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 58% Public Bidding, it is owned by the government

 Broker’s fee will be coming from the buyer

 Buyer will bear the 3% brokerage fee
 Private Sellers- There will be VAT however no brokers fee
 Total floor area covered by CCT’s- 28,000
 Out of 28,000- 6000 is parking; 22000 residential
 Common areas are not titled 4000 sq m part of the sale and no separate price
 Only 28000 sq m which are titled that will be for sale
 No electricity wiring
 No plumbing
 Completely bare inside
 No elevator
 277 CCT’s
 Selling Price- 24,225 per sq.m
 Three Owners
 Some of the titles are encumbered around 19 titles
 Land title will be part of the sale by the gov’t since CCT
 Land title is held by the majority owners
 NO price is going to be charge for the land