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Formal Letter

One of the types of compositions often required in Paper 2 of the First Certificate
is a letter. The layout of your letter is VERY IMPORTANT. Look carefully at the
layout of the following letter.

------ ooo O ooo ------


1. If you DO NOT know the name of the person who you are writing to:

Start: Dear Sir or Madam

End: Yours faithfully

2. If you DO know the name of the person:

Start: Dear Miss / Mrs / Mr (Smith)

End: Yours sincerely

Useful Formal Phrases

Peticiones de información y cómo responder

Please send me details of...

I enclose...

Pedidos y cómo responder

We would like to place an order for the following items, in the sizes and quantities
specified below...

I wish to order...

Para hacer una reclamación

I have not yet received...