banyak from the soil layer obtained from
makin baik tergantung berapa titik the geoelectric results by correlating
bor yang dapat dilakukan). it with the drill results.
Outputnya dari penggabungan ini
dapat menentukan sifat sifat tanah
dari lapisan tanah yang diperoleh
dari hasil geolistrik dengan
mengkorelasikannya dengan hasil
f . Test CBR Lapangan f. Field CBR Test
Tujuan pemeriksaan ini adalah The purpose of this examination is
untuk menilai CBR lapisan tanah to assess the CBR of the subsoil
dasar yang dilakukan pada ruas- carried out on roads that have not
ruas jalan yang belum dilapis been paved, such as dirt roads,
perkerasan, seperti jalan tanah, gravel roads or asphalt pavements
jalan kerikil atau perkerasan that have been damaged until the
beraspal yang telah rusak hingga foundation layer appears. This test
tampak lapisan pondasinya . is carried out on the estimated
Pengujian ini dilakukan pada pavement basis (subgrade layer
perkiraan dasar perkerasan plan). This test was carried out as
(rencana lapisan subgrade). many as l 00 points. Determination
Pengujian ini dilakukan sebanyak of the location of the point so that it
l 00 titik. Penentuan lokasi titik agar can be coordinated with the Task
dapat dikoordinasikan dengan Giver before starting the work .
Pemberi Tugas sebelum memulai
pelaksanaan pekerjaan .
g . Pengujian Test Pit g . Test Pit
Test Pit dilaksanakan sampai Test Pit is carried out at depth as
kedalaman sesuai kebutuhan untuk needed to determine the condition
mengetahui kondisi lapisan tanah of the existing soil layer, with a test
dalam yang ado, dengan ukuran pit size (l x l x 2) m3 with 100
test pit (l x l x 2) m3 sebanyak points . In addition, the soil from the
l 00 titik. pit test can also be taken for
Selain itu, tanah hasil test pit dapat laboratory test.
juga diambil untuk dilakukan uji l) Pit Test for the pavement system
laboratorium. layering
l) Test Pit untuk layering system This type is used to determine
perkerasan the pavement system layering
Jenis test pit ini digunakan and usually carried out on the
untuk mengetahui layering edges of the pavement. This
system perkerasan don test pit is conducted on overlay
biasanya dilakukan pada pada work. In addition, soil from the
pinggir perkerasan . Test pit ini test pit can be taken for
dilakukan pada pekerjaan laboratory testing .
overlay . Selain itu, tanah hasil
test pit dapat juga diambil
untuk dilakukan u11
laboratorium .
2) Test Pit untuk kriteria tanah 2) Pit test for landfill criteria
timbunan This type of pit test is used to
Jenis test pit m1 digunakan determine the quality of soil
untuk mengetahui kualitas material that will later be used
material tanah yang nantinya as landfill. Soil samples from
akan digunakan sebagai pit tests will be taken to the
timbunan . Sampel tanah hasil laboratory for testing:
test pit akan dibawa ke • Filter, Hydrometer, [,.'
laboratorium untuk dilakukan Atterberg Limits to identify
pengujian : the soil classification based
• Saringan, Hydrometer, don on USCS and MSHTO;
Atterberg Limits untuk • Compaction Modified
menentukan klasifikasi Proctor-ASTM D 1557;
tanah berdasarkan USCS • Soaked and unsoaked CBR-
don MSHTO; ASTM D 1883 .
• Compaction Modified
Proctor-ASTM D 155 7;
• Soaked don unsoaked CBR-
ASTM D 1883.
h. Pekerjaan di Laboratorium h. Laboratory Work
Pengambilan undisturbed soil Sampling of undisturbed soil
sample terdiri atas: consists of:
l) Pengeboran hingga l) Drilling to a depth of 20 m the
kedalaman 20 m jumlah number of undisturbed samples
undisturbed sample adalah is 260 tubes ( 130 points with 2
260 tabung (2 tabung 130 titik) tubes at each point)
2) Pengeboran hingga 2) Drilling to a depth of 40 m the
kedalaman 40 m jumlah number of undisturbed samples
undisturbed sample adalah is 150 tubes (7 5 points with 2
150 tabung (2 tabung 75 titik) tubes at each point)
Dengan diperolehnya sampel tanah By obtaining soil samples, the
maka tes laboratorium dilakukan laboratory tests carried out include :
untuk seluruh jumlah sampel
• Properties Index;
sebagai berikut:
• Hydrometer and Filter Test;
• lndeks Properties;
• Atterberg limits;
• Pengujian Hydrometer don
• Triaxial UU and CU Texting for
Saringan ;
clay and silt;
• Atterberg limits;
• Direct slide testing for sand;
• Pengujian Triaxial UU don CU
• Compaction Testing (Modified
untuk lempung don lanau;
Proctor) ;
• Pengujian geser langsung
• Consolidation Test;
untuk pasir;
• Permeability Test.
• Pengujian pemadatan
All tests in the field and laboratory
(Modified Proctor);
must be carried out in accordance
• Pengujian konsolidasi
with the latest ASTM and/or SNI
(Consolidation test) ;
• Pengujian permeabilitas
(Permeability test).
Semua pengujian di lapangan don
laboratorium harus dilakukan
sesuai dengan standard ASTM
dan/atau SNI yang terakhir.
Jumlah Core box disiapkan soma
dengan jumlah jumlah undisturbed
1. Survey Quarry 1. Survey Quarry
Pengambilan sampel pada lokasi Sampling at the location of the
rencana studi don sumber material study plan and source of material
(quarry); Jumlah quarry minimum 2 (quarry); The number of quarries is
(duo) disesuaikan dengan a minimum of 2 (two) adjusted to
kebutuhan menurut engineering the needs according to engineering
iudgment oleh konsultan (penyedia judgment from consultants (service
jasa) don dilakukan uji lab material providers) . Each quarry sample
quarry. Setiap sampel quarry harus must be tested:
diuji: 1) Sieve Analysis, Hydrometer,
1) Analisa aringan, Hydrometer, and Atterberg Limits to specify
don Atterberg Limits untuk soil classification based on
menentukan klasifikasi tanah USCS don MSHTO;
berdasarkan USCS don 2) Compaction Modified Proctor-
2) Compaction Modified Proctor- 3) Soaked and unsoaked CBR-
ASTM D 1557; ASTM D 1883 .
3) Soaked don unsoaked CBR- All tests in the field and laboratory
ASTM D 1883 must be carried out in accordance
Semua pengujian di lapangan don with the latest ASTM and/or SNI
laboratorium harus dilakukan standards .
sesua1 dengan standard ASTM
dan/atau SNI yang terakhir.


1.2.1 Tujuan 1.2.1 Objective;
Survey lalu lintas dilakukan pada jalur Traffic surveys are carried out along the
aksesibilitas area rencana accessibility path of the site plan. The
pembangunan . Tujuan survey ini untuk purpose of this survey is to provide
memberikan informasi atau gambaran information or a comprehensive picture
secara menyeluruh mengenai: of:
a. Kapasitas don density dari lalu a. Capacity and density of existing
lintas jalur aksesibiltas eksisting; accessibility traffic;
b. Kapasitas don density dari lalu b . The capacity and density of
lintas jalur aksesibiltas rencana accessibility traffic to the
pengembangan; construction plan;
c. Rekomendasi aksesibilitas terhadap c. Accessibility recommendations for
rencana pengembangan Terminal Terminal 4 construction plans.

1.2.2 Tahap Pelaksanaan 1.2.2 Implementation Phase Survey lapangan 1.2.2 .1 Field Survey, consist of:
Survey lapangan yang harus a. Traffic counting;
dilakukan adalah sebagai berikut: b. Origin-Destination survey;
a. Traffic counting terklasifikasi; c. Vehicle speed survey.
b. Survey asal tujuan; 1.2.2 .2 Data Analysis
c. Survey kecepatan kendaraan . a. Input data input/traffic
Analisa Data generation;
a . Input data masukan/bangkitan b. Traffic data analysis usrng
lalu lintas; software;
b . Analisa data lalu lintas c. Software Analysis Results .
menggunakan software; l .2.2 .3 Traffic Survey Report:
c. Hasil Analisa software . a . Survey results are presented rn
l .2 .2 .3 Laporan survey lalu lintas : the form of animated traffic
a. Hasil survey yang telah movements;
dilakukan disajikan dalam b. Picture of the existing
bentuk animasi pergerakan lalu accessibility network;
lintas; c. Use of appropriate accessibility
b. Gambar jaringan aksesibiltas network recommendations.
c. Rekomendasi jaringan
aksesibiltas yang tepat


Survey maskapai untuk mengetahui Airlines Survey is to find out the number
jumlah maskapai yang berada di of airlines operating at Soekarno-Hatta
Bandara lnternasional Soekarno - hatta International Airport in order to know the
sehingga dapat diketahui tipe pesawat type of aircraft used and the number of
yang digunakan don jumlah penumpang passengers registered . This airline survey
yang terdaftar . Survey maskapi ini juga is also expected to know the development
diharapkan dapat diketahui rencana plans to be carried out by the airlines in
pengembangan yang akan dilakukan the addition of aircraft, narrow & wide
pihak maskapai dalam penambahan body changes and the aircraft routes.
pesawat, perubahan jenis pesawat Survey airline results data can be used as
(narrow & wide body) don rute pesawat basic data for terminal capacity planning
yang digunakan. Data hasil survey and number of apron parking stands .
maskapai ini dapat digunakan sebagai
acuan untuk perencanaan kapasitas
terminal don jumlah apron parking

1.4. l Survey perilaku penumpang 1.4. l Behavior Survey
Survey perilaku penumpang adalah Behavior Survey is a survey to find out
survey yang dilakukan untuk the habits of passengers in the
mengetahui kebiasaan dari Soekarno Hatta International Airport
penumpang yang berada di area area. The expected data is the number
Bandara lnternasional Soekarno Hatta . of passengers with the following
Data yang diharapkan berupa jumlah probability parameters:
penumpang dengan probabilitas a . Mode of transportation used;
parameter sebagai berikut: b . Spending Money (Tenant or other
a. Moda transportasi yang digunakan; commercial areas);
b. Spending money (tenant atau area C. Look Arround Terminal;
komersial lainnya); d. Check in time;
c. Look Arround Terminal; e. Visitors;
d. Waktu check in; f. Other data needed for this
e Pengunjung; planning .
f . Data lainnya yang diperlukan untuk
perencanaan ini.

1.4.2 Profil Penumpang 1.4.2 Passenger Profiling

Passenger Profiling adalah survey yang Passenger Profiling is a survey to find
dilakukan untuk mengetahui profil out the passenger profile, both at
penumpang baik melakukan proses departure and arrival area at Soekarno
keberangkatan maupun kedatangan di Hatta International Airport. The
area Bandara lnternasional Soekarno- expected data can be used as
Hatta. Data yang diharapkan dapat operational simulation data in the
digunakan sebagai data simulasi terminal area in order to optimise the
operasional di area terminal sehingga space function of the terminal area.
dapat mengoptimalkan fungsi ruang di The data resulted are as follows :
area terminal. Data yang dihasilkan a. Age;
sebagai berikut: b. Gender;
a . Usia; c. Trip purpose (business, vacation or
b. Jenis Kelamin; another purpose);
c. Tujuan perjalanan (bisnis, liburan d . Check-in method;
atau tujuan lainnya); e. Hand Carry, Lugage, Baggage;
d . Metode check-in yang digunakan; f. Other data needed for this
e. Hand carry, lugage, bagasi; planning .
f . Data lainnya yang diperlukan untuk
perencanaan 1n1.


Focus Group Discussion merupakan Focus Group Discussion is a means of

sarana untuk proses pengumpulan collecting concepts and ideas from

konsep don ide-ide baik dari pengguna airport service users, passengers, airlines

jasa bandara, penumpang, airline and stakeholders to produce concepts

maupun stakeholder sehingga didapat and ideas that can provide input related
konsep don ide yang dapat memberikan to the Terminal 4 planning at Soekarno

masukan terkait dengan perencanaan Hatta International Airport. This Focus

Terminal 4 Bandara lnternasional Group Discussion is carried out for at

Soekarno-Hatta. Focus Group Discussion least 3 (three) times by Consultant as the

ini dilakukan sebanyak minimal 3 (tiga) Event Organiser that provides and

kali acara dengan Konsultan Perencana prepares both 1n terms of the event,

Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional material, facilities and accommodation.

Soekarno-Hatta sebagai Event Organizer

yang menyediakan don mempersiapkan
baik dari sisi acara, materi, fasilitas don
akomodasinya .


Kegiatan Benchmarking dilaksanakan Benchmarking activities are carried out in
dalam rangka manajemen strategis the framework of strategic management
untuk mengukur don membandingkan to m·easure and compare with airports
dengan airport yang telah beroperasi that have been operating and
don mengimpementasi teknologi yang implementing technology that will be
akan direncanakan dalam perencanaan planned in this plan and are expected to
1 don diharapkan dapat mendapat receive some data that includes:
informasi beberapa data yang meliputi: a . Terminal Layout;
a . Layout terminal; 6. Operational Concept;
6. Konsep operasional; c. Implementation of Technology and its
c. lmplementasi teknologi don integrasi integration with other facilities;
dengan fasilitas lain ; d. Airport Services Implementation;
d. lmplementasi airport services; e. Aiport Maintenance Implementation;
e. lmplementasi airport maintenance; f. Security & Safety;
f. Security & Safety; g . Commercial Concept;
g . Commercial Concept; h. Concepts, facilities and other
h. Konsep, fasilitas don Teknologi technologies needed .
lainnya yang dibutuhkan.

1.6 . l Kegiatan Benchmark dilakukan di l .6 .1 Benchmark activities are carried out at

bandara yang memiliki kapasitas airports that have a minimum capacity
minimal 40 juta penumpang per tahun of 40 million passengers per annum
don telah beroperasi don diikuti oleh and have been operating and involving
l O (sepuluh) orang dari PT. Angkasa l O (ten) people from PT. Angkasa Pura
Pura II (Persero) don stakeholder II (Persero) and related stakeholders for
terkait selama 5 (limo) hari kalender di 5 (five) calendar days outside the travel
luar waktu perjalanan . time .

1.6.2 Seluruh biaya selama pelaksanaan l .6.2 All costs during the Benchmark
Benchmark meliputi transportasi (tiket implementation include transportation
pesawat dari Jakarta ke negara tempat (return flight ticket from Jakarta to the
bandara yang dituju P/P), State with the designated airport),
akomodasi/hotel setara bintang 4 accommodation/hotel equivalent to 4
(empat), uang travel
saku, PSC, (four) stars, pocket money, PSC, travel
insurance, pembuatan visa untuk l 0 insurance, visa making for l O (ten)
(sepuluh) orang peserta benchmark, benchmark participants 1s on
menjadi tanggung jawab Pelaksana Consultant Responsibilities .
Pekerjaan .

1.6.3 Materi benchmark meliputi agenda l .6.3 Benchmark material includes the
selama kegiatan benchmark, target agenda during benchmark activities,
area bandara yang akan dituju, don airport target areas, and person in
person in charge dari bandara yang charge from the target airport for
akan dilakukan benchmark harus benchmark must be provided in full
diberikan secara lengkap don detil. and in detail.

1.6.4 Waktu pelaksanaan benchmark adalah 1.6.4 The time for implementing the
sebelum atau dalam proses Benchmark 1s before or within the
penyusunan conceptual design don process of drafting a conceptual design
diajukan kepada PT. Angkasa Pura II and submitted it to PT. Angkasa Pura II
(Persero) untuk disetujui . (Persero) for approval.

1.6.5 Pelaksana Pekerjaan harus 1.6.5 Consultant (Service Provider) must

mencantumkan jadwal perjalanan include a travel schedule including
termasuk transit don hotel tempat transit and hotel where the Benchmark
pelaksanaan benchmark maksimal 2 is carried out a maximum of 2 (two)
~duo) minggu sebelum pelaksanaan. weeks pc;odo ;rnplernentat;on. \ q.· /.

\ \ It 1;: t/
Dalam penyusunan desain perencanaan In the preparation of the Terminal 4 planning
terhadap Terminal 4 don fasilitas design and its supporting facilities, the stages
pendukungnya, tahapan perencanaan dapat can be started by making a conceptual
dimulai dengan membuat konseptual desain explanation of the design related to the
yang dapat menjelaskan terkait skema development scheme.
pengembangan . Conceptual design needs to have clarity about
Konseptual desain perlu memiliki kejelasan all data and information from service users and
mengenai semua data don informasi dari other related parties regarding development
pengguna jasa maupun pihak lain yang terkait needs and requirements .
tentang kebutuhan don persyaratan At this stage design preparations include
pembangunan. examining all data and information, making
Pada tahap mi dilakukan persiapan analysis, and processing data .
perancangan meliputi pemeriksaan seluruh At this stage it is divided into 2 parts :
data don informasi, membuat analisis, don a. Design Program
pengolahan data . Compiled based on the processing of
Pada tahap ini dibagi menjadi 2 bagian : primary and secondary data to reach the
a. Program Rancangan limits of project objectives and constraints .
Disusun berdasarkan pengolahan data b. Design Concept
primer maupun sekunder untuk mencapai Rationale and consideration of all related
batasan tujuan proyek don kendala. fields to produce design ideas that
b. Konsep Rancangan accommodate all aspects of project needs,
Dasar pemikiran don pertimbangan goals, costs, and constraints .
semua bidang terkait untuk menghasilkan Some parameters that must be included in the
gagasan rancangan yang menampung conceptual design are not limited to:
semua aspek kebutuhan, tujuan, biaya, a. Terminal capacity with planned LOS (level
don kendala proyek. of Service);
Adapun untuk beberapa parameter yang harus b. The concept of the terminal building is
dimuat di dalam konseptual desain tidak seen in terms of architecture and interior;
terbatas pada: c. The concept of building structure for
a. Kapasitas terminal dengan LOS (Level of terminal facilities and air side facilities;
Service) yang direncanakan; d. Operation flow and processing time of
b. Konsep bangunan terminal dilihat dari passengers and all stakeholders in the
segi arsitektur don interior; Terminal 4 development area, with
C. Konsep struktur bangunan untuk fasilitas landside and airside operations;
terminal don fasilitas sisi udara; e. The ratio of all mandatory and supporting
d. Operation flow processing time
don facilities within the terminal building,
penumpang don seluruh stakeholder yang including check-in, boarding lounges,
berada di kawasan pengembangan commercial areas, public facilities and
Terminal 4, dengan kegiatan operasi di supporting facilities, and other facilities;
area sisi darat maupun di sisi udara; f. All EME facilities and equipment will be
e. Rosio semua fasilitas mandatory don applied, both for mandatory facilities and
penunjang di dalam gedung terminal, supporting facilities compatible with the
diantaranya check-in area, boarding smart connected airport concept;
lounge area, commercial area, fasilitas g. Explaining the design of mandatory
umum don fasilitas penunjang, don infrastructure and other supporting
fasilitas lainnya; infrastructure needed in the operational
f. Semua fasilitas don peralatan EME yang activities of Terminal 4 and other
kan diterapkan, baik untuk fasilitas supporting facilities;
mandatory don untuk fosilitos pendukung h. Accessibility concept for all landside modes
yang sesuoi dengon konsep smart and airside movement.
connected airport; 1. The concept of terminal functions
g. Menjeloskon terkoit desoin infrostruktur (Domestic / International) and efficient
mandatory don infrostruktur pendukung terminal form concepts
loinnyo yang diperlukon dolom kegioton (pier,satellite,linear,hybrid or another)
operasionol Terminal 4 don fosilitos
pendukung lainnya;
h. Konsep aksesibilitas untuk semua moda di
sisi darat don pergerakan di sisi udara .
1. Konsep fungsi terminal
{Domestik/lnternasional) don konsep
bentuk terminal yang efisien
{pier/satelit/linier/hybrid dll)


DESIGN & DESIGN DEVELOPMENT) At this stage it is divided into 2 work processes
Pada tahap ini dibagi menjadi 2 proses kerja that must be carried out:
yang harus dilaksanakan : a. Schematic Design
a. Tahap Prarancangan Schematic design 1s based on the
Didasarkan pada konseptual yang telah conceptual design that has been
dilaksanakan. Pada tahap 1n1 sudah completed. At this stage, architectural
terbentuk gubahan arsitektur dalam compositions have been formed as
bentuk gambar-gambar nilai fungsional outlined in functional value drawings,
dalam bentuk diagram-diagram, don diagrams and other qualitative and
aspek kualitatif lainnya serta aspek quantitative aspects, such as estimates of
kuantitatif seperti perkiraan luas lantai, floor area, use of materials, construction
penggunaan bahan, sistem konstruksi, systems, costs and timing of construction .
biaya don waktu pelaksanaan, dalam the results of this stage are presented in
bentuk laporan don gambar. Sasaran the form of schematic reports and
tahap ini adalah untuk: drawings . The objectives of this stage are :
1) Mendapatkan penjelasan lebih rinci 1) Get a more detailed explanation of the
dari konsep rancangan . conceptual design.
2) Mendapatkan polo don gubahan 2) Get the pattern and composition of the
bentuk rancangan, waktu design form , the shortest construction
pembangunan yang paling singkat, time, and the most economical cost.
don biaya paling ekonomis . 3) Explain the harmony and integration
3) Menunjukkan keselarasan don with other supporting facilities .
keterpaduan integrasi dengan fosilitas b. Design Development
penunjang lainnya . This stage is carried out to determine the
b. Tahap Pengembangan Rancangan following:
Tahap ini dilaksonakan untuk menentukan 1) Construction systems and building
hal-hal sebogai berikut: structures, mechanical-electrical
1) Sistem konstruksi don struktur systems, and other related disciplines
bangunan, sistem mekanikal-elektrikal, by considering feasibility separately or
serta disiplin terkait lainnya dengon in an integrated manner.
mempertimbangkan kelayakan don 2) Building materials will be explained in
kelaikannya baik terpisah maupun outline by considering the value of
ecara terpadu . benefits, availability of material~ . //4

\ ~fa-1//
2) Bohan bangunan akan dijelaskan construction, and economic value .
secara garis besar dengan 3) Estimated construction costs will be
mempertimbangkan nilai manfaat, prepared based on the building
ketersedi aa n bahan, konstruksi, don system, then presented in drawings,
nilai ekonomi . diagrams and written reports .
3) Perkiraan biaya konstruksi akan Referring to the Basic Design of Bandara
disusun berdasarkan sistem bangunan, lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
kesemuanya disajikan dalam bentuk Development Phase II document, planning
gambar, diagram, don laporan for terminal 4 must be able to
tertulis. accommodate a capacity of 40 Million
Dokumen Basic Design Pengembangan Anual Per Year and planning an apron
Bandara lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta Tahap must have a configuration of at least 40
II bahwa perencanaan terminal 4 diharuskan contact parking stands .
mampu menampung kapasitas 40 JPT don
perencanaan apron memiliki konfigurasi
minimal 40 contact parking stand, dapat
dijadikan sebagai referensi perancangan.


Dalam penyusunan basic design untuk PHASE II DOCUMENT
perencanaan Terminal 4 ini, dapat Basic design preparation for terminal 4
dimulai dengan melakukan review planning can be started by reviewing
terhadap dokumen Basic Design 2 the Basic Design of Bandara
Bandara lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
yang telah dilakukan pada tahun Development Phase II document that
2015. Adapun parameter untuk was conducted in 2015 . The
penyusunan basic design tidak terbatas parameters for basic design
pada: preparation are not limited to :
3.1. l. l Perencanaan Sisi Udara 3.1. l. l Airside Planning
Kapasitas sisi udara dengan 2 Airside capacity of 2 existing
runway existing melebihi batas runways exceeds the theoretical
kapasitas teoritis yaitu 60 capacity limit of 60 movements per
pergerakan per jam. Data dari hour. Based on the DGCA's data, it
DAU pada tahun 2015 telah had reached more than 70 aircraft
mencapai melebihi 70 pergerakan movements per hour in 2015 so a
pesawat per jam sehingga fast, optimal and effective
diperlukan proses pergerakan yang movement process on the airside of
cepat, optimal don efektif di sisi Terminal 4 Soekarno Hatta
udara Terminal 4 Bandara International Airport was needed.
lnternasional Soekarno Hatta. Landside Planning
3.1 . l.2 Perencanaan Sisi Dorat Landside Planning includes the work
Perencanaan sisi darat mencakup of planning the Terminal, Parking,
pekerjaan perencanaan terminal, Supporting and Accessibility
parkir, fasilitas penunjang don Facilities that support the Terminal
aksesibilitas yang menun1ang 4 operation. The integrated
operasional Terminal 4. lntegrasi passengers flow at the terminal with
antar flow penumpang dalam accessibility outside the terminal is ,/
,. • In,
terminal dengan aksisibilitas di luar an important parameter in the
terminal menjadi parameter yang planning process .
penting dalam proses
perencanaan .
Pada ta hap lnl, dilakukan
presentasi ke Pemberi Tugas untuk
memperoleh persetujuan, dijadikan
dasar ke tahap perijinan,
pengembangan desain dan
perencanaan arsitektural


Kapasitas Terminal yang direncanakan Terminal Capacity as planned in
dalam Terminal 4 Bandara Terminal 4 Soekarno-Hatta
lnternasional Soekarno - Hatta ini International Airport must have a
harus memiliki kapasitas minimum 40 minimum capacity of 40 million
juta penumpang per tahun dengan passengers per annum which is
Level of Services yang diharapkan supported by an optimum level of
optimum sesuai standar dalam ADRM services that complies with the
l 0th Edition pada saat dioperasikan standards in the ADRM l 0th Edition
dan kapasitas parking stand untuk and the capacity of the parking stand
apronnya memiliki jumlah minimum apron has at least 40 contact parking
40 contact parking stand . stands.


Analisa kajian lalu lintas secara The necessary comprehensive traffic
komprehensif terkait dengan sirkulasi assessment analysis related to the
pergerakan lalu lintas, kebutuhan traffic movement circulation, additional
infrastruktur tambahan, manajemen infrastructure requirements, traffic
lalu lintas, dan kajian kebutuhan management, and study of
moda transportasi dari dan menuju transportation modes from and to the
Rencana Terminal 4 Bandara Terminal 4 Plan at Soekarno Hatta
lnternasional Soekarno -Hatta dengan International Airport supported with
analisis yang detail termasuk analisis detailed analysis including analysis of
penyediaan pelayanan perpindahan the passenger service that provides
penumpang di dalam bandara yang convenience and minimum traffic
nyaman dan meminimalisasi disruption . It is necessary to consider in
gangguan lalu lintas. Analisis yang the analysis the infrastructure
dilakukan 1uga harus development from and to Soekarno
memperhitungkan pengembangan Hatta Airport by other agencies such as
infrastruktur dari dan ke Bandara the toll roads, non-toll roads, airport
Soekarno Hatta yang akan dibangun train, express trains, LRT developments
oleh instansi lainnya seperti and others.
pengembangan jalan tol,
pengembangan jalan non tol, KRL
bandara, kereta express, LRT, dan
moda transportasi lainnya .
3.2.1 Gagasan/tema arsitektur secara 3.2 . 1 Overall architectural ideas/themes in

keseluruhan di area pengembangan the development area and their

serta kesatuannya dengan tema coherence with the architectural theme
arsitektur di area eksisting; in the existing area;

3.2.2 Gagasan/tema arsitektur bangunan 3 .2 .2 Ideas/themes of terminal building

terminal don bangunan penunjang; architecture and supporting buildings;

3.2 .3 Mendesain kebutuhan data luas & 3 .2 .3 Designing broad data & capacity
kapasitas don polo sirkulasi; requirements and circulation patterns;

3.2.4 Tata letak//ayout secara terukur, yang 3 .2.4 Measured Layout, which consists of:
terdiri dari : a . Measured position In each
a. Posisi terukur pada tiap area development area for the master
pengembangan terhadap plan;
masterplan; b. Measured layout In each
b. Layout terukur pada masing- development area which consists of
masing area pengembangan yang a conceptual block plan, site plan,
terdiri dari block plan, site plan, plan, view, and piece .
denah, tampak, don potongan c. Gate Management System.
secara konseptual.
c. Gate Management System. 3 .2.5 Mass/form building concept;

3.2 .5 Konsep massa/bentuk bangunan; 3 .2 .6 Circulation concept;

3.2.6 Konsep sirkulasi don wayfinding 3.2.7 Concept of connecting buildings for
design; supporting facilities such as PMS
stations and other facilities;
3.2.7 Konsep penghubung bangunan
terhadap fasilitas penunjang seperti 3 .2.8 Three dimension-impressions drawing
stasiun PMS serta fasilitas lainnya; of the area, the exterior of each
development area, and others as a
3 .2.8 Penggambaran impresi secara 3 whole;
dimensi terhadap kawasan secara
keseluruhan, eksterior tiap area 3 .2.9 Conceptual material scheme;
pengembangan, don lainnya;
3.2. l O Structuring the function of space and
3.2.9 Skema material secara konseptual; passengers flow by considering the
security and reliability of the airport
3.2.10 Penataan fungsi ruang, don flow/alur operations;
penumpang dengan mempertimbang-
kan keamanan don kehandalan 3.2.1 l Special lighting concept;
operasional bandara;
3 .2 .12 Service Science to get the concept of
3.2.11 Konsep special lighting. passenger entertainment & passenger
3.2 . 12 Service Science untuk mendapatkan
konsep passenger entertainment & 3 .2 .13 Architectural details design;
passenger facilities.
3.2 .13 Perancangan detail-detail arsitektur; 3 .2.14 Technical calculation of space
3.2.14 Perhitungan teknis kebutuhan ruang;
3 .2.15 Explanation of basic design
3.2.15 Penjelasan konsep/gagasan dasar concepts/ideas on development;
desain terhadap pengembangan;
3 .2 .16 Development phasing planning;
3.2.16 Perencanaan pentahapan pemba-
ngunan .


Terdiri dari: Consists of:
3 .3. l Panduan desain interior/ Interior 3.3. l Interior Design Guideline;
Design Guideline;
3.3.2 Signage concept;
3.3.2 Konsep signage;
3 .3 .3 Material selection, furniture design,
3.3 .3 Pemilihan material, desain furniture, ornament design concept;
konsep desain ornamen;
3.3.4 Other interior concepts needed.
3 .3.4 Konsep interior lainnya yang


Konsep lansekap antar area harus The concept of landscape between areas
berkesinambungan dalam satu tema, must be sustainable in one theme, but the
namun pengembangan dari masing- development of each area is adjusted to
masing area disesuaikan dengan konsep the concept of building design
desain bangunannya The concept of the theme, is:
Konsep tema Lansekap pada area setiap a. Include softscape and hardscape;
Pengembangan baik di s1s1 darat b . Landscape interior and exterior;
maupun di sisi udara, berupa : c. The concept of selecting land cover
a. Termasuk Softscape maupun types;
hard scape; d. The concept of landscape placement
b. Interior Landscape maupun eksterior; both interior and exterior
c. Konsep pemilihan jenis tumbuhan e. The concept of planting method;
penutup lahan; f. The concept of water and drainage;
d. Konsep perletakan landscape baik g. The concept of maintenance.
interior maupun eksterior;
e. Konsep metode penanaman; 3.5 ACCESIBILITY & PARKING AREA
f. Konsep pengairan don drainase; CONCEPT
g. Konsep maintenance. Parking planning and accessibility job
includes the following steps :
3 .5 KONSEP AKSESIBILITAS DAN AREA a . Smart parking system that is modern
PARKIR and up-to-date technology;
Pekerjaan perencanaan parkir don b. Planning concept of Managing
aksesibilitas, meliputi konsep sebagai Office, waiting room for accessibility
beokut: drivers, Pedestrian and Plaza, at ;/

,, ~ : if ~
a. Sistem smart parking yang modern other facilities deemed necessary.
don berteknologi terkini; c. Accessibility concept when work
b. Konsep perencanaan kantor begins and after the building is built
pengelola, ruang tunggu supir, d. Access of enter and exit out of the
aksesibilitas, pedestrian don plaza terminal
serta fasilitas lainnya yang dianggap e. The concept of access and flow of
perlu. passengers from transfer between
c. Konsep aksesibilitas saat pekerjaan modes
dimulai don setelah bangunan f. Access of the parking gate
terbangun g . The concept of street lighting
d. Akses keluar masuk terminal h. Accessibility planning is able to serve
e. Konsep akses don alur penumpang the largest PKP-PK vehicle dimensions
dari perpindahan antar moda when moving on the service road and
f. Akses parking gate at the public area location can be
g. Konsep penerangan jalan passed by PKP-PK city fire category;
h. Perencanaan aksesibilitas mampu 1. Transport and traffic management.
melayani dimensi kendaraan PKP-PK
terbesar pada saat pergerakan di
service road don pada lokasi public
area mampu dilewati oleh
kendaraan PKP-PK kategori city fire;
1. Transport & traffic management.


Konsep struktur yaitu penjelasan The structure concept is an explanation
perencanaan dasar terhadap sistem about basic planning for the structure
struktur baik terhadap bangunan seperti system both for buildings such as the
bagian struktur structure,
bawah/sub lower structure/sub structure, middle
struktur tengah/ middle structure, don structure and upper structure, and the air
struktur atas/upper structure, maupun side and infrastructure as a whole.
terhadap sisi udara don juga sarana The structure concept must be made with
infrastruktur secara keseluruhan. regard to earthquake and wind loads in
Konsep struktur harus memperhatikan the area, as well as paying attention to
beban gempa don angin dalam the following matters:
kawasan tersebut, serta memperhatikan a. Soil improvement method should be
hal-hal sebagai berikut: in accordance with the largest plan
a. Metode perbaikan tanah yang sesuai aircraft type, efficient, and operated
dengan 1en1s pesawat rencana for convenience and safety first.
terbesar, efisien, don mengutamakan b. The layer of the pavement structure of
keselamatan don kenyamanan dari all facilities is according to the plan's
sisi operasional. aircraft.
b. Lapisan struktur pavement seluruh c. The building structures system.
fasilitas sesuai pesawat rencana. d . Airfield planning & engineering,
c. Sistem struktur bangunan. aircraft parking system.
d. Airfield planning & engineering, e. The structure that gives no
aircraft parking system interference with airport operations.
e. Struktur yang tidak mengganggu f. The structure that can accommodate
kegiatan operasional bandara. equipment installation.
f. Struktur yang dapat mengakomodasi g. The structure that can anticipate
·nstalasi peralatan. building development.
g. Struktur yang dapat mengantisipasi h. Safety area boundaries for Obstacle
pengembangan bangunan . Limitation Surface (OLS).
h. Batas-batas Kawasan Keselamatan I. Geometric structures and methods
Operasi Penerbangan (KKOP). that can also anticipate the
I. Geometrik struktur don metode yang development.
juga dapat mengantasipasi I· Tunnel System.
pengembangan .
I· Tunnel System.
Ducting utility is designed in the form of
Ducting utility didesain dalam bentuk
tunnels containing IT, electronics,
tunnel (terowongan) yang berisi
electrical and mechanical equipment
peralatan IT, elektronika, elektrikal don
such as cable and pipe networks both
mekanikal seperti jaringan kabel don
inside the building and in the Terminal 4
pipa baik di dalam gedung maupun di
area of Soekarno-Hatta International
kawasan Terminal 4 Bandara
Airport. Ducting utility is designed for
lnternasional Soekarno Hatta. Ducting
ease of maintenance, integration with
utility didesain agar memudahkan dalam
existing networks, and for easy
pelaksanaan perawatan fasilitas,
terintegrasi dengan jaringan eksisting,
don mudah dikembangkan.

Planning for the mechanical field
Perencanaan untuk bidang mekanikal
meliputi :
3.8.1 Concept of Transport inside Building;
3.8 .1 Konsep Transportasi Dalam Gedung
Transport inside Building aims to
Transportasi dalam gedung bertujuan
accelerate passenger movements and
untuk mempercepat pergerakan
function to shorten the travel time of
penumpang ~J don berfungsi
passengers since they arrive at the
memperpendek waktu temp uh
airport until they enter the plane . The
penumpang dari mulai tiba di bandara
system for the transport inside building
hingga masuk ke pesawat.
is designed by taking account of the
Perancangan sistem transportasi
effectiveness of its use in terms of
dalam gedung mempertimbangkan
designation and needs adjusted to the
efektivitas dalam penggunaan dilihat
number of users in the building.
dari segi peruntukkan don kebutuhan
disesuaikan dengan jumlah pengguna
dalam gedung.

3.8.2 Concept of handling passenger

3 .8.2 Konsep penanganan bagasi
pen um pang
Designing passenger baggage
Perancangan sistem penanganan
handling systems both for the
bagasi penumpang baik
departure and arrival by applying
keberangkatan maupun kedatangan
technology updates to ensure accuracy
dengan penerapan update teknologi
and speed in handling passenger
untuk menjamin ketepatan don
kecepatan dalam penanganan bagasi
penumpang .

3.8 .3 The concept of fire hazard~ • /

3.8.3 Konsep penanggulangan/ countermeasures/handling
penanganan terhadap bahaya The concept of fire prevention for the
kebakaran Terminal 4 area must be able to
Konsep penanggulangan bahaya protect the area, buildings, equipment
kebakaran untuk kawasan Terminal 4 and its inhabitants from the threat of
harus mampu melindungi kawasan, fire. Some criteria that must be
bangunan, peralatan dan considered include :
penghuninya dari ancaman a. Fire suppression systems must be
kebakaran. Beberapa kriteria yang able to serve all parts of the area
harus diperhatikan diantaranya and buildings.
adalah : b . The concept of fire hazards
a. Sistem pemadam kebakaran harus handling is equipped with facilities
dapat melayani seluruh bagian that allow the participation of the
kawasan dan bangunan . local fire department in dealing with
b. Konsep penanganan bahaya it.
kebakaran dilengkapi fasilitas yang c. The concept of a fire hazard
memungkinkan partisipasi dinas handling system for terminal
pemadam kebakaran wilayah buildings should be reliable, safe
setempat dalam for equipment, officers and airport
penanggulangannya . service users.
c. Konsep sistem penanganan bahaya d. The concept of the fire suppression
kebakaran untuk bangunan installation distribution network.
terminal yang handal, aman bagi e. Concept of access/evacuation
peralatan, petugas dan pengguna routes in an emergency.
jasa bandara .
d. Konsep jaringan distribusi instalasi
pemadam kebakaran.
e. Konsep Akses / jalur evakuasi
dalam keadaan darurat.

3.8.4 Konsep Pemenuhan Kebutuhan Air 3.8.4 The concept of the provision of clean
Bersih dan Air Minum and drinking water needs
Pembuatan konsep rencana Creation of the planning concept for
pemenuhan kebutuhan air bersih meeting the clean and drinking water
maupun air minum yang diperlukan needs for operational activities at the
untuk kegiatan operasional area Terminal 4 area, the concept of a
Terminal 4, konsep jaringan distribusi reliable distribution network, alternative
yang handal, alternative sumber air clean water sources and the selection
bersih yang dapat digunakan serta of a backup supply system to maintain
pemilihan system back up suplai air continuity of clean water supply at the
bersih untuk menjaga kontinuitas Terminal 4 area .
suplai air bersih di kawasan Terminal

3.8.5 Konsep Pengelolaan Limbah Cair dan 3 .8 .5 The Concept of Liquid and Solid
Limbah Padat Wastes Management
Konsep pengelolaan limbah cair The concept of effective and optimal
maupun limbah padat yang tepat liquid and solid waste management in
guna dan optimal sehingga tidak order to not pollute the environment
rp enceman lingkungan dan and disrupt the operation of Terminal ~ i
~. tf ~'l'I
~"' ' . -o/
mengganggu operasional Terminal 4. 4 . Liquid and solid waste management
Pengelolaan limbah cair don limbah refer to the 3R system (Reduce, Reuse &
padat mengacu pada sistem 3R Recycle), thus, the production of liquid
(Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) sehingga and solid waste can be maximally re-
produksi limbah cair don limbah padat used.
dapat semaksimal mungkin
dimanfaatkan kembali.

3.8.6 Sistem Pemanfaatan Air Hujan: 3.8.6 Rainwater Utilisation System :

Konsep don desain pemanfaatan air The concept and design of rainwater
hujan sebagai salah satu alternatif utilisation as an alternative clean water
sumber air bersih (Rainwater source(Rainwater Harvesting)
Harvesting) yang terintegrasi dengan integrated with the terminal & regional
1anngan air bersih terminal & clean water network.

3.8.7 Sistem Tata Udara don Ventilasi 3.8.7 Air Conditioning System and
Rancangan sistem tata udara yang Ventilation
meliputi pengkondisian udara don The design of the air conditioning
ventilasi didasarkan pada konsep system which includes air conditioning
rancangan yang terpadu dengan and ventilation 1s based on an
konsep rancangan bidang lainnya integrated design concept with other
terutama dengan bidang arsitektural, field design concepts, particularly with
interior, tata cahaya serta penyediaan the architectural, interior, light
don distribusi daya listrik. management and electrical power
Selain itu kriteria serta ketentuan- supply and distribution fields.
ketentuan khusus yang dipersyaratkan, In addition, the specific required
baik yang menyangkut fungsi ruangan, criteria and conditions, either related to
sekuriti serta karakteristik pemakaian the function of the room, security and
setiap ruangan, biasanya digunakan characteristics of the use of each room,
sebagai pertimbangan utama dalam are particularly used as the main
perancangan bangunan gedung . consideration in building design.
Konsep rancangan sistem tata udara The design concept of the air
dibuat dengan menyesuaikan conditioning system 1s made by
beberapa acuan rancangan lain adjusting several other design
diantaranya: references including:
a. Orientasi bangunan; a. Building orientation;
b. Jenis don luas dinding bangunan; b. Building walls type and area;
c. Jenis don luas peralatan/material c. Type and extent of interior building
interior bangunan; equipment/material;
d. Jenis don luas jendela; d. Type and window area;
e. Fungsi don peruntukan ruangan; e. Room function and designation;
f. Perkiraan beban kalor lampu don f. The estimated heat load of lamps
peralatan lain; and other equipment;
g. Kondisi udara luar; g . Outdoor air condition;
h. Kondisi udara perancangan yang h. Design air conditions that are
disesuaikan dengan peraturan adapted to the applicable airport
yang berlaku untuk bandara; regulations;
1. Perkiraan jumlah hunian; 1. Estimated number of housings; 4·
Jalur utilitas EME lainnya yang I· Other relevant EME utility paths. /-

11 11~ i
\ { '1£) / ~'(\", r
bersinggungan. Planning Criteria:
Kriteria Perencanaan: a. Air Conditioning Systems are
a. Sistem Air Conditioning didesain designed to be energy efficient and
agar hemat energi dan handal. reliable .
b. Desain penempatan diffuser b. The diffuser placement design
disesuaikan dengan konsep should meet the architectural
arsitektur. concept.
c. Penempatan AHU didesain agar c. The placement of AHU is designed
diperoleh hasil pendinginan yang to obtain maximum cooling results
maksimal sehingga memenuhi so that it meets the target
target capaian suhu sesuai Level of temperature achievement according
Service. to Level of Service.
d. Sistem tata udara didesain dengan d . The air conditioning system ,s
menyesuaikan penggunaan designed by adjusting the use of
ruangan yang bervariasi sesurn various rooms according to the
ketentuan Level of Service. Level of Service provisions .
e. Sistem dapat diintegrasikan dengan e. The system can be integrated with
f. Pemilihan mes1n-mes1n utama f. The selection of the main engines of
sistem tata udara the air conditioning system
g. Fleksibilitas serta optimasi zoning g. The flexibility and optimisation of
dan distribusi udara atau air zoning and distribution of air or
dingin. cold water .

3.8.8 Fasilitas Pemeliharaan/ Maintenance 3.8.8 Facilities/Building Maintenance

Bangunan Maintenance facilities on the indoor
Fasilitas pemeliharaan pada sisi indoor and outdoor sides of the terminal
maupun outdoor bangunan terminal building must be designed to maintain
harus didesain untuk menjaga the performance, lifetime and
performa, lifetime dan kebersihan cleanliness of facilities and equipment
fasilitas dan peralatan di terminal at the terminal while paying attention
dengan tetap memperhatikan estetika to aesthetics and room architecture.
dan arsitektur ruangan.

3.8.9 Ground Support Equipment (GSE) 3.8.9 Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
GSE harus didesain agar dapat GSE must be designed for safe and
beroperasi secara aman dan efisien. efficient operation. Ground Equipment
Penempatan ground equipment placement is designed with reference to
didesain dengan mengacu pada the apron, parking stand and airport
rancangan apron, parking stand dan gate designs. The Ground Support
airport gate. Ground Support Equipment design includes ground
Equipment yang didesain meliputi power units, preconditioned air,
ground power unit, preconditioned air, potable water, blue water and sewage
potable water, blue water dan sewage water and must be integrated with
water serta harus terintegrasi dengan Airport Operation Data Base (AODB),
Airport Operation Data Base (AODB), Airport Operations Control Center
Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC) and Billing Systems of PT
(AOCC) dan Billing System PT Angkasa Angkasa Pura II (Persero) .
Pura II (Persero).

,~%-/ "J;/f ., I
3.8.10 Garbarata 3.8 . l 0 Aviobridge (Garbarata)
Garbarata didesain sebagai Garbarata is designed as a connecting
penghubung penumpang menuju ke passenger to the aircraft with priority to
pesawat dengan mengutamakan comfort thereby passengers are free
kenyamanan sehingga penumpang from hot weather, rain and wind .
terbebas dari cuaca panas, hujan dan Planning Criteria
angin. a . Block on-block off monitoring
Kriteria Perencanaan : integrated with IBMS and PT
a . Monitoring block on - block off ANGKASA PURA II (PERSERO)
terintegrasi dengan IBMS dan system billing
billing system PT ANGKASA PURA II b. Equipped with an • tr conditioning
(PERSERO) system that meets the target
b . Dilengkapi sistem tat• udara yang temperature according to Level of
memenuhi target capaian suhu Service.
sesuai Level of Service. c. Can serve aircraft types according
c. Dapat melayani tipe pesawat sesuai to the parking stand configuration .
konfigurasi parking stand . d. Equipped with a back up power
d. Dilengkapi dengan catu daya back supply .
up . e. Maintenance facilities are designed
e. Fasilitas maintenance didesain for maintenance needs .
untuk kebutuhan perawatan.


3.9 . l Sistem catu daya utama 3 .9 . l Main power supply system
Catu daya utama terminal 4 didapat Terminal 4's main power supply is
dari Power Station sesuai dengan Basic obtained from the Power Station in
Design Bandar• lnternasional accordance with the Bandar•
Soekarno-Hatta Tahap II. Catu daya lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta Basic
utama berasal dari PLN . Catu day• Design Phase II. The main power
utama didesain minimal berasal dari 2 supply comes from PLN . The main
penyulang yang berbeda . Desain catu power supply is designed to have at
day• utama perlu dihitung dengan least two different feeders. It ,s
mempertimbangkan beban Terminal 4 necessary to calculate the main power
dan fasilitas penunjang kawasan pada supply design by considering the load
tahap ultimate . of terminal 4 and regional supporting
Sesuai standar yang berlaku maka facilities at the ultimate stage .
tegangan nominal, variasi tegangan In accordance with applicable
dan pengaturan tegangan standards, nominal voltage, voltage
sebagaimana yang diuraikan di variation and voltage regulation as
bawah ,ni menjadi acuan dasar described below are the basic
perencanaan : reference for planning :
a . Sistem distribusi tegangan a . Medium Voltage Distribution
menengah : System :
• Tegangan Nominal : 20 kV • Nominal Voltage : 20 kV
• Drop Tegangan : ±5 % • Drop Voltage : ± 5 %
• Pengaturan Tegangan : ± 5 % • Voltage Settings : ± 5 %
• Sistem tiga • System : three phases
fas • Medium Voltage distribution systems
Sistem distribusi tegangan is designed reliable by using a
[!lenengah (medium voltage) redundant system to keep the !/
-\ ~
, \,,:-f 1
didesain handal dengan distribution of electric power run
menggunakan redundant system continuously. Distribution system is
sehingga distribusi tenaga listrik designed with protection systems
depot berlangsung secara kontinyu. and must be able to be controlled
Sistem distribusi didesain dengan and monitored by SCADA that is
dilengkapi sistem proteksi . Sistem integrated with the existing SCADA
distri busi didesain agar depot and AOCC.
dikontrol don dimonitor oleh b . Low Voltage Distribution System :
st ADA yang terintegrasi dengan • Nominal Volt: 220/400 Volt
St ADA eksisting don AOCC. • Drop Voltage : ± 5 %
b. Sistem Distribusi Tegangan Rendah : • Voltage Settings : ± 5 %
• Tegangan Nominal: 220/400 • Sistem : tiga fasa
Volt Low Voltage distribution system 1s
• Variasi Tegangan: ± 5 % designed reliably by using a
• Pengaturan Tegangan : ± 5 % redundant system to keep the
• Sistem : tiga fasa distribution of electric power run
Sistem distribusi tegangan rendah continuously . Low distribution
(/ow voltage) didesain handal system is designed with protection
dengan menggunakan redundant systems and must be able to be
system sehingga distribusi tenaga controlled and monitored by
listrik depot berlangsung secara SCADA that is integrated with the
kontinyu . Sistem distribusi tegangan existing SCADA and AOCC.
rendah didesain dengan dilengkapi
sistem proteksi . Dilengkapi kontrol
shedding don reloading untuk
sistem back up Genset. Serta dapat
dikontrol don dimonitor oleh
SCADA yang terintegrasi dengan
SCADA eksisting don AOCC.

3.9.2 Sistem catu daya cadangan 3.9.2 Backup power supply system
a . Generator Set a. Generator Set
Sumber catu daya listrik cadangan A backup power supply source 1s
disediakan untuk melayani beban provided to service the electricity
listrik seluruh peralatan don fasilitas load of all equipment and facilities
pada soot sumber catu daya listrik when the main is experiencing
utama mengalami gangguan. Catu interference. The backup power
daya cadangan yang digunakan supply used 1s a Diesel Generator
berupa Diesel Generator Set. Set.
Catu daya cadangan didesain The backup power supply is
dapat beroperasi secara otomatis designed to be able to operate
don memasok kebutuhan listrik automatically and supply electricity
dalam jangka waktu maksimal needs in a maximum period of time
sesuai ketentuan yang according to the recommended
direkomendasikan pada soot catu conditions when the main one goes
daya utama padam/mengalami out or experience any interference.
gangguan . b. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
b. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) When the main power supply and
Bilamana catu daya utama don Diesel Genset are interrupted,
diesel genset terganggu, khusus specifically for important equipment f/
~- ~~

\\~l !f~
untuk peralatan -peralatan penting such as electron ic equipment must
seperti peralatan elektronik harus continue to work, the UPS 1s
tetap bekerja, UPS didesain agar designed to be able to supply
bisa memasok kebutuhan daya electrical power with a minimum
listrik dengan otonomi minimal 60 autonomy of 60 minutes at full
menit pada kondisi full load . load .
Kriteria Perencanaan : Planning Criteria :
• Peralatan UPS dirancang • Equipment UPS 1s designed
terpusat don terkelompok sesuai centrally and clustered according
jenis atau sistem peralatan, to type or equipment system,
dimana dapat memasok and it can supply electrical
kebutuhan daya listrik minimal power requirements for at least
selama 60 menit pada kondisi 60 minutes in full load cond ition .
full load . • Equipment UPS uses the latest
• Peralatan UPS menggunakan technology with the concept of
teknologi terkin i dengan konsep automatic redundancy .
pencadangan otomatis • UPS uses industrial grade .
(redundant) . • Each UPS module has its own
• UPS menggunakan industrial controller I Independent
grade . Technology .
• Setiap modul UPS memiliki • Each UPS module can work in
controller sendiri/ lndependent parallel with the latest
Technology. technology .
• Setiap module UPS dapat • UPS software monitoring systems
bekerja secara paralel dengan are based and can be monitored
teknologi terkini. through IBMS.
• Sistem monitoring UPS berbasis • UPS 1s designed to supply
software don dapat dimonitor electronic equipment, priority
melalui IBMS. loads and all emergency
• UPS didesain untuk mensuplai facilities .
peralatan elektronika, beban c. Renewable energy
prioritas don semua fasilitas The terminal 4 electrical system is
emergency . eco-green designed that utilizes
c. Energi Terbarukan renewable energy such as solar
Sistem kelistrikan Terminal 4 panels and other potential
didesain eco-green yang renewable energy sources in the
memanfaatkan energi terbarukan a irport area . Renewable energy
seperti panel surya don sumber designs must consider the principles
energi terbarukan lainnya yang of effective and efficient.
potensial di kawasan bandara .
Desain energi terbarukan harus
mempertimbangkan prinsip efektif
don efisien.

3 .9.3 Distribusi Daya Listrik 3 .9.3 Electric Power Distribution

Sistem distribusi catu daya listrik dari The power supply distribution system
gardu distribusi ke substation di from the distribution substation to the
terminal ke panel pembagi didesain terminal substation to the dividing
dengan redundant system . Daya listrik panel is designed with a redundant
'distribusikan dengan sistem system . Electricity is distributed ~ with ;/,

~ ,
;/1- ·1l)..
tegangan menengah hingga ke medium voltage systems to substation.
substation. Desain sistem distribusi The distribution system is designed by
harus mempertimbangkan sistem taking account of the interconnection
interkoneksi, sehingga diperoleh system, so that the distribution system
desain sistem distribusi yang handal design is reliable and easy to maintain
don mudah dalam perawatan serta and integrated with IBMS.
terintegrasi dengan IBMS. Sistem
distribusi dapat dilengkapi dengan
sistem kontrol & monitoring serta
recording & reporting .

3.9.4 Sistem Proteksi Distribusi 3.9.4 Distribution Protection System

Sistem proteksi distribusi didesain Distribution protection system 1s
dengan sistem bertingkat (terdapat designed with a multilevel system (there
main protection don bock up protection is main protection and back up
yang dapat melokalisir gangguan protection that can localise interference
pada salah satu segmen jaringan) in one network segment)
Jenis proteksi yang digunakan : The type of protection used:
a . Proteksi terhadap gangguan a. Protection against over current
hubung singkat (short circuit) ; interference;
b . Proteksi Directional; b . Directional Protection;
c. Proteksi terhodap beban lebih (over c. Protection against overload;
load); d . Protection against under voltage
d. Proteksi terhadap turunnya and protection against over voltage ;
tegangan (under voltage) don e. Earth leakage protection;
Proteksi terhadap tegangan lebih f. Differential Line Protection
(over voltage); All protection component ratings
e. Proteksi terhadap kebocoran tanah are chosen in such a way that their
(earth leakage); protection characteristics have the
f. Proteksi Differential Line desired safety selectivity and back-
Seluruh rating komponen proteksi up interference in other sections.
dipilih sedemikian rupa, sehingga Each system component and panel
karakteristik proteksinya component installed must have
mempunyai selektifitas pengaman greater operating capacity
yang diinginkan don back up capability for the large electrical
gangguan pada seksi lainnya. load being served, and must have
Setiap komponen sistem don the capability/resistance to the
komponen panel yang dipasang, current and its consequences on the
harus mempunyai kemampuan possibility of separate short circuit
kapasitas operasi yang lebih besar conditions and all protection
terhadap besar beban listrik yang equipment must be integrated into
dilayani, don harus mempunyai SCADA monitoring system.
kemampuan/ketahanan terhadap
arus serta akibat-akibatnya pada
kemung~nan keadaan hubung
singkat yang terpisah serta semua
peralatan proteksi harus
terintegrasi kedalam sistem
monitoring SCADA.
3.9.5 Kabel Distribusi don Busduct 3.9.5 Distribution Cables and Bus ducts
Desain penggunaan kabel distribusi For the design of the distribution cables
(kabel tegangan menengah, kabel usage (medium voltage cable, low
tegangan rendah, don kabel tahan voltage cable, and fire resistant cable)
api) dan/atau busduct harus and/or bus duct, the capacities of the
mempertimbangkan kapasitas beban load to be supplied and the voltage
yang akan disuplai don tegangan supplied should be taken into account.
yang disalurkan . Penggunaan kabel The fire-resistant cables should be used
tahan api harus mempertimbangkan by taking the level of resistance to fire
tingkat ketahanan atas pembakaran combustion into consideration for a
api dalam periode waktu tertentu . certain period of time . Bus duct design
Desain busduct dilengkapi dengan 1s equipped with Temperature
Busduct Temperature Monitoring Monitoring System to monitor any
System untuk memonitor setiap occurring temperature changes. The
perubahan temperatur yang terjadi. bus duct design refers to MVMDP
Busduct didesain dengan mengacu dimensions, transformers, LVMDP and
dimensi MVMDP, trafo, LVMDP don panel space .
ruang panel.

3.9.6 Sistem Penangkal Petir don Sistem 3 .9.6 Lightning Protection System and
Pentanahan (Grounding System) Grounding System
Penangkal petir didesain dengan The lightning protection is designed by
memperhitungkan keandalan don taking into account the reliability and
keamanan baik terhadap peralatan safety of both equipment and humans.
maupun manusia . The lightning protection system used
Sistem penangkal petir yang dipakai must consist of two parts, namely
harus terdiri 2 bagian, yaitu proteksi external and internal protection . The
eksternal don proteksl internal. Desain external and internal protection designs
proteksi eksternal don internal harus should comply with thr applicable
mengikuti standar-standar yang standards.
berlaku . a. External Protection
a. Proteksi Eksternal External protection is the installation
Proteksi eksternal adalah instalasi of equipment outside the building
dari peralatan di luar struktur structure that functions to receive
bangunan yang berfungsi direct strokes and direct the
menerima arus/sambaran petir lightning current through the down
langsung (direct stroke) don conductor wire safely to the
mengalirkan arus petir tersebut grounding system
melalui kawat penghantar (down b . Internal Protection
conductor) dengan aman ke sistem All parts of metal equipment in
pembumian di tanah . electrical installations (panels,
b . Proteksi Internal transformers, generators, etc.) and
Seluruh bagian peralatan metal electronics (computers, other
pada instalasi listrik (panel-panel, electronic devices), must be
transformator, genset don lain-lain) connected to each other to the
maupun elektronika (komputer, grounding system through the
peralatatan elektronika lainnya), shortest path (Potential Equalisation
harus dihubungkan satu dengan Bar) using suitable protective
lainnya ke peralatan equipment (lightning arrester,
voltage limiter and others) .
melalui jalan
~: JI
terpendek (Potential Equalization The use of the type of internal
Bar) dengan menggunakan protection equipment and the
peralatan proteksi yang sesuai amount must be in accordance with
(lightning arrester, voltage limiter the equipment needs to be
don lain-lain). protected.
Penggunaan jenis peralatan c. Grounding System
proteksi internal don besarannya The grounding system 1s a security
harus sesuai dengan kebutuhan system against devices that use
peralatan yang akan dilindungi . electricity as a power source, from
c. Sistem Grounding (Pentanahan) electrical surges, particularly
Si stem grounding/pentanahan lightning . The grounding system is
adalah sistem pengamanan described as the relationship
terhadap perangkat - perangkat between an equipment/electrical
yang mempergunakan listrik circuit with the earth . All
sebagai sumber tenaga, dari equipment/ material.
lonjakan listrik terutama petir.
Sistem pentanahan digambarkan
sebagai hubungan antara suatu
peralatan/rangkaian listrik dengan
bumi. Semua peralatan/material
logam harus dilengkapi dengan
sistem pentanahan .

3.9 .7 Sistem Penerangan & Stop Kontak 3.9.7 Lighting System & Stop Contact
Perencanaan tingkat penerangan The planning of artificial lighting levels
buatan (artificial lighting) di dalam in each room is determined by the
masing- masing ruangan ditentukan nature of space use by taking into
oleh sifat penggunaan ruang dengan account lighting standards, aspects of
memperhatikan standar penerangan, beauty (aesthetics), light colors and
seg1 keindahan (estetika), warna economical and functional glare effects
cahaya serta faktor kesilauan (glare involving special lighting. The lighting
effect), bersifat ekonomis don system is designed to be reliable and
fungsional dengan melibatkan special energy efficient and integrated with
lighting. Sistem penerangan didesain IBMS.
harus handal Glen hemat energi serta a. Indoor Lighting System
ter-iHte9r,esi dengan IBMS. The inner lighting system must be
a. Sistem Penerangan Dalam designed reliably, easily maintained
Sistem penerangan dalam harus and energy efficient. It 1s
didesain handal, mudah dirawat recommended that the lighting
don hemat energi. Desain design uses LED lights that have a
penerangan direkomendasikan long durability. The lighting level
menggunakan lampu LED yang resulted should comply with the
memiliki daya tahan yang panjang. Level of Service.
Tingkat pencahayaan yang b. Emergency Lighting System
dihasilkan harus sesuai Level of There are two types of emergency
Service. lighting, namely:
b. Sistem Penerangan Darurat l) Emergency lighting comes from
Terdapat duo 1erns lampu centralized UPS.
penerangan darurat, yaitu: 2) Emergency exit lights are
l) Lampu penerangan darurat equipped with batteries installed
c,.. /l

.\\l; I}- f Ytr-,j/ , _ i

bersumber dari UPS yang on the exit door and on the door
terpusat. of the stairs each floor.
2) Lampu emergency exit yang Emergency exit lights are
dilengkapi dengan baterai designed to operate at all times .
dipasang pada pintu keluar C. Outdoor Lighting System
maupun pada pintu tangga External lighting is used as lighting
setiap lantai. Lampu emergency in the Public area (for mutual
exit didesain beroperasi benefit) and is usually installed with
sepanjang waktu. a purpose, in the streets or in
c. Sistim Penerangan Luar certain places such as parking,
Penerangan luar digunakan parks and other public places. The
sebagai penerangan di area publik function of external lighting
(untuk kepentingan bersama) don installation is to provide the visual
sengaja dipasang di ruas jalan situation needed for the safety,
maupun di tempat-tempat tertentu speed and comfort of road users.
seperti parkir, taman don tempat Planning Criteria:
umum lainnya. Fungsi instalasi 1) The use of types of lamps and
penerangan luar adalah untuk accessories, both the number
memberi situasi visual yang and position of the lamp fixtures,
diperlukan demi keselamatan, must be in accordance with the
kecepatan don kenyamanan para area and the standard level of
pengguna jalan . lighting of each area.
Kriteria Perenca naan: 2) For street lighting and parking
1) Penggunaan jenis lampu don areas use energy-saving LED
accesories, baik jumlah maupun lights.
posisi dari fixtures lampu, harus d . Socket/Outlet System
sesurn dengan luasan serta Placement design, number and type
standar tingkat penerangan dari of socket must be adjusted to the
setiap area . needs and functions of space . Wall-
2) Untuk penerangan jalan don mounted boxes that are installed in
area parkir menggunakan wet/humid spaces must be water
lampu hemat energi LED . ditch.
d. Sistem Stop Kontak/Socket Outlet e. Charging Station
Desain penempatan, jumlah don An electric vehicle charging station,
tipe stop kontak harus disesuaikan also called Electrical Vehicle
dengan kebutuhan don fungsi Charging Station is an element in
ruang. Kotak-kontak dinding yang infrastructure that supplies electrical
dipasang ruang-ruang yang basah/ energy for recharging electric
lembab harus jenis water dicht. vehicles, such as plug-in electric
e. Charging Station vehicles, including electric cars,
Sebuah stasiun peng1s1an environmental electric vehicles, and
kendaraan listrik, juga disebut hybrid plug-ins.
Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Planning Criteria
adalah elemen dalam infrastruktur 1) Has an on board converter that
yang memasok energi listrik untuk can be connected to standard
pengisian ulang kendaraan listrik, electrical outlets and equipped
seperti kendaraan listrik plug-in, with accessories .
termasuk mobil listrik, kendaraan 2) Commercialised Charging
listrik lingkungan, don hibrida plug- Station facilities are equipped
,n. with a prepaid system.
Kriteria Perencanaan f . Other things that are considered
l) Memiliki converter on board necessary for the completeness of
yang dapat disambungkan ke the electrical system.
outlet listrik standar don
dilengkapi dengan aksesorisnya .
2) Untuk fasilitas Charging Station
yang dikomersialkan dilengkapi
dengan sistem prabayar.
f . Hal - hal lain yang dianggap perlu
untuk kelengkapan sistem
kelistrikan .

3.9.8 Visual Docking Guidance System 3.9 .8 Visual Docking Guidance Sistem
VDGS didesain untuk memberikan VDGS is designed to provide pilot
informasi petunjuk docking kepada information on docking and aircraft
pilot don informasi tipe pesawat type information .
terbang . VDGS placement refers to the
Penempatan VDGS mengacu configuration of the Apron and
konfigurasi apron don considers the facade/building
mempertimbangkan fasad/arsitektur architecture so that information from
gedung sehingga informasi dari VDGS the VDGS can be received by the pilot
dapat diterima pilot dengan baik (tidak well (no obstacles) and unambiguous.
ado hambatan) don tidak ambigu . It is necessary that VDGS design is
Desain VDGS harus memperhatikan reliable, easily maintained, and in
kehandalan, kemudahan perawatan, accordance with applicable
don mengacu peraturan yang berlaku . regulations .

3. 9. 9 Airside Electrical System

Airside Electrical System ini didesain 3.9.9 Airside Electrical System
agar dapat mendukung pelayanan This Airside Electrical System 1s
keamanan don keselamatan designed to support flight safety and
penerbangan di Bandar Udara security services at Soekarno-Hatta
Soekarno-Hatta khususnya area Airport, especially the Airside area at
airside di Terminal 4 . Terminal 4 .
Fasilitas airside electrical system The airside electrical system facility is
didesain dengan mengikuti ketentuan designed by following applicable rules
don perysaratan yang berlaku don and regulations and can be operated
dapat dioperasikan baik secara lokal both locally and remotely through the
maupun remote melalui ruang kontrol. control room .
Airside Electrical System terdiri dari Airside Electrical System consists of
beberapa bagian, diantaranya several parts, including the following :
sebagai berikut: a . Apron flood light
a. Apron flood light Flood Light aprons are designed to
Apron flood light didesain untuk light the apron and service road
menerangi apron don service road where the placement is adjusted to
yang penempatannya disesuaikan the apron configuration by taking
konfigurasi apron dengan into account the reliable and
memperhatikan konsep handal don efficient concept.
efisien . Apron Design of
Desain apron flood light juga harus also follow applicable regulations .
mengukuti peraturan yang berlaku . For the scope of work Apron Flood
Untuk lingkup pekerjaan apron Light consists of:
flood light terdiri dari : • Floodlight: Floodlights are
• Flood light: Lampu sorot designed using energy-efficient
disesain menggunakan type and reliable type lamps;
lampu hemat energy don • Light pole: The light pole is
handal; designed with reliable and easy
• Tiang lampu : Tiang lampu maintenance concepts;
didesain dengan konsep handal • Lightning arrester: Lightning rod
don easy maintenance; design using a reliable system;
• Penangkal petir: Desain • Obstruction light: Obstruction
Penangkal petir menggunakan light is designed using energy-
sistem yang handal; saving lamps .
• Obstruction light: Obstruction • Floodlight Panel: panel designed
light didesain dengan outdoor type, strong against all
menggunakan lampu hemat weather and placed adjacent to
energi. each pole.
• Flood Light Panel: panel b. Apron andTaxiway Edge Lights
didesain tipe outdoor, kuat The design of apron and taxiway
terhadap segala cuaca don di edge lights must follow the
tempatkan berdekatan dengan applicable rules and standards and
masing -masing tiang. can be integrated with the existing
b. Apron edge light don Taxiway edge AFL System configuration by taking
Light into account the reliability and ease
Desain apron edge light don of maintenance.
taxiway edge light harus mengikuti C. Taxi guidance sign
ketentuan don standar yang The design must be adjusted to the
berlaku don dapat terintegrasi mandatory instruction signs.
dengan konfigurasi AFL System d. Taxiway Center line light
eksisting, dengan memperhatikan Designed with due observance of
kehandalan don kemudahan applicable regulations .
dalam perawatan . e. Parking stand/spot number light
c. Taxi Guidance Sign The design must be made
Desain harus disesuaikan dengan according to the apron
mandatory instruction signs . configuration with regard to
d. Taxiway Center Line Light reliability and ease of maintenance.
Didesain dengan memperhatikan f. Airside substation
peraturan yang berlaku. The substation is designed to
e . Parking stan /spot number light accommodate the needs of existing
Desain harus dibuat sesuai equipment in the Apron area ,
konfigurasi apron dengan taking into account the applicable
memperhatikan keandalan don regulations, reliability and ease of
kemudahan dalam perawatan. maintenance.
f. Airside substation g. Constant current regulator (CCR)
Substation didesain untuk CCR is designed to accommodate
mengakomodir kebutuhan the needs of Apron and Taxiway
peralatan-peralatan yang ado di edge lights. CCR is placed in the
area apron, dengan Airside Substation with regard to the C,·
p,emeperhatikan peraturan yang applicable regulations, reliability/ ,.{

berlaku, kehandalan don and ease of maintenance.
kemudahan dalam perawatan .
g. Constant current regulator (CCR)
CCR didesain untuk mengakomodir
kebutuhan apron edge light don
taxiway edge light. CCR
ditempatkan di dalam airside
substation dengan memperhatikan
peraturan yang berlaku,
kehandalan don kemudahan
dalam perawatan.


Perencanaan desain untuk elektronika Planning for electronical Design includes:
meliputi :
3 .10.1 Concept and Design of Airport
3 .10. 1 Konsep don desain Airport Management System don Airport
Management System don Database Operational Database (AMS/AODB)
Operasional Bandara (AMS/AODB) Regarding Terminal 4, it is necessary to
Terminal 4 harus mengusung konsep carry out the concept of Total Airport
Total Airport Management System Management System (TAMS) where
(TAMS) dimana setiap sisi operasional each operational side can be
dapat diatur, dimonitor don dievaluasi regulated, monitored and evaluated
menggunakan open and secure using an open and secure platform that
platform yang terintegrasi dengan is integrated with the PT Angkasa Pura
sistem korporasi PT ANGKASA PURA II II (Persero) corporate system in AOCC.
(PERSERO) yang ado di AOCC. 3 . 10.2 Concept and Design of Integrated
Ground Communication System (IGCS)
3.10 .2 Konsep don desain Integrated Ground IGCS is a ground to ground
Communication System (IGCS) communication device system used by
IGCS merupakan sistem perangkat airport operational officers to
komunikasi ground to ground yang coordinate with each other . This system
digunakan oleh petugas operasional must be integrated with IGCS system
bandara untuk berkoordinasi antara owned by PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)
satu dengan yang lainnya . Sistem ini which is currently used in all PT
harus terintegrasi dengan sistem IGCS Angkasa Pura II (Persero) airports .
yang soot ini telah digunakan di
seluruh bandara PT Angkasa Pura II

3.10.3 Konsep don desain IBMS don EAM 3 .10.3 Concept and Design of IBMS and EAM
IBMS don EAM adalah universal system IBMS and EAM are universal building
perangkat kendali gedung yang control systems that integrate
memadukan hardware, sensor don hardware, sensors and logic software
logic software untuk melakukan to monitor and predictive controls to
monitor don konrol prediktif untuk improve efficiency and effectiveness in (,:
meningkatkan efesiensi don efektifitas a building to achieve Smart Building
dalam sebuah gedung untuk Philosophy. Equipments controlled and/ /

't}-/2 'fO,I 1/~ ')- j~

mencapai Smart Building Phylosopy. monitored include Electronic, Electrical
Peralatan-peralatan yang dikendalikan and Mechanical equipment.
don dimonitor adalah peralatan
elektronika , elektrikal don mekanikal.

3.10.4 Konsep don desain Check-in System 3.10.4 Check-in System Concept and Design
Sistem check-in yang dapat digunakan Check-in system that can be used as a
sebagai common use system sehingga common use system so that it can be
dapat digunakan oleh multi airline used by multi airlines both domestic
baik itu penerbangan domestik don and international flights integrated with
internasional yang terintegrasi dengan data or commercial systems from the
data atau system komersial dari sisi departure control system used by PT
departure control system yang Angkasa Pura II (Persero). The use of
digunakan oleh PT Angkasa Pura II the latest technology that can be
(Persero) . Penggunaan teknologi terkini implemented in the check-in area such
yang dapat diimplementasikan di area as the self-check-in system , self-bag
check-in seperti self check-in system, drop system, and self boarding system
self bagdrop system, don self boarding that is integrated with the baggage
system yang terintegrasi dengan handl ing system.
baggage handling system .

3.10.5 Konsep don Desain Data Network 3.10 .5 Concept and Design of Dato Network
System System
Data Network System adalah sebuah Data Network System functions to
sistem jaringan data yang berfungsi regulate the bandwidth of both wired
untuk mengatur bandwith baik and wireless networks, speed of
1anngan wired maupun wireless, network security control and network
kecepatan control keamanan jaringan topology including the network
don topologi jaringan termasuk monitoring system itself/Network
monitoring system jaringan itu Monitoring System (NMS) and has high
sendiri/NMS (Network Monitoring availability features from the network
System) serta memiliki fitur high and switching sides . The data network
availability dari s1s1 network don system level that is built must at least
switching . Level data network system use TIER 3 Level and carry the concept
yang dibangun minimal harus of smart connected and secu re digital
menggunakan Level TIER 3 don grid. The Data Network system 1s in

mengusung konsep smart connected accordance with the needs, then

don secure digital grid . Data Network divided into 3 (three) segments :
System sesuai dengan kebutuhannya a . Security Network segment.
maka di bagi menjadi 3 (tiga) segmen: Used to support devices related to
a . Segmen Jaringan Security . airport security equipment.
Digunakan untuk mendukung b. Operational Network Segment
perangkat yang terkait dengan Used to support Non-Security
peralatan keamanan bandara . Airport operational devices .
b . Segmen Jaringan Operasional c. Commercial Network Segment
Digunakan untuk mendukung Used to support the airport's
perangkat-perangkat operasional commercial needs.
bandara non-security
c. Segmen Jaringan Komersial [,:
Digunakan untuk mendukung
kebutuhan Komersial bandara

3 .10.6 Konsep don desain Airport Safety and 3 .10.6 Concept and Design of Airport Safety
Security System (ASS) and Security System (ASS)
ASS adalah konsep kesisteman yang ASS is a system concept that integrates
mengintegrasikan seluruh perangkat all devices related to aviation safety
yang terkait dengan keselamatan don and security such as X-Ray, body
keamanan penerbangan seperti X-Ray, scanning systems, explosive scanning
body scanning system, explosive systems, CCTV and Surveillance
scanning system, CCTV and Systems, Access Control Systems,
surveilance system, access control automatic gate systems, biometric
system, automatic gate system, identification systems, and fire alarm
biometric identification system don fire and detection system. ASS is a
alarm and detection system. Konsep universal concept and does not only
ASS bersifat universal don tidak hanya bind to the devices previously
mengikat kepada perangkat yang mentioned, and the output of the ASS
telah disebutkan sebelumnya don system is analytic safety and security
output dari kesisteman ASS adalah data . The ASS system provides an open
berupa analitic data dari s1s1 and secure platform for all devices to
keselamatan don keamanan . be integrated in Terminal 4 and
Kesisteman dari ASS menyediokan systemically, ASS must also integrated
open don secure platform bagi seluruh with the AOCC PT ANGKASA PURA II
perangkat yang akan diintegrasikan di (PERSERO) system.
Terminal 4 serto secara kesisteman
ASS juga harus terintegrasi dengan
sistem AOCC PT Angkasa Pura II

3 .10.7 Konsep don desain Fire Alarm and 3 .10.7 Concept and Design of Fire Alarm and
Detection System Detection System
Fire Alarm and Detection System Fire Alarm and Detection System
berfungsi untuk pemberitahuan secara functions to automatically and quickly
otomatis don cepat jika terjadi notify in case of fire with a bell sound
kebakaran dengan tanda bunyi bel signal and indicator light on the panel
don nyala lampu indikator pada panel indicator zone and this system must be
zone indicator don sistem ini harus integrated with other devices such as
terintegrasi dengan perangkat lain PAS, BAS, Fire Suppression . The fire
seperti PAS, BAS, Fire Supression. detection system in the form of a heat
Sistem pendeteksian kebakaran detector, smoke detector, beam
berupa heat detector, smoke detector, detector, and break glass is adapted to
beam detector, don break glass the condition of the building and the
disesuaikan dengan keadaan possibility of the type of fire, the
bangunan don kemungkinan macam function and nature of the building.
kebakaran, fungsi don sifat bangunan .

3.10.8 Konsep don desain FIDS 3 .10.8 FIDS Concept and Design
FIDS adalah suatu sistem tampilan FIDS is a flight information display
informasi penerbangan yang system that informs about the
menampilkan informasi departure, arrival, baggage collection
keberangkatan, kedatangan, and system check-in. The placement of //

n . <r- ff) :,

tr L ~ · ' "I-
pengambilan bagasi don system FIDS monitors in the area of departure,
Check-in. Penempatan monitor FIDS di arrival, meeting points, and other
area keberangkatan, kedatangan, areas needed to display FIDS .
meeting point, don area lain yang
dianggap perlu untuk menampilkan

3.10.9 Konsep don desain master clock 3.10 .9 Concept of Design of master clock
system system
Untuk menyelaraskan waktu pada To synchronise the time on all devices
semua perangkat maupun area di and areas within the airport, master-
dalam bandara maka perlu dipasang clock with a system connected to the
master clock dengan sistem yang NTP or GPS server clock needs to be
terhubung dengan NTP atau GPS clock installed . The slave clock is placed in
server. Penempatan slave clock di area the area of departure, arrival, waiting
keberangkatan, kedatangan, ruang room, meeting point, and other areas
tunggu, meeting point, don area lain deemed necessary to display the time.
yang dianggap perlu untuk This system must be connected to other
menampilkan waktu. Sistem ini harus devices such as FIDS, PAS, CClV and
terhubung dengan perangkat lain all devices that require time references
seperti FIDS, PAS, CClV don semua in running the system . It is necessary to
perangkat yang membutuhkan place the master clock in the area of
referensi waktu dalam menjalankan departure, arrival, meeting point, and
sistem. Penempatan master clock di other areas to display the time .
area keberangkatan, kedatangan,
meeting point, don area lain yang
dianggap perlu untuk menampilkan

3 .10 . lOKonsep don desain telephony system 3 .10. 1OConcept and Design of telephony
don intercom berbasis IP system and IP based intercom
IP PBX adalah perangkat PABX IP PBX is an IP-based PABX device that
berbasis IP yang menggunakan uses telephone and data
perangkat switching komunikasi communication switching devices to
telepon don data untuk control analog telephone extension
mengendalikan ekstension telepon (TOM) and IP Phone extensions.
analog (TOM) maupun ekstension IP Functions that can be performed
Phone . Fungsi-fungsi yang dapat include connecting, controlling, and
dilakukan antara lain penyambungan, terminating telephone lines, translating
pengendalian, don pemutusan communication protocols, translating
hubungan telepon, translasi protokol communication or transcoding media,
komunikasi, translasi media and controlling IP Telephony devices
komunikasi atau transcoding, serta such as VoIP Gateway, Access
pengendalian perangkat-perangkat IP Gateway, and Trunk Gateway. In
Telephony seperti VoIP Gateway, addition to telephony devices, the
Access Gateway, don Trunk Gateway. intercom system in the building as an
Selain perangkat telephony, sistem emergency use must also be designed
intercom dalam gedung sebagai with best practice concepts .
emergency use juga harus didesain
dengan konsep best practice.
3 . 10.11 Konsep don desain in-building cellular 3 . 10. 11 Concept and Design of in-building
system (IBCS) cellular system (IBCS)
Sistem IBCS merupakan sistem The IBCS system is a cellular signal
penguat signal selular di gedung amplifier system in the terminal
terminal yang mampu building that is able to accommodate
mengakomodasi sistem multioperator multi-operator systems to minimise the
sehingga meminimalisir pemasangan installation of indoor or outdoor
antena indoor maupun outdoor di antennas at the airport.

3 .10.12Konsep don Public Address

desain 3.1 O. l 2Concept and Design of Public Address
System (PAS) don Automatic Announcer System (PAS) and Automatic Announcer
System (MS) System (MS)
PAS sebagai prasarana untuk PAS as an infrastructure for delivering
penyampaian informasi voice yang voice information provided in all areas.
disediakan di semua area. Seluruh All information submitted both
lnformasi yang disampaikan baik departure and arrival as well as
keberangkatan don kedatangan serta information on the boarding lounge
informasi proses boarding lounge, process, information zones
pembagian zona informasi Clasification adjusts to the architectural
menyesuaikan kebutuhan arsitektur space and the function of the room up
ruangan don fungsi ruang sampai to the function of the call or general
dengan fungsi panggilan atau information in the open area . All
informasi umum di area terbuka. information must be received directly
Semua informasi harus dapat diterima by airport service users clearly and
langsung oleh pengguna jasa bandara precisely, the PAS used must have used
dengan jelas don tepat, PAS yang an integrated MS module with the
digunakan harus sudah mengunakan Airport Management System
modul MS yang terintegarsi dengan
Airport Management System
3 .10 . l 3Concept and Design of IP-TV Services
3.10. l 3Konsep don desain layanan IP-TV IP/TV can broadcast live or
IP/TV dapat menyiarkan secara live prerecorded digital video
atau prerecorded digital video education/training, commercial
program-program pendidikan/ programs, etc. and can capture and
training, komersial, dsb serta dapat transmit programs from various
melakukan capturing don transmisi sources. IP/TV can do program
program dari berbagai source. IP/TV scheduling according to the owner and
dapat melakukan audience's needs for information. The
schedu/ing/penjadwalan program viewer can choose the program from a
sesuai dengan kebutuhan antara watch list.
pemilik informasi don audience .
Viewer dapat memilih program dari
suatu listing yang akan dilihatnya.

3.1 0. l 4Konsep don desain Digital Smart 3 .10 . l 4Digital Smart Airport Concept and
Airport don integrasinya dengan Design and their integration with PT
Mobile Application PT Angkasa Pura II Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Mobile
Persero) Application
Konsep dari digital smart airport yang The digital smart airport concept that
nanti akan diimplemntasikan di will be implemented in Terminal 4 must
Terminal 4 harus mengacu kepada refer to the master plan and the Smart
masterplan don konsep Smart Connected Airport concept in PT
Connected Airport yang ado di PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero). Digital Smart
Angkasa Pura II (Persero). Digital smart Airport can consist of, but not limited
Airport bisa terdiri namun tidak to, devices including E-mail, E-kiosk,
terbatas pada perangkat diantaranya Wifi Access, Automatic Gate, e-
E-pos, E-kios, Wifi Access, Automatic Boarding Pass, Self Checkin, Self
Gate, e-Boarding Pass, Self Check-in, Bagdrop, Smart Baggage, Smart
Self Bagdrop, Smart Baggage Queuing, Internet Service, Digital
(Monitoring & Tacking), Smart Airport Map, Smart Survey, Smart
Queuing, Internet Service, Digital Toilet, Digital Banner, Digital Signage,
Airport Map, Smart Survey, Smart Toilet Automatic Pasport Control System,
Review, Digital Banner, Digital trolly management system, and smart
Signage, Crowd Monitoring System, parking system. The concept and
Counting Monitoring System, Automatic design must include the ability to be
Pasport Control System, trolley integrated with the Mobile Application
management system, don smart system that is already owned by PT
parking system. Konsep don desain Angkasa Pura II (Persero).
harus mencakup kemampuan untuk
terintegrasi dengan mobile application
system yang sudah dimiliki oleh PT
Angkasa Pura II (Persero).

3 . l O. 15 Konsep da n desa in server room, meet 3.1 O. l 5Concept and Design of Server Room,
me room, don Terminal Operation Meet Me Room, and Terminal
Center (TOC) Operation Center (TOC)
Untuk meletakan semua perangkat To put all server and switching devices
server don switching yang terkait related to IT and Electronics
infrastruktur IT don elektronika maka infrastructure, it is necessary to provide
perlu disediakan ruang khusus server a dedicated server and meet me room
don ruang meet me yang dilengkapi equipped with standard server-specific
dengan standar pendingin ruangan air conditioners , rised floors, cable
khusus server, rised floor, tray kabel, trays, fire extinguishers for server room
alat pemadam kebakaran khusus and access control and have a power
server don access control serta from UPS so that it can complete the
memiliki sumber Listrik yang berasal Concept of data centre room concept
dari UPS sehingga memenuhi konsep TIER 3 . Design for the TOC must also
ruang data center TIER 3. Desain untuk be made in accordance with the best
TOC juga harus dibuat sesuai dengan practices at an international airport.
best practice yang ado di sebuah
bandara internasional.

3.1 O. l 6Konsep don desain vehicle and aircraft 3 . 1O. l 6Concept and Design of the Vehicle and
tracking and monitoring Aircraft Tracking and Monitoring
Vehicle and aircraft tracking and Vehicle and aircraft tracking and
monitoring system adalah kesisteman monitoring system is a land/surface
radar darat/permukaan yang radar system that aims to monitor all c;;i.
bertujuan untuk memonitor seluruh movements that occur in runway, taxi, ~
~.I-;., l
:\ t »-- ,(-o/ ,o,/f
pergerakan yang terjadi di runway, apron, and service road on the air
taxiway, apron, don service road pada side . This system is used by ground
sisi udara. Sistem ini digunakan oleh control and the apron movement
ground control don apron movement controller to monitor and regulate all
controller untuk memonitor don movements that occur on the air side .
mengatur seluruh pergerakan yang The concept and design of this system
terjadi di sisi udara. Konsep don must carry the concept of best practice
desain dari kesisteman 1rn harus and best use from an airport with the
mengusung konsep best practice don existing traffic and capacity at
best use dari sebuah bandara dengan Soekarno-Hatta Airport.
traffic don kapasitas yang ado di
Bandara lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta .

3 . 1O. l 7Konsep don desain integrasi 3.10 . 1 ?Concept and system integration design
kesisteman AOCC, IBMS, ASS, don of AOCC, IBMS, ASS, and electronic
sistem elektronika yang ado di systems in Terminal 4 with a detailed
Terminal 4 dengan sistem eksisting and comprehensive existing system .
yang bersifat detil don menyeluruh. The concepts of electronics and IT are
Konsep elektronika don IT yang needed in order to meet the mandatory
diperlukan dalam rangka pemenuhan needs and strategies of PT ANGKASA
kebutuhan mandatory don strategi PURA II (PERSERO) companies
perusahaan PT Angkasa Pura II All systems that will be built must be
(Persero) . able to be integrated with each other ,
Semua sistem yang akan dibangun easy maintenance process and
harus dapat diintegrasikan satu soma development sustainbility in the future .
lainnya serta mudah dalam proses
perawatan don mudah untuk
dikembangkan di masa yang akan
datang .

3.10 .181T Architect 3. l O.18 IT Architecture

Konsep desai n IT infrastructure untuk The design concept of IT infrastructure
ruangan, smart grid, don peralatan, for rooms, smart grids, and equipment,
pelayanan, data don aplikasi . services, data and applications.

3. l O.19 Digital & loT Specialist 3 .10.19Digital & loT

Konsep desain untuk integrasi don Design concepts for data integration
akuisisi data, pemrosesan data, don and data acquisition, data processing,
sistem tampilan digital. and digital display systems

3.10 .20Artificial lntelegence & Robotics 3 .10.20Artificial lntelegence & Robotics .

Konsep desain kebutuhan Al don The design concept of Al needs and
robotika yang dapat menunjang robotics that can support airport
pelayanan kebandarudaraan. service.

3. 10.21 Cyber Security 3 .10.21 Cyber Security

Desain keamanan cyber yang dapat Cyber security design that can identify,
mengidentifikasi, mendeteksi, proteksi, detect, protect, handle and evaluate
penanggulanan serta evaluasi information security.
keamanan informasi.
3.10 .22Sistem Integration 3 . l0.22System Integration
Desain, synthesize, don implementasi Design, synthesize, and
teknologi kebandarudaraan don implementation of airport technology
fasilitas non terminal. and non-terminal facilities .


3.11 . l Konsep fasilitas sIsI udara yang 3 . 11. l The concept of airside facilities as in
diharapkan dalam perencanaan ini this plan is expected to accommodate a
dapat mengakomodir kapasitas contact parking stand capacity of at
contact parking stand minimal least 40 aircraft. The concept of aircraft
sejumlah 40 aircraft. Konsep and vehicle movement in the airside is
pergerakan pesawat don kendaraan expected to operate seamlessly and
pada sisi udara diharapkan dapat circulation of inflow and outflow can
berjalan secara lancar don jelas operate clearly .
sirkulasi inflow don outflow;

3.11 .2 Layout Apron agar didesign efisien don 3 . 11 .2 Apron layout to be designed efficiently
efektif, sehingga Airside Traffic Flow and effectively, so that Airside Traffic
Management dapat meningkatkan Flow Management can increase Level
Level of Service don On Time of Service and On Time Performance
Performance bagi Airlines don Ground for Airlines and Ground Handling;
3 .11.3 Pavement Classification Number (PCN)
3 . 11.3 Nilai Pavement Classification Number Apron planned for critical aircraft for
(PCN) Apron direncanakan untuk aircraft Code letter F;
pesawat terkritis untuk pesawat Code
letter F;

3 . 11.4 Dimensi Parking Stand don Taxiway 3.11.4 The dimensions criteria of the Parking
direncanakan untuk pesawat Code Stand and Taxiway are planned for
Letter F (B777-900ER, B7 47-800 & Letter F (B777 -900ER, B747-800 &
A380); A380) aircraft;

3.11.5 Fasilitas sisi udara dilengkapi oleh 3 . 11 .5 Air side facilities are equipped with
peralatan atau system digital seperti; equipment or digital systems such as;
Aviobridge (Memberikan data utilitas Aviobridge (Provides AVB utility data) ;
3 . 11 .6 There are supporting facilities in order
3.11 .6 Terdapat fasilitas pendukung dalam to improve passenger baggage service
rangka meningkatkan layanan bagasi at Remote Stands so that baggage
penumpang di Remote Stands service is not interrupted .
sehingga pelayanan bagasi tidak
terganggu .
3.12 KONSEP SISI DARAT 3.12 . l The accessibility design concept can
3 .12. l Konsep desain aksesibilitas dapat serve ai rport operations, so does the
transportation design concept from and • /,
serta konsep
desain to the airport to the drop-off and l ~ 'll

' ~,?~
transportasi dari don kearah bandara pickup zone;
hingga ke area drop off don pickup
3 .12 .2 Reviewing the APMS line that passes
3 . 12.2 Mereview jalur APMS yang melewati through Terminal 4 area;
area Terminal 4;
3 .12 .3 The concept for APMS shelters and for
3.12 .3 Konsep bangunan shelter APMS serta connecting buildings to supporting
bangunan penghubung ~rhadap facilities such as PMS stations and other
fasilitas penunjang seperti stasiun PMS facilities;
serta fasilitas lainnya;

3 .12.4 Membuat konsep bangunan parkir 3 . 12.4 Making a parking building concept that
yang dapat melayani pada pada soot serve at peak hours and the circulation
peak hour serta sirkulasi kendaraan of public and private vehicles that do
umum don privat yang tidak not result in long queues;
mengakibatkan antrian panjang;

3.12 .5 Membuat konsep sistem drainase sisi 3 .12 .5 Drafting a land-side drainage system
darat yang terintegrasi dengan sistem integrated with the existing drainage
drainase eksisting ; system;

3.12 .6 Perencanaan system proteksi Gedung 3.12.6 Planning of a building protection

(pipa tegak/hydrant pillar) dalam system (upright pipe / hydrant pillar) in
penggunaan hydrant two ways the use of hydrant two ways discharge
discharge dimana salah satunya where one of the outputs can be
outputnya dapat terkoneksi dengan connected to a PKP-PK vehicle coupling
coupling kendaraan PKP-PK (storz (storz coupling);
3.12.7 Prevent building fire in facilities using
3 .12. 7 Fasilitas cegah kebakaran dalam automatic fire detection / alarm system
Gedung menggunakan automatic fire according to Republic of Indonesia
detection/alarm system sesuai Minister of Manpower Regulation
Peraturan Menteri Tenaga Kerja Number: Per.02 / Men / 1983
Republik Indonesia Nomor concerning Installation of Automatic
Per.02/Men/1983 tentang lnstalasi Fire Alarms & Smoke ventilation
Alarm Kebakaran Automatik & Smoke window system (when a fire occurs the
ventilation window system (ketika sensor will open a window / ventilation
terjadi kebakaran sensor akan specifically so that smoke can come out
membuka jendela/ventilasi khusus of the room);
agar asap dapat keluar dari ruangan) .


Pengembangan Te rminal 4 1rn The Terminal 4 development has resulted
mengakibatkan adanya perubahan rona in a change in environmental feature,
lingkungan, yang semula berupa which was originally from the warehouse
kawasan gudang don perkantoran and office area to become a Terminal
menjadi bangunan terminal don fasilitas building and supporting facilities.
penunjangnya . Terkait dengan adanya Regarding the change in environmental
erubahan rona lingkungan tersebut circumstance, it is necessary to do a

Prp ~ J/, ,J
maka dirasa perlu untuk dilakukan number of things, including :
beberapa hal diantaranya : a . Evaluating the impact of the
a . Mengevaluasi dampak desain conceptual design of environmental
konseptual prasarana lingkungan; infrastructu re;
b. Mengevaluasi rencana umum b . Evaluating the general plan for the
pembangunan prasarana construction of environmental
lingkungan; infrastructure;
c. Merencanakan kebutuhan prasarana c. Planning environmental infrastructure
lingkungan; needs;
d . Perencanaan desain bangunan d . Planning the design of terminal
terminal don fasilitas penunjang buildings and other eco-friendly
lainnya yang ramah lingkungan supporting facilities including the
diantaranya terkait konsep waste innovative waste management
management (pengolahan limbah concept;
cair, limbah padat) yang inovatif; e. Developing plans for the construction
e. Menyusun rencana konstruksi of eco-friendly infrastructure;
prasarana ramah lingkungan; f. Preparing technical documents for the
f. Menyusun dokumen teknis konstruksi construction of environmental
prasarana lingkungan . infrastructure.


Konsep dalam pengelolaan The concept of managing passengers
penumpang pada area terminal soot in the terminal area w hen there is a
terjadi delay pesawat sehingga tidak plane delay so there is no passenger
terjadi penumpukan penumpang yang buildup that might reduce their
dampaknya dapat mengurang1 convenience.
kenyamanan penumpang .


Konsep sirkulasi penumpang 3.14.2 FLOW MANAGEMENT
diharapkan dapat memenuhi standar The concept of passenger circulation is
pelayanan yang ado dengan expected to meet the existing service
memperhatikan polo pengoperasian standards by paying attention to the
terminal serta mempertimbangkan terminal operating pattern and
keamanan don keselamatan considering the passengers safety and
penumpang di terminal. Konsep Flow security at the terminal. This Flow
Management in1 meliputi Management concept includes
pertimbangan dalam hal: consideration in terms of:
a . Terminal Concept; a. Terminal Concept;
b . Process Time ; b . Process Time;
C. Passenger Behavior; c. Passenge r Behaviour;
d. Passenger Profiling ; d. Passenger Profiling ;
e. Terminal Facilities ; e. Terminal Facilities;
f. Airside Movement. f . Airside Movement.


Pekerjaan konsultansi dilakukan dalam Consultation work is carried out in the
ta ha pan pekerjaan sebagaimana following stages:
rikut: 3.15 . l Commercial Research
3.15. l Riset Komersial a . Evaluate and analyse (current status
a . Melakukan Evaluasi don Analisa analysis) which includes :
(current status analysis) yang • Evaluation of Operational
meliputi : Activities;
• Evaluasi Kegiatan Operasional; • Company Business
• Pendapatan Usaha/Kinerja Revenues/Commercial
Komersial Perusahaan; Performance;
• Karakteristik Penumpang; • Characteristics of Passengers;
• Kondisi Eksisting don masalah • Existing conditions and problems
masalah yang dihadapi; faced .
b. Merumuskan strategi b . Formulating a commercial
pengembangan komersial meliputi : development strategy, including :
• Merumuskan konsep konsesi; • the concept of concession;
• Alokasi alat produksi yang • an adequate allocation of
memadai; production equipment;
• Sektor komersial utama ; • the main commercial sector;
• Rencana lnduk komersial don • the Commercial Master Plan and
Proyeksi Pendapatan (termasuk Revenue Projection (including
Proyeksi pendapatan iklan); advertisement revenue
• Strategi Pemasaran don projection) ;
Promosi; • the Marketing and Promotion
c. Tenant Mix Strategies .
• Evaluasi don merumuskan tata c. Ten ant Mix
letak ruang komersial terbaik • Evaluating and formulating the
termasuk tata letak sektor best commercial space layout
kunci/utama; including key/main sector layout;

Konsep Pelaksanaan maintenance The concept of all facil ities maintenance
seluruh fasilitas selama 5 tahun pertama for the first five years after completion of
setelah selesai pelaksanaan konstruksi construction is carried out by the
dilakukan adalah dengan sistem Operation & Maintenance (O&M) system
Operation & Maintenance (O&M) oleh by each vendor/manufacturer/OEM
masing - masing vendor/pabrikan/ OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from
(Original Equipment Manufacturer) dari the facilities installed in the terminal or
fasilitas yang terpasang di terminal atau can appoint other parties who have
dapat menunjuk pihak lain yang memiliki management and capable resources to
manajemen don sumber daya yang carry out Operation & Maintenance (0 &
capable untuk melaksanakan kegiatan M) activities and the main person in
Operation & Maintenance (O&M) charge of this activities is the contractor
dengan penanggung jawab utama for Terminal 4 construction approved by
kegiatan tersebut adalah kontraktor PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero).
pelaksana pembangunan terminal 4 don Planning of the concept of the facilities
atas persetujuan PT Angkasa Pura II and utility maintenance made in the form
(Persero). of manuals o r standards that meet the
Perencanaan konsep pemeliharaan maintenance criteria, among others :
fasilitas don utilitas dibuat dalam bentuk a . Ease of Maintenance;
manual atau standard yang memenuhi b . Low Cost Maintenance;
kriteria maintenance antara lain : C. Providing facilities or Equipment
a. osy to Maintenance; maintenance;
b. Low Cost Maintenance; d. Including spore ports needed during
c. Providing facilities or Equipment to the O&M implementation period.
d. Termosuk spare part yang diperlukon
selomo jongko woktu peloksonoon 0


Pengolomon Pelonggon untuk Loyonan The Customer Experience for Services in
di Terminal 4 yang dironcong untuk Terminal 4 designed for end to end
perjalonan pelanggon ujung ke ujung customer journey include:
meliputi : a. Pre-Journey;
a. Pro-perjolonon; b. Departure;
b. Keberongkoton; c. Arrival;
C. Kedatangon; d. Post Journey.
d. Pasco perjolonon .

Figure 7. Flow Chart Customer Journey


Pada tahap ini pekerjaan yang dilakukan At this stage the work carried out includes
meliputi pekerjaan detail detail desain detailed detail work on architectural
arsitektual yang tidak terbatas pada : design that is not limited to:
a. Detail Denah don layout; a. Plans and layouts Details;
b. Detail Desain fm;ade; b. Fm;ade design details;
c. Detail kusen don jendela; c. Details of frames and windows;
d. Detail bukaan - bukaan ruang udara d. Details of ventilations and skylight;
don cohaya; e. Ceiling details;
e. Detail plafond; f. Floor pattern details;
etail polo lantai; g. Foundation details;
g. Detail pondasi; h. Roof details;
h. Detail atop; 1. Details of beams and columns;
1. Detail balok don kolom; j. Pavement details;
j. Detail perkerasan . With detailed building scope design
Dengan lingkup bangunan yang didetail according to the scope stated in Point A.4
desainkan sesuai dengan lingkup yang Scope of Work and other facilities are
tercantum pada Poin A.4 Ruang Lingkup mandatory to be needed to support the
Pekerjaan don fasilitas lainnnya yang passenger terminal system with a capacity
mandatory untuk dibutuhkan dalam of 40 million passengers per year .
menunjang passenger terminal system
berkapasitas 40 juta penumpang per


Perancangan don Perhitungan detail Design and Calculation of Interior detail
Interior untuk Terminal 4 Bandara for International Airport Terminal 4 with
lnternasional dengan lingkup bangunan detailed building scope design according
yang didetail desainkan sesuai dengan to the scope stated in Point A.4 Scope of
lingkup yang tercantum pada Poin A.4 Work and other facil ities that are
Ruang Lingkup Pekerjaan don fasilitas mandatory to be needed to support the
lainnnya yang mandatory untuk passenger terminal system with a capacity
dibutuhkan dalam menunjang passenger of 40 million passengers per year .
terminal system berkapasitas 40 juta
penumpang per tahun.


Perancangan don perhitungan lansekap Landscape Design and Calculation for
untuk Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional Terminal 4 Soekarno Hatta International
Soekarno Hatta terdiri dari : Airport consists of:
4.3. l Lansekap area terminal, parkir don
area lainnya yang termasuk dalam 4 .3 . l Landscape of the terminal area,
lingkup pekerjaan; parking lot and other areas included in
the scope of work;
4.3 .2 Roof Garden apabila ado;
4 .3 .2 Roof garden if available;
4.3.3 Vertical Garden apabila ado termasuk
pendetailan fasilitas penunjang roof 4 .3.3 Vertical Garden if available including
garden seperti water proofing, detailed roof garden support facilities
drainase, p1pa pengairan, detail such as water proofing, drainage,
maintenance; irrigation pipes, maintenance details;

4 .3.4 Detail lansekap pada area setiap 4 .3.4 Landscape details in each area of
Pengembangan baik di sisi darat development both on the landside and
maupun di sisi udara, berupa : airside, consist of:
a . Termasuk softscape maupun a. Softscapes and hardscape;
hardscape; b . Interior Landscape and exterior;
b . Interior lansekap maupun eksterior; c. Details of land cover;
c. Detail tumbuhan penutup lahan; d. Details of landscape height;
d. Detail ketinggian lansekap; e. Detail planting method;
e Detail metode penanaman; f . Watering and drainage details;
f. Detail pengairan don drainase; g. Maintenance details .
g. Detail maintenance.

4.3.5 Lansekap di setiap area 4 .3 .5 Landscaping in each area of

pengembangan baik di sisi darat development both on the land side and
maupun sisi udara; on the air side;

4 .3.6 Konsep lansekap antar area harus 4.3 .6 The concept of landscape between
berkesinambungan dalam satu tema, areas must be sustainable in one
namun pengembangan dari setiap theme, but the development of each
area disesuaikan dengan konsep area is adjusted to the design concept
desain bangunannya. of the building .


Perancangan don perhitungan Area Design and calculation of Concession
Konsesi yang tidak terbatas pada: Areas that are not limited to:
a. Detail utilitas konsesi; a. Details of concession utilities;
b. Detail interior melekat konsesi; b . Interior details attached to the
c. Detail pemilihan bahan; concession;
d. Detail plumbing, kelistrikan don c. Material selection details;
pemadam kebakaran; d . Plumbing, electricity and fire fighting
e. Detail desain lainnya untuk details;
menun1ang fasilitas komersial e. Other design details to support
beroperasi. commercial facilities operate .

Pekerjaan pekerjaan detail desain Parking planning and accessibility work:
perencanaan parkir don aksesibilitas a. Modern and latest technology for
yang tidak terbatas pada smart parking system;
a. Detail Smart Parking System yang b. Detail design of Office Manager,
modern don berteknologi terkini; waiting room for accessibility,
b. Detail perencanaan kantor Pedestrian and Plaza drivers and
pengelola, ruang tunggu supir other facilities deemed necessary.
aksesibilitas, pedestrian don plaza c. Accesibility Pavement Detail design
serta fasilitas lainnya yang dianggap d . Access in and out of terminal detail
perlu. design
c. Detail perkerasan aksesibilitas e. Access parking gate
d. Detail akses keluar masuk terminal f. Parking area lighting
e. Detail akses parking gate g. Other detailed designs to support
f. Detail penerangan parkir accessibility and parking areas can
g. Detail desain lainnya untuk operate well
menunjang aksesibilitas don area With the scope of accessibility buildings &
parkir dapat beroperasional dengan detailed parking areas design according
baik to the scope stated in Point A.4 the scope
Dengan lingkup bangunan aksesibilitas of work and other facilities that are
& area parkir yang didetail desainkan mandatory to be needed to support
sesuai dengan lingkup yang tercantum access and parking of passenger terminal
pada Poin A.4 ruang lingkup pekerjaan systems with a capacity of 40 million •
a fasilitas lainnnya yang mandatory passengers per year.
~f ~
untuk dibutuhkan dalam menunjang
akses don parkir passenger terminal
system berkapasitas 40 juta penumpang
per tahun .

Perancangan don perhitungan struktur Design and calculation of building
bangunan (struktur atas & bawah) structu res (upper & lower structures)
a. Perhitungan analisis struktur. a . Calculation of structural analysis .
b. Perhitungan sambungan. b. Connection calculation .
c. Perhitungan dimensi. c. Calculation of dimensions.
d. Gambar detail Engineering Design d. Detailed image of Engineering
Struktur bangunan . Design Building structure .
e. Detail Pondasi . e. Foundation Details .
f. Detail kolom utama kolom anak. f. Detail main column of child column .
g. Detail balok utama balok anak. g . Details of the beam's main beam.
h. Detail plat lantai . h. Floor plate details .
1. Detail rangka atop. 1. Roof truss details .
I· Detail Engineering Design Struktur I· Detail Engineering Design
fasilitas penunjang operasional. Operational support facility structure .
Perancangan don perhitungan struktur Designing and calculating the structure of
bangunan baik struktur atas & bawah both upper & lower structures with
dengan lingkup bangunan yang detailed and designed buildings
didetailkan don desainkan sesuai according to the scope stated in Point A.4
dengan lingkup yang tercantum pada The scope of work and other facilities are
Pain A.4 ruang lingkup pekerjaan don mandatory to be needed to support the
fasilitas lainnnya yang mandatory untuk passenger te rminal system with a capacity
dibutuhkan dalam menunjang passenger of 40 million passenge rs per year.
terminal system berkapasitas 40 juta
penumpang per tahun .


Merencanakan system drainase di area Planning a drainage system in the
pengembangan Terminal 4 meliputi terminal 4 development area includes all
semua fasilitas sisi udara don fasilitas sisi air-side facilities and land-side facilities
darat yang terintegrasi dengan sistem integrated with the existing drainage
drainase eksisting (termasuk sub-drain), system (including sub-drain), including:
meliputi : a . Analysis of catchment areas on
a. Analisa catchment area pada lokasi Runway, Taxiway, Apron locations
runway, taxiway, apron don area and existing area areas;
kawasan eksisting; b. Groundwater level monitoring;
b . Pemantauan muka air tanah ; c. Analysis of the proper drainage
c. Analisa sistem drainase yang tepat system according to planned needs;
sesuai kebutuhan yang d. Detailed drawing design of drainage
direncanakan ; system work;
d. Desain gambar detail pekerjaan e. Technical specifications of the
sistem drainase; drainage system materials to meet
e. Penentuan spesifikasi teknis bahan/ the planned discharge volume .
material sistem drainase untuk dapat
memenuhi volume debit yang
Merencanakan detail desain system
drainase di area pengembangan
Terminal 4 meliputi semua fasilitas sisi
udara don fasilitas sisi darat yang
terintegrasi dengan sistem drainase
eksisting (termasuk sub-drain)


Perencanaan konstruksi apron don Apron Construction Planning and
taxiway penghubung ke taxiway eksisting Taxiway connecting to the existing taxiway
berikut fasilitas penunjangnya, meliputi: and supporting facilities, including :
4 .8 .1 Memberikan gambaran mengenai 4 .8 . l Providing an overview of the condition
kondisi lahan rencana taxiway don of the Terminal 4 Taxiway and Apron
apron Terminal 4; land plans;

4 .8 .2 Merencanakan struktur lapisan 4.8.2 Planning the Apron pavement layer,

perkerasan apron, taxiway, fillet Taxiway, Fillet Taxiway, Service Road
taxiway, service road, berdasarkan structures, based on subgrade
kondisi karakteristik tanah dasar characteristics and material plans,
(subgrade) don rencana material, where Taxiway and Apron structures
dimana struktur taxiway don apron are planned for the most critical and
direncanakan bagi pesawat terkritis heaviest aircraft in accordance with the
don terberat sesuai peruntukan designation of Terminal 4. Structure
Terminal 4. Perencanaan struktur planning is equipped with arithmetic
dilengkapi dengan kertas kerja calculations structure and comparative
aritmatik perhitungan struktur serta calculations using software
perhitungan pembanding (FMRFIELD), which covers :
menggunakan perangkat lunak yang a . Analysis and determination of
dipersyaratkan, yang meliputi : subgrade CBR values;
a . Analisa don penentuan nilai CBR b . Loading zones analysis;
tanah dasar; c. Analysis of planning and arithmetic
b . Analisa zona pembebanan; structure calculations;
c. Analisa perencanaan don d . Analysis of structure and pavement
perhitungan struktur secara plan age planning applying the
aritmatik; FMRFIELD program;
d . Analisa perencanaan struktur don e. Determination of technical
umur rencana perkerasan dengan specifications for the Sub Base and
menggunakan program Base Course layers;
FMRFIELD; f . Determination of technical
e. Penentuan spesifikasi teknis untuk specifications for concrete
lapisan sub base don base course; pavement;
f. Penentuan spesifikasi teknis untuk g. Determination of hotmix technical
perkerasan beton; specifications for connections
g. Penentuan spesifikasi teknis hotmix between taxiway pavements.
untuk sambungan antara
perkerasan taxiway .
4.8.3 Merencanakan kekuatan struktur 4 .8 .3 Planning the strength of the connecting
lapisan perkerasan Taxiway Taxiway pavement structure , Apron,
penghubung, apron, fillet taxiway, fillet Taxiway, and Service Road
serta service rood hosil perencanaan resulting from the planning which 1s
yang dilengkapi dengon kertos kerja equipped with arithmetic worksheet
aritmatik perhitungan struktur serta calculation of structures and
perhitungan pembanding comparative calculations using
menggunakan perangkat lunak yang software (COMFAA) which includes :
dipersyaratkan meliputi: a . Analysis of the strength of the
a . Analisa kekuatan daya dukung pavement carrying capacity;
perkerasan; b . Analysis of the strength of the
b. Analisa kekuatan struktur pavement structure based on the
perkerasan berdasarkan zona loading zone;
pembebanan; c. Analysis of the calculation of the
c. Analisa perhitungan daya dukung carrying capacity of Taxiway and
taxiway don apron secara aritmatik; Apron arithmetically;
d . Analisa perhitungan daya dukung d . Analysis of the calculation of the
PCN taxiway don apron dengan carrying capacity of Taxiway and
menggunakan program COMFAA. Apron PCN using the COMFAA

4.8.4 Merencanakan don menganalisa 4 .8.4 Planning and analysing the apron
konfigurasi apron sesuai standar yang configuration according to applicable
berlaku yang meliputi: standards which include :
a. Analisa don perhitungan geometrik a . Apron geometric analysis and
apron; calculation;
b. Analisa konfigurasi parking stand b . Analysis of the aircraft parking
pesawat; stand configuration;
c. Manajemen pergerakan pesawat c. Aircraft movements management at
pada apron dari/ke runway . the apron from/ to the runway.


Perancangan don perhitungan detail Design and calculation of Getotechnical
Getoteknik untuk Terminal 4 Sandora detail for International Airport Terminal 4
lnternasional dengan lingkup bangunan with detailed building scope design
yang didetail desainkan sesuai dengan according to the scope stated in Point A.4
lingkup yang tercantum pada Poin A.4 The scope of work and other facilities are
ruang lingkup pekerjaan don fasilitas mandatory to be needed to support the
lainnnya yang mandatory untuk passenger terminal system with a capacity
dibutuhkan dalam menunjang passenger of 40 million passengers per year
terminal system berkapasitas 40 juta
penumpang per tahun .


Perancangan, perhitungan detail geodesi Designing, detailed geodetic calculations
untuk Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional for Terminal 4 International Airport in the
berupa perhitungan pencatatan don form of geodesic recording and
pengamatan geodesi yang mencakup observation calculations that include
data topografi, potongan memanjang topographic data, longitudinal and
an melintang dengan lingkup transverse pieces with detailed building
designs designed according to the scope /;

\-'lt-f ~ 11~1~
----~._ ~
bangunan yang didetail desainkan listed in Points A.4 the scope of work and
sesuai dengan lingkup yang tercantum other facilities that are mandatory for
pada Poin A.4 ruang lingkup pekerjaan needed to support the passenger terminal
don fasilitas lainnnya yang mandatory system with a capacity of 40 million
untuk dibutuhkan dalam menunjang passengers per year
passenger terminal system berkapasitas
40 juta penumpang per tahun


Perencanaan desain ducting utility Ducting utility design planning should
harus berdasarkan: be based:
a. Dimensi ducting a . Regarding ducting dimension, it is
mempertimbangkan jumlah utilitas necessary to consider the number of
yang akan dipasang melalui jalur utilities to be installed through
ducting (kabel power, kabel data, ducting lines (power cables, data
pipa air bersih, dll) dengan space cables, clean water pipes, etc.) with
don akses untuk keperluan space and access for maintenance
pemeliharaan jalur inspeksi yang Inspection lane that can be passed
dapat dilintasi kendaraan kecil/alat through by transportation tools such
bantu transportasi seperti as hoverboard.
hoverboard. b. Regarding line design and
b. Desain jalur don penempatan placement of ducting utilities, it is
ducting utility memperhatikan necessary to pay attention to
estetika don rencana aesthetics and plan for the
pengembangan area Terminal 4 . development of Terminal 4 area.
c. Desain ducting memperhatikan C. Regarding ducting design, it IS

kebutuhan cable tray, fasilitas necessary to consider the needs of

penerangan, akses masuk petugas the cable tray, lighting facilities,
dalam melakukan access to the officers for
pemeliharaan/perbaikan fasilitas, maintenance/facilities repair,
jalur/akses untuk pengembangan lines/access for further development
selanjutnya don kondisi dalam and conditions in the ducting that
ducting yang tetap kering/tidak remain dry/not flooded .


Perencanaan/penyusunan Detail Planning/ preparation of Engineering
Engineering Desain untuk bidang Details Design for the mechanical field
mechanical dimaksudkan untuk is intended to obtain volume, drawings,
memperoleh Volume, gambar kerja, equipment suitability tables and work
tabel kesesuaian peralatan serta plans and clear technical requirements
rencana kerja don persyaratan teknis related to mechanical equipment
yang jelas terkait peralatan - peralatan needed and will be installed in

mechanical yang dibutuhkan don akan Terminal 4, which includes the

di-install di Terminal 4, yang following equipment, but not limited to :
diantaranya meliputi peralatan-
peralatan sebagai berikut, namun
ti_dak terbatas pada:
4.11 .2.l Transportasi Dalam Gedung; 4.11 .2.l Transport Inside Building;
Penentuan transportasi dalam The Transport Inside Building 1s
gedung harus berdasarkan : determined based on:
a. Kapasitas don jumlah serta a. Capacity and amount and
penempatan disesuaikan placement are adjusted to take
dengan perhitungkan Traffic Traffic Analysis into account;
Analysis; b. Having a security system such as
b. Mempunyai sistem pengamanan overload device, safety level
seperti overload device, safety stop, etc .;
level stop, don lain-lain; c. Elevators for passengers, goods
c. Elevator untuk penumpang, and people with disabilities have
barang, don penyandang cacat heavy duty specifications with
mempunyai heavy
spesifikasi roomless types and use PLC
duty dengan tipe roomless don control systems and inverters;
menggunakan sistem kontrol d. Selection of types by using the
PLC don inverter; latest technology, taking into
d. Pemilihan jenis/tipe account the quality and ease of
menggunakan teknologi maintenance;
terbaru, dengan e. Able to be monitored from the
mempertimbangkan kualitas control room/technician
don kemudahan dalam (integrated with IBMS);
perawatannya; f . The use of transportation in other
e. Dapat di monitor dari ruang buildings (other than elevators,
kontrol/tekn isi (teri ntegrasi escalators, and travellers) in the
dengan IBMS); terminal building while still
f. Penggunaan transportasi dalam considering aspects of efficiency
gedung lainnya (selain elevator, and safety .
escalator, don travelator) di
dalam gedung terminal dengan
tetap mempertimbangkan aspek
efisiensi don keselamatan.

4 .11.2 .2 Baggage Handling System (BHS) : 4 .11 .2.2 Baggage Handling System (BHS) :
Perencanaan desain BHS harus BHS design planning must be
berdasarkan: based :
a. Tingkat keamanan (Security a . Security Level of Baggage
Level) pemeriksaan Baggage inspection is up to Level 5;
sampai dengan Level 5; b . Capacity and number and
b . Kapasitas don jumlah serta placement are adjusted to
penempatan disesuaikan needs. Baggage Handling
dengan kebutuhan . Baggage System must be able to select
Handling System harus bisa passenger baggage optimally
menyeleksi bagasi penumpang during peak hours;
dengan optimal ketika 1am c. The BHS design considers the
puncak; ease of officers in carrying out
c. Desain BHS mempertimbangkan further checks on susp1c1ous
kemudahan petugas dalam passenger baggage 1n the
melakukan pemeriksaan reconciliation room as well as
lanjutan terhadap bagasi sending back baggage that has
penumpang yang mencurigakan been declared safe to the proper V<;J_.
(suspect) di ruang rekonsiliasi BHS line;
serta pengiriman kembali d. Destination Code Vehicles (DCV)
bagasi yang telah dinyatakan technology can be applied by
aman ke jalur BHS yang considering baggage handling
semestinya; requirements to meet the Level
d. Teknologi Destination Code of Service;
Vehicles (DCV) dapat diterapkan e. Out of Gauge (OOG) Baggage
dengan pertimbangan Handling System 1s designed
kebutuhan penanganan bagasi with sufficient capacity and
untuk pemenuhan Level of amount to work optimally during
Service; peak hours and consider
e. Out of Gauge (OOG) Baggage building layout;
Handling System didesain f . Baggage Handling System must
dengan kapasitas don jumlah be designed in such a way as to
yang memadai sehingga dapat m1nim1se damage and security
bekerja dengan optimal pada of passenger goods;
soot 1am puncak serta g . Baggage Handling System 1s
mempertimbangkan layout designed using Auto Return Tray
bangunan; and is equipped with Baggage
g . Baggage Handling System harus Tracking on the Conveyor line;
didesain sedemikian rupa agar h. Arrival baggage is designed in
meminimalisir kerusakan don accordance with the standards of
keamanan barang penumpang; speed and accuracy of airport
h. Baggage Handling
System service users;
didesain menggunakan Auto 1. Selection of type of BHS by using
Return Tray don dengan the latest technology and taking
dilengkapi Baggage Tracking into account the quality and ease
pada jalur conveyor; of maintenance;
1. Bagasi kedatangan didesain I· Can be monitored from the
sesua1 dengan standar control room;
kecepatan don ketepatan k. The BHS Power Supply System is
pelayanan pengguna jasa designed to come from at least 3
bandar udara; power supply sources, namely
j. Pemilihan jenis/tipe BHS dengan from the main power supply,
teknologi terbaru, dengan backup power supply (generator
mempertimbangkan kualitas set) and UPS.
dan kemudahan dalam
pe rawata n nya;
k. Dapat di monitor dari ruang
kontrol ;
I. Sistem Power Supply BHS
dirancang paling tidak berasal
dari 3 sumber catu daya yaitu
dari catu daya utama, catu daya
cadangan (generator set) don

4.11 .2 .3 Sistem Pemadam Kebakaran Fire Suppression System

Sistem pemadam kebakaran yang The fire fighting system planned for tf,
direncanakan untuk kawasan the Terminal 4 area is a fire /-1
ri I 'f>-
.-ft", 1 "r- 1
Terminal 4 m1 adalah pemadam extinguisher for Hydrant, Springkler
kebakaran Hydrant, Springkler dan and Light Fire Extinguisher. This
Pemadam Api Ringan. Sistem ini system must be able to protect the
harus mampu melindungi area, buildings, equipment and
kawasan, bangunan, peralatan occupants from the threat of fire.
dan penghuninya dari ancaman Some of the factors that must be
kebakaran . Beberapa faktor- considered include :
faktor yang harus a . Fire suppression systems should
diperhatikan diantaranya : be able to serve all airside and
a . Sistem pemadam kebakaran landside areas and can be
harus dapat melayani seluruh monitored from the control
area s1s1 udara maupun s1s1 room/ technician (integrated with
darat dan dapat dimonitor dari IBMS) ;
ruang kontrol/tekn isi b. Fire suppression system 1s
(terintegrasi dengan IBMS); planned centrally using fire
b. Sistem pemadam kebakaran pump pumps placed inside the
direncanakan secara terpusat pump house;
dengan menggunakan pompa- c. The fire suppression system is at
pompa pemadam kebakaran least equipped with Electric
yang ditempatkan di dalam Pump, Diesel Pump, Jockey
rumah pompa ; Pump and Reservoir Tank ;
c. Sistem pemadam kebakaran d. Each hydrant/sprinkler piping is
paling tidak dilengkapi dengan designed with a loop/ring
Electric Pump, Diesel Pump, system;
Jockey Pump dan Reservoir Tank; e. Hydrant Pillar, Indoor Hydrant
d. Setiap pemipaan Box, Outdoor Hydrant Box, Fire
hytdront/sprinkler dirancang Hose, Fire Nozzle (for outside
dengan loop/ring system ; the building) must be placed at
e. Hydrant pillar, indoor hydrant accessible and visible locations;
box, outdoor hydrant box, fireh f. The type of siamese connection
hose, fire nozzle (untuk luar coupling and Hydrant Pillar 1s
gedung) harus ditempatkan di adjusted to the type used by the
lokasi-lokasi yang mudah local government and the
dicapai dan terlihat; airport;
f. Jenis kopling siamese g. Indoor Hydrant Boxes must be
connection dan hydrant pillar placed in buildings on each floor
disesuaikan dengan jenis yang with the number of hydrant
digunakan Pemda setempat dan boxes in accordance with the
bandara; existing regulations;
g. Indoor hydrant box harus h. The reservoir volume of
ditempatkan di dalam firefighting water tanks 1s
bangunan di setiap lantai calculated based on applicable
dengan jumlah hydrant box standards and the volume of
yang sesua1 dengan peraturan water can be monitored at IBMS;
yang ada; 1. Portable Fire Suppression 1s
h . Volume reservoir tonk air planned according to the area of
pemadam kebakaran dihitung the room and refers to the
berdasarkan standar yang applicable standards ;
berlaku dan volume air dapat I· For EME (Electrical, Mechanical
& Electronics) facilities such
termonitor di IBMS; Ii_
1. Portable Fire Extinguisher panel room, transformer, UPS,
direncanakan sesua1 luas Server room and Meet Me Room
ruangan don mengacu ke using the Clean Agent Fire
standar yang berlaku; Suppression system (eco friendly,
I· Untuk ruangan fasilitas EME conducts no electric current,
(electrical, mechanical & leaves no residue, damage no
electronics) seperti : ruang panel, equipment, cause no rust and
trafo, UPS, ruang server don harms to humans) over-
meet me room menggunakan configured and integrated with
sistem clean agent fire the Fire Alarm System;
suppression (ramah lingkungan, k. The use of the eco-friendly and
tidak menghantarkan arus safe Fire Extinguisher for humans
listrik, tidak meninggalkan and equipment;
residu, tidak merusak peralatan, I. Indoor Hydrant Box (IHB)
tidak menimbulkan karat don equipped with Alarm Push
tidak berbahaya bagi manusia) Button, lamp and horn, hose,
yang dikonfigurasi secara nozzle and other IHB
redundant don terintegrasi completeness according to
dengan Fire Alarm System; applicable standards.
k. Penggunaan APAR yang ramah
lingkungan serta aman
terhadap manus1a don
I. Indoor hydrant box (IHB)
dilengkapi fasilitas alarm push
button, lamp don horn, selang,
nozzle serta kelengkapan IHB
lainnya sesuai standar yang
berlaku . Sistem Distribusi Air Bersih 4.11 .2.4 Clean Water Distribution System
Sistem distribusi air bersih adalah The clean water distribution system
pendistribusian atau pembagian air is the distribution of water through
melalui sistem pemipaan dari the piping system from the source of
sumber air menu1u area-area water to areas of the building that
bangunan yang membutuhkan require water supply. At present, the
pasokan air. Soot ini sumber air water source that is channeled
yang dialirkan menuju Bandara towards Soekarno-Hatta Airport
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta comes from the clean water network
berasal dari jaringan air bersih supplied by PDAM Kota and
yang dipasok oleh PDAM Kota don Tangerang Regency .
Kabupaten Tangerang . Following are the criteria for
Berikut kriteria perencanaan sistem planning a clean water distribution
distribusi air bersih : system:
a. lnstalasi distribusi air bersih a . The Clean Water Distribution
untuk pasokan air yang menuju Installation for the water supply
Terminal 4 berasal dari instalasi to Terminal 4 comes from the
1anngan pipa utama yang main pipeline installation which
langsung dialirkan ke dalam is directly flowed into buildings
gedung-gedung maupun and terminal buildings which are

'¾-t fo
bangunan terminal yang made storage tonks according to
dibuatkan storage tank sesuai the minimum capacity
kapasitas kebutuhan minimal 12 requirement of 12 hours added
jam ditambahkan kebutuhan hydrant needs which are then
hydrant yang selanjutnya flowed using distribution pumps
dialirkan dengan menggunakan to all area's terminal;
pompa distribusi ke seluruh area b . Supply of clean water to
terminal ; Terminal 4 is taken from the
b. Suplai air bersih menuju region's clean water distribution
Terminal 4 diambil dari jalur back bone lane and as much as
back bone distribusi air bersih possible through the ducting
kawasan dan sebisa mungkin utility path prepared in this work
melalui jalur ducting utility yang planning package;
disiapkan dalam paket c. Calculation of pipe diameter,
perencanaan pekerjaan ini; type of pipe to be used and
c. Perhitungan diameter pipa, jenis storage capacity of tanks must
pipa dan kapasitas storage tank be done through design
harus dilakukan melalui calculations that are in

perhitungan desain yang sesuai accordance with the provisions

ketentuan sehingga mampu so as to be able to serve the
melayani kebutuhan operasional operational needs of the
terminal pada saat jam sibuk; terminal during peak hours;
d. Pompa didesain bekerja secara d. The pump is designed to work in
parallel alternate dengan parallel alternatives with a
dilengkapi pompa back up backup pump (number of
(jumlah pompa : n+ 1); pumps : n + 1 );
e. Sistem pem1paan distribusi air e. The clean water distribution
bersih didesain dengan piping system is designed using
menggunakan metode a horizontal method that is
horizontal yang melingkar circular (forming a loop) ;
(membentuk loop); f. Water distribution networks must
f . Jaringan distribusi air harus be reliable, easily maintained
handal, mudah dipelihara dan and easily developed and
mudah dikembangkan serta integrated with IBMS;
terintegrasi dengan IBMS; g . As an alternative to back up the
g. Sebagai alternatif back up suplai supply of clean water, it can be
air bersih, dapat digunakan used as a result of rainwater and
hasil pengolahan air hujan dan used water treatment that has
air bekas yang telah dilakukan been recycled so that the quality
proses recycle sehingga 1s in accordance with the
kualitasnya sesua1 dengan applicable water quality
standar baku mutu air bersih standards of the Ministry of
dari Kementerian Kesehatan Health;
yang berlaku; h. Use of prepaid water meters for
h. Penggunaan meter air prabayar all tenants/ konsesi bosoh .
untuk seluruh tenont/konsesi
basah .
80 Sistem lnstalasi Air Minum (Drinking 4.11 .2.5 Drinking Water Installation System
Water Installation) Following are the planning criteria
Beri kut kriteria perenca naa n sistem for drinking water installation
instalasi air minum: systems :
a. Sistem instalasi terintegrasi a. Integrated installation system
dengan sistem jaringan air with a clean water network
bersih di Terminal 4; system in Terminal 4;
b. Desain Water Dispenser dibuat b. Design Water Dispenser is made
semenarik mungkin don mudah as attractive as possible and
soot digunakan; easy to use;
c. Jumlah don kapasitas serta c. The number and capacity and
penempatannya disesuaikan placement are adjusted to the
dengan kebutuhan; needs;
d. Kualitas air minum harus tetap d . Drinking water quality must be
terjaga don mudah dalam preserved and easy to maintain.

4.11 .2.6 Sistem lnstalasi Air Limbah 4.11 .2.6 Wastewater Installation System
Desain instalasi air limbah harus The design of the wastewater
dapat menampung produksi air installation must be able to
limbah yang berasal dari air bekas accommodate the production of
(air buangan: floor drain, wastafel, wastewater from used water (waste
musholla) don air kotor (air water : floor drain, sink, mushola)
buangan : toilet, urinoir don tenant) and dirty water (waste water : toilet,
di kawasan Terminal 4 . urinal and tenant) in the Terminal 4
Berikut kriteria perencanaan sistem area .
distribusi air limbah yang berasal Following are the criteria for
dari air bekas don air kotor: planning a distribution system for
a . lnstalasi pemipaan air bekas wastewater that comes from used
don air kotor harus dirancang water and dirty water
secara terpisah. a. Used water pipe and dirty water
b . Pengelolaan air bekas dilakukan installation must be designed
dengan menggunakan STP don separately.
WTP terminal sehingga dapat b. Used water management 1s
dimanfaatkan kembali untuk carried out using STP and WTP
penggunaan penyiraman terminals so that it can be reused
taman, keperluan kebersihan for the use of garden watering,
gedung don lain-lain . building hygiene needs and
Pengelolaan air bekas dapat others . Used water management
juga disinkronkan dengan can also be synchronised with
sistem pengelolaan air hujan . rainwater management systems .
c. Jaringan instalasi air kotor dari c. The dirty water installation
terminal terlebih dahulu network from the terminal is first
dialirkan ke sump pit kemudian channeled to the sump pit and
dialirkan melalui pemipaan then flowed through the pipeline
yang menuju STP Central to the STP Central area and can
kawasan, serta dapat dimonitor be monitored from the
dari ruang teknisi (terintegrasi technician's room (integrated
dengan IBMS). with IBMS).
d . Air buangan dari kitchen sink d . Waste water from the kitchen ...,,,.,
tenant harus melalui grease trap sink tenant must go through
sebelum dialirkan melalui grease traps before flowing
pemipaan yang menuju STP through the pipeline to the
Central kawasan. Central STP area .
e. Sistem pemipaan 1anngan air e. The dirty water piping system is
kotor dilengkapi dengan sump equipped with a sump pit that
pit yang menggunakan sistem uses a PLC system and can be
PLC don dapat dimonitor dari monitored from the technician's
ruang teknisi. room .
f. Detail desain jaringan f. The design details of the
pembuangan air kotor dibuat sewerage network are made
hingga tersambung ke jalur until it is connected to the back
back bone jaringan air kotor bone of the area's dirty water
kawasan. network .

4.11 .2.7 Sistem Pembuangan Limbah Padat 4.11 .2. 7 Solid Waste Disposal System
Sistem pengelolaan limbah padat Solid waste management system 1s
didesain menggunakan sistem designed using automatic garbage
pengumpul sampah otomatis yang collection systems that easy to
mudah dalam pengoperasian don operate and maintain . System
perawatan . Desain sistem harus design must pay attention to the
memperhatikan penempatan placement of the main equipment,
peralatan utama, arsitektur, struktur architecture, building structures and
bangunan serta jaringan utilitas other utility networks.

4.11 .2.8 Sistem Pemanfaatan Air Hujan 4.11 .2.8 Rainwater Utilisation System :
Konsep don desain pemanfaatan The concept and design of
air hujan sebagai salah satu rainwater utilisation as an
alternatif sumber air bersih alternative source of clean water
(Rainwater Harvesting) yang telah (Rainwater Harvesting) that has
dilakukan proses recycle don been recycled and integrated with
terintegrasi dengan jaringan air the terminal & regional clean water
bersih terminal don kawasan. network. The quality of the recycle
Kualitas hasil proses recycle sesuai process is in accordance with the
dengan standar baku mutu air applicable water quality standard
bersih dari Kementerian Kesehatan from the Ministry of Health .
yang berlaku .
4.11.2 .9 Air Conditioning System and
4.11 .2. 9 Sistem Tata Udara don Ventilasi Ventilation
Rancangan sistem tata udara yang The design of the air conditioning
meliputi pengkondisian udara don system including air conditioning
ventilasi didasarkan pada konsep and ventilation is based on an
rancangan yang terpadu dengan integrated design concept with other
konsep rancangan bidang lainnya field design concepts, particularly
terutama dengan bi dang with the architectural, interior,
arsitektural, interior, tata cahaya lighting and provision of electrical
serta penyediaan distribusi daya power distribution .
listrik. Selain itu kriteria serta
ketentuan-ketentuan khusus yang
dipersyaratkan, baik yang regarding the function of the room,
menyangkut fungsi ruangan, security and usage characteristics of
sekuriti serta karakteristik each room, to be used as the main
pemakaian setiap ruangan, agar consideration in building design .
digunakan sebagai pertimbangan Detailed design of the air
utama dalam perancangan conditioning system design is made
bangunan gedung. by adjusting some design references
Detail desain rancangan sistem tata among them :
udara dibuat dengan a. Building orientation
menyesuaikan beberapa acuan b. Type and area of building walls
rancangan diantaranya : c. Type and extent of interior
a . Orientasi bangunan; building equipment/material
b. Jenis don luas dinding d . Type and window area
bangunan; e. Room function and designation
c. Jenis don luas f. Estimated heat load of lamps
pera Iatan/ material interior and other equipment
bangunan; g . Outdoor air condition
d . Jenis don luas jendela; h. Air condition plan adapted to the
e. Fungsi don peruntukan regulations that apply to airports
ruangan; 1. Estimated number of housings
f. Perkiraan beban kalor lampu 1- Other relevant EME utility paths
don peralatan lain; Following are the criteria for
g. Kondisi udara luar; planning the air and ventilation
h . Kondisi udara perancangan system :
yang disesuaikan dengan a. Air Conditioning System 1s
peraturan yang berlaku untuk designed to be energy efficient
bandara; and reliable .
1. Perkiraan jumlah hunian; b . The diffuser placement design is
I· Jalur utilitas EME lainnya yang adapted to the architectural
bersinggungan . concept.
Berikut kriteria perencanaan sistem c. The placement of AHU is
tata udara don ventilasi : designed to obtain maximum
a . Sistem Air Conditioning didesain cooling results so that it meets
agar hemat energi don handal; the target temperature
b. Desain penempatan diffuser achievement according to Level
disesuaikan dengan konsep of Service.
arsitektur; d . The dimensions and type of
c. Penempatan AHU didesain agar ducting are adjusted to the
diperoleh hasil pendinginan calculation of the AHU capacity
yang maksimal sehingga and the intended load
memenuhi target capaian suhu requirements of the room so that
sesuai Leve/ of Service; the results of optimal room
d . Dimensi don tipe ducting cooling can be obtained.
disesuaikan dengan perhitungan e. Detail design of ducting return,
kapasitas AHU don kebutuhan supply and fresh water lines
beban ruangan yang dituju must pay attention to aesthetics
sehingga diperoleh hasil and building architecture while
pendinginan ruangan yang still producing the expected
optimal; cooling. ~ -
e. Detail desain jalur ducting f . The air conditioning system is

¥j a
v~/1tf ~ ~
return, suplai don fresh air harus designed by adjusting the use of
memperhatikan estetika don various rooms according to the
arsitektur bangunan dengan Level of Service provisions.
tetap menghasilkan g. The system can be integrated
pendinginan yang diharapkan; with IBMS
f. Sistem tata udara didesain h. Selection of the main engines of
dengan menyesuaikan the air conditioning system
penggunaan ruangan yang 1. Flexibility and optimisation of
bervariasi sesuai ketentuan Level zoning and distribution of air or
of Service; cold water .
g. Sistem dapat diintegrasikan
dengan IBMS;
h. Pemilihan mesin-mesin utama
sistem tata udara;
1. Fleksibilitas serta optimasi
zoning don distribusi udara atau
air dingin . Fasilitas Pemel i ha raa n I 4.11 .2.10 Building Maintenance I

Maintenance Bangunan Maintenance Facilities
Fasilitas pemeliharaan pada s1s1 Maintenance facilities on the indoor
indoor maupun outdoor bangunan and outdoor sides of the terminal
terminal harus didesain untuk building must be designed to
menjaga performa, lifetime don maintain the performance, lifetime
kebersihan fasilitas don peralatan and cleanliness of facilities and
di terminal dengan tetap equipment at the terminal while
memperhatikan estetika don paying attention to aesthetics and
arsitektur ruangan. room architecture.

4.11.2 .11 Ground Support System (GSS) 4.11 .2. 11 Ground Support System (GSS)
GSS harus didesain agar dapat GSS must be designed for safe and
beroperasi secara aman don efficient operation . GSS placement
efisien. Penempatan GSS didesain is designed with reference to the
dengan mengacu pada rancangan design of the apron, parking stand
apron, parking stand don airport and airport gate. The designed GSS
gate. GSS yang didesain meliputi includes ground power units,
ground power unit, preconditioned preconditioned air, potable water,
air, potable water, blue water don blue water and sewage water must
sewage water harus terintegrasi be integrated with the Airport
dengan Airport Operation Data Operation Data Base (AODB),
Base (AODB), Airport Operation Airport Operations Control Center
Control Center (AOCC) don Billing (AOCC) and Billing system of PT
System PT Angkasa Pura II Angkasa Pura II (Persero) .
(Persero) . Details of the design of the GSS
Detail desain penempatan fasilitas facility placement must follow the
GSS harus mengikuti konfigurasi aircraft type configuration in each
jenis pesawat dimasing-masing parking stand .
parking stand .
4 . 11 .2 .12 Garbarata 4 .11 .2 . 12 Avio Bridge
Garbarata didesain sebagai Avio Bridge (garbarata) is designed
penghubung penumpang menuju to connect passenger to the aircraft
ke pesawat dengan mengutamakan with comfort priority in order to free
kenyamanan sehingga penumpang the passengers from hot weather,
terbebas dari cuaca panas , hujan rain and wind .
don angin . Following are the Avio Bridge
Berikut kriteria perencanaan planning criteria :
garbarata : a. Block on/block off monitoring
a. Monitoring block on - block off integrated with IBMS and system
terintegrasi dengan IBMS don billing of PT Angkasa Pura II
billing system PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero).
(Persero); b . Avio Bridge type is selected
b . Pemilihan tipe garbarata based on the capacity and type
disesuaikan dengan kapasitas of aircraft.
don jenis pesawat udara yang c. Equipped with an air
dilayani; conditioning system that meets
c. Dilengkapi sistem tata udara the target temperature according
yang memenuhi target capaian to Level of Service.
suhu sesuai Level of Service ; d . Can serve aircraft types
d. Dapat melayani tipe pesawat according to the parking stand
sesuai konfigurasi parking configuration .
stand ; e. Equipped with a back up power
e. Dilengkapi dengan catu daya supply .
back up ; f. Maintenance facilities are
f . Fasilitas maintenance didesain designed for maintenance
untuk kebutuhan perawatan . needs.


Perencanaan I penyusunan Detailed Planning/preparation of Engineering
Engineering Desain untuk bidang Details Design fo r the Electrical field is
electrical dimaksudkan untuk intended to obtain Volume, work
memperoleh Volume, gambar kerja, drawings, equipment suitability tables
tabel kesesuaian peralatan serta and work plans and clear technical
rencana kerja do n persyaratan teknis requi re ments related to Electrical
yang jelas terkait peralatan-peralatan equipment needed and will be installed
electrical yang dibutuhkan don akan in Terminal 4, which includes the
di-install di Terminal 4, yang following equipment, but not limited to :
diantaranya meliputi peralatan-
peralatan sebagai berikut, namun
tidak terbatas pada :

4.11.3. l Sistem catu daya utama 4.11 .3 . l Main power supply system
Kebutuhan daya Terminal 4 harus Terminal 4 power requirements
dihitung secara menyeluruh hingga must be calculated thoroughly until
sampai pada tahapan ultimate. they reach the ultimate stage .
Catu daya utama Terminal 4 Terminal 4's main power supply is
didapat dari Power Station sesuai obtained from the Power Station in
dengan Basic Design Bandara accordance with the Sandora .(j_
, ~
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta Basic
Tahap II, namun apabila beban Design Phase 11, but if the load is
tidak mencukupi harus memberikan not sufficient it must give the
pertimbangan sebagai berikut : following considerations:
a. Pengembangan di Power Station a . Development at Power Station 3
3 (keseluruhan); (overall) ;
b . Pengembangan di Power Station b . Development at Power Station 3
3 (penambahan Generator Set); (addition of Generator set);
c. Penambahan Power Station c. Adding a new Power Station;
baru; d . Calculation of nominal stress,
d . Perhitungan tegangan nominal, voltage variation and voltage
vanas1 tegangan don regulation as described below
pengaturan tegangan must follow applicable standards
sebagaimana yang diuraikan as a basis fo r planning
dibawah ini harus mengikuti reference :
standar yang berlaku sebagai l) Medium Voltage Distribution
dasar acuan perencanaan: System:
l) Sistem Distribusi Tegangan • Nominal Voltage
Menengah : 20 kV
• Tegangan Nominal: 20 • Voltage Drop : ± 5%
kV • Voltage Setting : ± 5 %
• Drop Tegangan : ± 5 % • System : tiga phases
• Pengaturan Tegangan: ± Medium voltage distribution
5% systems are designed reliably
Sistem : tiga fasa by using a redundant system
Sistem distribusi Tegangan so that the distribution of
Menengah (medium voltage) electric power can take place
didesain handal dengan continuously. The distribution
menggunakan redundant system is designed with a
sistem sehingga distribusi protection system . The
tenaga listrik dapat distribution system 1s
berlangsung secara kontinyu . designed to be controlled
Sistem distribusi didesain and monitored by SCADA
dengan dilengkapi sistem integrated with existing
proteksi . Sistem distribusi SCADA and AOCC.
didesain agar dapat 2) Low Voltage Distribution
dikontrol don dimonitor oleh System :
SCADA yang terintegrasi • Nominal Volt: 220/400 V
dengan SCADA eksisting dan • Voltage Variation
AOCC. ±5%
2) Sistem Distribusi Tegangan • Voltage Setting : ± 5 %
Rendah : • System : three phases
• Tegangan Nominal Low voltage distribution
220/400 Volt system is designed reliably by
• Variasi Tegangan using a redundant system so
±5% that the distribution of electric
• Pengaturan Tegangan : ± power can take place
5% continuously . Low voltage
• Sistem: tiga fasa distribution system is
Sistem distribusi tegangan designed with a protection /
. \~
~.4-.. _/I
,,-.~ -~
rendah (low voltage) system . Equ ipped with
didesoin hondal dengon shedding control and
menggunokon redundant reloading for generator back-
system seh inggo distribusi up systems . And can be
tenogo listrik dopot controlled and monitored by
berlangsung secara kontinyu . SCADA integrated with
Sistem distribusi tegongon existing SCADA and AOCC.
rendoh didesain dengon The network system in Terminal 4
dilengkopi sistem proteksi. and which supplies Terminal 4 is
Dilengkopi kontrol shedding designed with a redundant system .
don reloading untuk sistem The redundant system in question is :
bock up Genset. Serto dopot a . Medium voltage and low voltage
dikontrol don dimonitor oleh networks must be suppliedfrom
SCADA yang terintegrasi at least 2 feeders, where the
dengon SCADA eksisting don capacity of 1 feeder can
AOCC . accommodate all loads;
Sistem joringan di Terminal 4 don b . The reliability of the network
yang menyuploi Terminal 4 system must have N- 1 criteria;
didesain dengon sistem redundant. c. If there is any disturbance in 1
Sistem redundant yang dimaksud Feeder, the protection system
adalah : can localise the disturbance
a. Joringon tegongon menengoh system .
don tegangan rendah harus Cable lines from the Power Station
mendapat suplai dori minimal 2 to Terminal 4 must be provided as
feeder, dimana kapasitas 1 much as possible through the
feeder dopat mengakomodir ducting utility line prepared in this
seluruh beban ; work planning package.
b. Kehandalan sistem joringan
harus memiliki kriteria N- 1;
c. Apabila terjadi ganguan pada 1
feeder maka sisitem proteksi
dapat melokalisir sistem
ganguan .
Jalur kabel dori Power Station
sampai ke Terminal 4 sebisa
mungkin mela lui ja lur ducting utility
yang disiapkan dalam paket
perencanaan pekerjaan in i.

4 .11.3 .2 Backup power supply system

4 .11.3.2 Sistem catu daya cadangan
a . Generator Set
a . Generator Set
A backup power supply source is
Sumber catu daya listrik
provided to service the electricity
cadangan disediakan untuk
load of all equipment and
melayani beban listrik seluruh
facilities when the main power
peralatan don fasilitas pada
supply source is interfered . The
saat sumber catu daya listrik
backup power supply used is a
utama mengalami gangguan .
Diesel Generator Set.
Catu daya cadangan yang
The backup power supply is
digunakan berupa Diesel
design ed to
Generator Set.
automatically and
Catu daya cadangan didesain electricity needs within a
dapat beroperasi secara maximum period of time
otomatis don memasok according to the suggested
kebutuhan listrik dalam jangka conditions when the main power
waktu maksimal sesuai supply out/experiences
ketentuan yang interference .
direkomendasikan pada soot Backup power supply (Generator
catu daya uta ma Set) needs to be calculated
padam/mengalami gangguan . considering the burden of
Catu daya cadangan (Generator Terminal 4 and regional support
Set) perlu dihitung facilities at the ultimate stage .
mempertimbangkan beban The backup power supply can
terminal 4 don fasilitas also back up 100% of Terminal
penunjang kawasan pada tahap 4 load. The generator room
ultimate. Catu daya Cadangan must be designed with
juga dapat melakukan Back up applicable standardisation.
100% beban Terminal 4 . Ruang Detail Preparation Engineering
Genset harus didesain dengan design of the main power supply
standarisasi yang berlaku. and backup power supply,
Penyusunan Detail Engineering starting from the Power Station
design dari Catu daya utama to the load, must be completed
don catu daya cadangan mulai with the required wiring
dari Power Station hingga ke diagram .
beban harus lengkap dengan Following are the Generator Set
wiring diagram yang diperlukan . planning criteria :
Berikut kriteria perencanaan 1) After the main power supply
Generator Set: is off, the generator must be
1) Setelah Catu daya utama able to load on time within
Off, Genset harus bisa on the conditions required .
Load dalam jangka waktu 2) The generator can be back
sesuai ketentuan yang synchronous or synchronous
dipersyaratkan; forward when switching the
2) Genset bisa back sinkron main power supply to the
maupun forward sinkron backup power supply or vice
pada soot pergantian catu versa.
daya utama ke catu daya 3) The generator can be
cadangan ataupun maintained without having to
sebaliknya; turn off the entire backup
3) Genset dapat dilakukan power supply system .
maintenance tanpa harus 4) Genset warming up can be
mematikan keseluruhan carried out automatically
system catu daya cadangan; through a control system .
4) Genset dapat dilakukan b. Uninterruptible Power Supply
warming up (pemanasan (UPS)
rutin) secara otomatis melalui When the main power supply
system kontrol. and Diesel Gen set are
b. Uninterruptible Power Supply interrupted, particularly for
(UPS) essential equ ipment such as
Bilamana catu daya utama don electronic equipment must
Diesel Genset terganggu, khusus continue to work, the UPS 1s f{
untuk peralatan peralatan designed to be able to supply
penting seperti peralatan electrical power with a minimum
elektronik harus tetap bekerja, autonomy of 60 minutes in full
UPS didesain agar bisa load condition . The UPS room is
memasok kebutuhan daya listrik designed to have air
dengan otonomi minimal 60 conditioning .
men it pada kondisi full load . Following are the planning
Ruang UPS didesain dengan criteria for Uninterruptible Power
pendingin ruangan . Supply (UPS):
Berikut kriteria perencanaan 1) UPS equipment is designed
Uninterruptible Power Supply centrally and clustered
(UPS): according to type or system
1) Pera Iatan UPS dirancang equipment, which can supply
terpusat don terkelompok electrical power requirements
sesuai jenis atau sistem for at least 60 minutes in full
peralatan, dimana dapat load condition .
memasok kebutuhan daya 2) Equipment UPS uses the latest
listrik minimal selama 60 technology with the concept
menit pada kondisi full load; of automatic redundancy.
2) Peralatan UPS menggunakan 3) UPS uses industrial grade.
teknologi terkini dengan 4) Each UPS module has its own
konsep pencadangan controller/Independent
otomatis (redundant); Technology.
3) UPS menggunakan industrial 5) Each UPS module can work
grade; in parallel with the latest
4) Setiap modul UPS memiliki technology.
controller sendiri / 6) UPS software monitoring
Independent Technology; systems are based and can
5) Setiap module UPS dapat be monitored through IBMS.
bekerja secara para Iel 7) UPS is designed to supply
dengan teknologi terkini; electronic equipment, priority
6) Sistem monitoring UPS loads and all emergency
berbasis software don dapat facilities .
dimonitor melalui ISMS; c. Renewable Energy
7) UPS didesain untuk The terminal 4 electrical system
mensuplai peralatan is designed eco-green that
elektronika, beban prioritas utilises renewable energy such as
don semua fasilitas solar panels and other potential
emergency. renewable energy sources in the
c. EnergiTerbarukan airport area. Renewable energy
Sistem kelistrikan terminal 4 designs must consider the
didesain eco-green yang principles of effective, efficient
memanfaatkan energi and in accordance with
terbarukan seperti panel surya applicable regulations.
don sumber energi terbarukan The design details for electric
lainnya yang potensial di power supply from renewable
kawasan bandara. Deso in energy include the calculation of
energi terbarukan harus the capacity of the power to be
mempertimbangkan prinsip produced, the placement of the
efektif, efisien don sesua1 power supply source and thd //,
r , !~
\ f ltj-- 4, 1 ~
-~ +
peraturan yang berlaku . distribution network path to the
Detail desain untuk catu daya point of load that will be
listrik dari energi terbarukan supplied by the power supply .
mencakup perhitungan The design of the power supply
kapasitas daya yang akan from renewable energy must be
dihasilkan, penempatan sumber integrated with the ma in power
catu daya don jalur jaringan supply.
distribusi hingga ke titik beban
yang akan disuplai oleh catu
daya tersebut.
Desain catu daya dari energi
terbarukan harus dapat
diintegrasikan dengan catu daya
utama . Distribusi Daya Listrik Electric Power Distribution

Sistem distribusi catu daya listrik The power supply distribution
dari gardu distribusi ke substation system between the substations at
di terminal ke panel pembagi the terminal and from terminal to
didesain dengan redundant system . the dividing panel is designed with
Daya listrik didistribusikan dengan a redundant system. Electricity is
sistem tegangan menengah hingga distributed with medium voltage
ke substation. Desain sistem systems to substation . It is necessary
distribusi harus mempertimbangkan to consider the distribution system
sistem interkoneksi, sehingga design with the interconnection
diperoleh desain sistem distribusi system, so that the distribution
yang handal don mudah dalam system design is reliable and easily
perawatan serta teri ntegrasi maintained and integrated with
dengan IBMS . IBMS.
Faktor daya harus dihitung untuk The power factor must be calculated
menentukan kapasitas capasitor to determine the capacity of the
bank yang akan digunakan di bank capacitor to be used in the
jaringan distribusi. Ruang distribution network. The substation
substation harus dipisahkan antara space must be separated between
ruang MVMDP, ruangan trafo, don MVMDP Room, Transformer Room,
ruangan LVMDP. and LVMDP Room .
Setiap ruangan substation didesain Each substation room is designed
dengan sistem tata udara yang with an adequate air conditioning
memadai sehingga peralatan system so that the equipment has a
memiliki daya tahan (life time) yang longer life time.
lebih lama . Sistem Proteksi Distribusi 4 .11.3.4 Distribution Protection System

Sistem proteksi distribusi didesain Distribution protection system 1s
dengan sistem bertingkat (terdapat designed with a multilevel system
main protection don back up (there is main protection and back
protection yang dapat melokalisir up protection that can localise
gangguan pada salah satu segmen interference in one network
jaringan) segment)
proteksi yang digunakan The type of protection
diantaranya: includes:
a. Proteksi terhadap gangguan a. Protection against over current
hubung singkat (over current); interference;
b. Proteksi terhadap beban lebih b. Protection against overload (over
(over load); load);
c. Proteksi terhadap turunnya c. Protection against voltage drop
tegangan (under voltage); (under voltage)
d. Proteksi terhadap tegangan d. Protection against over voltage;
lebih (over voltage); e. Protection against earth leakage
e. Proteksi terhadap kebocoran f. Directional Protection;
tanah (earth leakage); g. Differential Line Protection.
f. Proteksi Directional; h. All protection component ratings
g. Proteksi Differential Line; are calculated to achieve
h. Seluruh rating komponen protection characteristics that
proteksi dihitung hingga dicapai have the des ired safety selectivity
karakteristik proteksi yang and can back up interference in
mempunyai selektifitas other sections.
pengaman sesuai yang 1. Every system component and
diinginkan dan dapat back-up panel component installed must
gangguan pada seksi lainnya . have greater operating capacity
1. Setiap komponen sistem dan capability for the large electrical
komponen panel yang load supplied, and must have
dipasang, harus mempunya1 the ability/resistance to short-
kemampuan kapasitas operasi circuit current. Protection
yang lebih besar terhadap besar equipment must be integrated
beban listrik yang disuplai, dan into the SCADA monitoring
harus mempunyai kemampuan system.
/ ketahanan terhadap arus
hubung singkat. Pera Iatan
proteksi harus terintegrasi ke
dalam sistem monitoring
SCADA. Kabel Distribusi dan Busduct Distribution Cables and Bus Ducts
Desain penggunaan kabel distribusi The design of the use of distribution
(kabel tegangan menengah, kabel cables (medium voltage cable, low
tegangan rendah, dan kabel tahan voltage cable, and fire-resistant
api) dan/atau busduct harus cable) and/or bus duct must
mempertimbangkan kapasitas consider the capacity of the load to
beban yang akan disuplai dan be supplied and the voltage
tegangan yang disalurkan. supplied . The fire-resistant cables
Penggunaan kabel tahan api harus must be used by considering the
mempertimbangkan tingkat level of fire resistance in a period of
ketahanan terhadap api dalam time according to the standard.
periode waktu sesua1 standar. Busduct design is equipped with
Desain busduct dilengkapi dengan Temperature Monitoring System
Busduct Temperature Monitoring Busduct to monitor any temperature
System untuk memonitor setiap changes that occur. Busduct is
perubahan temperatur yang terjadi . designed with reference to MVMDP
Busduct didesain dengan mengacu dimensions, transformers, LVMDP //2
~- 1;x
dimensi MVMDP, trafo, LVMDP dan and panel space .
ruang panel. Installation path plan for both cable
Rencana jalur instalasi baik kabel (TM cable, TR cable, fire resistant
(kabel TM, kabel TR, kabel tahan cable) and bus duct must be
api) maupun busduct harus presented in detailed design
disajikan dalam gambar detail drawings and equipped with
desain dan dilengkapi metode installation methods according to
pemasangan sesuai standar dan applicable standards and
ketentuan yang berlaku . provisions .

4 .11 .3.6 Sistem Penangkal Petir dan Sistem 4.11 .3 .6 Lightning Protection and Grounding
Grounding (Pentanahan) System
Penangkal petir didesain dengan The lightning rod is designed by
memperhitungkan keandalan dan taking into account the reliability
keamanan baik terhadap peralatan and safety of both equipment and
maupun manus1a. humans.
Desain sistem penangkal petir The design of the lightning rod
harus memperhitungkan radius system must take into account the
perlindungan. Sistem penangkal radius of protection . The lightning
petir yang dipakai harus terdiri 2 protection system used must consist
bagian, yaitu proteksi eksternal dan of 2 parts, namely external
proteksl internal. Desain proteksi protection and internal protection.
eksternal dan internal harus External and internal protection
mengikuti standard-standard yang designs must follow applicable
berlaku. standards.
a. Proteksi Eksternal a . External Protection
Proteksi eksternal adalah External protection 1s the
instalasi dari peralatan diluar installation of equipment outside
struktur bangunan yang the building structure that
berfungsi men en ma functions to receive direct stroke
arus/sambaran petir langsung and flow the lightning current
(direct stroke) dan mengalirkan through down conductor wire
arus petir tersebut melalui kawat safely to the ground purification
penghantar (down conductor) system .
dengan a man ke sistem b. Internal Protection
pemburnian di tanah . All parts of metal equipment in
b. Proteksi Internal electrical installations (panels,
Seluruh bagian peralatan metal transformers, generators, etc.) as
pada instalasi listrik (panel- well as electronics (computers,
panel, transformator, genset other electronic devices), must be
dan lain-lain) maupun connected to the earthing
elektronika (komputer, peralatan equipment through the shortest
elektronika lainnya), harus path (Potential Equalisation Bar)
dihubungkan satu dengan yang using suitable protective
lainnya ke peralatan equipment (lightning arrester,
pembumian melalui jalan voltage limiter and others) .
terpendek (Potential Equalization The use of the type of internal
Bar) dengan menggunakan protection equipment and the
peralatan proteksi yang sesuai amount must be in accordance
(lightning arrester, voltage limiter with the equipment needs to be
don lain -lain) . protected.
Penggunaan jenis peralatan c. Grounding System
proteksi internal don The grounding system IS 0

besarannya harus sesua1 security system against devices

dengan kebutuhan peralatan that use electricity as a power
yang akan dilindungi . source, from electrical surges,
c. Sistem Grounding (Pentanahan) especially lightning. The
Sistem grounding I pentanahan grounding system is described as
adalah sistem pengamanan the relationship between an
terhadap perangkat-perangkat equipment/electrical circuit with
yang mempergunakan listrik the earth.
sebagai sumber tenaga, dari All metal equipment/material
lonjakan listrik terutama petir. must be equipped with a
Sistem pentanahan grounding system . The
digambarkan sebagai grounding system is designed in
hubungan antara suatu order to achieve the value of soil
peralatan / rangkaian listrik resistances according to
dengan bumi . standards . The design of the
Semua peralatan / material grounding system must be able
logam harus dilengkapi dengan to protect the equipment from
sistem pentanahan . Sistem the voltage surge or transient.
pentanahan didesain hingga The grounding system 1s
bisa dicapai nilai tahanan tanah designed according to
sesuai standar. Desain sistem applicable standards .
pentanahan harus bisa
melindungi peralatan dari
tegangan suqa hubung don
Sistem pentanahan didesain
sesuai standar yang berlaku . Sistem Penerangan & Stop Kontak 4 .11 .3.7 Lighting System & Outlet
Perencanaan tingkat penerangan The planning of artificial lighting
buatan (artificial lighting) di dalam levels in each room is determined
masing-masing ruangan ditentukan by the nature of space use by taking
oleh sifat penggunaan ruang into account lighting standards,
dengan memperhatikan standar aspects of beauty (aesthetics), light
penerangan, segi keindahan colors and economical and
(estetika), warna cahaya serta functional glare effects involving
faktor kesilauan (glare effect) special lighting.
ekonomis don fungsional dengan The location of the placement,
melibatkan special lighting . capacity, specifications and number
Lokasi penempatan, kapasitas, of lights and socket points are
spesifikasi serta jumlah titik lampu delivered in detail in the form of
don stop kontak disampaikan images.
dengan detail dalam bentuk The lighting system is designed to
gambar. be reliable and energy efficient and
Sistem penerangan didesain harus integrated with IBMS .
handal don hemat energi serta a. Indoor Lighting System
terintegrasi dengan IBMS. The inner lighting system must 9---
a. Sistem Penerangan Dalam be designed reliable, easy to
Sistem penerangan dalam harus maintain and save energy. The
didesain handal, mudah dirawat lighting design is recommended
dan hemat energ1. Desain using LED lights that have a long
penerangan direkomendasikan durability. The resulting lighting
menggunakan lampu LED yang level must be according to Level
memiliki daya tahan yang of Service .
panjang . Tingkat pencahayaan b . Outdoor Lighting System
yang dihasilkan harus sesuai There are two types of
Level of Service. emergency lighting, namely:
b . Sistem Penerangan Darurat 1) Emergency lighting lamps will
Terdapat dua jenis lampu be installed in certain areas
penerangan darurat, yaitu: with electrical resources from
1) Lampu penerangan darurat on line UPS, intended to
akan dipasang pada daerah - provide eme rgency lighting
daerah tertentu dengan when the normal power
sumber daya listrik dari on supply is disconnected and
line UPS, dimaksudkan untuk backup resources from the
memberikan penerangan generator set. Emergency
darurat pada saat supply lighting is sourced from a
daya normal terputus dan centralised UPS.
sumber daya cadangan dari 2) Emergency exit lights that
genset Lampu penerangan also get a source from the
darurat bersumber dari UPS UPS will be installed on the
yang terpusat. exit and on the door of the
2) Lampu emergency exit yang stairs on each floor .
juga mendapat sumber dari Emergency exit lights are
UPS akan dipasang pada designed to operate at all
pintu keluar maupun pada times .
pintu tangga setiap lantai. c. Outdoor Lighting System
Lampu emergency exit Outdoor lighting 1s used as
didesain beroperasi lighting in the Public a rea and
sepanjang waktu . installed in the streets and in
c. Sistem Penerangan Luar certain places such as parking,
Penerangan luar digunakan parks and other public places .
sebagai penerangan di area The function of external lighting
publik dan dipasang diruas installation is to provide the
jalan maupun di tempat-tempat visual situation needed for the
tertentu seperti parkir, taman , safety, speed and comfort of
dan tempat umum lainnya. road users.
Fungsi instalasi penerangan luar Following are the criteria for
adalah untuk memberi situasi planning an outdoor lighting
visual yang diperlukan demi system :
keselamatan, kecepatan dan 1) The use of types of lamps
kenyamanan para pengguna and accessories, both the
jalan . number and position of the
Berikut kriteria perencanaan lamp fixtures, must be in
sistem penerangan luar : accordance with the area and
1) Penggunaan jenis lampu dan
aksesoris, baik jumlah
the standard level of lighting
of each area .
I{ ~
~-\ ~1-1,,- -4-/1
maupun posisi dari fixtures 2) For street lighting and
lampu, harus sesuai dengan parking areas using energy-
luasan serta standar tingkat saving LED lights.
penerangan dari setiap area . 3) In outdoor lighting, the lampt
2) Untuk penerangan jalan don type selection 1s very
area parkir menggunakan important. The criteria from
lampu hemat energi LED. the point of view of visual
3) Pada penerangan luar, appearance and visual
pemilihan 1enis lampu comfort includes:
merupakan hal yang sangat • Lumination level
penting . Kriteria dari titik • Lumination uniformity
pandang penampilan visual • Level of limitation of glare
don kenyamanan visual • Lamp spectra
adalah : • Effectiveness of visual
• Level Luminasi instructions
• Keseragaman Luminasi • Lamp efficiency (Lm /
• Tingkat pembatasan watt)
Kesilauan • Energy saving
• Spektra lampu • Color of light
• Keefektifan petunjuk • Light quality
visual • Lamp age
• Efisiensi lampu (Lm/watt) • Spare ports are
• Hemat energi domestically easy to find
• Warna cahaya d . Socket Outlet System
• Kualitas cahaya Placement design, number and
• Usia lampu type of socket must be adjusted
• Suku cadang mudah to the needs and functions of
didapat di dalam negeri space . Grounding type outlets
• Sistem Stop Kontak / must be provided in all rooms .
Socket Outlet The socket system is equipped
d . Desain penempatan , jumlah with ELCB protection . Box - wall
don tipe stop kontak harus contacts installed in wet / humid
disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan spaces must be water dicht.
don fungsi ruang. Stop kontak e. Charging Station
tipe grounding harus disediakan An electric vehicle charging
di semua ruangan . Sistem stop station, also called Electrical
kontak dilengkapi dengan Vehicle Charging Station is on
proteksi ELCB . Kontak-kontak element in infrastructure that
dinding yang dipasang ruang- supplies electrical energy for
ruang yang basah/ lembab recharging electric vehicles, such
harus jenis water dicht. as plug-in electric vehicles,
e . Charging Station including electric cars,
Sebuah stasiun pengisian environmental electric vehicles,
kendaraan listrik, juga disebut and hybrid plug-ins .
Electrical Vehicle Charging Following are the charging
Station adolah elemen dalam station planning criteria :
infrastruktur yang memasok 1) Has an on board converter
energ i listrik untuk pengisian that can be connected to an
ulang kendaraan listrik, seperti electrical outlet and equipped ~
listrik plug-in, with accessories. .;j._ '-, l

, ~~ ::6'JII
termasuk mobil listrik, 2) Commercialised Charging
kendaraan listrik lingkungon Station facilities ore equipped
don hibrida plug-in . with a prepaid system .
Berikut kriteria perencanaan f. Other things that are considered
charging station: necessary for completing the
l) Memiliki converter onboord electrical system .
yang dapot disombungkon
ke outlet listrik don
dilengkopi oksesorisnyo.
2) Fosilitos Charging Station
yang dikomersiolkon
dilengkopi dengan sistem
f . Hal - hal lain yang dianggap
perlu untuk kelengkapan sistem

4.11.3 .8 VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance 4 .11.3.8 VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance
System) System)
VDGS didesain untuk memberikan VDGS is designed to provide pilot
informasi petunjuk docking kepada docking instruction and the
pilot don informasi tipe pesawat information about aircraft.
terbang. VDGS placement refers to the
Penempatan VDGS mengacu configuration of the Apron and
konfigurasi apron don considers the facade/building
mempertimbangkan fa sad / architecture so that information
arsitektur gedung seh ingga from the VDGS can be properly
informasi dari VDGS dapat diterima received by the pilot (no obstacles)
pilot dengan baik (tidak ado and unambiguous .
hambatan) don tidak ambigu. The VDGS design must pay
Desain VDGS harus attention to reliability, ease of
memperhatikan kehandalan, maintenance, and refer to
kemudahan perawatan don applicable regulations and be
mengacu peraturan yang berlaku integrated with IBMS.
serta terintegrasi dengan IBMS.

4.11 .3 .9 Airside Electrical System 4 .11.3.9 Airside Electrical System

Airside Electrical System ini didesain Airside Electrical System is designed
agar dapat mendukung pelayanan to be able to support flight safety
keamanan don keselamatan and security services at Soekarno-
penerbangan di Bandar Udara Hatta Airport, especially the Airside
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta area in Terminal 4 . Airside electrical
khususnya area oirside di Terminal system facilities are designed to
4 . Fasilitas airside electrical system follow applicable regulations and
didesain dengan mengikuti regulations and can be operated
ketentuan don perysaratan yang both locally and remotely through
berlaku don dapat dioperasikan the control room.
baik secara local maupun remote Airside Electrical System consists of
melalui ruang kontrol. several parts, including the
Airside Electrical System terdiri dori following : j 'cL--
t;,.· I
beberapa bagian, diantaranya a. Apron flood light
sebagai berikut: Flood light aprons are designed
a. Apron Flood Light to illuminate the apron and
Apron flood light didesain untuk service road where the
menerangi apron dan service placement is adjusted according
road yang penempatannya to the apron configuration by
disesuai konfigurasi apron taking into account the reliable
dengan memperhatikan konsep and efficient concept. Apron
handal dan efiesien. Desain Design of Flood Light must also
Apron Flood Light 1uga harus follow applicable regulations.
mengukuti peraturan yang For the scope of work Apron
berlaku. Untuk lingkup Flood Light consists of:
pekerjaan l) Flood light
Apron Flood Light terdiri dari : Spotlights are designed using
l) Flood light energy saving and reliable
Lampu sorot disesain type lamps;
menggunakan tipe lampu 2) Light pole
hemat energi dan handal; The light pole 1s designed
2) Tiang lampu with a reliable concept and
Tiang lampu didesain easy maintenance;
dengan konsep handal don 3) Lightning arrester: Lightning
easy maintenance; rod design uses a reliable
3) Penangkal petir system;
Deso in penangkal petir 4) Obstruction light: Obstruction
menggunakan sistem yang light is designed using energy
handal; saving lamps.
4) Obstruction light 5) Flood Light Panel : panel
Obstruction light didesain designed outdoor type,
dengan menggunakan strong against all weather
lampu hemat energi; and placed adjacent to each
5) Flood Light Panel pole.
Panel didesain tipe outdoor, b. Apron edge light and Taxiway
kuat terhadap segala cuaca edge Light
don di tempatkan Apron edge light and Taxiway
berdekatan dengan masing- edge light designs must follow
masing tiang. applicable rules and standards
b. Apron Edge Light don Taxiway and can be integrated with the
Edge Light existing AFL System
Desain apron edge light don configuration, taking into
taxiway edge light harus account the reliability and ease
mengikuti ketentuan don of maintenance .
standar yang berlaku don dapat c. Taxi guidance sign
terintegrasi dengan konfigurasi The design must be adjusted to
AFL System eksisting, dengan the mandatory instruction signs.
memperhatikan kehandalan d . Taxiway Center line light
don kemudahan dalam Designed with due observance of
perawatan . applicable regulations .
c. Taxi Guidance Sign e. Parking stand/spot number light
Deso in harus disesuaikan The design must be made
dengan mandatory instruction according to Cr· ~
signs. configuration with regard to
d . Taxiway Center Line Light reliability and ease of
Didesain dengan maintenance .
memperhatikan peraturan yang f. Airside substation
berlaku . The substation is designed to
e. Parking stand I spot number accommodate the needs of
light equipment in the Apron area, by
Desain harus dibuat sesuai taking into account applicable
konfigurasi apron dengan regulations, reliability and ease
memperhatikan kehandalan of maintenance .
dan kemudahan dalam g . Constant current regulator (CCR)
perawatan . CCR 1s designed to
f. Airside Substation accommodate the needs of
Substation didesain untuk Apron edge light and Taxiway
mengakomodi r kebutuhan edge light. Design the Taxiway
peralatan-peralatan yang ada di edge configuration using 2 CCR
area apron, dengan Circuit. The design of the CCR
memperhatikan peraturan yang room is placed in the Airside
berlaku, kehandalan dan Substation with due observance
kemudahan dalam perawatan. of applicable regulations,
g. Constant Current Regulator reliability and ease of
(CCR) maintenance.
CCR didesain untuk The CCR circuit is designed by
mengakomodir kebutuhan taking into account applicable
apron edge light dan taxiway regulations, reliability and ease
edge light . Desain konfigurasi of maintenance.
taxiway edge mengunakan 2
Circuit CCR . Desain ruangan
CCR ditempatkan di dalam
Airside Substation dengan
memperhatikan peraturan yang
berlaku, kehandalan dan
kemudahan dalam perawatan .
Rangkaian CCR didesain
dengan mempertimbangkan
peraturan yang berlaku,
kehandalan dan kemudahan
dalam perawatan .


Perencanaan desain untuk eleltronika Design planning for airport electronics
bandara dan IT meliputi : and IT includes :
4.11.4. l Konsep dan Desain Airport 4 .11 .4.1 Concept and design of Airport
Management System don Database Management System and Airport
Operasional Bandara (AMS/AODB) Operational Database {AMS /
Terminal 4 harus mengusung AODB)
konsep Total Airport Management The Terminal 4 development must
System (TAMS) dimana setiap sisi be based on the concept of Total
operasional dapat diatur, dimonitor Airport Management System (TAMS)
dan dievaluasi menggunakan open where each operational side can be ~
and secure platform yang regulated, monitored and evaluated
terintegrasi dengan sistem using an open and secure platform
korporasi AP2 yang ado di AOCC. that is integrated with the PT
Angkasa Pura II (Persero) corporate
system in AOCC.

4.11 .4 .2 Konsep don Desain Integrated 4.11.4 .2 Concept and design of Integrated
Ground Communication System Ground Communication System
IGCS merupakan sistem perangkat IGCS is a ground to ground
komunikasi ground to ground yang communication device system used
digunakan oleh petugas by airport operational officers to
operasional bandara untuk coordinate with each other. This
berkoordinasi antara satu dengan system must be integrated with PT
yang lainnya. Sistem ini harus Angkasa Pura II (Persero) 's IGCS
terintegrasi dengan sistem IGCS system which is currently used in all
milik AP2 yang saat ini telah PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)
digunakan di seluruh bandara AP2. airports. Has an amplifier signal In
Memiliki sinyal penguat in building building all area .
all area . Konsep don Desain lnteligent 4 . 11.4.3 Concept and design of Intelligent
Building Management System Building Management System
(IBMS) don Enterprise Asset (IBMS) and Enterprise Asset
Management (EAM) . Management (EAM) .
IBMS don EAM adalah sistem IBMS and EAM are universal
universal perangkat kendali gedung building control systems that
yang memadukan hardware, sensor integrate hardware, sensors and
don logic software untuk logic software to monitor and
melakukan monitor don konrol predictive controls to improve
prediktif untuk meningkatkan efficiency and effectiveness in a
efesiensi don efektifitas dalam building to achieve Smart Building
sebuah gedung untuk mencapai Philosophy. Equipment that Is
Smart Building Phylosopy . controlled and monitored Is
Peralatan-peralatan yang Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical
dikendalikan don dimonitor adalah equipment.
peralatan Elektronika, Elektrikal a. Reduce energy consumption
don Mekanikal. b . Comply with regulations
a . Mengurangi konsumsi energi. c. Reduce the need for inspection
b. Sesuai standar don peraturan d. Reduce errors and failures
yang berlaku. e. Lower operating costs
c. Mengurongi kebutuhan untuk f . Manage modern buildings'
inspeksi . technology and systems
d. Mengurangi kesalahan don g . Saving energy
kegagalan . h. Schedule operation equipment
e. Biaya operasi lebih rendah. 1. Performance equipment
f . Mengelola teknologi don sistem I· Expand connectivity from Mobile
bangunan modern . device
g. Hemat energi. k. Graphic Attractive and user-
h. Penjadwalan peralatan operasi. friendly
r. Peralatan kinerja . I. Manage user access
I- Memperluas konektivitas dari
perangkat mobile.
k. Tampilan menarik dan mudah
digunakan .
I. Mengelola akses pengguna. Konsep dan Desain Common Use 4.11 .4.4 Common Use Check-in System
Check-in System (CUCS) (CUCS) concept and design
Sistem check-in yang dapat Check-in system that can be used
digunakan sebagai sistem common as a common use system so that it
use sehingga dapat digunakan oleh can be used by multi airlines both
multi airline baik itu penerbangan domestic and international flights,
domestik dan internasional, yang which are integrated with data or
terintegrasi dengan data atau commercial systems from the
sistem komersial dari sisi departure departure control system used by PT
control system yang digunakan oleh Angkasa Pura II (Persero). The use
AP2. Penggunaan teknologi terkini of the latest technology that can be
yang dapat diimplementasikan di implemented in the check-in area
area check-in seperti self check-in such as self check-in systems, self
system, self bagdrop system, dan bag drop systems, and self
self boarding system yang boarding systems that are
terintegrasi dengan baggage integrated with the baggage
handling system. Sistem CUCS handling system. The CUCS system
dapat mengakomodir semua sistem can accommodate all airline
maskapai yang beroperasi di systems that operate at Soekarno-
Terminal 4 Bandara lnternasional Hatta Airport Terminal 4 and can
Soekarno-Hatta dan dapat di be expanded if there are additional
expand jika ada penambahan airlines and are interconnected with
maskapai penerbangan dan FIDS.
terinterkoneksi dengan FIDS .

4.11 .4.5 Konsep dan Desain Data Network Data Network System Concept and
System Design
Data Network System adalah Data Network System is a data
sebuah sistem jaringan data yang network system that functions to
berfungsi untuk mengatur regulate the bandwidth of both
bandwidth baik 1anngan wired wired and wireless networks, speed
maupun wireless, kecepatan kontrol of network security control and
keamanan jaringan dan topologi network topology including the
jaringan termasuk sistem network monitoring system
monitoring 1anngan itu itself/Network Monitoring System
sendiri/NMS (Network Monitoring (NMS) and has high availability
System) serta memiliki fitur high features in terms of network and
availability dari sisi network dan switching sides. The data network
switching. Level data network system level built must at least apply
system yang dibangun minimal TIER 3 Level and carry the concept
harus menggunakan Level TIER 3 of smart connected and secure
dan mengusung smart
konsep digital grid. The Data Network
connected dan secure digital grid. system is in accordance with the
Data network system sesuai dengan needs, then divided into 3 (three)
kebutuhannya maka dibagi segments:
menjadi 3 (tiga) segmen : a. Security Network segment
a. Segmen Jaringan Security Used to support devices related
Digunakan untuk mendukung to airport security equipment;
perangkat yang terkait dengan b. Operational Network Segment
peralatan keamanan bandara; Used to support Non-Security
b . Segmen Jaringan Operasional Airport operational devices;
Digunakan untuk mendukung c. Segmen Jaringan Komersial
perangkat- perangkat Used to support the airport's
operasional bandara Non- commercial needs.
c. Segmen Jaringan Komersial
Digunakan untuk mendukung
kebutuhan komersial bandara.

4 .11 .4 .6 Konsep don Desain Airport Safety 4 .11.4.6 Concept and Design of Airport
and Security System (ASS) Safety and Security System (ASS)
ASS adalah konsep kesisteman ASS is a systemic concept that
yang mengintegrasikan seluruh integrates all devices related to
perangkat yang terkait dengan aviation safety and security such as
keselamatan don keamanan level 3 X-Ray, body scanning
penerbangan seperti X-Ray level 3, systems, CCTV and Surveillance
body scanning system, CCTV and Systems, Access Control Systems,
surveilence system, access control automatic gate systems, biometric
System, automatic gate system, identification systems, and fire
biometric identification system, don alarm and detection systems. The
fire alarm and detection system. ASS concept is universal and does
Konsep ASS bersifat universal don not only bind to the devices
tidak hanya mengikat kepada previously mentioned and the
perangkat yang telah disebutkan output of the ASS system is in the
sebelumnya don output dari form of analytic data in terms of
kesisteman ASS adalah berupa safety and security. The system of
analitic data dari sisi keselamatan ASS provides an open and secure
don keamanan. Kesisteman dari platform for all devices that will be
ASS menyediakan open don secure integrated in Terminal 4 and ASS
platform bagi seluruh perangkat systems must also be integrated with
yang akan diintegrasikan di the AOCC PT Angkasa Pura II
Terminal 4 serta secara kesisteman (Persero) system .
ASS juga harus terintegrasi dengan
sistem AOCC AP2. Konsep dan Desain Fire Detection 4.11 .4 . 7 Concept and Design of Fire
and Alarm System (FDAS) Detection and Alarm System (FDAS)
Fire Detection and Alarm System The Fire Detection and Alarm
berfungsi untuk pemberitahuan System functions for automatic and
secara otomatis don cepat jika quick notification in case of a fire
terjadi kebakaran dengan tanda with a bell sound signal and
bunyi bel dan nyala lampu indicator light on the panel
indikator pada panel zone indicator indicator zone and this system must p_
don sistem ini harus terintegrasi be integrated with other devices
dengan perangkat lain seperti PAS, such as PAS, BAS, Fire Suppression .
BAS, Fire Supression . Si stem The fire detection system in the form
pendeteksian kebakaran berupa of a heat detector, smoke detector,
heat detector, smoke detector, beam detector, and break glass is
beam detector, don break glass adapted to the state of the building
disesuaikan dengan keadaan and the possibility of the type of fire,
bangunan don kemung~nan the function and the nature of the
macam kebakaran, fungsi don sifat building . FDAS with a full
bangunan . FDAS dengan sistem full addressable system and must be
addressable don harus dapat integrated with the Fire Alarm
terintegrasi dengan sistem Monitoring System in the RFFS/City
monitoring Fire Alarm yang ado di Fire and ASS System .
PKP-PK/City Fire don sistem ASS .

4.11 .4.8 Konsep don Desain FIDS 4 .11.4.8 Concept and design of FIDS
FIDS adalah suatu sistem tampilan FIDS is a flight information display
informasi penerbangan yang system that provides information on
menampilkan informasi departure, arrival, baggage
keberangkatan, kedatangan , collection and system Check- in. The
pengambilan bagasi don sistem placement of FIDS monitors in the
Check-in . Penempatan monitor area of departure, arrival, meeting
FIDS di area keberangkatan, points, and other areas considered
kedatangan, meeting point, don necessary to display FIDS.
area lain yang dianggap perlu Flight Information System (FIS) and
untuk menampilkan FIDS. Flight Information Display System
Flight Information System (FIS) don (FIDS) must be able to accurately
Flight Information Display System display airport activity information,
(FIDS) harus mampu menampilkan with information that is easy to
informasi kegiatan bandara secara understand for visitors who will
akurat, dengan informasi yang continuously make flights and
mudah dimengerti bagi integrated with the existing FIDS
pengunjung yang akan melakukan system .
penerbangan secara terus menerus. Some requirements that must be
Beberapa persyaratan yang harus met 1n this Flight Information
dipenuhi pada Flight Information Display System include :
Display System ini, antara lain : a. Can accommodate various
a . Dapat menampung berbagai information, according to the
informasi, sesua1 kebutuhan needs of Airports .
Airports . b. The installation system is made
b. Sistem instalasi dibuat in such a way that if there is a
sedemikian rupa sehingga jika problem , it can be overcome
ado masalah , dapat diatasi quickly.
dengan cepat. c. Can be added easily and
c. Bisa ditambahkan dengan modified for templates, images,
mudah don dimodifikasi untuk videos and other multimedia.
template, image, video don d. It is possible to be able to
multimedia lainnya . interface with other hardware
d. Dimungkinkan untuk bisa di- needs .
interface dengan kebutuhan e. The eye catching display monitor \

~ J/, (,;
l --4 ~
hardware lainnya . placement meets information
e. Penempatan monitor tampilan service needs with a minimum
yang eye catching memenuhi dimension of 43inch and
kebutuhan layanan informasi adapted to interior design
dengan dimensi minimal 43 f. Use a multi purpose display
inch don disesuaikan dengan monitor
design interior. g . Integration with the existing
f . Menggunakan monitor tampilan Soekarno-Hatta FIS Airport.
yang multi purpose . Some necessary functions:
g. lntegrasi dengan FIS Sandora a . It is possible to display a variety
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta of information that easily meets
eksisting . the needs of visitors who will
Beberapa fungsi yang harus make flights , including other
dimiliki: airport users . Standard
a. Memungkinkan untuk information includes flight
menampilkan berbagai arrivals and departures,
informasi yang mudah information about the gate,
memenuhi kebutuhan baggage claim, notification to
pengunjung yang akan airport staff and check in counter
melakukan penerbangan, information . All information can
termasuk pengguna bandara be displayed in several
lainnya. Dapat menampilkan languages, so that information
berbagai informasi, informasi can be understood by various
standar termasuk kedatangan visitors from various countries .
don keberangkatan pesawat, b . Management Functions
informasi mengenai gate, Information allows easy
bagage claim, pemberitahuan operation, both for flight
kepada staff bandara serta information, flight destinations
informasi check-in counter. and other guide information can
Semua informasi dapat be inputted easily using data
ditampilkan dalam beberapa templates that allow information
bahasa, sehingga informasi to be quickly conveyed to visitors
dapat dimengerti oleh berbagai and other people who need it.
pengunjung yang berasal dari c. Use the pulldow n menu so that
berbagai negara . data entry becomes faster and
b. Fungsi manajemen informasi easier.
memungkinkan pengoperasian d . Flight Information System
dengan mudah, baik untuk appearances include :
informasi penerbangan, tujuan e. Flight information in the form of
penerbangan don informasi Display Monitoring installed 1n
penuntun lainya dapat diinput public areas, regrouping arrivals
dengan mudah menggunakan and departure information
data template yang f . The Central Processing Unit or
memungkinkan informasi dapat mini PC as a FIDS Control
cepat disampaikan ke System installed every FIDS
pengunjung maupun kepada monitor
orang lainnya yang g . Install the FIDS network to all
memerlukan. FIDS monito r points along with
c. Menggunakan pulldown menu the power supply that is backed
sehingga pemasukan data up by UPS . !I r,,.- )

\ \ It-_L-i7@ "'
menjadi cepat don lebih mudah .
d. Penampilan Flight Information
System meliputi :
l) lnformosi penerbangan
dalam bentuk Display
Monitoring yang dipasang di
area umum, regrouping
kedatangan don informasi
2) Central Processing Unit atau
mm, PC sebagai Sistem
kontrol FIDS yang dipasong
setiap monitor FIDS.
3) lnstalasi jaringan FIDS ke
semua titk monitor FIDS
berikut power supply yg di
bock-up UPS.

4.11.4 . 9 Konsep don Deso in Master Clock 4 .11.4.9 Concept and design of the master
System clock system
Untuk menyelaroskan woktu pada To align the time on all devices and
semua perongkat maupun area di areas inside the airport, it is
dalam bandara maka perlu necessary to install a master-clock
dipasang masterclock dengan with a system that is connected to
sistem yang terhubung dengan NTP the NTP or GPS server clock .
atau GPS clock server. Penempatan Placing the Slave clock in the area
Slave clock di area keberongkatan, of departure, arrival, waiting room,
kedatangan, ruang tunggu, meeting point, and other areas
meeting point, don area lain yang considered necessary to display the
dianggap perlu untuk menampilkan time. This system must be connected
waktu. Sistem ini harus terhubung to other devices such as FIDS, PAS,
dengan perongkat lain seperti FIDS, CCTV and all devices that require
PAS, CCTV don semua perongkat time references in running the
yang membutuhkan referensi waktu system . The availability of World
do lam menjalankan sistem . Clock that can display at least 5
Tersedianya World Clock yang (five) world cities in one display, the
dapat menampilkan minimal 5 name of the city can change
(limo) kota dunia dalam satu automaticaly by the program and
display, nama kota dirubah secara the clock display automatically
programmable don tampilan jam follows the time of the city selected
secara otomatis mengikuti waktu and can also display UTC time.
kota yang dipilih don juga dapat
menampilkan waktu UTC.

4.11.4. l O Konsep don Deso in Telephony 4 .11.4. l O Telephony concept and design of IP-
System don Video Intercom berbasis based intercom systems and video .
IP IP PBX is an IP-based PABX device
IP PBX adalah perongkat PABX that uses telephone and data
berbasis IP yang menggunakan communication switching devices to
erangkat switching komunikasi control analog telephone extension \ {l_
telepon don data untuk (TOM) and IP Phone extensions.
mengendalikan extension telepon Functions that can be carried out
analog (TOM) maupun extension IP include telephone connection,
Phone. Fungsi-fungsi yang dapat control, and termination,
dilakukan antara lain communication protocol translation,
penyambungan, pengendalian don communication or transcoding
pemutusan hubungan telepon, media translation, and control of IP
translasi protokol komunikasi, Telephony devices such as VoIP
translasi media komunikasi atau Gateway, Access Gateway, and
transcoding, serta pengendalian Trunk Gateway. In addition to
perangkat-perangkat IP Telephony telephony devices, the video
seperti VoIP Gateway, Access intercom system in the building as
Gateway don Trunk Gateway. an emergency use must also be
Selain perangkat teleponi, sistem designed with best practice concepts
video intercom dalam gedung {for elevator equipment and so on) .
sebagai emergency use juga harus By using IP PBX, the IP Telephony
dideasin dengan konsep best system connection to the LAN
practice (untuk peralatan lift don system network infrastructure 1s
sebagainya). through the Core Switch .
Dengan menggunakan IP PBX Furthermore, from the Core Switch
koneksi sistem IP Telephony ke connection to each end-point in
infrastruktur jaringan sistem LAN which there is an IP Phone device
adalah melalui Core Switch . will be directed through the
Selanjutnya Core
dari Switch Distribution Switch and Access
koneksi ke setiap end-point yang Switch . Facility settings including
dalam hal ini ado perangkat IP bandwidth, authorisation and IP
Phone akan diarahkan melalui Phone security can also be
Distribution Switch don Access arranged through Network
Switch . Pengaturan fasilitas Management Control .
termasuk bandwidth, otorisasi don IP Telephony uses VOiP technology
keamanan IP Phone dapat juga to unify communication networks
diatur melalui Network between data and voice, eliminate
Management Control. the need for telephone wires
IP Telephony menggunakan separately, and can benefit new
teknologi VOiP untuk menyatukan applications where the telephone
jaringan komunikasi antara data can use POE Ethernet Switches, QoS
don vo,ce, menghilangkan and VLANs for IP Phones;
kebutuhan jaringan kabel telepon IP Telephony System consists of Call
secara terpisah, don dapat manfaat Server (IP PABX), Unified
aplikasi baru dimana telepon dapat Communication Server, Fax,
menggunakan POE Ethernet Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and
Switches, QoS don VLAN untuk IP Media Gateway to communicate
Telepon . with public telephone networks such
IP Telephony System terdiri dari Ca// as PSTN, GSM, CDMA and 3G;
Server (IP PABX), Unified Using the SIP protocol which is
Communication Server, Fax, more open and has interoperability
Interactive Voice Response (/VR) don between IP phones from different
Media Gateway untuk manufacturers;
berkomunikasi dengan 1anngan Traffic calculation is needed to
telepon publik seperti PSTN, GSM, determine the system capacity, the

CDMA dan 3G. storage needed for voice mail and
Menggunakan protokol SIP yang network size;
bersifat lebih terbuka dan memiliki The main equipment for IP
interoperabilitas antar telepon IP Telephony systems is as follows :
dari berbagai produsen berbeda. a. IP PABX capacity is able to
Perhitungan lalu lintas (traffic) support the number of IP Phone
diperlukan untuk menentukan usage in Terminal 4 and can be
kapasitas sistem, penyimpanan expanded in the future without
yang diperlukan untuk voice mail changing the system.
don besaran jaringan . b . Have a billing system .
Pera Iatan utama sistem IP c. The IP PBX system has a high
Telephony adalah sebagai berikut: availability recovery system, if
a. Kapasitas IP PABX adalah dapat the main IP PBX system is
mendukung jumlah problematic, users may remain
penggunaan IP Phone di to use IP telephones for internal
Terminal 4 dan dapat di expand and external calls.
kedepannya tanpa merubah d. Having a VOiP firewall with the
sistem. same brand as the IP PABX
b. Memiliki billing system . system for interconnection with
c. Sistem IP PABX memiliki sistem SIP-based PSTN channel
recovery high availability, jika providers .
sistem IP PABX utama e. The numbering system scheme is
bermasalah pengguna tetap free and costumised.
dapat menggunakan pesawat f . Having CDR/SMDR data output
telepon IP untuk panggilan (for billing systems) via TCP/IP
internal maupun eksternal. connections that can be changed
d. Memiliki VOiP firewall dengan (custom) for each output and
merk yang sama dengan sistem column.
IP PABX untuk interkoneksi g . Supporting video phones, can be
dengan penyedia saluran PSTN connected to video phones
berbasis SIP. without having to add additional
e. Skema sistem penomorannya devices, just add the plane and
bebas dan costumized. license.
f. Mempunyai output data h. Interconnection with existing
CDR/SMDR (untuk billing PABX devices at Soekarno-Hatta
system) melalui koneksi TCP/IP Airport and can communicate
yang dapat dirubah (custom) between new PABX extensions
setiap output dan kolomnya. and existing .
g. Mendukung telepon video, 1. Having a network region feature,
dapat disambungkan ke telepon for VoIP talks in the same region
video tanpa harus menambah and different regions with codecs
perangkat tambahan, hanya that can be set differently
menambah pesawat dan lisensi between regions .
sa1a .
h. lnterkoneksi dengan perangkat
PABX eksisting Bandara
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta
dan dapat berkomunikasi antar
extension PABX baru dengan
eksisting .
1. Mempunyai fitur network region,
untuk pembicaraan VoIP dalam
region yang soma don region
yang berbeda dengan codec
yang dapat diatur berbeda
diantara region

4 . 11 .4 .11 Konsep don Desain In -Building

4 . 11 .4.11 Concept and design of the in-
Cellular System (IBCS)
building cellular system (IBCS)
IBCS merupakan sistem penguat
The IBCS system is a cellular signal
sinyal selular di gedung terminal
amplifier system in the terminal
yang mampu mengakomodasi
building which is able to
sistem multioperator sehingga
accommodate multi-operator
meminimalisir pemasangan antena
systems so as to minimise the
indoor maupun outdoor di
installation of indoor and outdoor
antennas at the airport.
Sistem penguat sinyal dapat
The signal ampl ifier system can
menggabungkan sinyal GSM dari
combine GSM signals from various
berbagai operator.
Access point penguat sinyal
Signal amplifier access points are
ditempatkan di semua area
placed in all terminal 4 areas and
Terminal 4 don disesuaikan dengan
adapted to interior design
desain interior.
Using the latest technology, reliable
Menggunakan teknologi yang
and does not interfere with flight
terkini, handal don tidak
frequency signals .
mengganggu sinyal frekuensi
penerbangan .

4 .11 .4 . 12 Konsep don Desain Public Address 4 . 11.4. 12 Concept and design of Public
System (PAS) don Automatic Address System (PAS) and
Announcer System (AAS) Automatic Announcer System (AAS)
Public Address System sebagai Public Address System as an
prasarana untuk penyampaian infrastructure for delivering
informasi yang disediakan untuk information provided to Soekarno-
Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional Hatta International Airport Terminal
Soekarno-Hatta di antaranya : 4 including :
a . Sistem PAS dengan tekhnologi a. PAS system with the latest
terkini; technology
b . Desain don tipe speaker b . The design and type of speakers
disesuaikan dengan desain are adapted to the interior
interior sehingga tidak design so as not to reduce the
mengurangi keindahan interior beauty of the building interior.
Gedung; C. All information submitted is both
c. Seluruh informasi yang departure and arrival and
disampaikan baik information on the boarding
keberangkatan don kedatangan process .
serta informasi proses boarding; d. Information Zones adjusts the
d. Pembagian zona informasi architectural space needs of the
menyesuaikan kebutuha n room and the function of the
arsitektur ruangan don fungsi room to the function of the call
ruang sampai dengan fungsi or general information 1n the
panggilan atau informasi umum open area and parking of the
di area terbuka don parkir vehicle .
kendaraan ; e. All information can be received
e. Semua informasi agar dapat directly by airport service users
diterima langsung oleh clearly and precisely in several
pengguna jasa bandara dengan languages.
jelas don tepat; f. This equipment can also deliver
f. Sistem dapat dilakukan secara emergency information (if an
paging manual don secara semi emergency occurs, it can deliver
auto melalui sistem PAS; announcements or fire
g. Automatic Announce System evacuation methods) . The system
(MS) sebuah sistem can be done manually and semi-
pengumuman secara automatis auto paging through the PAS
yang terintegrasi dengan FIDS, system .
di antaranya : g . Automatic Announce System
1) Multi Language . (MS) an Announce system
2) Unlimited Airline . automatically that is integrated
3) Unlimited City; with the FIDS system among
h . PAS don MS harus teri ntegrasi others :
dengan Aiport Management l) Multi language
System. 2) Unlimited Airline
3) Unlimited City
h. PAS and MS must be integrated
with the Aiport Management

4.11 .4.13 Konsep don Desain Layanan IP-TY 4.11 .4 .13 Concept and design of IP-TY
Peralatan serta fitur utama dari services
setiap peralatan dalam The equipment and main features
pembangunan sistem IP-TY di of each equipment in the
lingkungan Terminal 4 Banda ra construction of the IP-TY system in
International Soekarno Hatta the Terminal 4 Soekarno Hatta
disampaikan pada uraian berikut: International Airport environment
a . IP/TV dapat menyiarkan secara are presented in the following
live atau prerecorded digital description :
video program-program a . IP/TV can broadcast live or
pendidikan/ training, komersial, prerecorded digital video
dsb serta dapat melakukan education/ training, commercial
capturing don transmisi programs , etc. and can capture
program dari berbagai source; and transmit programs from
b . IP/TV dapat melakukan various sources .
scheduling/ penjadwalan b . IP/TV can provide program
program sesuai dengan scheduling according to the
kebutuhan antara pemilik needs of the information owner
informasi don audience. Viewer and the audience. The viewer
dapat memilih program dari can choose the program from a
suatu listing yang akan listing that he will see .
dilihatnya ;
c. IP/TV dapat memberikan
c. IP/TV can provide economical
services but not sacrifice service l ~

~ 11,/ s--·
'b\--t, t&-~t
layanan yang ekonomis namun quality. This is because of the
dengan tidak mengorbankan efficient transmission bandwidth
kualitas layanan. lni karena technology, namely IP
teknologi bandwidth transmisi multicasting.
yang efisien, yaitu IP d. The system can manage IP/TV
multicasting; users
d. Sistem dapat mengatur para e. IP/TV is more efficient because
pengguna IP/TV; there is no need to pay
e. IP/TV lebih efisien karena tidak instructors, print material costs
perlu membayar instruktur, are relatively less, there is no
biaya print materi relatif lebih need to rent special seminar
sedikit, tidak perlu menyewa rooms (because IP/TV can be
ruang seminar khusus (karena accessed by each table as long
IP/TV dapat diakses oleh setiap as it is connected in one LAN) .
meja selama terkoneksi dalam
satu LAN) . Konsep don desain Digital Smart 4.11.4 . 14 Digital Smart Airport concepts and
Airport don integrasinya dengan designs and their integration with PT
Mobile Application AP2 Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Mobile
Konsep dari digital smart airport Application
yang nanti akan diimplemntasikan The concept of digital smart airport
di Terminal 4 harus mengacu that will be implemented in

kepada masterplan don konsep Terminal 4 must refer to the master

Smart Connected Airport yang ado plan and the Smart Connected
di AP2 . Digital smart Airport bisa Airport concept in PT Angkasa Pura
terdiri namun tidak terbatas pada II (Persero) . Digital Smart Airport
perangkat diantaranya: can consist of but not limited to
a. Smart Parking System devices such as:
Smart Parking System suatu a. Smart Parking System
sistem parkir kendaraan mobil The concept of digital smart
maupun motor yang akan airport that will be implemented
dipasang di area parkir in Terminal 4 must refer to the
Terminal 4 yang mampu master plan and the Smart
menampung kebutuhan parkir Connected Airport concept in
di area tersebut. Sistem yang AP2. Digital Smart Airport can
diharapkan : consist of but not limited to
1) Menggunakan sistem devices such as :
dengan teknologi terbaru 1) Using a system with the latest
yang dapat mendukung technology that can support
kelancaran parkir kendaraan the smooth parking of
di Terminal 4 Bandara vehicles at Terminal 4 of
lnternasional Soekarno- Soekarno -Hatta Airport.
Hatta; 2) Manless system
2) Manless system; 3) Parking system can support
3) Sistem parkir dapat RFID technology, e-Money,
mendukung teknologi RFID, print barcodes
e-Money, print barcode; 4) Can detect the type of vehicle
4) Dapat men -detect jenis (private government agency,
kendaraan (pribadi, instansi TNI / POLRI), vehicle number, 0..,
"' ;I ~-
\L ~ 'Lt- 1/
\' wf ~✓
pemerintah, TNI/POLRI), time of entry / exit and stored
nomor kendaraan, waktu in the database
masuk/keluar don tersimpan 5) The presence of monitor
dalam database ; displays the availability of
5) Adanya display monitor parking and can be accessed
ketersedian parkir don dapat through the Indonesia Airport
diakses melalui aplikasi application in real
Indonesia Airport secara real- 6) Customised, secured and
time; sophisticated systems
6) Sistem yang customized, 7) Safe billing system
secured don canggih; 8) Parking payment system
7) Sistem billing yang aman; using e-money or cash
8) Sistem pembayaran parkir 9) Interconnection with the
menggunakan e-money existing Soekarno-Hatta
maupun secara cash; Airport parking system
9) lnterkoneksi dengan sistem 6. Smart Baggage Monitoring
parkir eksisting Sandora System
lnternasional Soekarno- Passenger's Baggage Monitoring
Hatta. System includes:
6. Smart Baggage System 1) Baggage Tracking, from the
(Monitoring & Tracking) check-in process until arrival
Sistem monitoring bagasi via the mobile phone
penumpang meliputi : application or in the form of
1) Tracking bagasi dari mulai a monitoring display placed
proses check-in hingga on the Claim Baggage.
kedatangan melalui aplikasi 2) Owner name in accordance
mobile phone maupun dalam with ID, flight number used,
bentuk display monitoring realtime baggage position
yang ditempatkan di 3) Displaying CCTV record in

Baggage Claim; the breakdown area

2) Noma pemilik sesuai dengan according to the flight
ID, flight number yang number used and the
digunakan, posisi bagasi duration of time needed in

real-time; the baggage reduction

3) Menampilkan rekaman process from the plane to
CCTV di breakdown
area baggage claim
sesuai dengan flight number 4) The information system for
yang digunakan don durasi goods/baggage 1s spread
waktu yang dibutuhkan through the mobile
dalam proses penurunan application or via the web
bagasi dari pesawat hingga 5) Availability of special space
ke baggage claim; for goods scattered along
4) Sistem informasi with the system.
barang/bagasi tercecer C. Trolley Management System;
melalui aplikasi mobile The passenger luggage trolley
maupun melalui web; management system that can
5) Tersedia nya ruang khusus monitor the availability of trolleys
barang tercecer berikut and trolleys that are scattered

sistemnya .
Trolley Management System
with an easy to operate and
sophisticated system. • t ~

~ If,-~
-\\- ~t~
Sistem pengaturan troli bagasi d. Smart Toilet Review
penumpang yang dapat me- Feedback system reviews of all
monitor ketersedian troli don toilets at Terminal 4, including:
troli yang tercecer dengan 1. Interesting design
sistem yang mudah 2 . Customised systems
dioperasikan don canggih. according to airport
d. Smart Toilet Review & Smart requirements.
Survey e. Digital Signage and Wayfinding
Sistem feedback review semua Digital signage system that can
toilet yang ado di Terminal 4, display videos, animations,
meliputi : images, text according to airport
l) Desain yang menarik; operational needs and
2) Sistem yang customized availability of digital system
sesuai dengan kebutuhan facilities that can serve as
bandara. directions to get to certain area
e. Digital Banner & Digital Signage locations.
Sistem digital s1gnage yang f . Crowd Monitoring System
dapat menampilkan video, The Crowd Monitoring System
animas1, gambar, text sesuai helps and allows the Airport
dengan kebutuhan operasional Authority to manage an effective
bandara don ketersediaan and efficient passenger density
fasilitas sistem digital yang crowd. The system can monitor
dapat berfungsi sebagai and provide notification of
petunjuk untuk menu1u lokasi areas/crowds/density of
area tertentu . passengers in Terminal 4,
f. Crowd Monitoring System making it easier for officers to
Crowd Monitoring System control the density of the area so
membantu don memungkinkan that passenger comfort is
Airport Authority untuk mengatur maintained and Airport
kerumunan kepadatan Operations can work seamlessly.
penumpang yang efektif don g. Counting Monitoring System
efisien. Sistem dapat memonitor Real-time calculations of
don memberikan notifikasi passengers and vehicles at the
area/titk kerumunan/kepadatan airport help in responding to
penumpang di Terminal 4, dynamic situations and also
sehingga memudahkan petugas provide important data for other
dalam menegendaliakan system planning. The concept of
kepadatan area tersebut Counting Monitoring System
sehingga kenyamanan among others :
penumpang tetap terjaga don l) Monitor Passenger Traffic
kelancaran operasional Flow
bandara . Understanding the movement
g. Counting Monitoring System of people inside the airport is
Penghitungan waktu nyata very important for managing
penumpang don kendaraan di congestion and improving
bandara membantu dalam customer experience for
menanggapi situasi yang travellers
dinamis don juga menyediakan 2) Maximise Retail & Real Estate
data penting untuk perencanaan Revenues
sistem lainnya. Konsep Counting Measure
Monitoring System, diantaranya : movements and popular
1) Monitor Passenger Traffic routes in all terminal areas is
Flow very important to utilise reta il
Memahami pergerakan income and maximise return
orang di dalam bandara on investment for airport real
sang at penting untuk estate
mengelola kemacetan don 3) Using accurate person
meningkatkan pengalaman counting data can enable
pelanggan bagi para request-based rostering and
travelers . staff schedules throughout the
2) Maximise Retail & Real Estate airport to accurately reflect
Revenues Mengukur customer needs .
pergerakan penumpang don 4) Monitor the number of
rute populer di seluruh area vehicles moving in the
terminal sangat penting Terminal 4 area and stored
untuk memanfaatkan in the database .
pendapatan ritel don 5) Assisting airport officials in

memaksimalkan laba atas handling vehicle congestion

investasi untuk real estate from entering to exit at
bandara . Terminal 4 of Soekarno- Hatta
3) Menggunakan data Airport.
penghitungan orang yang 6) The concept and design must
akurat dapat memungkinkan include the ability to be
rostering berdasarkan integrated with the Mobile
permintaan don jadwal staf Application system that Is
di seluruh bandara untuk already owned by PT
secara akurat mencerminkan Angkasa Pura II (Persero) .
kebutuhan pelanggan. h. Wi-Fi Access
4) Memonitor jumlah Expected Wi-Fi system In
kendaraan yang bergerak di between:
area Terminal 4 don 1) Can be used for the purposes
tersimpan dalam database . of accessing several network
5) Membantu petugas bandara devices available at Terminal
dalam menangani 4 and wireless internet
kepadatan/kemacetan access;
kendaraan dari masuk 2) Can be controlled and
hingga keluar Terminal 4 monitored via NMS;
Bandara lnternasional 3) 802 . lln and 802 .llac are
Soekarno-Hatta . ready, designed for high
6) Konsep don desain harus performance and maximum
mencakup kemampuan scalability;
untuk terintegrasi dengan 4) High availability with stateful
Mobile Application System access points and client fail-
yang sudah dimiliki oleh over, dual redundant 10
AP2 . Gigabit Ethernet ports with
h. Wi-Fi Access LAG and redundant dual
Sistem Wi-Fi yang diharapkan di Wireless Access Point power
antaranya : supply;
1) Dapat digunakan untuk 5) Wireless Access Points must
keperluan akses beberapa meet the Wi-Fi (802 . 1 ~ b) i ,;:L..

\- ~f~ r/ , ~
perangkat jaringan yang ado standard, the IEEE 802 .3af
di Terminal 4 don akses compliant standard and in
internet nirkabel; this case the Wireless Access
2) Dapat di kontrol don di Point must support Wi-Fi
monitor melalui NMS; certified client devices, global
3) 802 . 11 n don 802 .11 ac siap, industry-standards for
dirancang untuk kinerja wireless networking and
tinggi don skalabilitas support for 802 .Ix / EAP
maksimum; based authentication
4) Ketersediaan tinggi dengan methods such as TLS, TTLS
stateful access point don and SIM-based
client fail-over, redundant authentication .
dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet port Access Points must be able to
dengan LAG don redundant cover all areas of Terminal 4
dual power supply Wireless and be able to sort clients
Access Point; with MAC addresses .
5) Wireless Access Point harus 1. Automatic Gate
memenuhi standar Wi-Fi 1) The auto gate system is a
(802 .11 b), standar IEEE passenger boarding system
802.3af compliant don independently and stored in
dalam hal ini Wireless Access the system and integrated
Point harus mendukung Wi-Fi with the FIS, APPS and airline
certified client devices, global systems.
industry-standard untuk 2) Get physical scan boarding
wireless networking don passes and e-boarding
mendukung 802 . lx/EAP passes .
based authentication 3) Scan ID / KTP and Passport (if
methods seperti TLS, TTLS there is an International) .
don SIM-based 4) Interconnection with the KTP
authentication. population / data base
6) Access Point harus dapat system and immigration
meng-coverage semua area passport system (if there is an
Terminal 4 don mampu International) in terms of
memilah client-client dengan adjusting the identity on the
MAC address. ID card / passport and
1. Automatic Gate boarding pass along with the
1) Sistem auto gate merupakan passenger photo.
sistem boarding penumpang The placement of the auto
secara mandiri don gate is tailored to the interior
tersimpan dalam sistem don design and operational needs
terintegrasi dengan sistem of the airport.
FIS, APPS don maskapai 1- Self Check-in & Self Baggage
penerbangan. Drop System
2) Dapat scan boarding pass 1) This self check-in system
fisik maupun e-boarding functions as an independent
pass. check-in device for
3) Scan ID/KTP don Passport passengers without luggage
(jika ado lnternasional). so they can reduce the queue
4) lnterkoneksi dengan sistem at the check-in counter. This
kependudukan/ data base system must be able to ~
KTP don sistem passport integrated with multiairline
1m1grasi (jika ado systems .
lnternasional) dalam hal 2) The self baggage drop
penyesuaian identitas yang system serves as a tool for
ado di KTP/passport don placing passenger baggage
boarding pass beserta foto into the conveyor belt
penumpang tersebut. independently by prospective
Penempatan auto gate passengers after bagging
disesuaikan dengan desain machines and scales
interior don kebutuhan connected with the airport
operasional bandara . checkin system. The number
I· Sistem Self Check-in & Self of engines is adjusted to the
Baggage Drop traffic conditions of
l) Sistem self check-in ini passengers in Terminal 4 .
berfungsi sebagai perangkat k. E-Pos
check-in mandiri bagi Payment billing system and sales
penumpang tanpa bagasi reporting in every tenant
sehingga mampu operating at the airport, details
mengurangi antrian di konter the work in accordance with the
check-in . Sistem ini harus scope of basic design.
mampu terintegrasi dengan I. E-Kiosk
sistem multiairline. Airport information system,
2) Sistem self baggage drop detailed work according to the
berfungsi sebagai alat untuk scope of basic design
meletakan bagasi m . Automatic Passport Control
penumpang ke conveyor belt System
secara mandiri oleh colon The system details work
penumpang setelah melalui according to the scope of basic
mesin bagtag don design .
timbangan yang terhubung n. Smart queuing
dengan sistem checkin System for controlling and
bandara . Jumlah mesin ini monitoring the queue of people,
disesuaikan dengan kondisi vehicle, aircraft, detailing the
trafic penumpang di work in accordance with the
Terminal 4 . scope of basic design.
k. E-Pos o. Internet Service
Sistem billing pembayaran don Systems that provide fast and
pelaporan penjualan di setiap sophisticated internet services at
tenant yang beroperasi di airports, detail jobs according to
bandara, mendetailkan the scope of basic design .
pekerjaan sesua1 dengan p. E-Boarding Pass
lingkup basic design . The electronic boarding pass
I. E-Kiosk system 1s an alternative to
Sistem informasi bandara, physical boarding passes so that
mendetailkan pekerjaan sesuai it makes it easier for passengers
dengan lingkup basic design. to check-in .
m. Automatic Passport Control q. Digital Airport Map
System Airport map map to Terminal 4
Sistem Mendetailkan pekerjaan building layout that can be
sesuai dengan lingkup basic accessed by users of Soekarno- ~ ~
;J_ ~ 1
design . Hatta International Airport
n. Smart queuing services .
Sistem untuk mengontrol don
memonitoring antrian orang,
vehicle, aircraft, mendetailkan
pekerjaan sesua1 dengan
lingkup basic design.
o . Internet Service
Sistem yang menyediakan 1asa
pelayanan internet yang
canggih don cepat di bandara,
mendetailkan pekerjaan sesuai
dengan lingkup basic design.
p . E-Boarding Pass
Sistem boarding pass elektronika
sebagai alternatif pengganti
boarding pass fisik sehingg
memudahkan para penumpang
untuk melakukan check-in.
q. Digital Airport Map
Peta denah bandara hingga
layout bangunan Terminal 4
yang dapat diakses para
pengguna 1asa Bandara
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta .

4.11 .4 .15 Konsep don Desain Server Room, 4.11 .4 .15 Concept and Design of Server
Meet Me Room, don Terminal Room, Meet Me Room, and
Operation Center (TOC) Terminal Operation Center (TOC)
Untuk meletakan semua perangkat To put all server and switching
server don switching yang terkait devices related to IT and Electronics
infrastruktur elektronika don IT infrastructure, it is necessary to
maka perlu disediakan ruang provide a dedicated server and
khusus server don ruang meet me meet me room equipped with
yang dilengkapi dengan standar standard server-specific air
pendingin ruangan khusus server, conditioners, rised floors, cable
rised floor, tray kabel, alat trays, fire extinguishers for server
pemadam kebakaran khusus server room and access control and have
don access control serta memiliki a power from UPS so that it can
sumber listrik yang berasal dari complete the Concept of data centre
UPS sehingga memenuhi konsep room concept TIER 3 . The design for
ruang data center TIER 3. Desain the TOC must also be made in
untuk TOC juga harus dibuat accordance with the best practices
sesua1 dengan best practice yang at an international airport.
ado di sebuah bandara Availability of access for electronic
lnternasional. Tersedianya akses and IT network so that it can make
1anngan elektronika don IT easier for maintenance and
sehingga memudahkan dalam hal sustainibility development.
maintenance don pengembangan .
4.11.4 .16 Konsep don Desain Vehicle and 4.11 .4 .16 Concept and Design of Vehicle and
Aircraft Tracking and Monitoring Aircraft Tracking and Monitoring
Vehicle and aircraft tracking and Vehicle and aircraft tracking and
monitoring system ado Iah monitoring system is a land/ surface
kesisteman radar darat/permukaan radar system that aims to monitor
yang bertujuan untuk memonitor all movements that occur in runway,
seluruh pergerakan yang terjadi di taxi, apron, and service road on the
runway, taxi, apron, don service air side . This system is used by
rood pada sisi udara . Sistem ini ground control and the apron
digunakan oleh ground control don movement controller to monitor and
apron movement controller untuk regulate all movements that occur
memonitor don mengatur seluruh on the air side.
pergerakan yang terjodi di s1s1 a. Minimum level 4 control and
udara . observation standards .
a . Standar control don b. Able to perform functions of
pengamatan minimal level 4. observation, prediction, and
b. Mompu melakukan fungsi detection of aircraft traffic
pengamatan, prediksi, don conflicts and vehicles operating
deteksi konflik lalu lintas in maneuvering areas, including
pesawat udara serta kendaraan maneuvering areas and
yang beroperasi di maneuvering movement areas that cannot be
area, termasuk wilayah seen visually by eye contact from
maneuvering don movement the main tower .
area yang tidak dapat terlihat C. The system can integrate with
secara kontak visual mata dari VDGS and FIS.
main tower. d . The system can observe and
c. Sistem dapat terintegrasi control heavy air traffic and in
dengan Peralatan VDGS don rare conditions a bad view.
FIS. e. The system can determine the
d . Sistem dapat mengamati don aircraft parking slot.
mengontrol lalu lintas udara f. Provide a representation of the
yang padat don dalam kondisi actual aerodrome traffic on the
jarak pandang yang buruk. monitoring screen .
e. Sistem dapat menentukan slot g. Display the position and identity
parkir pesawat. of all cooperative vehicles, in the
f . Memberikan representasi dari coverage area in the Apron,
lalu lintas aerodrome yang Taxiway and Runway.
sebenarnya pada layar h. Airport traffic surveillance
monitoring . services through identification,
g. Menampilkan posisi don positioning and tracking of
identitas semua vehicle aircraft and vehicles within the
kooperatif, dalam cakupan area range of the Human Machine
di Apron, Taxiway don Runway. Interface .
h. Surveillance Service lalu lintas 1. Automatic transfer of Taxiway
bandara melalui identifikasi, Centreline Lights (TCL) lights .
pos1s1 dan pelacakan pesawat I· Automatic switching of Stop Bars
terbang don kendaraan dalam lights.
jangkauan Human Machine k. Automatically activates the
Interface . Automated Activation of
Perpindahon otomatis lampu Advanced-Visual Docking
i ., ll loJ...

\ \ tt-;,~4 ':
Taxiway Centreline Lights (TCL). Guidance Systems (A-VDGS)
I· Otomatis pengalihan lampu equipment.
Stop Bars . I. The concept and design of this
k. Otomatis mengaktifkan system must carry the concept of
peralatan Automated Activation best practice and best use from
of Advanced-Visual Docking an airport with the existing traffic
Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) . and capacity at Soekarno-Hatta
I. Konsep don desain dari Airport.
kesisteman ini harus mengusung
konsep best practice don best
use dari sebuah bandaro
dengon traffic don kopasitos
yang ado di Bondaro
lnternosionol Soekorno-Hotto .

4.11 .4.1 7 Konsep don Desoin lntegrasi 4 .11 .4.17 Concept and system integration
Kesistemon AOCC, IBMS, ASS, don design of AOCC, IBMS, ASS, and
Sistem Elektronika yang ado di electronic systems in Terminal 4 with
Terminal 4 dengon Existing System a detailed and comprehensive
yang bersifot detail don existing system .
menyeluruh. Konsep Elektronika don IT yang 4.11.4 . 18 The concepts of electronics and IT
diperlukan do lam rangka are needed in order to fulfil the
pemenuhan kebutuhon mondotori mandatory needs and strategies of
don strategi perusahoan AP2 . AP2 companies .

4.11.4 . 19 Semuo sistem yang okan dibangun

horus dapot diintegrosikan sotu 4 .11.4.19 All systems that will be built must be
soma lainnya serta mudoh dolom able to be integrated with each
proses perowotan don mudoh other and ore easy in the
untuk dikembongkan dimasa yang maintenance process and easy to
akon dotong . develop in the future.


Detail peloksanaan Operation & Details Operation & Maintenance of all
Maintenance terhadap seluruh fosilitas facilities during the first 5 years after
selama 5 tahun pertama setelah selesai completion of construction is delivered in
pelaksanaan konstruksi disampaikan the calculation of the volume of man-
dalam perhitungan volume man-month, month amount of labor needed, criteria

jumlah tenaga kerja yang dibutuhkan, for labor, the number of spare parts
kriteria tenaga kerja, jumlah kebutuhan needed during the O&M implementation
spare part selama jangka waktu period, the required work equipment
pelaksanaan O&M, peralatan kerja yang complete with estimates costs and others
diperlukan lengkap dengan estimasi including the terms and conditions for
biaya don lain- lain termasuk syarat- implementing O&M activities and the
syarat pelaksanaan kegiatan O&M serta provisions of the level of service that must
ketentuan level of service yang harus be achieved by the executors of O&M

dicopai oleh pelaksona kegiaton O&M. activities. l~

O&M activities are carried out by ;,och C,..· 'I

~\ tH. ""'~ ,/
Kegiatan O&M dilakukan oleh masing- vendor/manufacturer/OEM (Original
masing vendor/pabrikan/ OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from the
Equipment Manufacturer) dari fasilitas facilities installed at the terminal or can
yang terpasang di terminal atau dapat appoint other parties who have capable
menunjuk pihak lain yang memiliki management and resources to carry out
manajemen don sumber daya yang Operation & Maintenance (O&M)
capable untuk melaksanakan kegiatan activities with the main person in charge
Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of the activity the construction contractor
dengan penanggung jawab utama is terminal 4 and with the approval of PT
kegiatan tersebut adalah kontraktor Angkasa Pura II (Persero) .
pelaksana pembangunan Terminal 4 Operation & Maintenance
don atas persetujuan PT Angkasa Pura II implementation instructions facil ities and
(Persero) . utilities are made in the form of manuals
Petunjuk pelaksanaan Operation& or standards that meet the criteria (but
Maintenance fasilitas don utilitas dibuat not limited to), among others:
dalam bentuk manual atau standar yang 4 .12 .1 Criteria and skills of O&M officers in
memenuhi kriteria (namun tidak terbatas accordance with applicable
pada) , antara lain : regulations .
4 . 12 .1 Kriteria don kecakapan petugas O&M
sesuai ketentuan yang berlaku . 4 .12 .2 The scope of O&M activities .

4 .12.2 Ruang lingkup kegiatan O&M. 4 .12 .3 Work facilities and spare parts needed .

4.12 .3 Fasilitas kerja don spare part yang 4 . 12.4 Maintenance procedures according to
diperlukan . the instructions in the manual book of
each equipment.
4 . 12 .4 Prosedur perawatan sesuai petunjuk
dalam manual book masing - masing 4 .12 .5 Ease of care .
peralatan . 4 .12 .6 Low Cost Maintenance .

4 .12.5 Kemudahan dalam perawatan . 4 . 12 . 7 The level of service that must be

achieved .
4 . 12 .6 Low Cost Maintenance .

4 .12 . 7 Leve/ of service yang harus tercapai.

Perusahaan yang mengikuti proses pelelangan Companies that take part in the auction
pekerjaan ini adalah perusahaan resmi, diakui process for this work are official, nationally and
secara Nasional don lnternasional yang telah internationally recognized companies that have
melakukan perencanaan terminal beserta carried out terminal planning and facilities with
fasilitasnya dengan kapasitas ~ 25 Juta a capacity of ~25 million passengers per year
Penumpang per Tahun don telah beroperasi . and have been operating.
Perusahaan yang mengikuti proses pelelangan Companies that take part 1n the auction
1ni harus terlebih dahulu memenuhi process must first fulfill the requirements of the
persyaratan kelompok/ bi dang usaha group / business sector provider and register
penyedia don mendaftar Vendor Management for PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) 's Vendor
System (VMS) PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero). Management System (VMS) .
Apabila perusahaan berbentuk konsorsium If the company is in the form of a consortium,
maka perusahaan tersebut mendaftar Vendor the company registers the PT Angkasa Pura II
Management System (VMS) PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Vendor Management System (VMS) as
(Persero) sebagai satu kesatuan konsorsium. a single consortium.


Konsultan yang telah disetujui, tidak dapat l. MANAGEMENT PLANNING EXPERT FOR
mengganti personil baik itu tenaga ahli, TERMINAL 4
asisten tenaga ahli, maupun tenaga Consultants who have been approved cannot
pendukung, yang terdapat dalam dokumen replace the personnel, either experts, assistant
penawaran tanpa persetujuan PT Angkasa experts, or supporting personnel, which are
Pura II (Persero) . contained in the bidding documents without the
Penggantian personil hanya dapat dilakukan approval of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) .
dengan minimum kualifikasi don pengalaman Personnel replacement can only be done with
yang soma dengan personil yang diganti the same minimum qualifications and
dengan mendapat persetujuan dari PT. experience as personnel who are replaced by
Angkasa Pura II. obtaining approval from PT. Angkasa Pura II.
a. Proiect Manager tidak diperbolehkan a. Project Manager is not allowed to be
untuk diganti selama masa pelaksanaan replaced during the implementation of
pekerjaan perencanaan konsultansi consultancy planning work except under
kecuali dalam kondisi tertentu dengan certain conditions with the approval of PT
persetujuan dari PT Angkasa Pura II Angkasa Pura II (Persero).
(Persero). b. Personnel needs for consultancy services
b. Kebutuhan tenaga untuk layanan jasa with qualified expertise and professional
konsultansi dengan kualifikasi keahlian experience in their fields. Implementing
don pengalaman profesional di personnel for this consulting service work
bidangnya. Personil pelaksana untuk are generally divided into several
pekerjaan jasa konsultasi 1n1 secara qualifications of implementing personnel,
umum terbagi dalam beberapa kualifikasi namely: Experts, Assistant Experts and
tenaga pelaksana yaitu: Tenaga Ahli, Supporting Personnel
Asisten Tenaga Ahli don Tenaga


__________________ ___ _______________________ _______________ _


•• - -


I ------------------------------------1 I------------------- --------------------,

- - ~


•-----------------------------------I l----------------------

~~ ~
'""- ,L2::
~ 't' ~
A systematic understanding of relevant international and national regulations and the ability to
explain their effects on airport business, planning, design, operations and safety management

A critical awareness of the key issues that affect users of airport facilities (e.g. airlines and
retailers) and the ability to explain the impact of their commercial pressures, strategic decisions
and priorities of airport business, planning, design, operations and safety management decisions.

How to identify, analyze and design solutions in order to address a given research problem within
the context of airport planning and management, having regard to regulatory constraints and
commercial and environmental imperatives.

Undertake and successfully complete a substantial program of independent research, applying

robust methods of data collection and analysis, and communicating the findings coherently.
Provide full technical and practical consultancy and design for:
1. The landside & airside area outside the terminal building include taxiway, apron system
engineering, accessibility, drainage system.
2. The main terminal building, ground transportation center, primary landside roadway.
3. In this phase, schematic design & design development such as layout, electrical, mechanical,
electronica, IT, operations such as passenger flow, passenger processing, logistic flow, and
services has been designed and delivered as a report and drawings.
1. Detailing and Calculating every work in Schematic & Design Development into Detailed
Engineering Drawing that can be used for Construction.
2. Estimating and calculating detailed budget and for construction .
3. Preparing Document Tender for Construction.


Project Expert from professional Airport Master planning

Manager institution with 18 years Lead for Provide Full consultancy services for the
experience as project design and responsibilities in the role include but
leader. are not limited to :
1. the main terminal building, ground
Experience running a transportation center, primary landside
construction planning roadway.
project covering an area 2. Landside & airside area outside terminal
300 .000 m2 . building include taxiway, aircraft parking
stand, roadway, drainage system.
High complexity (special 3 . system integration and building connection
buildings) landside & airside area outside terminal
(airfield lighting system, airside movement
Once worked on a system, baggage handling system, IT
construction planning architecture, access control, passenger
project in Indonesia screening system, video surveillance) and

telecommunication) .
4. Development phase planning.
5. Capital investment planning
6. Compliance with national regulation
7. Guarantee the project quality until final result
8 . As representative of consultant team to owner
& on behalf owner to public

2 Deputy Project Expert from professional Lead for Provide Full consultancy services for the
Manager institution with 15 years design and responsibilities in the role include but
experience as airport are not limited to:
project leader, has
designed terminal with a Airport Master planning
capacity at least 30 Lead for Provide Full consultancy services for the
million passengers per design of:
year and has been 1. the main terminal building, ground
operating. transportation center, primary landside
2. Landside & airside area outside terminal
building include taxiway, aircraft parking
stand, roadway, drainage system.
3. system integration and building connection
landside & airside area outside terminal
(airfield lighting system, airside movement
system, baggage handling system, IT
architecture, access control, passenger
screening system, video surveillance) and
utilities (power, water, gas, fuel, and
telecommunication) .
4. Development phase planning .
5. Capital investment planning
6. Compliance with international regulation
7. Guarantee & accompany the project quality
until final result delivered
8 . As representative of consultant team to owner
& on behalf owner to public

Specialist Engineers
Airport Planner Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
institution with 15 years limited to:
experience as airport 1. Provide airport plan (airside & landside) that
planning & strategic can adopt the complex relationships between
planning for terminal demand, capacity, connect time, passenger
with capacity at least 30 flow, regulation and investment in order to
million passengers per decide terminal configuration , airfield system,
year terminal dedication concept, that can be
realised, fundable, buildable and deliverable

without interrupting day-to-day operations.

2. Help the owner to concept the terminal with
navigating future possibilities. Whether
reconsidering the aviation trends and future
expansion help the owner on high-level
planning to ensure its readiness for fast
expansion now and also for aviation
3. Develop creative planning and operational
solutions that balance traffic growth, evolving
airline strategy and commercial demands
with changing regulatory policy and
competing land use and environmental
4 . provide the professional skills needed to
deliver the strategic, development, business
and operational requirements for new airport
facilities, as well as optimising the capacity
and value of existing assets.
5. Planning elements may include, but are not
limited to, forecasting, capacity analysis,
facility requirements, alternatives
development and CIP planning for master
plan projects and other planning studies.
Airfield planning will be a major focus of the
position , but responsibilities will also include
elements of landside access, ground
transportation, vehicle parking, cargo, and
support areas planning. System plann ing
elements are also included in the list of
possible planning assignments.
6 . Responsibilities in the role include but are not
limited to :
Performing planning activities as part of a
larger planning team, Participate in and direct
the production of high quality exhibits and
documents to communicate the results of the
planning study elements, Contribute
sign ificantly to the overall success of the team
and team's projects

2 Airport Master Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
System institution with 15 years limited to:
experience as Airport l. Provide full consultancy for for system
System Designer Leader integration and building connection landside
for terminal with capacity & a irside area outside terminal (airfield
at least 20 million lighting system, airside movement system,
passengers per year baggage handling system, IT architecture,
~ I-/
~ \ ~ 1~+1' ~

preferably projects access control, passenger screening system,

outside Indonesia. video surveillance, and utilities (power, water,
gas, fuel, and telecommunication), smart
2. Provide best sophisticated airport technology
concept that will be trend and suitable for
future airport operation.
3. Provide the concept of loT Technology for
passenger experience since pre-journey, in
journey and post journey.

3 Airport Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
Business institution with 15 years limited to:
experience as airport l . Provide the design of service for commercial
business consultant for spaces and tenant mixing, Commercial layout
domestic & international design, branding concept and branding
terminal with capacity at 2. Identify operational and economic
least 20 million development opportunities to assist the owner
passengers per year with optimizing the overall benefits of the
Airport for the community it serves.
3. Providing recommendations and steps for
implementation, this plan aims to improve the
Airport's financial performance and long-
term viability as a provider of aviation
facilities and services to its users and

4 Lead Architect • the terminal responsibilities in the role include but are not
conceptual design limited to: Terminal Building Design
process must be led Design service for master terminal building
by an Architect, architectural, functional design planning, Concept
licensed by a design, Integrated terminal design with
professional commercial and operational considerations
architectura I
institution with 12 Design service for master terminal building
years experience as architectural, functional design planning, Concept
a lead architect and design, Integrated terminal design with
having designed commercial and operational considerations
terminals with a
capacity at least 30
million passengers
per year and
operating for l year .
• the architect name
could be used for
terminal branding by
the owner, therefore
it must be one of the

best architects that is


5 Lead Civil Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
institution with 15 years limited to:
experience as airport civil l . provide full consultancy, calculation and
engineer for airport with design for civil works landside & airside area
capacity at least 30 outside terminal building include taxiway,
million passengers per apron system engineering, accessibility,
year. drainage system, traffic & parking
management, supporting building for
2. provide full consultancy, calculation and
design for survey works such as geotechnic
and geodesy

6 Lead Airport Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
System institution with 12 years limited to:
experience as airport l . analyze and designing pre, in, post
operation engineer with passenger journey, aviation specialst, service
capacity at least 30 science (entertainment & passenger facilities),
million passengers per evacuation system
year . 2. help owners and to achieve strategic
objectives and add long-term value by
optimising performance .
3. plan investment and maintenance so assets
are always in appropriate condition and
operate to the highest efficiency standards .
4. covers terminal buildings, aircraft, baggage
handling, ICT, refuelling and apron guidance
systems, apron floodlighting and aircraft
parking area design.
5. designing Service, Safety & security,
Operation which covers Passenger flow &
processing analysis, Building people mover
system, Simmulation modelling, Signage and
wayfinding planning
6. analyze and designing pre, in, post
passenger journey, aviation specialst, service
science (entertainment & passnger facilities) ,
evacuation system
7. working together with lead architect and lead
civil in order to make comprehensive design
meet aviation regulations .
8. Posses the international regulation for airport

7 Art Indonesian artist responsibilities in the role include but are not
limited to :
Build an artistic creation that can be iconic for the

8 Concept & Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
Visualization institution with 12 years limited to:
experience as architect 1. Visualize the concept from the lead architect
designer for terminal at into technical drawing
least 20 million 2. Include making 3D Animation, Video Grafis
passengers per year. & Editing, YR & AR to check mock up and
feels the experience inside the terminal

9 Terminal Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
Design institution with 12 years limited to:
experience as architect 1. Build technical drawing of the building
designer for terminal at concept from the lead architect
least 20 million 2. Implement the concept from the lead architect
passengers per year. into the technical design, plan, details and
3. Detailing the interior inside the terminal
building and facilities needed

10 Structure Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
institution with 1 2 years limited to:
experience as structure 1. Bu ild technical drawing of building structure
engineer for High rise system from building concept from the lead
building, complex architect
building structure, airport 2. Implement the concept from the lead architect
terminal. into the technical design , plan, details and
layout for structure system : upper structure
and substructure

11 Lead Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
Mechanical institution with 12 years limited to:
experience as airport 1. Designing Plumbing system: waste water,
mechanical engineer with clean water, drinking water, recycling, rain
capacity at least 20 water
million passengers per 2. Designing HVAC System : ventilation , air
year conditioning system, refigeration
3. Designing Building Transportation/ Machine
system : Garbarata , Elevator, Escalator,
Travelator, utility maintenance
4. Ground support System : fuel system, potable
water, lavatory, ground power unit, Air
5. Fire fighting system airside & landside :
hydrant system, sprinkler system, fire

suppression, fire extinguisher

6. Baggage handling system

12 Lead Electrical Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
institution with 12 years limited to:
experience as airport 1. utilization of electricity for Building electrical
Electrical engineer with systems, terminal electrical systems, regional
capacity at least 20 electrical systems, lighting, air conditioning,
million passengers per in-building transportation, plumbing,
year machines, outlet sockets, APMS and other
2. Renewable energy systems including System
Backup, renewable energy target gold,
electric charging station
3. Distribution and networking low and middle
voltage until end user which are monitoring,
recording & reporting
4 . Airfield lighting including Apron, Taxiway,
VDGS, and other airside utilities
13 Lead Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
Electronical & institution with 12 years limited to :
IT experience as airport 1. electronic engineering: FIDS, sound,
electronica engineer and masterclock, Communication system
IT Engineer with capacity 2. smart building: fire alarm, building
at least 20 million automation, in building cellular, monitoring,
passengers per year . controlling & reporting
3. Smart security: biometrics, identity
management, su rveillance, safety & security
equipments, baggage tracking
4. IT Architect: infrastructure (room, smart grid,
equipment), network, services, design concept
of big data, Top notch technology application
5. Digital & loT specialist: Artificial intelegence &
Robotics designing data acquitition
integration, data processing, data analytics,
digital display system, autogate, online check

6. Cyber security: identification, detection,

protection, mitigation and evaluation of
information security
7. Sistem Integrator: Engineer design, build,
synthesize, and implement technology airport
and non -terminal
14 Financial Experts from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
Planner institutions with 12 years limited to:
of experience as financial 1. deliver sounds financial information on which
planners hired on to make business decisions.
projects with a minimum 2. understand the strategic risks and
investment value of 10 deliverability issues companies face when
trillion delivering capital investment.
3. give advice at the very earliest stages of
masterplanning to mitigate these risks.
4. enable the owner to make informed
investment decisions in the full knowledge of
the costs and strategic risks to the business.

15 Business Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
Development institution with 12 years limited to :
experience as hired 1. ensure that the airport business plan serves its
Business planner and intended purpose
advisor and 2. study and analyse whta kind of business plan
internationally that match to terminal 4
recognized 3 . Design Service for commercial spaces and
tenant mixing, Commercial layout design,
branding concept
4. provide airport business cases supporting,
concession expansion and investment
opportunities for airport, airlines and private
5. Provide review existing a irport infrastructure,
evaluate economic & environmental situations
6. Tenant Mixing specialist: designing layout for
7. Create rebranding design, marketing design
16 Traffic Analysis Expert from professional responsibilities in the role include but are not
institution with 12 years limited to :
experience hired as 1. Recommend terminal type at terminal 4
Aviation Traffic Forecast 2. Do the calculation and analyzing for demand
and traffic calculation & capacity analysis and forecast the air trafiic
and internationally movement for the based data on planning
recognized process
3. Provide detailed forecasting report
4. demand forecasting activities cover
passenger, air transport, cargo and express
mail for airports , airlines , air navigation
service providers, business and general
aviation .

All specialist engineers shall provide letters of recommendation from previous projects representatives or
er of appointment for the qualifying projects
II Engineering Teams
Consist of Engineer Teams that responsible in the role include but are not limited to provide calculation
and detailing design services and support the needs from the specialist engineers based on the
organization structure above
Ill Supporting Personnels
l CAD Operator should be placed in every division, Cad operator should, at least, but not limited
to architecture, civil, electrical, mechanical, electronic, IT.

2 Administration/ finance& budgeting

3 Presentation Expert to make communicative and sophisticated meeting presentation when needed
for the owner, to government and the public.

4 Bilingual Secretary as representative of the consultant to mediate the communication between the
consultant and the owner or consultant with the public.

5 Document publisher is needed because this project will be made as a book that will be published
for public, the document publisher are also responsible to make an information document for

6 Document Controller to manage all documents produced by consultants and reporting to the

7 Office boy and driver.

Dalam proses pekerjaan perencanaan 1n1 , In this planning work process, the use of
penggunaan perangkat lunak (software) yang software (software) that helps in the process
membantu dalam proses pemodelan don simulasi of modelling and simulation as well as other
serta hal lainnya yang digunakan untuk things used for the execution of work is
pelaksanaan pekerjaan diharuskan menggunakan required to use licensed software / software.
perangkat lunak/ software berlisensi. Dal am hal In terms of the type of softwa re used among
jenis perangkat lunak yang digunakan tidak them:
terbatas pada: a . Operating System for PC/ laptop
a . Sistem operasi untuk PC / laptop b. Airport Simulator Program and
b . Airport Simulator Program don Operations Operations planning, including :
Planning, di antaranya : • Arcport.
• Arcport. • Airport Operation Simmulator.
• Airport Operation Simmulator. • Aviplan .
• Aviplan . c. Software for creating 3 -dimensional vector
c. Perangkat lunak untuk membuat grafik vektor 3- graphics, animations, models and
dimensi, animasi, model serta melakukan rendering for the purposes of making
proses rendering untuk keperluan pembuatan perspective images and an imated videos
gambar perspektif don video animasi bias can use software, including :
menggunakan perangkat lunak, di antaranya: • Sketch up .
• Sketch up . • Autocad .
• AutoCAD . • Lumion .
• Lumion . d . Software for calculating / analyzing
d. Perangkat lunak untuk infrastructure planning needs in air side
menghitung/ menganalisa kebutuhan facilities and land side facilities, including :
perencanaan lnfrastruktur di fasiitas sisi udara • Traffic simmulation tools .
don fasiitas sisi do rat, di antaranya : • Comfaa .
• Traffic simmulation tools . • Faarfield .
• Comfaa . • Structure analysis prog ram .
• Faarfield . • ETAP.
• Structure analysis program. • DIALux.
• DIALux. • Electrical & mechanical analysis.
• EPANET. programs include Ecotect.
• Electrical & mechanical analysis program di • Electronics analysis program .
antaranya Ecotect. • Information Technology program .
• Electronics analysis program.
• Information Technology program .


Hasil yang diha rapkan dalam Pekerjaan Laporan Expected results in Terminal 4 Planning
Perencanaan Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional Report Work Soekarno-Hatta International
Soekarno - Hatta antara lain : Airport, among others :
3. 1 Laporan Konseptual 3.1 Conceptual Report
Laporan yang disusun merupakan gambaran The prepared report is an illustration of
konsep Terminal 4 dari hasil koordinasi unit- the concept of Terminal 4 from the
unit terkait yang telah disesuaikan dengan results of coordination of the related
pengembangan Sandora lnternasional unit units that have been adjusted to the
Soekarno Hatta secara keseluruhan .
Bu u . ran Konsep
development of Soekarno
International Airport as a whole . .
Hatta A i;;2..
of\/ I1
i -&'.
Buku Laporan Konsep terdiri atas beberapa 3 . 1.1 Concept Report Book
buku laporan, yaitu : The Concept Report Book consists of
a. Laporan Airport Plan . several report books, namely:
b. Laporan Business Development. a . Airport Plan Report.
c. Laporan passenger processing, b . Business Development Report.
(Operation, safety & Security, service) . c. Report on passenger processing,
d. Air traffic analysing. (Operation, safety & security,
e . Financial planning. service) .
f. Laporan konsep desain non-terminal. d. Air traffic analysis.
g. Laporan Konsep Sistem Mekanikal. e. Financial planning.
h. Laporan Konsep Sistem Elektrikal. f . Report on non -terminal design
1. Laporan Konsep Sistem Elektronika. concepts.
j. Laporan Konsep sistem IT. g . Mechanical System Concept
k. Laporan Forum Group Discussion . Report.
I. Gambar Conceptual Design. h. Report on the Concept of
Laporan disusun dalam ukuran A4 Electrical Systems .
sebanyak 10 (sepuluh) set don gambar 1. Report on the Electronic Systems
dalam ukuran A3 sebanyak 10 (sepuluh) Concept.
set yang berisi tentang konsep dasar I· Report on the IT system concept.
pemilihan desain don beberapa alternatif k. Forum Report Group Discussion .
yang dipilih dengan standar yang telah I. Image Conceptual Design.
disesuaikan dalam peraturan . Reports are prepared in A4 size as
many as 10 (ten) sets and A3 size
3 .2 Laporan Prarancangan don Pengembangan images of 10 (ten) sets which contain
Rancangan (Sechematic & Design the basic concepts of design selection
Development) and several alternatives chosen with
Laporan yang disusun merupakan hasil standards that have been adjusted in
berupa skematik desain dengan konsep the regulations .
sesuai dengan Kerangka Acuan Kerja don
masukan dari hasil koordinasi selama 3.2 Pre-Planning Report
penyusunan . Laporan ini terdiri dari : The report prepared is the result of a
3 .2.1 Buku Laporan Prarancangan don schematic design with the concept in
Pengembangan Rancangan accordance with the Terms of Reference
Buku La po ran Prarancangan don and input from the results of the
Pengembangan Rancangan berisi tentang coordination during the preparation .
hasil kajian don perhitungan pada fase This report consists of:
schematic design don design development 3.2.1 Basic Design Report Book
sesuai yang disampaikan pada pasal 3 The Basic Design Report Book
tentang ta hap prarancangan don contains the results of studies and
pengembangan rancangan pain 3.1 - 3.5 calculations in the schematic design
disusun dalam ukuran A4 don dicetak and design development phases as
sebanyak 5 (limo) set yang berisi tentang stated in article 3 concerning the
Basic Design Terminal 4 Bandara preliminary design and development
lnternasional Soekarno Hatta yang stages of the draft 3.1 - 3 .5 that is
terintegrasi dengan kawasan sekitar don arranged in A4 size and printed in 5
aksesibilitas yang menunIang (five) sets containing Basic Design
pengoperasian di area Bandara. Terminal 4 Soekarno-Hatta
International Airport which Is
3.2.2 Buku Laporan Topografi /Pemetaan integrated with the surrounding area
-ku Laporan Topografi/Pemetaan disusun aad access;b;1;1y tho~ sopp{,.rts l11 ~

't'r t-i
dalam ukuran A4 atau dapat disesuaikan operation in the Airport area .
dengan data yang didapatkan don dicetak
sebanyak 3 (tiga) set. Data hasil 3.2.2 Topographic/ Mapping Report Book
pengukuran topografi dibuat sebenar- Topographic / Mapping Report
benarnya serta tidak merekayasa atas apa Books are arranged in A4 size or can
yang telah diteliti don diukur di lapangan. be adjusted with 3 (three) sets of data
obtained and printed. Topographic
3 .2.3 Artist /mpression/Sketsa Desain Awai measurement data is made as true
Artist impression/Sketsa Desain Awai as possible and not manipulated
merupakan gambaran awal secara konsep from what has been researched and
terkait Desain Terminal secara keseluruhan measured in the field research .
dalam 3D yang dicetak dalam ukuran A3
sebanyak 5 (limo) set. 3.2.3 Artist Impression/Initial Design Sketch
Artist impression/Initial Design sketch
3.2.4 Album Gambar 3D Design Development is a preliminary description of the
disusun dalam bentuk A3 atau ukuran concept related to the overall
disesuaikan yang dicetak sebanyak 5 (limo) Terminal Design in 3D which is
set yang berisi tentang hasil dari Design printed in A3 size as many as 5 (five)
Development Terminal, fasilitas airside don sets.
landside don integrasi dengan fasilitas
lainya di Sandora lnternasional Soekarno- 3.2.4 Basic Design 3D Picture Album
Hatta dengan konsep Pengembangan 3D Drawing Albums Basic Design Is
Sandora lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta . arranged in A3 form or customised
size printed as many as 5 (five) sets
3.2.5 Maket Study containing results from Basic Design
Maket Study dibuat dalam ukuran l 00 cm that are integrated with the concept
x l 00 cm sebanyak 2 (duo) set sehingga of Soekarno-Hatta International
dapat menggambarkan konsep gubahan Airport Development.
bangunan don kawasan Terminal 4 serta
hasil akhir desain Terminal 4 Sandora 3.2.5 Monochrome (Maket Studi)
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta. Monochrome is made in 2 (two) sets
of 100 cm x 100 cm so that it can
3.2.6 Video don Animasi illustrate the concept of building
Video/Animasi disusun berukuran minimal composition and the area of
l080p (l 920xl 080) dengan dual bahasa Terminal 4 and the final design
jika ado keterangan di dalamnya serta results of Soekarno-lnternational
dapat digunakan dengan Virtual Reality Airport Terminal 4.
(VR) don 360° view.
3 .2 .6 Video and Animation
3 .2.7 Buku Laporan Simulasi & Analisa Videos/animations are arranged at a
Laporan Simulasi & Analisa merupakan minimum size of l 080p
dokumen dari hasil simulasi don analisa ( l 920x l 080) with dual languages if
pengoperasian baik di sisi terminal, sisi there is information in them and can
udara maupun di sisi darat. Dalam proses be used with Virtual Reality (VR) and
simulasi ini menggunakan software yang 3600 view.
mendukung don menggambarkan situasi
yang nantinya akan didesain sesuai 3.2.7 Simulation & Analysis Report Book
forecast dalam proses desain. Laporan Simulation & Analysis Reports are
simulasi don analisa ini dituangkan dalam documents from the results of
buah buku laporan dalam format A4 ,;m,lat;o, aod aoaly,;, ~ ernt: ;; 1ll..
~~ f. --!.T}
atau menyesuaikan don dicetak sebanyak both on the terminal side, air side
3 (tiga) set. and on the land side . In this
simulation process uses software that
3.3 Laporan Perencanaan supports and describes situations that
3.3.1 Buku Laporan Perencanaan will be designed according to
Buku Laporan Perencanaan dibuat dalam forecast in the design process. This
format A4, yang minimal berisikan : Simulation and Analysis Report is
a. Penyempurnaan hasil dari Laporan Pra- written in a report book in A4 format
perencanaan dengan memperhatikan or adjusts and prints 3 (three) sets.
tanggapan, masukan don koreksi sesuai
hasil presentasi don diskusi yang telah 3 .3 Planning Report
di laksanakan dengan kelompok teknik 3 .3.1 Planning Report Book
pen damping; The Final Report Book is made in A4
b . Metode tahapan pembangunan format, which at least contains :
pelaksanaan teknis don operasi terkait a . Completion of the results of the
dengan keberadaan terminal/tetap Pre-planning Report by taking into
pengoperasian terminal lama; account responses, input and
c. Tenant Mixing don Tenant Guidance corrections according to the
Fitting Out; results of the presentation and
d . Album gambar 30 selama masa discussion that have been carried
asistensi dilakukan dalam format A3, out with the companion
namun soot penyerahan final kepada engineering group;
owner dalam format A2; b. Method Stages of construction of
e. Softcopy gambar 30 dalam native file, technical and operational
format minimal Sketchup atau software implementation related to the
3d grafis lainnya, JPEG, don TIFF, existence of the Terminal / keep
dengan resolusi tinggi, diserahkan operating the old Terminal;
dalam bentuk External harddisk c. Tenant Mixing and Tenant
kapasitas 1 (satu) TB (terabyte); Guidance Fitting Out
f . Video 30 animasi minimal ± 4 menit, d . 30 picture album in A3 format;
kualitas anImasI 60/fps (frame per e. Soft copy of 30 images in native
second), resolusi full HD 1920 x 1080. files, minimal format Sketchup or
other 30 graphics software, JPEG,
3.3.2 Laporan Perhitungan Struktur and TIFF, with high resolution,
Laporan Perhitungan Struktur merupakan submitted in the form of an
suatu bentuk penyampaian tertulis yang external hard disk capacity of 1
berisi urutan-urutan teknis dalam (one) TB terabytes;
menghitung/menganalisa don mendesain f . 30 animation video is at least ± 4
perencanaan Terminal 4 Bandara minutes, animation quality is 60 /
lnternasional Soekarno Hatta . Perhitungan fps (frames per second), full HD
struktur ini didapat dari proses analisa resolution is 1920 x 1080.
dalam software struktur maupun secara
manual yang dituangkan dalam sebuah 3 .3.2 Structure Calculation Report
laporan dalam format A4 atau The Structure Calculation Report is a
menyesuaikan don dicetak sebanyak 3 form of written submission that
(tiga) set. contains a sequence of technical
sequences in calculating/analysing
3 .3 .3 Laporan Geoteknik and designing the Terminal 4 plan of
Berisi Laporan detail hasil penyelidikan Soekarno Hatta International Airport.
nah don analisa yang telah dilakukan The calculation of this structure is
~- /4
yang dituangkan dalam sebuah laporan obtained from the analysis process in
dalam format A4 atau menyesuaikan don the software structure as well as
dicetak sebanyak 3 (tiga) set. manually written in a report in A4
format or adjust and print as many
3.3.4 Laporan Perhitungan Pavement as 3 (three) sets.
Berisi Laporan detail hasil perhitungan
lapisan pavement don analisa geometri 3 .3.3 Geotechnical Report
yang telah dilakukan yang dituangkan Contains a detailed report on the
dalam sebuah laporan dalam format A4 results of the land investigation and
atau menyesuaikan don dicetak sebanyak analysis that has been carried out as
3 (tiga) set. outlined in a report in A4 format or
adjusting and printing 3 (three) sets.
3.3.5 Laporan perhitungan drainase
Berisi Laporan detail hasil Analisa 3.3.4 Pavement Calculation Report
perhitungan drainase don detail dimensi Contains detailed reports on the
drainase yang telah dilakukan yang results of calculation of pavement
dituangkan dalam sebuah laporan dalam layer and geometry analysis that
format A4 atau menyesuaikan don dicetak have been carried out which are
sebanyak 3 (tiga) set. outlined in a report in A4 format or
adjust and printed as many as 3
3.3.6 Album Desain 3D (three) sets.
Album Desain 3D adalah dokumen yang
berisi gambar don kesan seni dari
Perencanaan Terminal 4 Sandora 3.3.5 Drainage calculation report
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta baik di darat, Contains a detailed report on the
terminal don udara. Dalam proses results of the analysis of drainage
memperoleh desain 3D, ia menggunakan calculations and details of the
perangkat lunak yang mendukung don drainage dimensions that have been
berlisensi untuk mendapatkan gambar carried out as outlined in a report in
render lengkap yang dapat menafsirkan A4 format or adjusting and printing 3
desain Terminal 4 nanti. Album desain 3D (three) sets .
in1 dicetak dalam format A3 atau
menyesuaikan sebanyak l O (sepuluh) set. 3.3.6 3D Design Album
3D Design Album is a document that
3.4 Executive Summary contains pictures and art impressions
Buku Laporan Ringkasan Akhir dalam ukuran from the Planning of Terminal 4 of
A4 sebanyak l O (sepuluh) asli, yang berisi Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
ringkasan konsep desain, has ii both on land, terminal and air side.
analisis/perhitungan final don gambar- In the process of obtaining a 3D
gambar prinsip Detailed Engineering Design design, it uses software that is both
fasilitas sisi udara don fasilitas sisi darat supportive and licensed so as to get
untuk pembangunan Terminal 4 Sandora a full rendering image that can
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta. interpret the design of Terminal 4
later. This 3D design album is printed
3.5 Buku Desain Terminal 4 in A3 format or adjusts as many as
Buku yang berisi tentang historical proses l O (ten) sets.
penyusunan desain Terminal 4 Sandora
lnternasional Soekarno-Hatta dari konseptual 3.4 Executive Summary
desain, skematik desain, pengembangan l O (ten) original Final Summary Report
i hingga Detailed Engineering Design. Book in A4 size, which contains a /

t t\-f+~?/_ ·//
summary of design concepts, final
3.6 Dokumen Lelang (OED) sesuai dengan analysis / calculation results and
pentahapan drawing drawings Detail Engineering
3 .6.1 Buku Laporan Penyelidikan Tanah principles Design Facilities Air side and
Buku Laporan Penyelidikan Tanah disusun land side facilities for construction
dalam Ukuran A4 atau dapat disesuaikan Terminal 4 Bandara lnternasional
dengan data yang didapatkan dan dicetak Soekarno-Hatta.
sebanyak 3 (tiga) set. Data hasil
pengukuran dibuat sebenar-benarnya serta 3 .5 Terminal 4 Design Book
tidak merekayasa atas apa yang telah The book contains the historical process
diteliti dan diukur baik dilapangan maupun of drafting the design of Soekarno
di laboratorium. Hatta International Airport Terminal 4
from conceptual design, schematic
3 .6.2 Rencana Kerja & Syarat Teknis (RKST) design, design development to Detail
Dokumen RKST dibuat dalam bentuk A4 Engineering Design.
atau ukuran lain yang disesuaikan dengan
kebutuhan, dibuat dalam 1 (satu) asli dan 3 .6 Tender Documents (OED) in
2 (dua) salinan yang telah ditandatangani accordance with staging
oleh semua pihak. 3.6.1 Soil Investigation Report Book
a . Penjelasan umum masing-masing The Soil Investigation Report Book
pekerjaan meliputi pemenuhan is arranged in A4 Size or can be
peraturan, keterkaitan dengan adjusted with the data obtained
pekerjaan lain, persyaratan umum and printed in 3 (three) sets. The
material yang digunakan; results of measurement data are
b. Penjelasan khusus masing-masing made truthfully and not
pekerjaan meliputi pola penyediaan manipulated from what has been
tenaga kerja, material, instalasi, researched and measured both in
peralatan lengkap sebagaimana the field and laboratory research.
diperlihatkan, disyaratkan atau
sebagaimana diperlukan, tanggung 3.6.2 Work Plan & Technical Requirements
jawab pelaksanan konstruksi; The Work & Plan
c. Penjelasan ruang lingkup masing- Requirement document is made in A4
masing pekerjaan meliputi seluruh sub- form or other size adjusted to the
pekerjaan yang harus dilakukan needs, made in 1 (one) original and
pengembangan/ pelaksanaan 2 (two) copies signed by all parties.
pekerjaan fisik; a . General description of each job
d . Referensi dan standar-standar yang includes fulfilment of regulations,
harus dipenuhi; linkages with other work, general
e. Penjelasan atas persyaratan requirements of materials used;
administrasi yang harus dipenuhi atas b. Specific explanations of each work
masing-masing jenis pekerjaan seperti include the pattern of providing
gambar kerja, data material, labor, materials, installations,
persetujuan. complete equipment as shown,
required or as needed, the
3 .6.3 Spesifikasi Teknis/Tab/e of Compliance responsibility for carrying out the
(TOC) construction;
Dokumen TOC dibuat dalam ukuran A4 c. The explanation of the scope of
dengan jumlah sebanyak 1 (satu) asli don each work includes all sub-work
2 (dua) salinan yang berisikan di that must be carried out by the
nta ranya : developer/executor of physical ;/ ~ -:l_
~ . If- l

~ tr t f J-r
a. Jenis material yang digunakan, work;
dijelaskan dengan deskripsi ukuran, tipe d . References and standards that
dan/atau keterangan lainnya yang bisa must be met;
menjelaskan material secara lengkap. e. Explanation of administrative
requirements that must be met for
3.6.4 Gambar For Tender each type of work such as work
Gambar Detailed Engineering Design for drawings, material data,
Tender, yaitu gambar-gambar hasil approval.
perencanaan, untuk masa diskusi dan
asistensi menggunakan format A3 (asli), 3.6.3 Technical Specifications/Table of
dan dokumen final yang diserahkan Compliance (TOC)
adalah dokumen gambar for tender yang TOC documents are made in A4 size
telah disahkan dalam format kertas HVS with a total of l (one) original and 2
ukuran minimal A3 (asli) sebanyak l (satu) (two) copies that consist of:
set yang diperbanyak sebanyak 2 (dua) set a. The type of material used is
setelah mendapatkan tanda tangan explained by the description of
lengkap pejabat berwenang. size, type and/or other
information that can explain the
3.6.5 Rencana Anggaran Biaya atau Engineering material in full.
Estimate (EE) sebanyak l (satu) asli dan 2
(dua) salinan yang disertai dengan 3.6.4 Drawing For Tender
referensi harga satuan yang dapat Image of Detail Engineering Design
dipertanggungjawabkan. for Tender, is drawings of planning
results that have been validated in
3.6.6 Analisa Harga Satuan sebanyak l (satu) HVS paper format of a minimum size
asli dan 2 (dua) salinan yang memuat of A3 (original) in the amount of l
terhadap Analisa koefisien, Analisa upah (one) set which is reproduced in 2
dan material sesuai dengan standar (two) sets after obtaining the full
peraturan atau referensi peraturan lainnya. signature of the authorized official.

3.6. 7 Bill of Quantity sebanyak l (satu) asli dan 2 3.6.5 Budget plan atau Engineering
(dua) Salinan. Estimate (EE) consisting of l (one)
original and 2 (two) copies
3. 7 Gambar For Construction accompanied by unit price references
Dibuat sebanyak l (satu) asli dan 2 (dua) that can be accounted for.
salinan yang memuat di antaranya:
a. Produk akhir yang harus dihasilkan 3.6.6 Unit Price Analysis consists of l (one)
dalam proses perencanaan adalah original and 2 (two) copies
gambar for construction hasil containing the analysis of coefficients
pengembangan dari gambar for tender Wage analysis and material in

yang telah disempurnakan pada saat accordance with Regulatory

lelang sebelumnya yang akan digunakan Standards or other regulatory
sebagai acuan pekerjaan konstruksi di references.
b. Gambar for construction harus 3.6 . 7 l (one) original Bill of Quantity and 2
disampaikan untuk masa diskusi dan (two) copies .
asistensi menggunakan format A3 (asli),
final yang

3. 7 Drawing For Construction
Made as many as l (one) original and
2 (two) copies that consist of: ~ L{
I ~

t t--l~ 11 J;
ukuran minimal A2 (asli) sebanyak 1 a . The final product that must be
(satu) set yang diperbanyak sebanyak 2 produced in the planning process is
(duo) set setelah mendapatkan tanda an image for construction resulting
tangan lengkap pejabat berwenang. from the development of the image
for tender that has been refined at
3.8 Laptop/Notebook untuk Desain & Presentasi the previous auction which will be
Untuk pemaparan terhadap hasil desain , used as a reference for construction
menggunakan laptop/notebook yang work in the field.
memiliki spesifikasi untuk keperluan grafis b. Drawing for construction must be
don video editing dengan spesifikasi sebagai submitted in the form of 1 (one)
berikut: original hardcopy of A3 format
a . DELL NEW PRECISION 7730 (PRECISION original images and 2 (two) copies
1 7 7730 LAPTOP) of HVS / blueprint A3 format copies
b. Intel® Xeon E-2186M, 6 Core Xeon, 12M that have been approved by the
Cache, 2.90GHz up to 4 .60GHz Turbo, assignor.
45W, vPro
c. Windows 10 Pro 64
TM 3 .8 Laptop/Notebook for design &
d . 32 GB OF RAM presentation
e. Chipset Intel ® Mobile CM246 For exposure to the design results, use
f. Video Card NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200 a laptop/notebook that has
w/l 6GB GDDR5 specifications for graphics and video
g . 17.3" UltraSharp FHD IPS l 920xl080 editing purposes with the following
Anti-Glare specifications:
h. M.2 PCle Solid State Drives 1 TB a . DELL NEW PRECISION 7730
3 .9 Portable Hardisk 2 TB (Soft Copy & Scan b. Intel ® Xeon E-2186M, 6 Core
Dokumen) Xeon, 12M Cache, 2 .90GHz up to
a . Soft copy berisikan native file don scan 4.60GHz Turbo, 45W, vPro
dokumen seluruh hasil kerja yang telah c. Windows 10 Pro 64

disahkan disampaikan dalam portable d. 32 GB OF RAM

hard disk, soft copy gambar disusun rapih e. Chipset Intel ® Mobile CM246
sesuaI dengan penomoran do lam f. Video Card NVIDIA® Quadro®
hardcopy bukan soft copy mentah yang P5200 w/l 6GB GDDR5
masih perlu koreksi don segala hak atas g. 17.3" UltraSharp FHD IPS
kekayaan intelektual menjadi milik PT. l 920xl 080 Anti-Glare
Angkasa Pura II (Persero) ; h. M.2 PCle Solid State Drives 1 TB
b. Seluruh gambar don dokumen yang telah
disahkan disusun dalam bentuk dokumen 3 .9 Portable Hardisk 2 TB (Doucment Soft
pdf dengan susunan yang soma seperti Copy & Scan)
hardcopy final don segala hak atas a . The soft copy contains native file
kekayaan intelektual menjadi milik PT. and scanned documents for all
Angkasa Pura II (Persero); approved work results delivered in
c. Seluruh dokumen soft copy dimasukkan a portable hard disk, soft copy of
ke dalam Portable Hard Disk dimaksud the image is arranged neatly in
yang sebanyak 2 (duo) set. accordance with numbering in
3.10 Laporan Pengawasan Berka la hardcopy instead of raw soft copy
Konsultan perencana diharuskan melakukan which still needs correction and all
peninjauan don pengawasan secara berkala
di lapangan don mengadakan pertemuan
~Q teratur dengan Pemberi tugas don
intellectual property rights belong to
PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero);
b. All approved images and

c.,-· 1-1.

~ tr f -Jb-,1/
Konsultan Pengawas atau MK yang ditunjuk documents are arranged in the
oleh Pemberi Tugas selama waktu konstruksi form of pdf documents with the
dengan tujuan sebagai berikut: same arrangement as the final
3 .10.1 Membantu Pemberi Tugas dalam hardcopy and all intellectual
merumuskan kebijakan don pertimbangan property rights belong to PT.
dalam memutuskan tindakan apa yang Angkasa Pura II (Persero);
akan diambil bila terjadi permasalahan c. c. All soft copy documents are
terhadap kegiatan pelaksanaan inserted into the Portable Hard Disk
dilapangan terkait hasil rancangan yang referred to as many as 2 (two) sets.
dibuat oleh konsultan perencana;
3 .10 Periodic Monitoring Report
3.10.2 Membantu Pengawas atau MK khususnya Planner consultants are required to
dalam menanggulangi masalah-masalah conduct periodic review and supervision
konstruksi yang berhubungan dengan in the field and hold regular meetings
rancangan yang dibuat oleh konsultan with the assignor and Supervisory
perencana; Consultant or MK appointed by the
Assignor during the construction time
3.10.3 Turut memastikan bahwa pelaksanaan with the following objectives :
konstruksi yang dilakukan telah sesuai 3 .10. l Assisting the giver of assignments in
dengan rencana atau mutu yang formulating policies and
terkandung dalam RKS yang dibuat oleh considerations in deciding what
konsultan perencana; actions will be taken if problems
occur in the field of implementation
3. l 0.4 Memberikan penjelasan don rekomendasi related to the design results made by
penyelesaian terhadap permasalahan- the planning consultant;
permasalahan yang timbul selama masa
konstruksi don memberikan rekomendasi 3 .10 .2 Helping Supervisors or the
tentang penggunaan bahan / material; Constitutional Court especially in
tackling construction problems
3.10 .5 Konsultan Perencana tidak dilibatkan di related to the design made by the
dalam kegiatan pengawasan harian atau planning consultant;
secara terus menerus, namun bila
diperlukan, wajib memenuhi permintaan 3 .10 .3 Also ensuring that the construction
Pemberi Tugas; carried out is in accordance with the
plan or quality contained in the RKS
3 .10.6 Membuat laporan pengawasan berkala made by the planning consultant;
yang memuat terhadap beberapa agenda
konsultan perencana selama masa 3 .10.4 Providing explanations and
konstruksi yang dilengkapi dengan data recommendations for resolution of
dukungnya. problems that arise during the
construction period and provide
recommendations on the use of
materials/ materials;

3 .10 .5 Planner Consultants are not involved

in daily superv1s1on activities or
continuously, but if necessary, must
fulfil the request of the Giver of Duty;

3 .10.6 Making a periodic monitoring report

that contains some of the planner
consultant agendas during the
construction period which is equipped
with supporting data .


4.1 Bertugas melaksanakan semua pekerjaan 4.1 Carry out all the work that is the scope
yang menjadi lingkup pekerjaan Jaso of the DED Consultancy Services work
Konsultansi DED dalam proyek Perencanan in the Bandara lnternasional Soekarno-
Terminal 4 Bandara lnternasional Soekarno- Hatta Terminal 4 Planning project
Hatta yang mengacu kepada peraturan don which refers to the applicable rules and
ketentuan yang berlaku, serta membuat regulations, as well as making reports
laporan dari tiap tahapan pekerjaan, serta from each stage of work, and
mempresentasikannya apabila dibutuhkan . presenting it if needed.

4 .2 Bertugas memastikan bahwa semua 4.2 Assigned to ensure that all

pekerjaan pengukuran , penyelidikan tanah di measurement work, soil investigation in
lapangan don pengujian di laboratorium, the field and laboratory testing, as well
serta analisa don perhitungan teknis struktur as analysis and technical calculation of
don MEEP, telah dilaksanakan sesuai kaidah the structure and MEEP, have been
don persyaratan yang berlaku don dapat carried out in accordance with the
dipertanggungjawabkan . applicable rules and requirements .

4 .3 Bertanggung jawab secara profesional 4 .3 Professionally responsible for the results

terhadap hasil review don DED yang of the review and DED generated in the
dihasilkan berupa perhitungan teknis struktur form of technical calculations of
don MEEP, gambar detail for tender don for structures and MEEP, detailed drawings
construction, volume detail pekerjaan, for tenders and for construction, volume
estimasi biaya setelah optimalisasi (EE), serta of job details, estimated costs after
Rencana Kerja don Syarat-syarat Teknis optimisation (EE), and Work Plan and
(RKST) . Technical Requirements (RKST) .

4.4 Bertanggung jawab secara profesionalisme 4.4 Professionally responsible for the
keahlian dalam melaksanakan test & expertise in carrying out the test &
commissioning terhadap hasil pekerjaan commissioning of the results of
konstruksi sebelum pekerjaan konstruksi construction work before construction
diserahterimakan untuk pertama kalinya. work is handed over for the first time .

4.5 Melaksanakan koordinasi secara intensif

selama masa konstruksi, dengan pihak-pihak 4.5 Carry out intensive coordination during
yang terkait don memberikan advice desain the construction period, with related
apabila diperlukan don memberikan parties and provide design advice if
rekomendasi perubahan desain bila ado needed and provide recommendations
permintaan perubahan desain yang tidak for design changes if there is a design
mengakibatkan perubahan yang bersifat change request that does not result in
mayor/ signifikan . major / significant changes .

4.6 Proses Sertifikasi GBCI 4.6 GBCI Certivication Process

ultan Pelaksana wajib melakukan proses The Implementing must 1~
sertifikasi rating don berkoordinasi dengan carry out the rating certification process
Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) dari and coordinate with the Green Building
masa awal perencanaan sampai selesainya Council Indonesia (GBCI) from the
pelaksanaan fisik proyek. Hasil sertifikat yang initial planning stage until the
harus didapat setelah proses assesment oleh completion of the physical project
GBCI adalah minimal "Silver" atau sesuai implementation . The certificate results
dengan target PT Angkasa Pura II yang akan that must be obtained after the GBCI
ditentukan kemudian. Konsultan Perencana assessment process is at least "Silver" or
diwajibkan menyediakan tenaga Greenship in accordance with the target of PT
Profesional bersertifikat GBCI. Peranan Angkasa Pura II (Persero) which will be
Greenship Professional (GP) dalom proses determined later. Planning Consultants
sertifikasi adalah : are required to provide GBCI certified
a . Menjadi wakil project team dalam Greenship Professional personnel. The
melakukan konsultasi; role of Greenship Professional (GP) in
b. Berkoordinasi don komunikasi dengan the certification process is:
project team dalam melakukan a. Become a project team
peningkatan perolehan nilai / peringkat ; representative in conducting
c. Mengisi formulir don mengkoordinasikan consultations
dokumen yang diperlukan dalam proses b . Coordinate and communicate with
sertifikasi, sejak pendaftoran hinggo CA. the project team in increasing value
Konsultan perencana berkewajiban : / ranking
a. Memperkenalkan GREENSHIP & Target c. Fill out the form and coordinate the
Setting documents needed in the
Dalam mewujudkan suatu green building, certification process, from
penetapan bangunan hijau tersebut registration to CA.
sebaiknya sudah dilakukan sejak awal Consultant is obliged to:
sebagai tujuan proyek atau tujuan desain a. Introducing GREENSHIP & Target
yang tercermin dalam feasibility study settings
ataupun project term of reference (TOR). In realizing a green building,
b . Tim Sertifikasi GBCI melakukan establishing a building green
kunjungan proyek don menyampaikan should have been carried out from
informasi dasar mengenai proses the start as a project goal or design
sertifikasi don menyampaikan presentasi goal reflected in the feasibility study
sertifi kasi. or project term of reference (TOR) .
c. Konsultan menentukan siapa Greenship b . The GBCI Certification Tearn
Professional (GP) yang akan bertugas conducts project visits and submits
dalam membantu proses sertifikasi oleh basic information about the
PT AP II. Certification Process and presents a
d . Melakukan proses Registrasi don certification presentation .
perjanjian kerjasama dengan GBCI. c. The consultant determines who
e. Membantu PT AP II untuk melakukan Greenship Professional (GP) will be
proses administrasi pendaftaran assigned to assist the certification
pernyataan minat untuk mengikuti proses process by PT Angkasa Pura II.
sertifikasi Greens hip dengan d. Perform registration process and
menandatangani surat pernyataan pada cooperation agreement with GBCI
lampiran l don membayarkan biaya e. Assist PT Angkasa Pura II to carry
administrasi sesuai ketentuan yang out the administrative process of
berlaku . registering interest statements to
f. Mengisi don melengkapi Form take part in the Greenship
P-eodaftaran. certification process by signing a

~ l-f-' /1.

\ {~t.EJ!i .JI'}
g. Penyerahan Form Pendaftaran kepada statement letter in attachment 1 and
GBCI beserta semua persyaratan yang paying administrative fees in
dibutuhkan . accordance with the applicable
h. Transfer of Knowledge provisions .
Dalam proses transfer of knowledge, f. Fill out and complete the
tenaga GP (Greenship Professional) Registration Form .
melakukan pendampingan don g . Submission of Registration Form to
pengarahan kepada tim tenaga ahli lain GBCI along with all requirements
agar desain yang dihasilkan dapat needed
mencapai target rating yang dituju. h. Transfer of Knowledge
Semua hasil konsultasi berupa laporan In a process of knowledge transfer,
perolehan hasil don rekomendasi akan GP (Greenship Professional)
disampaikan kembali kepada pihak personnel conduct assistance and
proyek dalam bentuk resume tertulis yang direction to other expert teams so
dikirim melalui e-mail. that the resulting design can reach
I. Design Recognition (DR) Stage the intended rating target.
GBCI membuka peluang adanya All results of consultations shaped
penilaian awal atas desain / Design results and recommendation reports
Recognition (DR), yaitu: will be returned to the project in the
1) Penilaian DR berdasarkan dokumen form of a written resume sent via
for tender; email.
2) Hasil DR disampaikan dalam bentuk 1. Design Recognition (DR) Stage
surat res mi. GBCI opens the opportunity for an
Konsultan mengurus seluruh proses initial assessment of design /
pendaftaran sampai dengan keluarnya Design Recognition (DR)
sertifikat green building untuk perencanaan 1) DR assessment based on
(design recognition) . Seluruh biaya sudah documents for tender
diperhitungkan oleh konsultan dalam BoQ. 2) DR results are submitted in the
form of official letters
The consultant takes care of the entire
registration process until the issuance of
a green building certificate for design
(design recognition). All costs are
calculated by consultants in BoQ .


Maso pelaksanaan pekerjaan selama 720 (tujuh 720
The period of execution of the work for
ratus dua puluh) hari kalender dihitung dari masa (seven hundred twenty) calendar days is
penyusunan perencanaan dimulai dari penyusunan calculated from the planning period starting
perencanaan sejak dikeluarkan Kontrak Pekerjaan from the preparation of the plan since the
ditambah masa pengawasan selama pelaksanaan Work Contract is issued, plus the supervision
pekerjaan fisiknya. Di dalam jangka waktu period during the execution of the physical
penyusunan perencanaan tersebut, Konsultan harus work. Within the period of preparation of the
menyerahkan semua hasil pekerjaan sebagaimana plan, the Consultant must submit all work
diuraikan dalam syarat-syarat don urutan dari results as described in the terms and order of
uraian pekerjaan ini. Dalam melaksanakan tugas, this job description. In carrying out its duties,
Konsultan harus secara rutin mengadakan asistensi the Consultant must routinely provide
kepada pemberi tugas serta mengadakan assistance to the assignor and coordinate
koordinasi dengan instansi terkait lainnya . with other relevant agencies .
Untuk melaksanakan Pekerjaan Kerangka Acuan To carry out the Work Terms of Reference
Kerja (KAK) Pengadaan Jaso Konsultansi, konsultan (KAK) Procurement of Consultancy Services,
mengusulkan jadwal penugasan personil dengan the consultant proposes a schedule for
membuat manning schedule. assignment of personnel by making a
manning schedule .
Presentasi dan diskusi dengan Tim Teknis PT 7 . PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION
Angkasa Pura II (Persero) dilakukan oleh Konsultan Presentations and discussions with the PT
Pelaksana dalam upaya penyempurnaan Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Technical Team
pelaporan pekerjaan agar hasilnya sesuai dengan were carried out by the Implementing
yang diharapkan serta tidak bertentangan dengan Consultant in an effort to improve work
peraturan, pedoman, kriteria dan standar yang reporting so that the results were as expected
berlaku. and not in conflict with the regulations,
guidelines, criteria and standards that apply.
Konsultan diharapkan dapat memberikan The consultant is expected to provide an
pemahaman terhadap kerangka acuan kerja (KAK) understanding of the terms of reference (KAK)
sehingga dapat memahami lingkup serta so that he/she can understand the scope and
kewajiban yang harus dipenuhi sebagai pelaksana obligations that must be fulfilled as
jasa konsultansi dan juga aspek utama dari implementing consultancy services and also
pekerjaan dimaksud. the main aspects of the work in question.


KERJA Based on the Consultant's understanding of
Berdasarkan pemahaman Konsultan terhadap the Terms of Reference (KAK), the consultant
Kerangka Acuan Kerja (KAK), konsultan dapat can submit a response to the terms of
menyampaikan tanggapan terhadap kerangka reference (KAK) in order to achieve the
acuan kerja (KAK) dalam rangka pencapaian objectives of the intended work.
sasaran dari pekerjaan dimaksud .
Kerangka Acuan Kerja (KAK) ini merupakan This Terms of Reference (KAK) is a guideline
pedoman pelaksanaan Jaso Konsultan untuk for implementing Consultant Services for
Perencanaan Terminal 4 Sandora lnternasional Planning Terminal 4 of Soekarno-Hatta
Soekarno-Hatta, don menjadi bagian yang tidak International Airport, and serves as an
terpisahkan dengan Surat Perjanjian/Kontrak integral part of the Agreement/Contract
antara PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) dengan between PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) and
Konsultan. Consultant.
• Hal -hal lain yang berkaitan dengan • Other matters relating to the
pelaksanaan kegiatan yang belum tertuang implementation of activities not included
dalam Kerangka Acuan Kerja (KAK) ini dapat in the Terms of Reference (KAK) can be
diatur lebih lanjut berdasarkan dalam further regulated based on the Job
Penjelasan Pekerjaan (Aanwijzing) don Explanation (Aanwijzing) and set forth in
dituangkan dalam bentuk Serita Acara the form of Minutes of Job Explanation
Penjelasan Pekerjaan yang menjadi bagian which are an integral part of the tender
yang tidak terpisahkan dari dokumen documents and Letters
pelelangan don Surat Perjanjian/Kontrak. Agreement/Contract.

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