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Asiatic Marketing Communication Limited

Ahsan Habib
ID: 1230524
Company Profile
• Asiatic 3sixty started its journey in 15th March 1966 as East Asiatic.
After that they became Asiatic.
• Asiatic 3sixty in the later years of its operation and became one of the
largest total marketing communication group in Bangladesh and since
operation in 1967, Asiatic 3sixty (then East Asiatic) offered 360-
degree marketing solution to its multinational and local clients.
Corporate Division
• Asiatic JWT
• Asiatic Marketing Communication Ltd. (AMCL)
• Group M
• MRC-Mode
• Forethought PR
• Nayantara Communication
• Asiatic Events Marketing Limited
Asiatic Digital
• Asiatic Digital is digital marketing servicing provider. It is a part of the
Asiatic 3sixty but has its own individual operation and works
independently within the group. Asiatic Digital started its journey on
Departments of Asiatic Digital
• HR Department

• Digital Client Service Department

• Creative Department

• Finance Department
Details of the Services of Asiatic Digital
• Asiatic Digital is one of the leading digital agencies in Bangladesh
• They provide a 360-degree solution for business as well as support to
doing business from root level.
• They have the strongest B2B base where the leading companies are
its s stakeholders. Such as Nestle, Airtel, Igloo, Finlay, Kurkure, Pran,
OXY etc.
• In Client Service where all the campaign and business plans are made
and according to client demand they provide a solution
Pages Managed by Asiatic Digital
Job Responsibilities
• Giving reply to customer’s comment on Facebook post
• Give 100% response to the customer
• Give perfect solution to the customer for OXY
• Communicate to the customer
• Report to the clients
• Prepare feedback templates
• Inform my boss if I face any problem
• Make PowerPoint presentation for competition winners
My Assigned Clients

Igloo Ice Cream OXY Bangladesh

How do I Work (Step 1)
How do I Work (Step 2)
How do I Work
(Step 3)
Comment Template for Igloo
Challenges Faced in the Workplace
• Give feedback to the customer without making ZERO mistakes
• Making feedback templates
• Comment Overload
• Doing office at Holidays (Friday & Saturday)
Analyzing The Issues Based on Relevant Theory
Social media marketing is marketing using online communities, social
networks, blog marketing and more.

• Social Media Marketing Increasing more customer engagement

• Increase Funds on Social Media Marketing
• Continues Training for the New Intern of the Organization
• Increase Efficiency of Brand Pages on Social Media
• HR Division Needs Enough Space to Deliver Important Papers
• More Staffing for Digital Marketing or Social Marketing
• Brands Should Prompt More on Non-Brand Communication Via Posts
to Attract Consumers
Thank You!

Some good moments at Asiatic MCL