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MULAN Written by Rita Hsiao EIGHTH DRAFT December 21, 1996 Rev. 5/9/97 Rev. 5/12/97 Rev. 6/4/97 Rev. 6/5/97 Rev. 6/6/97 Rev. 6/24/97 Rev. 7/24/97 This material is the sole property of Walt Disney Pictures and is restricted for the use of Walt Disney Pictures and personnel only. Distribution, disclosure, reproduction, or Pale of the material to unauthorized personnel is prohibited. FADE IN: EXT. THE GREAT WALL - NIGHT (SEQUENCE 1.0) A MASSIVE, magnificent stone barrier snakes along the mountain tops of China. A lone GUARD patrols it. All's quiet, til... WHOOSH! A falcon swoops over him, knocking off his helmet. Tt flies upward, RIPPING the Imperial flag from a pole; the crescent moon shines. The guard follows as the bird drops the flag. It flutters over the wall, revealing A DARK, OMINOUS MAN in SHADOW, clinging to the side. He GRABS the Guard before he can scream - LIFTING him into the air as HUNDRI of grappling hooks clamp onto the wall. IN THE GARRISON Startled guards look up as the shadowy MAN enters their sanctuary. As he RAISES his distinctive, curved sword. SMASH CUT TO: INT. EMPEROR'S PALACE - NIGHT Doors burst open. The EMPEROR, his aide CHI FU, and several men quickly enter A CAVERNOUS WAR ROOM - a huge model of China in its center. EMPEROR Your report, General. ‘The General steps through a section of ‘The Great Wall.' GENERAL ‘The Huns crossed our border here, Your Majesty! CHI FU (shocked) Impossible! No one can get through the Great Wall. ‘The Emperor holds up his hand. GENERAL (solemnly) Shan-Yu is leading them. (CONTINUED)

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