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Date: 06 MARCH 2019


Elaboración de resúmenes para la comprensión de textos en inglés

1. Reading for main ideas

Read the text Cloud Computing, available at SENA Library’s databases by following the link
below. To access the library, just login with your ID number.

Dziak, M. (2016). Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing (ELL), 1.
Date: 06 MARCH 2019

Based on the previous reading, write the required information on the chart below.

Topic: Cloud Computing

2. Writing a summary
Now, use the information related to the main idea you already identified and the
supporting details you extracted from the passage, to write a summary of the text Cloud
Computing. Use the following template to guide your writing process. Remember that
supporting details can be used to make key points in your summary.

⇒ Bibliographic Information

Author(s) of article: ____Mark Dziak ________________________________

Title of article: _______Cloud Computing ____________________________
Name of magazine, newspaper, website, etc. containing the article:
Bibliography and Works Cited

Jamsa, Kris. Cloud Computing. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC., 2013: 1-
16. This book explains what cloud computing is and how it works.
Griffith, Eric. "What Is Cloud Computing?" PCMag. Ziff Davis, LLC / PCMag Digital Group
(April 2015). <,2817,2372163,00.asp>. This article explains how
individuals and businesses use cloud computing.
Hassan, Qusay F. "Demystifying Cloud Computing." CrossTalk Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011):
16-21. This article provides an overview of cloud computing.
IBM. <>
"What Is Cloud Computing?" Accessed January, 2016.
This article defines and describes various aspects of cloud computing.
ITProPortal, Griffith, Eric. <
cloud-computing/>"A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Computing." Accessed January, 2016.
Date: 06 MARCH 2019

Date article was published and page number: ___Cloud Computing (ELL). 2016, p1-3. 3p.

⇒ Summary Information

Briefly state the main idea or thesis presented in this article:

This article has as its main idea to show the process of storing information in the
cloud. making known that you can share porgrams and information in real time
from anywhere in the world. Even though it is not a 100% reliable method

Summarize the most important information, ideas, facts, etc. presented in this article:

1. _Individual users usually use cloud computing to store information

2. They may also want to access, or get to, their information using mobile devices

3.Then they can access their information on any computer or other device that can go

4. Other times, individuals use cloud computing to try new programs. They pay to use the
programs through the network for a certain amount of time.

5. Cloud computing is also important for businesses

6. Cloud computing can also make work easier
allows workers to use the best new programs over the Internet. It even allows
companies to make their own programs inside the cloud network.

⇒ Summary
Write the final version of your summary here.

The storage in the cloud is important at the personal level, as for companies by the
tools of sharing and executing programs from any device and from anywhere with
an internet connection