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Nowadays, how can some techniques of this method contribute to your

pedagogical practice?

It is important that from a didactic point of view, translation is the most effective
method in the foreign language classroom, in our case it should not be placed as
the cornerstone of the course itself, but should be part of the course as a didactic
activity with specific objectives that I will detail later. Its usefulness as a teaching
element of the foreign language as in the process of evaluation of the acquired
competence when having in mind to use the translation as didactic support in
foreign language courses.

2. In your pedagogical practice, do you identify with the role of the teacher
in this method? Explain your answer

The total practice of the foreign language in the classroom, that is, the students
will have a total contact with the language they learn in both oral and written
aspects, since they only operate in that language.

Communication between students and the teacher is greatly improved, which

entails an improvement in the relationship between both parties. This leads to
greater teacher-student empathy, that is, the teacher can better understand the
difficulties and needs of students having previously gone through their same
situation during the learning of the LE. As a result, students will be more
participatory to the understanding shown by the teacher, increasing their
academic performance and fostering a conducive environment to carry out a
good teaching-learning process of a foreign language.