Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power to appreciate life.
Brigham Young

Providing quality education for the holistic development of every student in pursuit of excellence and admissions into universities of choice

Sunway’s Pre-University Programmes focus on delivering university preparatory programmes to equip students with critical thinking and independent learning skills, and prepare them for admission into premier universities all over the world. Our academic teams teach and mentor students to develop and expand these skills and capabilities, and our students’ academic performance often exceeds expectations. A strong tradition of academic excellence prevails at Sunway because we pay detailed attention to our students’ development in the enquiry of learning. Their success stories in fields of studies like Medicine, Science, Engineering, Accounting, Business and Arts, are testimonies of the high degree of pastoral care and academic guidance we offer. Apart from Sunway main campus, some of our PreUniversity Programmes are also offered at the Sunway College campuses in Johor Bahru and Ipoh.

Since 1987, Sunway has been a dynamic private institution of higher learning, growing rapidly in its provision of quality academic programmes, ranging from home-grown diploma and degree qualifications to credit transfer and twinning degree programmes with prestigious partner universities from abroad. In tandem with the popularity of its programme offerings, the student population has also increased together with impressive academic results.

Our students continually out-perform other students in examinations set by external and international examination boards from the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada (Ontario). They also garner top prizes for best results in many subject areas. Tracking data show that Sunway students are wellprepared for university studies and transition successfully into employment and careers.
• Building strong foundations
Whether you are a recent school leaver, or a mature age student who wants to return to study, we have the right pre-university programme to prepare you for university studies. Our five (5) internationally recognised Pre-University Programmes are tailored for each student’s individual study style and the university pathway they are pursuing.

• Learning within a University Environment
Pursuing your pre-university studies at Sunway gives you a head-start in learning within a university environment. You will have ample opportunities to develop academically through the co-curricular events organised, including debates and public lectures by distinguished visiting professors and industry captains.

• Learning Resources and Facilities
We have a comprehensive range of teaching and learning resources and facilities at Sunway to contribute towards your holistic development. Sunway’s Tun Hussein Onn Library (THOL) is ISO certified and is regarded as one of the best amongst private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. Classes are conducted in conducive and well-facilitated premises, and learning is supported by good use of educational technology.

• Pastoral Care
Personalised attention will be available through small-group learning. Our lecturers are available on campus to offer you additional academic assistance, and to guide you in achieving your individual goals.

• Committed to Educating Youths
As a beneficiary of the Sunway Education Trust, we are committed to re-investing into educational development, scholarships and the overall good of our community.


Monash University Universities Worldwide
Sunway Campus or Australia Campuses or

UK/USA/ Australia/ New Zealand/Canada/Ireland/ Russia/Singapore/Malaysia and others

Sunway University College

(8-10 months)

(1½ year)

(12 months)

(9-10 months)

(1 year)

Pre-University Programmes


We place much emphasis on education and offer a number of scholarships to deserving students:

This is offered to all students in recognition of their excellent academic achievements prior to admission into a new programme in Sunway University College. Students can receive up to Full Tuition Fee Waiver based on their SPM/O-Level/OSSC equivalent results.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award

This is a nominated award for students who have achieved outstanding results in their individual academic programme upon completion at Sunway University College. Each award recipient will receive a RM2000 cash prize and a Scholastic Award Certificate.

Kindly refer to our Scholarship Brochure for more details or speak to one of our counsellors to enquire more.

Meet Our Lecturers

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GCE A-Level
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Senior Lecturer Lecturer Director of Programme AUSMAT


Lecturer Director of Programme ‘A’ Levels Senior Lecturer


“ It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

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Senior Lecturer Senior Lecturer Director of Programme - MUFY




Director & Principal CIMP

Lecturer Director of Programme FIA


The Curriculum Council of Western Australia, on behalf of the Government of Western Australia, oversees the quality implementation of the AUSMAT Programme.

Year 12 Curriculum of Western Australia Prepares students for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) An internationally recognised pre-university programme Allows students to gain admissions into all Australian universities and universities around the world (New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Private Universities and University Colleges in Malaysia) Focuses on individual’s holistic development through effective teaching and continuous assessments Variety of subjects to choose from: Science, Mathematics, Psychology, Career & Enterprise Assessment: 50% School Based Assessment, 50% Examinations

KPT/JPS (KR 8757) 04/13

Find out if you’re suitable for Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)
want an Australian education and exposure are a good planner, disciplined and consistent in studying a go-getter prefer coursework & exam based curriculum you want international acceptance


Our lecturers are rated top in excellent teaching and assessing by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia’s (Annual Examiners’ Reports).

• Established Australian qualification with global recognition
Our students have gained admission into Universities in Australia including the prestigious Group-of-Eight (Go8), universities in New Zealand and many other countries around the world. The broad learning pedagogies prepare you well for university level studies and research, and allow you branch out to many disciplines and specialisations.

• AUSMAT score-counting advantages
Students can optimise their ATAR (Australia Tertiary Admission Rank) University Entrance through the score calculation of Best-4 subjects. This sets the WACE apart from other Australian Year 12 programmes, where calculations are based on Best-5 subjects.

• Assurance of quality from Curriculum Council of Western Australia
Highly rigorous quality assurance practices and external examinations are conducted, supervised and assessed by the Curriculum Council. Our programme and academic staff development are moderated yearly to ensure quality teaching.

• Good track record
Today, we are the largest and longest running provider of the AUSMAT (Australian Year 12) in Malaysia. Our lecturers rate top in excellent teaching and assessment by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia’s Annual Examiners’ Reports. Sunway students have been ranked amongst the best in Western Australia and Western Australia programme worldwide.

• Pastoral care
Noted for its strong pastoral component, Sunway’s AUSMAT develops a wholesome individual through personalised learning and growth, preparing students for university life and studies. Students are challenged to take multiple approaches to problem solving and critical thinking, nurturing their overall cognitive development. Parents, guardians and sponsors are kept informed on students’ academic performance and progress through regular meetings with our lecturers.

• Flexible combination of diverse subjects
AUSMAT does not restrict students to any specialisation subject combination. Depending on their personal interests, students choose and combine a variety of subjects for their studies allowing them to develop their best potentials.

Entry Requirements
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM, O-Level or equivalent. Conditional offers will be made to students with forecast results.

The AUSMAT programme is delivered over two semesters.


January & March

First week of November

Assessment & Examinations
The Curriculum Council conducts yearly moderation exercise to validate that the assessment standards applied at Sunway are consistent with that of Western Australian high schools.

10 months/8 months

The coursework component removes the pressure associated with the single end-of year examination, and provides opportunities to use multiple assessment techniques to help students progress – continuous assessments may include topic tests, quizzes, assignments, investigations, research and examinations. This also prepares students for the learning and assessment methods practised in many universities today. Officers appointed by the Curriculum Council directly supervise and conduct examinations, and all external examination scripts are sent to Western Australia for marking.

Calculation of Numerical Score
AUSMAT provides the flexibility of calculating a student’s score based on ‘Best-4’ subjects, and English as Additional Language (EALD) can be included as a scoring subject. AUSMAT score-counting system: Scores from the ‘Best-4’ subjects provide the Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA) which is then ranked for the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for University application. (Students must have a scaled mark of at least 50 in EALD or ENGLISH to qualify for WACE.)

Choice of subjects
Students are required to take five (5) subjects from the list below, including English or EALD*. Students will be advised on suitable subject combinations, to best prepare then in making applications to universities and according to their choice of studies or specialisations. The exciting subjects and interesting student-centred teaching approach will give students broader options to select a career path. All subject offered at Sunway are at the highest level (Level 3).

Accounting and Finance Economics Mathematics 3A/3B Mathematics 3C/3D Mathematics Specialist

Biological Sciences Physics Chemistry Politics and Law**

English (Advanced) EALD* Career and Enterprise Psychology

Note *English as Additional Language / Dialect **January intake only According to Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) requirements, all Malaysian students must pass Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies (non-Muslims)/Islamic Studies (Muslims) and Bahasa Kebangsaan (exempted if a credit in BM has been obtained at SPM level).


Prepare students for General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level qualification through examinations by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
One of the most recognised pre-university qualifications in the world Accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into highly competitive courses and top-ranked universities worldwide New examination structure: Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A2) Emphasises understanding, analysing and applying of in-depth knowledge and laboratory skills Assessment: 100% Examination

KPT/JPS (KR7670) 10/11

Find out if you’re suitable for GCE A-Level
academically inclined with a strong analytical and inquisitive mind prepared to take on an academically challenging course intend to keep open as many options as possible in terms of university courses aim to apply for competitive courses and/or universities prefer a 100% exam-based assessment


Sunway A-Level programme has been a Cambridge International Fellowship Centre since 2005, in recognition of our commitment to CIE’s standards of academic excellence and attainment of top of the world results in examinations.

• Hallmark of academic excellence
Sunway has an established tradition of academic excellence and track record of good results since 1998. Our overall pass rates have been consistently above 98% and at least 27% of our students have achieved 3As or more. Sunway students have also been awarded Top Student Awards by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) annually. CIE being part of the University of Cambridge Assessment Group is one of the world’s leading providers of international qualifications and assessments. CIE examinations are taken in more than 1100 centres in over 150 countries. Sunway A-Level programme is proud to be one of the only 4 Cambridge International Fellowship Centres in Malaysia. There are 60 Fellowship Centres worldwide.

• Global recognition by top-tiered universities
Our A-Level students have successfully gained admission into many world-class universities such as the University of Cambridge and Oxford University in the UK and Harvard University in the USA, just to name a few.

• Academic depth & rigour
The A-Level curriculum offers comprehensive coverage in the breadth and depth of subjects. Students are assessed on their mastery of content, and the ability to think critically and apply knowledge to solve problems. Students taking science subjects will also be assessed on their practical and laboratory skills.

• Qualified, experienced and committed lecturers
Sunway’s lecturers have taught the A-Level programme for many years, and they provide valuable resource and advice to students to achieve good grades and secure admission into prestigious universities.

• Mentor-mentee system
Each A-Level student has a teacher mentor who will guide and monitor their academic progress, advise and offer references for application into universities. A close mentor- mentee relationship is fostered as part of the course.

Entry Requirements
Five (5) credits in SPM, O-Level or equivalent. Conditional offers can be made to students with forecast results.


The A-Level subject syllabus is divided into two levels, AS and A2, each contributing 50% towards the final A-Level grade. AS Level refers to the first half of the subject syllabus, and forms the foundation of that A-Level subject.

January, March & July

June and November

1½ years

Assessment & Examinations
The A-Level programme is assessed totally through external examinations. Internal assessments through class tests, assignments and semester exams are to monitor students’ progress and to provide students with feedback for continuous improvement. Students follow staged assessment, from the AS Level in one examination session to the A2 Level in the final examination session. Examination papers are set and marked by examiners from the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

1.5-year programme (3 semesters )

AS Exams A2 Exams

End of Semester 2 End of Semester 3

Choice of subjects
The A-Level subjects offered are:

Accounting Biology Chemistry

Economics Law Mathematics

Further Mathematics Physics Psychology

Students are advised to choose a minimum of three (3) or a maximum of four (4) A-Level subjects. *Thinking Skills is offered up to AS Level only. We encourage students to consider it as a 4th or 5th subject to strengthen their university applications. The following is a guide to the subject combinations for different fields of tertiary studies.

Pre-Medicine & Pre-Science Biology Chemistry Physics Mathematics Psychology

Pre-Engineering & Pre-Science Chemistry Physics Mathematics Further Mathematics* Economics

Pre-Business & Pre-Law Mathematics Accounting Economics Law Psychology

* To be taken as a fourth subject in addition to Mathematics; offered to the January and July intakes only.
According to Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) requirements, all Malaysian students must pass Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies (non-Muslims)/Islamic Studies (Muslims) and Bahasa Kebangsaan (exempted if student has a credit in BM at SPM level).

Offers the Canadian Year 12 School curriculum, according to the requirements of the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education
Student-centred curriculum based on continuous assessment and evaluation Students graduate with an internationally recognised Ontario Secondary School Diploma Assessment is based on 70% coursework and 30% final examinations. Coursework includes evaluations conducted throughout the programme, comprising quizzes, assignments, projects and class tests All students participate in community service programmes approved by CIMP Up to 80% of the lecturers are Canadian certified teachers Students acquire the necessary academic and inter-personal skills to compete successfully in the global world: • Effective interaction; using English for international communication • Independent learning; learn how to learn • Seamless transition from secondary education to tertiary education • Leadership qualities developed through participation in extra-curricular activities


KPT/JPS (KA7535) 7/11

Find out if you’re suitable for Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP)
prefer continuous assessment, rather than a 100% exam enjoy presentations, group discussions and debates keen on community work like participating in extra-curricular activities


The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is a world recognised pre-university qualification that is offered in many countries outside of Canada. The programme is regularly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education to maintain high academic integrity.

• International education experience
Since 1990, the Canadian International Matriculation Programme at Sunway has grown to become one of the largest in the world. Our students come from more than 70 countries, including Australia, Kenya, Japan, Korea, China, Kazakhstan and Indonesia, as well as many Middle Eastern and African countries. Regardless of ethnicity and learning background, students work towards making a positive difference in learning with one another and with the community.

• International recognition & scholastic achievements
Sunway CIMP is an academic passport to worldwide tertiary education: • Prime placements to universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, India, Singapore and Malaysia, to name a few. • Our CIMP graduates have received scholarships from well known universities like Monash University Sunway campus, National University of Singapore, Carleton University and Trent University in Canada, University of Wales in the UK and University of Melbourne in Australia. • Outstanding performance in international competitions: CIMP students compete together with participants around the world in the Euclid Competition. This competition is administered by the CEMC (Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, University of Waterloo, Ontario). This competition is designed primarily for students in their final year of secondary school, i.e. Grade 12. The aim of the competition is to provide students with an opportunity to develop their mathematical problem-solving ability. In recent years, CIMP students have achieved excellent results in this international competition.

• Student centred curriculum
Sunway CIMP delivers a rigorous academic programme leading to university studies along with the opportunity to grow socially and culturally through involvement in many extra-curricular activities offered in the programme. The programme is conducted over two semesters. Students in CIMP normally study 3 to 4 subjects or credits per semester. Each credit subject offers a minimum of 110 hours of instruction.

• Community involvement
Sunway CIMP values the benefits of learning off-site or learning outside the classroom. We are proud that our students and lecturers commit time for projects within the wider community. Such opportunities allow students to develop better problem-solving, communication and leadership skills, and more importantly cross-cultural understanding and responsible citizenship.

Entry Requirements
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM, O-Level or equivalent. Conditional offers will be made to students with forecast results.



January, March & July

May & November (2 semesters)
See note*

All students must successfully complete the following to graduate with the *DURATION Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD): 12 months • Six (6) pre-university courses including ENG4U or ENG4C. All new students enrolled in CIMP will write an English Placement Test. The results will determine their literacy level. Students who do not meet the minimum English literacy requirement, will complete one semester in Intensive English Programme (IEP). They will then proceed to study two (2) semesters in CIMP. • An external literacy test (OSSLT) administered with the Ontario Ministry of Education, and • Ten (10) hours of approved Community Service • Students should select subjects that best suit the entry requirements for their university studies.

Assessment & Examinations
Assessment is based on continuous evaluation. • 70% is formative assessment (tests, assignments, daily work, etc) • 30% is final exam and/or a culminating activity Parents will receive two report cards of their child’s performance, sent out each semester. Students will receive an Ontario Student Transcript (OST) disclosing full information on all subjects taken.

Choice of subjects
Students will need to successfully complete ENG4C or ENG4U to achieve the diploma requirements. An English Placement Test (EPT) administered at the beginning of the semester will determine which English subject a student needs to undertake. Note * The results of the EPT will be a key factor in determining whether a student will spend two semesters or three semesters in CIMP. Students should select subjects that best suit the entry requirements for their university studies.

Computer Studies

Communications Technology



Advanced Functions MCV4U Calculus and Vectors MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management

Financial Accounting Principles BBB4M International Business Fundamentals BOH4M Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

Social Sciences

CGW4U Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis


Biology Chemistry Physics

The Environment and Resource Management Analysing Current Economics Issues (Social Science) HHS4M Individuals & Families in a Diverse Society HSB4M Challenge and Change in Society IDC4U Interdisciplinary Studies (compulsory for Malaysian students)

English Courses

English as a Second Language (non-credit course) Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course ENG4C English ENG4U English

According to Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) requirements, all Malaysian students must pass Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies (non-Muslims)/Islamic Studies (Muslims) and Bahasa Kebangsaan (exempted if student has a credit in BM at SPM level).

Providing the academic bridge for students to transition successfully into undergraduate studies at Monash University
Sunway is the only provider of MUFY Programme in Malaysia Equivalent to Australian Year 12 Regarded as “Year Zero” of Monash Tertiary Education Recognised by all Australian universities and branch campuses of


Australian universities in Malaysia Flexible length of study through modular teaching and learning Offers smooth academic and cultural transition to an Australian university Option for careers in medicine, pharmacy, business, information technology, engineering, science and many other disciplines Assessment by coursework and examinations

JPT/BPP (U) (KR10889) 10/14

Find out if you’re suitable for Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)
placed Monash University on your radar decisive and know what you want interested in academic pursuit or activities prefer a mix of coursework and examinations


Sunway’s MUFY programme assures students of successful progression into degree programmes at Monash University. There is also a good record of successful placements into other Australian and New Zealand universities.

• Direct pathway to Monash University
All MUFY students who meet the entry requirements specified by Monash University are assured of a place in Monash University*. The university placement assurance given to MUFY graduates takes away some of the pressure associated with gaining admission into a well-ranked university. *Additional selection criteria may apply to highly competitive courses, for example Medicine.

• National recognition in Australia
As Monash University is a member of the Australian Group-of-Eight Universities (Go8), comprising the most distinguished universities in Australia, the MUFY qualification is recognised by all Australian universities. This recognition applies as well for admission into the branch campuses of Australian universities in Malaysia.

• Track record of success
Sunway’s MUFY students continually garner the Monash Excellence Award for achieving the highest total score among all MUFY providers in the region including providers in Australia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Sunway’s excellent track record is maintained as students enjoy additional academic and tutorial support from our team of dedicated and experienced lecturers. We also work with Monash University to provide regular career guidance, university placement advice and service to our students.

• Flexibility through modular delivery
The MUFY programme may be completed in two semesters. However, to suit individual learning needs, students have the option to extend the duration of study, for instance to three semesters. This offers students the flexibility to study at a more comfortable and individualised pace.

• Monash University Entrance Scholarships
Monash University provides entrance scholarships to high achievers in the MUFY programme, recognising and rewarding them for their academic excellence in the programme. Each year, a good number of Sunway’s MUFY graduates are awarded these scholarships to pursue undergraduate studies at Monash University.

Entry Requirements
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM or O-Level including credits in English (or minimum IELTS score of 5.5), or equivalent. Conditional offers will be made to students with forecast results.


MUFY is a two-semester programme which is available across multiple intakes and offered in two formats: • Standard 10-month programme, commencing in January and July. • Accelerated 9-month programme, commencing in March and August; this format requires a higher level of proficiency in the English language, and above average academic results.

January & July (standard) March & August (accelerated)

June & November 9 -10 months (2 semesters); students have the option of completing the MUFY programme in more than 2 semesters

Assessments & examinations

Students are assessed through a mix of coursework, (assignments, class tests, research projects, presentations) and final examinations. The major component is the final examination which constitutes 50% - 70% of the total score, depending on the subject. All students must pass English A and English B and at least six (6) other units, to be considered as having passed the MUFY programme. The MUFY programme scoring scale is determined as follows: .


Score (%)

HD (High Distinction) D (Distinction) C (Credit) P (Pass) N (Fail)

80 - 100 70 - 79 60 - 69 50 - 59 0 - 49

The Entry Score to Monash University is calculated by adding up the score from the eight units taken [maximum = 400]. Monash University grants bonus points to the Entry Score of students who complete nine or ten units in the MUFY programme [maximum = 410].

Choice of subjects
The MUFY programme is offered on a modular or semester basis. Each subject is divided into two units i.e. part A and part B. In total, the programme offers eleven subjects in twenty-two units. Students have the option of choosing between eight and ten units which must include English A and English B.

English Mathematics Science Business Computer Science Social Science

MUF0011 English A MUF0101 Advanced Mathematics A MUF0141 Fundamental Mathematics A MUF0091 Mathematics A MUF0031 Biology A MUF0041 Chemistry A MUF0121 Physics A MUF0021 Accounting A MUF0061 Economics A MUF0051 Computer Science A

MUF0012 English B MUF0102 Advanced Mathematics B MUF0142 Fundamental Mathematics B MUF0092 Mathematics B MUF0032 Biology B MUF0042 Chemistry B MUF0122 Physics B MUF0022 Accounting B MUF0062 Economics B MUF0052 Computer Science B

MUF0131 Globalisation A

MUF0132 Globalisation B

*The Programme reserves the right not to offer a unit if less than ten students enrol for the unit. According to Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) requirements, all Malaysian students must pass Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies (non-Muslims)/Islamic Studies (Muslims) and Bahasa Kebangsaan (exempted if student has a credit in BM at SPM level).

An academic bridge for students to transition effectively into tertiary level studies
Enable students to set personal and academic goals and identify their individual talents Develop social responsibility through community involvement and participation in extra-curricular activities Equip students with technical and soft skills necessary to be resourceful and successful in higher studies Recognised by some other universities for admissions into appropriate undergraduate programmes Assessment: 50% Coursework & 50% Examination


KP/JPS (KA6381) 03/11

Find out if you’re suitable for Sunway Foundation in Arts (FIA)
prefer a direct pathway to Sunway University degree programme perform better through 50% coursework & 50% examination develop strong foundation in a chosen field of study active and like working in teams enjoy academic pursuits and activities


Sunway FIA is a direct pathway to Sunway University Degree Programmes validated by Lancaster University.

• Academic rigour
Sunway’s foundation programme emphasises the importance of holistic development of well-rounded students in both numerical and communication skills through structured subjects in Mathematics and English in every semester. Students also take specialist electives like Computer Science, Accounting and enrichment electives like Culture and Ideas, Critical and Thinking Skills that offer them exposure to multiple disciplinary thinking and analysis.

• Direct pathway to undergraduate programmes
Students who meet the undergraduate entry requirements are assured a place to pursue a Sunway University Bachelor Degree in Accounting & Finance, Business Management, Business Studies, Information Systems, Information Technology, International Hospitality Management and Psychology.

• Vital learning experience
Sunway’s FIA broadens students’ general knowledge, develops their communication skills and improves their understanding of world issues and events. Students learn to adapt to the rapid changing technology and society around us today.

• Student support system
Students are nurtured to attain personal success; personal and academic guidance are available from our team of dedicated and experienced lecturers. Parents will receive a progress report each semester.

Entry Requirements
Minimum five (5) credits in SPM, O-Level or equivalent. Conditional offers will be made to students with forecast results.

• • • • 3 semesters of 14 - weeks duration All Core and Enrichment Subjects are compulsory 3 Academic Electives (at least one each semester) are compulsory MQA subjects: Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies, Islamic Studies (Muslims only) are compulsory. Foreign students are exempted.


January, March and July

End November, February and July

Choice of subjects
Students are required to undertake Mathematics and English as core subjects each semester. They are advised to take elective subjects and 1 or 2 enrichment subjects each semester.

1 year

Core Subjects (2 credits)
Mathematics • Contemporary Business Mathematics • Mathematical Techniques and Analysis • Statistical Techniques English • Language and Communication • Communication: Audience and Context • Language and Knowledge

Academic Electives (4 credits)
Computer Science • Computer Science and Applications • Database Management and Programming Accounting • Introduction to Accounting Techniques • Accounting Processes and Reports • World of Business Finance Management • Microeconomics: Concepts and Models • Macroeconomics: The Global View • Management and Marketing Communication (Coming Soon) • Introduction to Advertising and Design • Introduction to Mass Communication

Enrichment Subjects (2 credits)
• • • • • Culture and Ideas Culture and Performance Business Communication Critical Thinking Skills Introduction to Psychology

Assessment & Examinations
Students are evaluated thought 50% coursework (quizzes, projects, investigations, assignments and presentations) and 50% examination at the end of each subject. The completion certificate awarded will show a combined mark and grade for all subjects. A minimum of 55 credit hours must be completed. (Foreign students are expected to complete 51 credits) Aggregate will be derived from the calculation of 40 credit hours calculation of minimum 8 core & academic subjects and minimum 2 enrichment electives.

Student Support System
The Director of programme and the coordinator will provide academic guidance and monitor progress. Parents will receive a progress report each semester.
According to Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) requirements, all Malaysian students must pass Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies (non-Muslims)/Islamic Studies (Muslims) and Bahasa Kebangsaan (exempted if student has a credit in BM at SPM level).

Accounting and Finance
English and Mathematics (24 Credits) Introduction to Accounting/Accounting Processes & Reports/ any one other Academic Elective (12 Credits) 5 Enrichment Subjects (10 Credits) Compulsory Subjects (9 Credits)

English and Mathematics (24 Credits) Combination of any three subjects (12 Credits) 5 Enrichment Subjects (10 Credits) Compulsory Subjects (9 credits)

Business and Commerce
English and Mathematics (24 Credits) Microeconomics & Macroeconomics and Introduction to Business Marketing & Management (12 Credits) 5 Enrichment Subjects (10 Credits) Compulsory Subjects (9 Credits)

Computer Science/IT
English and Mathematics (24 Credits) Computer Systems & Applications/ Programming & Web Development/ any one other Academic Elective (12 Credits) 5 Enrichment Subjects (10 Credits) Compulsory Subjects (9 Credits)

Undergraduate Degrees @ Sunway
School of Business
BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) Business Management BSc (Hons) Business Studies Bachelor of Business, Victoria University

School of Health & Natural Sciences
BSc (Hons) Psychology

School of Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Management
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management

School of Computer Technology
BSc (Hons) Information Systems BSc (Hons) Information Technology

Life on Campus
Whether you are from Batu Pahat or Burkina Faso, we welcome you to our student-friendly campus. Your comfortable on-campus living and a safe environment are our top priorities.

Food For Thought
Eating outlets and places to chill out are aplenty on and around campus. The spacious cafeteria is a great on-campus place to hang out which includes a canteen and more than 10 different stalls that serve full meals or snacks at reasonable prices. Beyond the campus compound, students are spoilt for choice by the many restaurants and an immensely popular food centre, all offering an endless variety of delicious food with something for everyone at a student-friendly budget.

On-Campus Accommodation
On-campus living makes it easy to get up and about to and from classes every day. It is a home away from home where students get to meet new friends, learn new cultures and experience living independently. Everything is within walking distance from our campus - hospital, shopping mall, theme park, restaurants and banks. Choose between the communal living of the Sun-U Apartment or the condominium lifestyle of Sun-U Residence. A caring hostel master is on hand to oversee the welfare of every occupant.

Safety & Security
Here, the committed security team is made up of Auxiliary Police and trained professionals who work around the clock to ensure that every day is a smooth and peaceful one. Whenever a student feels under the weather, they can make their way to the sick bay. Endearingly known as Nightingale Bay, it is situated near the cafeteria where a matronly Registered Nurse is on duty and well-equipped to handle minor ailments.

Campus Facilities
For your studying pleasure, the Sunway Main Campus building is fitted with 24-hour wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access, so you can study anywhere from the foyer to the Roof Top Garden. This is complemented by top-notch learning facilities like air-conditioned classrooms and lecture halls, modern science laboratories and the expansive Tun Hussein Onn Library. Student life here is simply convenient with amenities that meet all your needs: a bookshop, computer labs to print, scan or photocopy assignments, a cafeteria, recreational and sports facilities, and a Student Centre - a cosy place with a sick bay, counselling services and more. A campus bus service of several different routes within the Klang Valley is also available. • 24 hour Wi-Fi throughout campus • Bookshop • Multi Purpose Hall • Tun Hussein Onn Library • Science Labs • Student Centre • Classrooms • Roof Top Garden

Expansion: Growing in Strength

In order to meet the growing needs of Sunway students, we are embarking on an ambitious expansion plan that will make studying life here even more enjoyable. Targeted for completion in 2013 are the new Academic Block with 1,000 basement parking spaces, a multi-purpose sports complex with indoor sporting facilities and a 5,000-seat auditorium. There will also be a postgraduate centre, The Harvard Centre. • 12-storey New Academic Block • The Harvard Centre • Auditorium • The Multi-Purpose Sports Complex

CIMP ‘Winter’ Olympics 2010

Building team spirit and winning attitude through sports and games.

AUSMAT Sports Carnival

A-Levels Orientation Games

MUFY Games

MUFY Games

Out of the Box

MUFY Graduation Night

MUFY Graduation Night

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities that strengthen character and cement friendships.

FIA Global Business Leadership

CIMP Choir at the launch of JC Foundation

CIMP Movie Night

A-Levels’ ALSCO Leadership Camp

A-Level Musical Performance

Talk by Nobel Laureate,Prof. Barry Marshall, at the AUSMAT Science Festival with participation from all pre-u programmes.

MUFY Charity Carnival CIMP visiting the Lovely Nursing Home A-Levels Charity Food Fair and volunteering at Furry Friends Farm

Socially responsible activities to celebrate the spirit of giving and helping.

CIMP’s donation to Children’s Wish Society

If you thought our pre-university students are complete squares, think again! Our pre-university programmes nurture students through traditional means complemented with learning outside the classroom. Participation in student activities, clubs and societies, field trips and educational workshops, moulds them into effective leaders and communicators.

CIMP trips: Melaka

MUFY trips: 8TV (Bandar Utama)

CIMP trips: LepokWaterfalls

MUFY trips: Shell (Port Dickson)

Educational field trips bring the learning experience beyond the classrooms.

A Tradition of Success
I learned to become more independent and able to manage my time well. The programme has done a wonderful job serving as a transition from high school to university studies. Sunway MUFY is also not all about studies as there are events that I truly enjoyed getting involved in. Being a part of the Sunway CIMP community endowed me for university in an unforgettable way. The programme made me realise that learning and fun come together as the perfect recipe towards success.


Sunway MUFY graduate Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Computer System) at Monash University Sunway Campus Monash University Entrance Scholarship (100%).

Sunway CIMP graduate Bachelor of Engineering, Monash University Monash University Entrance Scholarship


AUSMAT engaged me at a very different educational depth; the challenge to constantly observe, appreciate and critique text and other media introduced me to a whole new experience in quality education.


Sunway AUSMAT graduate; Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Strategic Management), University of Melbourne Currently working with Teach For Malaysia, an independent organisation that addresses the national educational needs, which he is also a co-founder of.

Unlike other institutions which seem more like factories, my A-Level Programme emphasised quality over quantity. Small-class sizes with brilliant & dedicated lecturers give us ample opportunity to develop our full potential.


Sunway MUFY is the programme that fits well into the undergraduate programme at Monash University and the foundation I needed for my undergraduate degree there. The curriculum was very well-organised and the institution offers great facilities.

Sunway A-Level graduate Bachelor of Engineering, Cambridge University Top in Mathematics and 2nd in General Paper for Cambridge International Fellowship Awards


Sunway MUFY graduate; PhD in Engineering, Monash University Currently an Engineering lecturer at Monash University Sunway Campus.

Apart from lecturers ever ready in helping and guiding us, another unique aspect of this course is the enrichment electives which are interesting. This programme prepared me well for the degree I am now pursuing.

Sunway FIA graduate BSc (Hons) Psychology at Sunway University College


My AUSMAT accounting lecturer encouraged me to take a Western-Australianwide Accounting examination. We hadn’t covered the syllabus fully but she took the time in the evenings to teach and guide me. I emerged co-champions and it’s a testament of the dedication of Sunway AUSMAT lecturers.


Sunway AUSMAT graduate; Bachelor of Business Administration (Majored in Finance), National University of Singapore Currently an analyst (Financial - Analytics) at Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore.

My lecturers stressed the importance of mastering our coursework and taking pleasure in our learning instead of focusing on exams only. The programme was at just the right pace that I was able to juggle between my studies and extra-curricular activities. I was also accepted into Cambridge University.


Sunway A-Level graduate Massachusetts Institute of Technology Top in Biology for CIE Outstanding Achiever Awards Top in Physics for Cambridge International Fellowship Awards

Enthusiastic lecturers guided me along the way and I was surrounded by friendly course mates of diverse backgrounds. My experience while pursuing Sunway FIA was nothing but contentment.

Small-class size provides ample opportunity to interact closely with lecturers, and lessons are a fantastic mix of written assignments, presentations and practical experiments. My views have broaden from meeting classmates from everywhere in the world.

Sunway FIA graduate, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Special Entrance Scholarship BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance at Sunway University.



Sunway CIMP graduate BSc (Biotechnology) from Monash University, June 2007 Currently pursuing a PhD (Chemical Engineering) in University of Melbourne.

PRE-UNIVERSITY STUDIES • Australian Matriculation • Cambridge GCE A Level • Canadian International Matriculation Programme • Monash University Foundation Year • Sunway Foundation in Arts DIPLOMA & DEGREE PROGRAMMES • Diploma in Business Administration • Diploma in Information Technology • Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design • Diploma in Interior Design • Diploma in Fine Art • Diploma in Nursing • Diploma in Hotel Management • Diploma in Tourism Management • Diploma in Events Management • Diploma in Performing Arts • BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance • BSc (Hons) Business Management • BSc (Hons) Business Studies • BSc (Hons) Information Systems • BSc (Hons) Information Technology • BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management • BSc (Hons) Psychology AMERICAN DEGREE TRANSFER PROGRAM (ARTS) AMERICAN DEGREE TRANSFER PROGRAM (SCIENCE/ENGINEERING) (Majors in Business, Actuarial Science, Communication, Forensic Science, Biomedical Science, Psychology, Engineering, Aviation, Computer Science, Architecture) BACHELOR OF BUSINESS (TWINNING PROGRAMMES / 3+0) (Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia) • Accounting, Banking & Finance, Financial Risk Management, International Trade and Marketing POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES • Masters in Management • Masters in Money, Banking & Finance • MSc in Computer Science (by research) MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING PROGRAMMES • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) • Certificate in Finance, Accounting & Business (CFAB) • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMMES • Intensive English Programme (IEP) • International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Governed and owned by Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (800946-T) Operating Company: Sunway Education Group Sdn Bhd (145440-K) No. 5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. +6 (03) 7491 8622 +6 (03) 5635 8630

All information is correct at the time of printing (Oct 2010)

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