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Message of DTI-02 Regional Director Ruben B.


[Dignitaries], fellow student-eagles, proud parents, guardians,

family members, relatives and friends, good morning everyone.

I and my brothers have always believed that our character is what

build us, but dreams are what build our character. In pursuing
those dreams, it has taken us a lot of hard work, commitment and
sacrifices that made us embrace values and principles in life. But
as a student whose first dream is to finish a degree, being humble
and grateful is what we were made to be. Today, this pinning
ceremony is a remarkable moment that should underscore these
two values which I know all of us will carry for a lifetime.

Along our journey, we met people of different kinds; at first we were

resistant of such environment but eventually, we learned to accept
that we were of similar footings with the others and different with
other class. We were taught how to live just as us and in the places
we deserve. This is the maturity that schooling brought to us that
will help us face the realities in the future. In addition to that, our
life as students was truly a roller-coaster ride and we mean it when
we say that there was never a time that we haven’t cried. But in
every tear, either of joy or sadness, comes always a lesson that
humbles the heart and touches the spirit.
I am not an original eagle of MCNP-ISAP, in fact I am still earning
to be one. I enrolled here just this school year after I flunked in one
of my subjects before my final year in the University of St. Louis
Tuguegarao. My failure had torn me into pieces, not because it
would mean getting separated from USLT and my friends but
because I feared to be a disappointment to my family and on what
people would feel and say. I could have stayed with USLT for a
longer time until I finally pass, but my dreams are bigger than my
failure and at that time, what I only had in mind is to reach for that
dream in the best alternative way.