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1) enter the sales order

enter these fields in header level

customer name
price list
order type as standard
enter these fields in line level
item name
unity price
after entering these details save the sales order
now go for book the sales order
now status of so header level is ::: booked
line level is :: awaiting shipping
2) now we need to pick release the sales order
shipping--> release sales order
rule : standard
give order name
remove dates
go to shipping tab
Auto pack delevary = yes
go to inventory tab
give default stage-->subinventory
select concurent or execute queary

so it will run 3 programs

1) pick slip
2)shipping exceptions report
3)auto pack report
after release header level status is :: booked
line level status is :::: picked

3) ship release the sales order

shipping --> transactions
enter order number and click on find button
go to delevary tab in actions:: select ship confirm from the list.. and click go
now material is shipped from stored to customer
now status in header level :: booked
line level is :: shipped
at this stage internally 4 programs will run
1) bill of lading(when goods shipped on stage to another)
2) commersial invoice(it will show product cost)
3) packing slip report
4) vehicle load sheet data
4)now run the workflow background process program
data will be transfered from om base tables in to AR interface table(ar_interfac
at this stage internally 2 more programs will be run
1) auto invoice import program and
2) ADS(auto invoice master)
now data will move from ar_interface_lines_all to base tables in AR
go to AR module
and see the invoice


1) if customer is returning meterial that is after shipping goods to customer bc

oz of some problem returning goods back to us..
they are 4 types of RAM's availble
1) return only
2) return with receipt
3) return with receipt and approve
4) return with receipt with credit memo

pre requisitions for RMA

order type should be standard and line status should be closed
->Go to sales order form query the form select actions button select copy from l
left side
change order type :: return only
right side
change line type:: return receipt
return reason:: give any reason from the selected list
it shows your new order number and copy it

->open the sales order form again queary with the new order number go for bookin
g the order line level status show awaiting return
now we have to received the material into godown
->now create the receipt
transactions -->receving __>receipt
these are two types
1) receiving materials from supplier
2) receiving material from customer
in this form click on customer tab give RMA number means sales order number
give subinventory save it
now go to order form query and see the line level status
it will :: returned
->go to onhand quantity form check wheather item is recevied or not..
.>now we need to cancel the invoice also
go to OM
run workflow back ground process
->now check the status of the order
line level:: fulfulled
fulfilled means invoice is canceled

how to geting rma number by given order number

select *from oe_order_headers_all where source_document_id=(select header_id fro
m oe_order_headers_all where order_number=(given order number)