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CONFIDENTIAL oe i) Sés: METALLURGICAL TECHNOLOGY ‘Sec Ve PROPOSAL TO Heap Leach Consulting SAC FOR ONE 200KG/HR MINFURN AND DRYER For The Attention Of: Mr Oscar Palacios Perez Heap Leach Consulting SAC ‘Area de Proyectos Tel: +511 242-7117 Fax: +511 243-1143 Email: Direct All Enquiries To: Nick Maritz Tel: +27 11 709-4094 Mob: +27 82 576-6010 Fax: +27 11 709-4089 Email: — j Date) AU J 4 _rgls/or.| N MAOTL, -L Kedrattit | 14/5707 -| This proposal and the documents fcluded herein are proprietary, and may contain information that is confidential to Mintek. Copyright in and to the documents that comprise this proposal vests in Mintek. The Client may not disclose, copy or distribute Page 1 of 10 INQ REF: ESC/10000115 QTE REF: ESC/20001187 CONFIDENTIAL the contents of the proposal to any third party, unless Mintek has expressly agreed to the contrary in whiting. 1. INTRODUCTION Oscar Pal lacios has requested Mintek to provide H.L.C with a proposal for a 200 kg/hr Minfurn’s with a PLC and dryer, for the reactivation of carbon. 2. SCOPE OF WORK This proposal is for the ‘ex-works’ (Mintek Randburg SA) supply of one 200kg/hr Minfurn and dryer. Mintek's supply starts with the feed hopper into the Minfurn (mounted discharge on top of the Minfurn) and terminates at the re-activated carbon box. The deliverables include the fotlowing:- Mechanical Electrical Complete refractory lined shell Feedhopper Electrodes Re-activated discharge feeder All structural components to support the various elements making up the Minfurn One 200kg/hr Electrical dryer: - Pre-dryer complete with fluid bed deck, vibrators, underduct and hanging mounts. - Heating chamber with elements, blower fans and fiexible connection to bed, and interlocks and controls The thyristor drive and all controls which include:- Minfum voltage and current AC and DC earth fault detection Interlocks and over-current protection. Control panel (not shown on the sketch) including: Main circuit breaker (supply voltage to be advised by client) Control transformer if required depending on supply voltage Variable DC-voltage output selector and voltage indication Earth leakage detector on output Terminals for furnace access gate safety-switch interlock, as well as other interlocks required by the client Furnace inlet level control (by co-ordination of drier and furnace operation Electrical current indication Page 2 of 10 INQ REF: ESC/10000115 QTE REF: ESC/20001187 CONFIDENTIAL * PID contro! of vibratory discharge conveyor to keep current and temperature constant «Discharge conveyor auto/manual selector Following indication: This is displayed on an Allen Bradley panel view: the control of the Minfurn and indications of status is accessed via the panel view. * Furnace on/off * Discharge conveyor on/off + Over-current trip and earth-fault trip ‘© Thyristor trip and access gate trip * Feed low level trip * Manual and drawings for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. * Hot commissioning of equipment in Mintek works prior to crating. Installation and commissioning The duration and manpower requirements for installation and commissioning are only estimates at this stage. Should the actual amount or duration vary, Mintek reserves the right to adjust these costs for the client's account. Installation and commissioning cost per day will be R3000.00 per person (1 x Mechanical Engineer and 1 x Instrument Technician) for approximately 5 days, including travel time = R30 000.00 (Thirty Thousand Rand Excl. VAT) it is assumed that the client will supply one fitter and one electrician during the commissioning period 3. PERFORMANCE AND GUARANTEE Mintek warrants that, operating at design tonnage, the carbon will be maintained above 750°C for 20 minutes. The MINFURN will now be started via the touch-screen as well as the control for the drier. The current controller wil still be used and the current will be retransmitted into the PLC. Voltage, current and temperature will now be read on the touch-screen. Ifa fault should occur, the fault condition will be seen on the touch-screen. A display screen will be generated to indicate fault as well as corrective action required, The PLC used will allow the system at a later stage if required, to be connected to a local area network (LAN). Page 3 of 10 INQ REF: ESC/10000115 QTE REF: ESC/20001187