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[BuildingGreen es EPrE 1EPIBAAAC MEA AWARDS 2013 Civic i 2nd Price Ecopolis Plaza Ecopolis Plazas conceived as a source of learning for ctizens, educating on energy saving and optimization of natural resourc es. The dy ie, without turning re akintoa theme park or museum. In ths project, the architecture i challenged beyond formal experimentation, to transform a vacant lot n the outskirts of Madrid ito a space for socal interaction. Ecopolis Plaza brings together on the same site a kindergarten 2 lusie space for kids, and a public space. The solution combines. S passive eneray saving systems together with active systems, providing the highest eco-label (A grade) of Spani In additional the waste water from the building is naturally — by a macrophyte lagoon incorporated in the public space pure This recycled waters stored under the ground within a gravel tank and then used forall he irigation needs ofthe garden. This artificial landscape emulates a natural riverbank, The surround- ing topography creates an enclosure and buffer area protecting Location: Madrid, Spain he building and users Irom the aggressive industrial eniron- Total Cost. 2.700.000 € I. EcOpols Plaza has received several awards among which Plot Area: 3000 m? (building) + 7.500 m* (public space) Best Practice from the Unitee Nations Habital program, Total Plot Area: 10500 m? ECOSISTEMA URBANO. Belinda Tato | Jose Luis Vallejo | Michael Moradiellos | Domenico di Siena | Jaime Eizaguirre | Luisa Zancada | lon Cuervas-Mons | Benjamin Castro | Masatoshi Oka I Johannes Kettler! Javier de Paz | Julia Casado | Alvaro Ferrer | Emilio Garcia | Andrea Franceschi loannes Busca | Pau Munar | Ignacio Cabezas infoecosistemaurbanacom