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ae » y olertsisl wi We Gog Jane can aa cit 208" [APARTHENT BUILDING 200) Axe ny Ser aes 21 (Built, unbuit and dreamt) eColén inthe north to Atcha inthe south The capita’ best museums ~the Prado, Mu Se0 Tryssen-Bornemisza, Reina Sofia, and Caixa Forum~ ae concentrated along these five blometes. 8 widening the pavements and planting new trees, lvaroSiea and juan ‘Miguel Heréndez de Len hope to persuade people ta forget about their cas, By all ac counts, anyone visting Madrid will be able to vst the new Caixa Forum, designed by Herzog & De Meuron, nd then move onto the respectful rengvation ofthe La Serrerta Belga building (16), 2 1920s industial building thatthe architects Langarita and Navarro have transformed for the Prado, Creating a new space dedicated to conten - porary culture atthe southern endofthis cu {urapromenade: Close by isthe Reina Sofia ‘Museum hich has an amazing restaurant, ‘rola (17), designed by Vidal y Asociados arquitectos ts interior i a supising com bination of dynamic shapes and gltering red surfaces A segmented white rable brings otcetothe space witheutinterupingitvisu: aly. From her, ascending the Cuesta de Moy ano, you arrive at Afonso Xl street. A ive ‘minute lesurely stol following the lings oF tio Park will ring yu tote Plaza del Independencia, here you may wantto pause for refreshments at the Ramsés restaurant (18) whose interior was designed by the ‘SociaL HOUSING 207 2 celebrated French roduc designe Philippe Starck Even mor sng honeer ree trehics by is Ural, who began by de Sing the restaurant’ capo logy and tncedupapohingitothewatsendesingto tron atendnts the facta hasbecame a faonsle pace. SU heading nh, encounter several notenaty projets & short distance om the Museo Thyssen Sores, in Cle de ns Maran san apartment bul (19) fe als a20 413, 2 modest cenvae tn pret overseen by he ache Andres Jngue,wose eh epoch epee. {he othe uly ofa young generation of Hearse artes (ened in 10 #5) The err i crated with metact late anda act suare metres compen | ed by spistated design and techno ony. Afeen-minute walkin the direction of | Cale Fuencaral ings outa Baza Véeqez detielathelage ref metalosso prorng hough the gound pare the ony wie tiene of Teresa Sopeys underground ear(pek (2h LUndaryanec ona of ig cou, chetagaphs and iors tur wets 0 ten a ghoomy space into traning poe Funer ron, rear Coen Iiiaki Abalos and Renata Sentkiewicz have desgnedan prune bulling (21) witha facadethat sot permeaoie and protected fom hes ECOBULEVAR 005) 24 iS AUTOMOTIVE Museu 205) ‘ess teens cage 2. Thenew south Wiel round of te ur itha bit carson the oh es best tgp years the aes otwelsevedbypbhe vonspoe Ths vadannaly wager cna 2 ect socal ots Ths spac tue Gf soathemet dnt Cabrel Sie OA and Tom MaynelBego Dae Urgort engaranca hee beth Signed pressive sro husg schemes FON socal Rousing project (28) aimed to deter a ‘maximum amount of space, flexibility and {aly tothe reser, era ind Aierences wid 2 hommpenaes. taro seen May and Dar sell housing de ‘elopment (23) cased nthe pats fi igthem ith vegtatonandenceing ther sth ctalicreh atl pee sepa prdinbigplats Fray abuts thecyon the ate se onolthe new development thathast fare ses tes eric pepe bythe EasstemaUibenonrautecte Tet proposal eaten eying pete 10 27 abet the Eeablever de Velecas (24) feanrestee eesti a es Tteegith scare denemmabeoad seb-uffoerin tester coneaing tn whatthe ey of pt pre conpmtie hve iter ilresing projets that powit erelee/ Ceamme erect Ogee ‘exssinceig HEMEROSCOPIUM HOUSE 2008) a rane tetarestac ter Sa nae ese peraten aac ‘Save Most Tule Male ees ‘Museum (25) in Torrején de a Calzada. The bikdngs oer beta ce Sry bebetiang ie compre ieielen Arve htm ee ei celles tiated fe ees seas tong frostlte mrng ene 26) Te Pals vaiehigen extol Seles once as free Narbwes of he Cys fa the Nemerecopton hese (27) by ann oasrk We nuOn oa Conclusion Tis guide showcases nee architecture in Madrid sonewin fact that some restilun der consirucon.Athough you wil have to wait awhile tose the complete pcre this article sevesasa starting pont fram which ream about a new Madié, 2 metiopois which has long been s breeding ground for emerging archtecs. Tis new Madrid isin tent on reclaiming traditionally fogoten | spaces tet ive, and its city centre is now the abject fa new Strategic Plan, by Ezqula 8 Hetreosand Perez ArOy0.€ eon ‘ZKM THEATER 2-3 OCTOBER 2009 ZAGREB-HR 10429 Eurovision Ana POPELKA, PPAG * CEBRA* Carme Pinas ®* Gramazio&Kahler * Hans ietings, AID JohnstonMarlee * Pezo von Ellvichshausen Pushak "© Shohei Shigematsu, OMA %* TRANSSOLAR Klimaenginering = vue ifptals ee ie A ti ic own) Mraz 1a nan F son aan oxi Co opie hic’ etn Catan tas an Ergin Ege BB oomrnarom IN a a Wh kulturpunkthr