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FY18 Marketing Sales Reached IDR 1.

94 trillion

Jaya Real Property total marketing sales in FY18 reached IDR 1.94 trillion, a decline of 19% YoY. We
managed to reach 81% of our full year target in this challenging year.
Overall Bintaro sales is down by 18% YoY and still contribute 57% of total marketing sales. In FY17,
the sales in Bintaro Jaya is supported by commercial launch of Fresh Market in Bintaro and Graha
Raya (contributing around IDR 400 billion of presales). If we exclude that commercial launch, Bintaro
Jaya sales is still growing by 19% YoY in FY18. Sales in our condominium segment have declined by
14% YoY as we are holding off new project launches. For the non-Bintaro segment, it declined by
22% YoY in FY18, where the product absorption is experiencing a shift in the product price
composition. The increase in interest rate and volatility in exchange rate are affecting the property
demand. In terms of products, 85% of our FY18 marketing sales still come from landed residential
and shop-houses.
The FY18 total marketing sales of IDR 1.94 trillion is excluding sale of land to Kunciran-Serpong toll
road (around IDR 500 billion).

FY17 FY18 YoY

As a % of As a % of
IDRbn total IDRbn total
Bintaro Jaya 1.349 56% 1.106 57% -18%
Condominiums : 350 15% 300 15% -14%
- Bintaro Plaza Residence 99 4% 102 5% 2%
- The Accent 58 2% 40 2% -31%
- Silktown 102 4% 70 4% -31%
- Emerald 91 4% 88 5% -3%
Non-Bintaro : 691 29% 538 28% -22%
- Puri Jaya (Grand Batavia) 366 15% 302 16% -17%
- Jaya Imperial Park 123 5% 97 5% -21%
- Serpong Jaya 202 8% 139 7% -31%
Total 2.390 1.944 -19%

Company Outlook
2019 Marketing Sales
The year of 2019 will still be a tough year due to the increase in interest rate, coupled with the
presidential election, which will affect the property demand. Jaya Real Property aims for marketing
sales growth of 0-5% YoY in 2019. We forecast that Bintaro will maintain its majority contribution at
53% of the total marketing sales. Condominium and non-Bintaro landed residential will contribute
23% and 24% respectively.
However, we remain cautiously optimistic, as we have several positive developments in our estate,
which include: 1) The expansion of Bintaro Jaya Xchange, 2) Opening of Kunciran-Serpong toll road,
3) Improving interconnection in Bintaro Jaya.
Expansion of Bintaro Jaya Xchange: A Mixed-Use Development

An expansion of Bintaro Jaya Xchange area in 2019 will support one of Jaya Real Property’s long-
term strategies which is to continuously build our estates with added-value developments. This
expansion will be a valuable addition to our investment properties, and will enhance our recurring
income in the long run.
The phase 2 of Bintaro Jaya Xchange development will include the following:
1. Mall Phase 2 : planned GFA of 81,000 sqm and park of 2.2 Ha
2. Hotel : 4-star hotel with 185 rooms
3. Oceanarium (marine park) : planned GFA of 7,534 sqm

Bintaro Jaya Xchange

Opening of Kunciran-Serpong toll road

The construction of Kunciran-Serpong toll road is estimated to be completed in April 2019 and will
provide Bintaro estate with a new mode of transport that will give a direct access to other major toll
road (Jakarta-Tangerang toll road, Cengkareng-Batuceper-Kunciran toll road, Jakarta-Serpong toll
road, and Serpong-Cinere toll road). The route itself is a part of Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) 2,
which connects the Soekarno-Hatta international airport with Cibitung.
The new toll road opening will give us a more convenient access to a numerous new locations, as
well as may give a new market opportunity for us to support our marketing strategy and marketing
sales in 2019.

Source: Jakarta Tollroad Development

Improving Interconnection in Bintaro Jaya

We are also planning a new connection that will give a better access for people to commute inside
the estate itself. New roads will be developed to connect Jurangmangu train station, Bintaro Jaya
Xchange area, and Pembangunan Jaya University. The new road is a way in managing traffic and
accommodating easier access inside the estate, to deliver a more comfortable living in Bintaro.

Source: Company

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