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Raychem Product installation Instructions MOD-3-HVT MOD 3X, 3Y, 3A, 3B High Voltage Termination Modification Kit for 3/C Shielded and Non-Shielded Power Cable Raychem Corporation PIL-53163, Rev AE Electrical Products Division DCR 027625 220 Lake Diive PCN 369999. Nowark, OE 19702 Effective Date: November 20, 1995, ‘Suggested Installation Equipment (not supplied with Kity + Cable preparation tools + Raychem P63 cable preparation kt or cable manufacturer approved solvent + Clean, lint-free clothe + Non-conducting abrasive cloth, 120, tit or finer + Electrician's tape General Instructions + Connector(s) and installation tools + Raychem recommended torch Recommended Raychem Torches Install heat-shrinkable cable accessories with a “clean burning’ torch, ie. a propane torch that does not deposit ‘conductive contaminants on the product ‘Glean burning torches include the Raychem FH-2629 (uses refilable propane cylinders) and FH-2616A1 (uses disposable cylinder Safety Instructions Warning: When installing electrical power system accessories, faiure to ‘olow applicable personal safety ‘requirements and written installation instructions could result in fie or ‘explosion and serious or fatal injuries. ‘To avoid risk of accidental fire or explosion when using gas torches, always check all connections for leeks bore igniting the torch and follow the torch manufacturers safety insiructions. “To minimize any effect of fures produced during installation, always provide good ventilation of confined ‘work spaces. ‘As Raychem has no control over field ‘condifons which influence product installation, itis understood that the ‘user must take this into account and ‘apply his own experionce and ‘expertise when installing product. ‘Adjusting the Torch Adjust regulator and torch as required to provide an overall 12-inch bushy flame. ‘The FH-2629 willbe al blue, the other torches will have a 3- to 4inch yellow tip. Use the yellow tip for shrinking. Regulator Pressure FH2616Ai Full pressure FH-2629, 15 psig Cleaning the Gabie Use an approved solvent, such as the ‘one suppiiod in the P63 Gablo Prep Kit, toclean the cable. Be sure to follow th ‘manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow these instructions could lead to product failure. ‘Some newer solvents do not evaporate Quickly and need to be removed with a clean, lint-free cloth. Failure to do s0. ‘could change the volume resistivity of the substrate or leave a residue on the surface. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully General Shrinking Instructions + Apply outer 3-to 4inch tp of the {lam to hoat-shrinkable material with a rapid brushing motion, += Keep flame moving to avoid scorching * Unless otherwise instructed, start shrinking tube at center, working flame ‘around al sides of the ube to apply ‘unform heat Installation Instructions To determine if a tube has completely recovered, look for the following, ‘especially on the back and underside of the tube: 1. Uniform wall thickness, 2 Conformance to substrate, 3. No fiat spots or chill marks. 4. Visible sealant flow if the tube is coated. ‘Note: When installing multiple tubes, ‘make sure thatthe surface of the last {ube is still warm bofore positioning and shrinking the next tube. if Installed tube has cooled, re-heat the entire surface. 1. Product selection. ‘Check kit selection with cable diameter dimensions in Table 1. Note: Table is for 100% insulated ‘cable. For 133% insulated cable, ‘check actual cable dimensions. Table 1 Minimum/Maximum Minimum/Maximum Kit Insulation Diameter Jacket Diameter MOD-3X-HVT (indoor) 0.50-1.35" (13.34mm) MOD-3Y-HVT (Indoor) 1,00-2.70" (25-69mm) MOD-30-HVT (Outdoor) 0.50-1.25" (13.32mm) 1.28-3.85" (32-98mm) MOD-3B-HVT (Outdoor) 1.00-2.10" (25-53mm) 2.65-5.80" (67-135mm) PIkSS169, Rev AE DCR C2762 2 PON 869699-000 Effective Date: November 20, 1895 & Determine jacket cutback; mark cable. Installation Instructions Cutback must be long enough to allow positioning of insulated conductors = without violating the bend radius (usually 10 times the diameter of the 7 | cable) and fit within the min/max dimensions shown in Table 2. 1 “Note: If a sealing boot is to be used, at least 4" (102mm) of jacket must be u Measure visible extending from the conduit opening. H i Jacket Table 2 My 1} Cutback Voltage Class Minimum Maximum SY 6a 8Kv 19" (483mm) 50° (1270mm) fe 1SKV 23" (584mm) 84° (1372mm) } “Note? 25KV 34" (664mm) 67" (1702mm) + 38kV 41" (104imm) 74° (1880mm) “if greater length is required, order bulk tubing. se 3. Remove outer jacket. g Remove the outer jacket (and/or armor) and any filler or bedding tapes 8 around all three phases to the mark made in Step 2. Note: Do not cut into the shielding layer or phase insulation, |— Phase Shield ‘Ground Wire(s) Cable Jacket 50 4. Position rejacketing tubes. Husing UniShield cable, discard rejacketing tubes and go to Step 7. Place one rejacketing tube (larger diameter) over each phase. Bottom of ‘tube should be within 1° (25mm) of the jacket cutback. 5. Shrink rejacketing tubes in place. ‘Shrink in place beginning at the cable jacket end. Work the torch around teach tube and to the end of the phase with a smooth brushing motion to censure even shrinkage. Rejacketing Tubes Cable Jacket faa \. 299 Eir83165, Rov AE 3 PON 360899060 oR c27é25 Bfocive Date: November 20, 1985